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Juneau Icefield Helicopter Tour


This Juneau helicopter icefield tour will make you feel as though you're traveling through time as you fly over million-year-old glacial icefields. Enjoy breathtaking views of spectacular rock formations of the mountain peaks, rainforests, glaciers, icefalls, ice spires, and vibrant-blue crevasses of the Juneau Icefield.

Keep an eye on the mountain peaks for wildlife including bears, deer, and mountain goats during this Juneau helicopter tour while descending towards the landing site on the Herbert Glacier.

Upon reaching your glacial destination your pilot/guide will shut down the helicopter and escort you on an informative, relaxing walk along the glacier's surface while describing the magnificent area that surrounds you.

This Juneau glacier helicopter excursion will be one you won't soon forget!

Included: Boots and outfitting are provided if necessary.

Please note: Persons weighing 280lbs or more must pay an additional $100 surcharge for safety reasons. Please purchase the "280lbs+ Adult" ticket if this is the case. Child prices are the same as adult prices.

Seating arrangements are subject to availability and safety. Although your family may be on the same tour departure, you are not guaranteed seats in the same helicopter.

2021 Health & Safety Notice
Facemasks are required for all passengers and staff in vehicles, facilities, and helicopters. For the safety of all guests and crew, enhanced cleaning and COVID-19 mitigation protocols will remain in place for the summer of 2021.

Duration: 2.5 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal. Flight time: 30 minutes. Glacier time: 30 minutes.)


  • Roundtrip transportation
  • Headset to enjoy the pilot's narration during the flight
  • Traction overboots
  • Rain suit if needed
  • Water and hot beverages are available at the helicopter base
  • No bathrooms available during tour


  • Guests must be comfortable walking short distances on uneven and occasionally icy surfaces

Duration: 2.5 hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • 20~30 minutes - roundtrip transportation
  • 30 minutes - preflight safety briefing and preparation
  • 30 minutes - glacier flightseeing via helicopter
  • 20~25 minutes - guided walk at glacier landing

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets in front of the Mt. Robert's Tramway building. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is limited mobility and wheelchair accessible. Guests with limited mobility must be able to climb 4 steps into and out of the bus. There is limited space for collapsible wheelchairs and walkers. Guests who are confined to a motorized scooter can arrange special transportation to and from helicopter base. Once at the base, guests can be transferred into and out of the helicopter via specialized equipment. During the glacier landing, guests will remain in the helicopter where doors will remain open for optimum viewing. Please leave a comment during checkout if accommodations for collapsible equipment will be required or if additional information needs to be provided for motorized scooter accommodations.

How many passengers ride in the helicopter together?

There is a maximum of 6 passengers per helicopter. If your party is larger than 6 passengers, multiple helicopters will fly your group up to the landing spot at the same time.

What is the seating arrangement in the helicopter?

There are two front seats and four rear seats; FAA safety guidelines require seating positions to be assigned based on weight and balance of all passengers for each helicopter.

What is the temperature on the glacier? 

The average temperature is between 15-20°F cooler than on the ground.

Will I see any wildlife or bears on this tour?

Wildlife is abundant in Southeast Alaska and sightings are possible on any tour, however this is not a designated wildlife tour and nothing can be guaranteed.

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Can I bring a backpack?

All bags must be stored at the helicopter base and are not allowed on tour.

Can I bring my DSLR camera?

Yes, you can bring your DSLR camera on this tour.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Food and drink are not allowed during this tour.

Are food and drink included?

Water and hot beverages are available at the helicopter base, no food or drink is provided while on tour.

Are there child prices?

Adult and child prices are the same for this tour.

Are service animals allowed on this tour?

For safety reasons, service animals are not allowed on this tour. 

Are there any physical requirements for this tour?

Guests must be comfortable walking short distances on uneven and occasionally icy surfaces.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Layered clothing, hats, gloves and sunglasses are strongly recommended.

Are there restrooms available during this tour?

There are restroom facilities at the helicopter base before you depart on your tour, but there are no restrooms available on the glacier. 

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Customer Reviews
Sep 2021 - Margaret M.

It was raining so maybe not the best day, but the only day we had and the experience did not disappoint. Our pilot, Deirdre, was competent and enthusiastic.

Sep 2021 - Barry H.

