Skagway Glassblowing Experience


Join us in creating beautiful handblown art! During this excursion, each guest will get the chance to create an original piece of blown glass, and take home a unique souvenir.

After taking the SMART shuttle from your cruise ship dock, you will meet the tour in the Jewell Gardens gift shop. Your guide will take you to the "hot shop", where your tutorial in glass-blowing will begin.

Molten hot glass has to be cooled slowly, or annealed, up to 12 hours to prevent breakage. Therefore, each participant's ornament will be shipped at no extra charge to the mailing address you provide. Shipping is available worldwide.

The price of the tour covers entry fees into the Jewell Gardens, one of the loveliest gardens in Alaska! Dramatic mountains and Harding Glacier serve as a stunning backdrop for the gardens. Each participant will receive a map of the gardens, so you will be able to tour at your own leisure after your glass-blowing experience. You are welcome to stay as long as you'd like, before taking the van or SMART shuttle back to your cruise ship.

There is also a garden-fresh restaurant on-site, Poppies, and a glass gallery with hand blown products.

Children under 5 are welcome to come and watch, free of charge.

Please note: Only return transportation is included in this tour.

Duration: 2+ hours (Roundtrip transportation from cruise ship terminal.)


  • Roundtrip transportation on the SMART shuttle
  • Entrance fee to Jewell Gardens
  • Shipping cost to send your hand-blown product home to your doorstep


  • Close-toed shoes required 
  • Participants must be 5 years of age or older
  • Signed liability waiver 

Duration: 2+ hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • 15 minutes - SMART shuttle transportation to Jewell Gardens (transfer bus at Broadway)
  • 1.5 hours - in the hot shop with experienced glassblowing instructor
  • Stay and explore the gardens at your leisure
  • 15 minutes - return to the cruise ship terminal

Meeting Instructions:

  •  Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is a wheelchair or limited mobility accessible.

Do I get to keep my handblown art? 

Yes, the tour price includes the shipping for your project to be shipped to your home.

Are there any age restrictions for children?

Yes, participants must be 5 years or older. Children under 5 are able to come along and watch for free.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

We offer the local wholesale rates for all of our tours because we feel that everyone should get the same lowest price possible regardless of how many excursions you book. No tricks, no gimmicks, no hidden fees.

Do you offer tours for large groups?

Definitely, arrangements of tours for groups or large families are possible. Please contact us with your group requirements.

What happens if my ship is delayed getting into port?

If your ship is late, please call your tour operator so that your tour time can be adjusted. If an alternate tour time is not compatible with your schedule, your ticket will be fully refunded with no fees or penalty.

Where do I meet the tour operator to be picked up for my excursion?

Your tour includes return transportation. You can take the SMART shuttle to Jewell Gardens (get on the bus from your cruise ship dock or any Broadway stop). A one-way ticket will cost per person. Meet your tour in the Jewell Gardnes gift shop- make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time in order to allow time to sign a liability waiver.

What happens if the excursion runs late and I miss my ship?

We guarantee that your tour will return on time. If you were to miss your cruise ship because the tour did not return on time, we will comp your hotel, food, and flight costs associated with meeting your cruise ship the next day. We have never had a passenger miss their ship.

What if I am unable to print my ticket before I arrive in port?

All reservations are saved under the name you purchased your excursions and are kept on file with your tour operator. Having your tickets in-hand is the optimal choice to avoid confusion because the directions and meeting instructions are included. Please contact us if you are unable to print the tickets.

Customer Reviews
Oct 2019 - Tracy L.

We had a great time making our own ornaments. This excursion was so much better than just watching somebody which is what the cruise ship offered. We had a lot of choices of colours and styles and can't wait for them to be mailed to us. The only reason it's not 5 stars is that when we got on the bus we never received the day pass which was supposed to be part of the package so ended up paying twice.

Sep 2019 - Shanelle B.

This was such a great experience, glad I was able to try something new. Had a great instructor and it was fun to see the beautiful gardens.

Sep 2019 - Andrew W.

This excursion was so much fun! I never knew about this & it was worth every penny. Erik was incredible & so much fun & I learned a lot from him. The rest of the staff was very pleasant & fun also. Thank you!

Sep 2019 - Kayla W.

We had an amazing time with Sam and Maggie learning about the art of glass blowing. The technique and skills these two had were flawless. Sam was a great instructor and made sure everyone had a personalized experience. Their work is so beautiful and they helped us to take a little piece of Alaskan Beauty home with us to remember it all by!

Sep 2019 - Joey M.

You will experience a fun and upbeat guide who explains how glass blowing works. Adding a twist of humor into it. The whole process of how glass blowing works is pretty cool. You are able to create a unique piece of glass as a souvenir (well, with their help). Then they ship it home for you. You do work near very high temps but they had fans moving air around. Safety is a big focus while you work near the ovens. I highly recommend. Joey from Alabama.

Aug 2019 - Carla M.

Loved this excursion. Sam was a great host and awesome teacher. He relates well with all ages. His since of humor and wit are most entertaining too. Don t miss this excursion it s so worth it.

Aug 2019 - Jamie S.

This was informative and we enjoyed ourselves. I booked this at my daughter s request and she seemed to have a great time/ which made it worth it to me. I also enjoyed getting the finished product in the mail- Thank you!

Aug 2019 - Xenia L.

Had a lot of fine exploring the beautiful gardens then learning how to create a pretty bulb of coloured glass. The instructor was fun and very patient while we created our own bulbs that were then shipped to our homes.

Aug 2019 - Bruce D.

I wasn't sure about this excursion but I am glad I did it. Our glassblowing instructor made it fun and very interesting. I can t wait to see the final product when it arrives in a few weeks.

Jul 2019 - Fred W.

The Jewell Gardens are so beautiful. The glass blowing was great. Learning all about how to and what is involved. The area is hot, so wear something cool. The staff was great. The girls were fun and entertaining, this made the whole experience so fun. Great adventure and so much fun. The best part is you get to keep your ornament as a permanent memory of your time.

Jul 2019 - Tracey J.

Really Great excursion. The gardens are very beautiful. Lots of fun making your own ornament that you get to keep. They ship it to your home. They really pack them well so they arrive in one piece. Really recommend this experience.

Jun 2019 - Lisa F.

A hidden gem. We had a blast.

May 2019 - Maryann C.

We had a great time a lot of fun. We would tell others to try this.

May 2019 - James K.

My time with Logan was beyond amazing!!!! He explained the entire process, then took me through every step with great patience and care. He helped me work with the glass, add color, fire it and how to blow it and draw up the feathers. It was the most extraordinary experience of my life. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I'll remember it always.

BEST PRICE Guarantee!


BEST PRICE Guarantee!

Duration: 2+ hours

Number of Passengers *

Adult: $114.00

Child (5-12): $114.00

Child (Under 5): $0.00


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