The helicopter flight to the glacier was fabulous! Absolutely beautiful! It was the highlight of my trip! The pilot Deadra was informative and helpful. She was a tremendous pilot and a real asset to the company! She made the excursion fun and interesting! I can t say enough about the scenery!

Sep 2021 - Hubert B.

This tour was amazing, the team was very welcoming, on time for our pick up at the cruise dock, weather was perfect for a helicopter tour, our pilot was very knowledgeable about glacier and explained all about formation, movements. I would recommend to anyone

Sep 2021 - Brenda V.

This was fantastic the staff and pilot were amazing, will be doing it again on our next trip.

Aug 2021 - Kwok L.

Excellent tour, highly recommend.

Aug 2021 - William S.

This excursion was better than we could have imagined! It began with a safety briefing and outfitting all of the passengers with ice boots. (Raincoats were also available if needed, which we did not.) Passengers were weighed and the staff carefully planned out the seating assignments for the helicopter rides. Our pilot, Turek (sp?) was incredible! He was very personable. He was able to fly a route along the coast up to Herbert Glacier. The views were grandiose. He led us on a careful walk on the glacier, pointing out some amazing crevasses. He told us about what creates the incredible blue colors that are found in the glaciers. We even got to take a sip of freshly melting glacier water! This was an experience of a lifetime!

Aug 2021 - Joseph N.

It was amazing! Words can't describe the experience and pictures don't do it justice.

Aug 2021 - Gay S.

What an amazing trip! The staff was great, and Dierdre our pilot was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable, and friendly. I would recommend this trip of a life time to everyone.

Aug 2021 - Heather Z.

Amazing experience!! Top notch staff from the van driver to the pilot. Our pilot Deirdre was so knowledgeable about the area and the geological formations. I was thrilled to experience the Mendenhall glacier with my husband and teenage sons.

Aug 2021 - Dana C.

Had a great experience!

Aug 2021 - Marybelle T.

What a great experience. The glacier walk was spectacular and we loved our short helicopter rides. The pilots are knowledgeable and accommodating.

Jul 2021 - Kathy J.

It was amazing

Dec 2019 - William O.

We went to Alaska for the first time and were SO glad that we booked this excursion. Our pilot was AWESOME and gave us the best ride of our lives. Very smooth and landed perfectly! He use to fly Black Hawks and was very experienced. We would definitley recommend this tour. The Glacier was exceptional. This is a once in a life time tour and worth every penny. Thank you for a fantastic time and for creating awesome memories!

Sep 2019 - Barbara L.

What an amazing trip. Our pilot/guide was fantastic. He even took my camera and took pictures down the crevasse that he didn't want me to get too close too. The ice was slippery!

Sep 2019 - Adam R.


Sep 2019 - Rochelle I.

Was wonderful, breath taking scenery. Josh our pilot was very friendly knowledgeable and made our trip one we will never forget!!

Sep 2019 - Wesley B.

Great excursion

Sep 2019 - Donna R.

From the time the driver picked us up to the end of our excursion we had a lot of fun! We had a little time to kill before our flight so the driver showed us around town (I wish I remembered his name)The flight was amazing and the pilot was very smooth and gave us alot of Info! Will recommend you!

Sep 2019 - Sue E.

Fantastic experience. Our pilot, Josh, was incredible and the glaciers were beautiful.

Sep 2019 - Patricia L.

This excursion was the highlight of our cruise to Alaska. Riding in a helicopter for the 1st time, you were quickly made comfortable by our pilot Josh who explained the details of the trip up to the glacier. This was a great company; they picked us up at the center of Juneau, checked us in, fit us with boots and gave us our instructions for pre-board and what to expect. We had beautiful weather and the scenery was fabulous. Flying around the mountains and glaciers took your breath away and landing on the glacier was so smooth. Appreciated the assistance on getting out onto the glacier. A good tip was to take an empty water bottle, Josh filled it up so we could taste the coldest purest water on earth. Josh was a great tour guide explaining every detail, what we were looking at and then offered to take our pictures in several spots. The ride back was over land trying to spot wildlife. Landing back at the airport we observed other helicopters and a jet taking off; he banked us around and landed. This was the best experience ever; thanks for making this a memory of a lifetime!

Sep 2019 - Karen N.

We had an amazing time on our Juneau Icefield Helicopter tour, it was my first time on a helicopter and I was grateful for our pilot she was a lovely young lady which made the trip so smooth and extremely informative. It was a magical experience we will never forget. Thank you so very much to the tour operator for the professional and friendly service from start to finish. We highly recommend Alaska Shore Excursions Dave and Karen Sydney Australia

Sep 2019 - Rhonda W.

Really amazing experience! The helicopter ride was so smooth and landing on an icefield was so cool! Loved spending time on the icefield and we were in awe of it's beauty. Great time!

Sep 2019 - Joseph P.

This was a great trip. To stand on a glacier while they still exist. Ride was smooth. Maybe a little explanation from our pilot/guide would add to the experience.

Sep 2019 - Paul P.

Trip of a lifetime, only thing, just too short. Loved it. I wish I'd had a chance to sit in front. Middle back, next to the wet guy, sucked...

Sep 2019 - ELENA L.

The whole experience was awesome!

Sep 2019 - Louis P.

One of the most incredible experiences in my life. Staff (from van driver to prep team to pilot) was friendly and helpful. Would recommend to any visitor to Juneau.

Aug 2019 - Vikas J.

Couldn't have been better. Our pilot was very friendly and gave us more than sufficient time at the Hebert Glacier, explained a lot of things by himself, clicked pictures. We had most amazing time. Highly recommend doing this with Juneau Icefield Helicoptors for this once in a lifetime experience.

Aug 2019 - GAIL A H.

Would have liked it to be longer for what you pay.

Aug 2019 - Stephanie B.

This tour was worth every penny! The meeting location was clearly identified, had no trouble finding where we needed to meet at the cruise port. We were transported about 15-20 minutes in a van to the check in location which was next to the Juneau airport. We were weighed, quickly checked in and were on our copter in a matter of minutes. The views were spectacular and getting the opportunity to walk and explore Herbert Glacier was amazing! Would do this tour again in a heartbeat!

Aug 2019 - Jing X.

Amazing tour!

Aug 2019 - Randolph G.

Our guide was great! This was to be our most important excursion and we were not disappointed! We loved it! Only wish we could have stayed on the glacier for a longer time! Lol

Aug 2019 - Margot P.

I had a perfectly marvelous time walking on the glacier. The ride there and back to the airport were beautiful and memorable Margot. Paddock

Aug 2019 - Arabella S.

really fun!

Aug 2019 - Patti G.

EXCELLENT!! Pilot took us where it "would not be crowded" with other excursions, and he held up his part. Got to taste the run off of 400+ yo glacier. Spectacular views and experience.

Aug 2019 - Larry K.

We had a great experience on our Icefield Helicopter tour, the entire staff from the time the shuttle picked us up, to getting us ready for the flight and Jessie our pilot , all were very professional and friendly.

Aug 2019 - Elizabeth M.


Aug 2019 - Robert F.

Absolutely beautiful views. Our pilot was wonderful and very knowledgeable.

Aug 2019 - Jinwen G.

My kids liked it very much.

Aug 2019 - Scott I.

Outstanding excursion. Very organized and friendly staff. Pilot was fantastic, very professional. Great value when compared to cruise ship offerings.

Aug 2019 - David V.

Super- very nice excursion!

Aug 2019 - Bruce D.

Juneau Icefield Helicopter Tour was awesome! The sights from take off to the landing were stunning and like nothing I have experienced before. The time spent on the glacier was absolutely worth every penny spent on this excursion. If you do no other excursion you need to do this once in a lifetime excursion.

Aug 2019 - Angel L.

I wish we had more time in the Glacier, I feel we were rushed a bit otherwise it was AMAZING!

Aug 2019 - Iqbal D.

The helicopter ride was awesome. The views during the flight were amazing. Really enjoyed the landing on the glacier and be able to walk around. The excursion was well organized. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. We had a great time.

Aug 2019 - Deborah D.

Great experience. Loved it all. Wish we could have had more time on the glacier.

Aug 2019 - Jonathan P.

This was the highlight of the trip...the pilot was outstanding and was a great tour guide...glacier was spectacular.

Aug 2019 - Carol R.

This was an amazing excursion! Definitely a once in a lifetime type of activity. The staff was great and our pilot was awesome!

Jul 2019 - Steve W.

Hope to see you again! Love It, THANKS

Jul 2019 - Jeffery S.

Wow. Truly amazing one of a kind experience. Our pilot (Shawn/?Sean) was calm, kind, confident and knowledgeable. Being on the glacier was an awesome privilege.

Jul 2019 - Stacy F.

Possibly the coolest thing I ve done in my life. Not going to lie, I didn t want to cough up the money but everyone said it was worth it, so I did it. Would do it again in a heartbeat!!!

Jul 2019 - Nigel F.

Great experience and superb Pilot. Awesome Pictures. Well run operation

Jul 2019 - Barbara P.

The excursion itself was amazing. Would highly recommend it. The only setback was that they split up my family of 4 into two separate helicopters.

Jul 2019 - Diane P.

From the assistants helping us get our "snow/ice" shoes to the pilot and guide himself, this was a top notch time. "Star" our pilot was informative and knowledgeable and ensured that we got to see the glacier and some of it's features close up and in person. This excursion was the highlight of our Cruise.

Jul 2019 - Janice P.

Was an incredible trip. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is that our guide and pilot Ryan didn't talk very much during the tour. All 6 of us who were on the trip talked during and after and made same comment that it would've been so much better if we could've had more commentary on the glaciers, area and things we're seeing but he was quiet for most of the time.

Jul 2019 - Maria S.

Wonderful experience! I highly recommend this tour. Everyone at Alaska Shore Excursions was very professional and courteous.

Jul 2019 - Violi Marie P.

My family and I had an amazing time during this excursion. Before our trip, the staff and I had been emailing back and forth, and they were always super helpful and kind. Upon our arrival, the staff is organized and efficient. Once we were airborne, the helicopter pilot was knowledgeable and engaging. The glacier itself was magnificent! I'd recommend this company to anyone!

Jul 2019 - Susan S.

Great experience! Tour company was awesome!

Jul 2019 - Deanna C.

Great experience.

Jun 2019 - Ann C.

We landed on Herbert glacier and it was amazing! Smooth flight, staff was friendly and knowledgeable, overall great experience! A must see in Alaska!

Jun 2019 - Tyler J.

This was great tour and I would recommend it to anyone. Actual flight is only about 10min with 20 minutes on the Ice and then 10min flight back. The information will tell you 3.5 hours, but that is total time from when you are picked up. Still worth every penny though.

Jun 2019 - Lehla M.

Absolutely wonderful. The process to take a shuttle to and from the airport was fun and short. Both drivers were very friendly professional and personable and gave us some info on the town of Juneau while driving. Once we arrived at airport we were greeted by more friendly staff that helped us get into gear and prepare us for the flight. The pilot was very nice and experienced and we had a smooth flight and both landings were as smooth as smooth. Once on the glacier we had time to explore take pictures and even fill our water bottles with the glacier water and have a drink. It was an amazing experience. Will do again!!

Jun 2019 - Robert G.

First ride in a helicopter. Shawn was a consummate professional. Unforgettable tour. The entire operation from pick up to drop off is run like a fine-tuned helicopter. Thanks for a great afternoon.

Jun 2019 - Samuel C.

I had a very good experience. The pilot was courteous as well as informative. All the personnel were friendly and prepared us what to expect when we landed on the glacier. Additionally, they gave us valuable information that helped us to remain safe

Jun 2019 - Phil G.

Enjoyed the flight. It was exciting to walk on the glacier and drink glacier water.

Jun 2019 - Richard C.

Our pilot, Jessie, was great. The views were spectacular!! Would recommend this excursion!

Jun 2019 - Dorothy G.

Landing on the Glacier was a great experience but I would have liked to be flying around longer over the glacier.The 30 minutes is the right length of time on the glacier.Waiting around at the airport was to long.Employees were awesome.

Jun 2019 - Kamla L.

One of the best tours I've ever done. Professional from beginning to end. Highly recommend. Our pilot was informative, skilled and personable.

Jun 2019 - Goldie T.

This was the best excursion we took. Helicopter ride was real smooth and views amazing. Walking on the glacier was just amazing.

Jun 2019 - Christy C.

Well organized. Friendly staff. Dan was an excellent pilot and guide. The glacier was AWESOME!

Jun 2019 - IAN H.

Possibly the most spectacular shore excursion we have ever taken. The professionalism of the company & pilot was exceptional & we were blessed with outstanding weather making the experience that much more exciting. We cannot recommend this excursion highly enough. It is a MUST do in Alaska.

Jun 2019 - MaryAnn M.

An amazing experience and I felt very safe with the skilled, experienced team.

Jun 2019 - Amylia B.

This was the highlight of our Alaskan trip! Our pilot (Starr) was awesome!! He knew tons of information and took us right to a glacier where we wandered around, took pictures and even drank some glacier water!! The views were breathtaking! We are a family of four with two teenagers (14 & 18) that absolutely loved this excursion! Highly recommend!

Jun 2019 - Marilyn T.

This tour was slightly expensive but well worth it. Beautiful views.

May 2019 - Richard C.

Very well-organized. Pilot did a great job of guiding us on this trip. Well worth it. You have to fly over a glacier and then walk on one to appreciate its size and power.

May 2019 - Jillian A.

A safe well organised tour. Pilot was pleasant and vigilant. Transport driver answered questions asked by a customer which was interesting. Some commentary on the way to the airport would have been great.

May 2019 - Patrick W.

I wish I could remember the name of our pilot. He was younger and wore a driving cap. He was great! Very concerned with safety and knowledgeable. I was originally going to book an excursion that allowed for a hike to view Mendenhall Glacier from Nugget Falls. After I thought about it and what a once in a lifetime experience this was going to be, I decided I wanted to actually land and walk on a glacier. So glad I did this and wouldn't hesitate to do it again!

May 2019 - Rachel D.

It was thrilling being in a helicopter for the first time, and the glacier was so blue and beautiful! We travelled from Canada, so the price in Canadian was 6.95 for the two of us. Quite steep if you ask me, especially since the round trip to and from the glacier was less than an hour. I loved the experience, but I would never do it again for that price. Tour of the glacier didn't really happen... so we sort of walked around within 10 feet and then had to hop back in the helicopter to go back.

May 2019 - David L.

This was absolutely the highlight of our trip! Everyone was so friendly! And our pilot Ben was amazing! He even took pictures of us that turned out beautifully! Would recommend 100%

May 2019 - Jerry B.


Oct 2018 - Jonathan B.

We liked it but were surprised that we landed on the Herbert Glacier instead of Mendenhall.

Sep 2018 - Brian P.

It was amazing and the tour guide was so interesting and had my attention the entire time. You can tell they love what they do. The pilot was awesome as well. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

Sep 2018 - Frances S.

Breathtaking!!! Our guide Mike was wonderful and flew us over the mountain and glacier prior to landing. He was very knowledgeable. Trip well worth the money. Thanks Mike

Sep 2018 - Mindy I.

This is a must excursion!! First time in a helicopter and first time ever on an actual glacier. You will not be disappointed.

Sep 2018 - Anne H.

Awesomeness experience!

Sep 2018 - Christina K.

Robbie our pilot was awesome! He helped everyone walk around the glacier and took as many pictures as you wanted. Our excursion was originally cancelled and they were able to rebook us for later in the day.

Sep 2018 - MISTY S.

Excellent excursion!

Sep 2018 - John S.

The tour was interesting, and informative, but very short (maybe 1 hour from lift off to return). Pilot didn't deviate from straight line flight. He was a good tour guide on the icefield and pleasant during the flight. I felt cost was too high for what I got.

Sep 2018 - Tammy H.

This was the highlight of my trip to Alaska. Would highly recommend this for anyone visiting. I had never been in a helicopter before but our pilot was so good!

Aug 2018 - Rafael Arnoldo G.

The tour was excellent. The pick up at the port was on time and the team went through everything in detail and efficiently. The flight seemed so fast and the time at the glacier flew too, but it happens when you have a great time. Once in a lifetime experience. I would recommend this tour anytime.

Aug 2018 - Daniel S.

WOW!! So much better than ever anticipated!! Very professionally done but easy going. Pilot was awesome with lots of knowledge of the glaciers, area and helicopter. Absolutely beautiful and fascinating to land and walk on the glacier. No one around but us! Drank the Glacier water, walked a bit and the glacier, crevice's and waterfalls were amazing!! A must do!

Aug 2018 - Craig S.

Excellent experience with outstanding service from a professional company

Aug 2018 - Debra A N.

This was the highlight of my trip! This is absolutely a must see, and this company did an outstanding job making our transfer from the boat to the helicopter seamless. They gave us all the equipment we needed to safely navigate the glacier, got to drink glacier water and took beautiful pictures of the ice blue glacier!

Aug 2018 - Ava C.

Amazing!! We saw so much and our pilot, Michael, was so knowledgable about where we were and what we were seeing. You will never know these glaciers anyway close to when you stand on one.

Aug 2018 - Neerja S.

Arrangements went smoothly and on schedule. People were professional and friendly. Alaska-shoreexcursions did a good job !

Aug 2018 - Reyna G.

The excursion was breath taking and unforgetful

Aug 2018 - Jody B.

Great company...highly recommend! In speaking with a tour operator regarding a tour, I asked what would YOU do if you had 2 kids ages 17 and 19 and very limited time? She said....helicoptor glacier tour and recommended Alaska Shore Excursions! They were reasonable in price, booking was very easy, great info was given with where to meet/what to expect. Our pilot was awesome, informative, funny and ready to take lots of pics of our family. I thought we were booking a trip to Mendenhall glacier...but due to the amazing weather, we went to a different glacier and were the only ones there. We had a little time to walk around and enjoy the view and watch the sun start to sink on our flight back. Both of my children LOVED this trip the most. And you know how hard it is to please teenagers :)

Aug 2018 - Alexandro Z.

The best! Awsome!

Aug 2018 - Cynthia M.

If it weren't for the other reviews, I wouldn't have experienced this auspicious excursion. The pilot was excellent tour guide-funny, outgoing, and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone cruising through Juneau to try this excursion. As another reviewer had mentioned, this is a once in a lifetime experience that should be crossed off your bucket list.

Jul 2018 - Karen K.

Holy Cow this was the most spectacular excursion ever! Better than any pictures or text could even capture-- there really is nothing like landing on a glacier, looking down a crevasse, and drinking fresh icy glacier water. Really a trip of a lifetime, unforgettable.

Jul 2018 - Christina D.

Helicopter pilot was amazing with pointing out points of interest and showing us around the ice fields. The pilot got some great photos of us as a family too which I really appreciated. The rest of the ground crew were fun, energetic, and very safety orientated. You could tell this was a very well run happy place to work. I would highly recommend these tours to everyone.

Jul 2018 - Faith M.

This was the highlight of our trip. Smooth flight on a beautiful day was amazing. We landed on the Icefield and drank glacier water straight from the mountain. A MUST do when in Juneau....

Jul 2018 - Larry W.

Was an absolutely awesome experience. Very professional & friendly staff! Will be back again!

Jul 2018 - Donald C.

Fantastic- I just wish I had more time on the Glacier. One of the coolest things I have ever done.

Jul 2018 - Manuel G.

Great experience! Would have liked just a little more time on the glacier given the fact the glacier was not far from meeting point, but overall a really great tour

Jul 2018 - Eric S.

Our pilot Robby exceeded our expectations. He was super attentive to making the adventure safe and memorable. This was an other-worldly experience you will carry with you forever. Don't hesitate. Don't vacillate. Book this tour now and plan your other Juneau activities around it. Eric Schlene West Lafayette, IN

Jun 2018 - Lori H.

This was an awesome excursion! Our pilot was excellent and very informative.

Jun 2018 - Darren C.

So amazing! I felt like someone needed to pinch me the entire time I was standing on the glacier. Worth the trip even though the actual time on the glacier is about 20 minutes.

Jun 2018 - Margaret D.

Excellent and exciting tour, loved the helicopter flight, pilot gave informative talk on glacier. Well organised company, would recommend this tour. Marg and Pete

Jun 2018 - James M.

Great experience.

Jun 2018 - Sally L H.

Extremely interesting trip to walk on the 'blue' ice. We had a good pilot who was very happy to assist with pictures. I would recommend to others.

Jun 2018 - Allen S.

What more to say... It was awesome!

Jun 2018 - R William M.

Had an amazing time on Hebert Glacier! Pilot, Mitch was both professional and the consummate guide. Can't say enough about the tour operator for giving us an excursion of a lifetime.

Jun 2018 - Mavis L.

The Excursion was Awesome

Jun 2018 - Sarah K.

Good tour. Had a little trouble finding it - make sure to print out ticket. But once we were on the van, I rest went well:) just wish we had more time on the glacier and helicopter. Glad we trusted them instead of going through the cruise ship directly!

Jun 2018 - Ashley W.

Excellent excursion! Do not leave Alaska without doing this excursion. There is no experience in the world like being on top of/walking around on a glacier. The staff was exceptional and went out of there way to accommodate each person. The tour was small and felt very individualized!

Jun 2018 - Anuradha P.

Beautiful experience. Enjoyed tour. Unforgettable moments. This trip is the best part of the vacation.

Jun 2018 - Jacquiline G.

The tour company was very easy to work with and we throughly enjoyed our excursion. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable.

Jun 2018 - Frederick L.

Wonderful trip with a great pilot. Highly recommended!

Jun 2018 - Richard S.

Awsome more than expected very professional operation.

Jun 2018 - Pamela S.

The pilot was very competent and knowledgeable. Well worth the cost.

Jun 2018 - Gina D.

Absolutely beautiful! I

Jun 2018 - WAH-KWAN L.

Good experience.

May 2018 - Jacquelyn H.

Knowledgeable staff well organized and efficient.

May 2018 - Terry C.

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! Everyone was super friendly and extremely helpful. Our pilot was knowledgeable and extremely nice

May 2018 - Maureen O.

Had a wonderful time!!

May 2018 - Steven F.

Helicopter ride was fun. Landing on glacier was even better. Pilot was guide and answered all questions. Was able to drink out of small stream on glacier, I never tasted water like that. Wonderful pictures, I would do it again. I would recommend Alaska Shore Excursion, great tour.

May 2018 - Lydia T.

This was a wonderful adventure. The helicopter pilot provided great information during the flight and provided safety tips prior to walking on the glacier. I highly recommend this tour!!!

Oct 2017 - Peter K.


Sep 2017 - Ronni P.

This was the 2nd best excursion of my lifetime! It was truly unbelievable!! The day was sunny and gorgeous! Because we only had 4 people rather than the maximum of 6 our pilot was able to take us to a place he usually can't get to due to the extra weight of 2 people. It was awesome. The pilot was young and very knowledgeable!! We took a drink of water in one of the "streams" on the glacier/icefield. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!!

Sep 2017 - Manus G.

Amazing experience one of the highlights of our holiday in Alaska ! Our pilot Shane was great and very informative ! The ground staff also very helpful! Very well organised and would highly recommend this company for the experience of a lifetime !

Sep 2017 - Suzanne L.

Epic...a must for anyone going to Alaska. The helicopter ride was tight with a total of six passengers plus pilot. Felt like the meat between a panini sandwich.

Aug 2017 - Max I.

Very good organization. The tour guide could have been better on the glacier.

Aug 2017 - Carol M.

This excursion was breath taking. Our pilot had so much knowledge about the glacier and made this trip one of the best during our Alaska trip. I am so glad we chose to book our tour with you.

Aug 2017 - George S.

Great experience all around from the van driver to the ground crew to the pilot and the glacier crew. Highly recommend.

Jul 2017 - CHERYL P.


Jul 2017 - Joel R.

We had a great time. The weather was rainy and clouds were low, so we feared the tour would be cancelled. Our pilot Dan took us up and found a great spot for pictures. A great experience that was our favorite of the trip.

Jul 2017 - Ronald T.

Beautiful tour with Ben - very nice pilot - feel secure with him - highly recommanded

Jul 2017 - Monica M.

Wish the pilot would give more information during helicopter ride and at the glacier

Jul 2017 - Gisela K.

The experience was great. The pilot could have been more communicative

Jun 2017 - Harvin H.

WOW it was amazing! So worth the money.

Jun 2017 - Sharon W.

Fantastic excursion , very well organized and left us with wonderful memories. Graham , our pilot, was very informative and even helped with photo shoots.....

Jun 2017 - Brenda W.

Totally awesome experience! Oiur pilot, Jamie, was great. I would highly recommend this excursion.

Jun 2017 - Thomas C.


Jun 2017 - Justin P.

Our pilot chose to take us to a glacier that looked nothing like the photos, but instead looked more like a field of flat snow. Disappointed, but still a great experience.

Jun 2017 - Susan M.

This was the best tour ever! So neat to be on the Glacier with just our helicopter and pilot! The site was beautiful and the favorite amoung my family of all our tours! Breath taking !!

Jun 2017 - Varsha T.

Was decent but expected bigger icefield

May 2017 - Ellen M.

Very Very awesome

May 2017 - Don W.

Best tour around awesome!!!!!!!

May 2017 - Edward Z.

Great experience! Loved it!

May 2017 - Lynn L.

Absolutely breathtaking view. Pilot was great!

May 2017 - Brenda W.

By far, the best excursion we enjoyed, during our amazing Alaskan vacation. Great crew and unbelievable views. Do not hesitate to book this excursion!!!

Sep 2016 - CASSANDRA C.

It was amazing! Shaun was very informative & a great guide. Would do it again!

Sep 2016 - Alejandro G.

Great excursion, incredibly nice!.The onboarding and preflight process was nice, awesome helicopters, pilot and flying experience were great; and the glacier simply astonishing!!!

Sep 2016 - Paul S.

Exhilarating. WOW !!

Sep 2016 - Jose H.

Awesome experience! The pilot had knowledge and made it an unforgettable experience!

Sep 2016 - Gerald G.

Wonderful views and great times. Had some inclement weather to adjust to but non the less it was an experience to remember Jerry & Kathie

Sep 2016 - Charungsak T.


Aug 2016 - Rebecca G.

This was an excellent adventure!!

Aug 2016 - Darlene S.

Awesome tour!

Aug 2016 - Peggy L B.

This was the best thing we did!! What an unforgettable experience!!! Our pilot, (Evan?) flew around the glacier several times giving us wonderful views, including the face....ruggedly beautiful, then chose a landing place for us to walk around on unbelievably blue ice and see a mulan!! He also told us many glacier facts and happily took lots of pictures of us standing on a glacier so our family and friends would believe us!! We'd do it again!!!!

Aug 2016 - Jeffrey M.

We had Scott as our tour guide and he was amazing, knowing exactly where to caption the perfect photograph. The glacier tour is a must see. The only complaint is wish we had gone during snowier conditions, but that's mother natures fault.

Aug 2016 - Sherri M.

More than we could have ever expected

Jul 2016 - Moira H.

The Juneau Helicopter Icefield Tour was awesome. Loved every minute. The helicopter ride to the ice field was great & landing on the ice field was spectacular. The fact that we had plenty of time to walk around & the pilot talked to us about the ice field area & was very helpful in where to walk & where not too. This was a highlight & it is a MUST DO for anyway visiting Juneau.

Jun 2016 - Terri S.

Flying over Juneau and the ice field was incredible. Landing and walking on the ice, viewing the beautiful mountain surroundings was magical. Drinking from the cold, flowing water was refreshing. There is nothing to compare to the experience. The color of the ice is incredible. Such a great excursion.

Jun 2016 - Heather H.

This was an amazing experience!!! Our family had a great time. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Jun 2016 - Teresa S.

This excursion was the highlight of our visit to Alaska. Staff were organized and pilot was experienced as well as excited to share information about the glacier. Also happy that we flew to the Herbert glacier which was not crowded with other groups. I highly recommend this excursion.

Jun 2016 - Guylaine R.

Excellent! Averything was perfect.

May 2016 - Howard C.

Amazing from start to finish. This was the highlight of our vacation. Everyone working for this company was top-notch. The pilot was wonderful.

May 2016 - Keith W.

The Juneau Helicopter Icefield tour was amazing, what an experience, oh, proposed to my girlfriend on the glacier, knocked her socks off doing that. Thanks guys for a wonderful experience.

May 2016 - Christine Y.

Fun time. Amazing flight. Great plight & guide were both nice.

May 2016 - Shelly L.

Had a great time. Well worth the money!

May 2016 - Cheryl M.

Great trip, just wish there had been the opportunity for more time to wander around on top of the glacier.

May 2016 - Jeffrey L.

This is probably the best excursion we have ever taken. Check-in process was easy, right by the Tram in Juneau. Private helicopter tour to the ice field was amazing. It is completely private, not like those other tour companies where a bunch of helicopters go to the same location, the experience is all about you and your companions. You cannot miss this tour if going to Juneau. Highly recommended!

May 2016 - Robert S.

Our goal was to see and experience the famous glacial blue ice. We accomplished that goal and trip was as advertised. Our pilot was excellent and very knowledgeable. It was great being up close and personal with the glacier. Would have rated 5 stars if time on glacier was 40 minutes vs. the allotted 20 minutes.

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BEST PRICE Guarantee!

Duration: 2.5 hours

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Adult: $315.00

280lbs+ Adult: $415.00

Child (Under 12): $315.00

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