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Juneau Dog Sledding & Glacier Helicopter Tour

Please be advised this tour must begin at least 50 minutes from after your arrival to Juneau if traveling by cruise ship.

Our Juneau dog sledding tour via helicopter will take you on an experience of a lifetime! Imagine riding in a dog sled behind a team of huskies as you race across a snow-covered valley nestled in between picturesque mountains on the Juneau Icefield. This thrilling adventure provides a combination of the best Juneau excursions: dog sledding on snow and a helicopter tour over the glaciers.

The journey begins when you are conveniently picked up at the main cruise ship terminal in Juneau and transported to the helipad in the Mendenhall Valley. The scenic helicopter tour over glaciers and in-between mountain peaks is only the beginning of this legendary Alaskan tour. While taking in magnificent views of the Juneau Icefield, you will arrive at the dog sledding camp on Herbert Glacier, enjoy a kennel tour, and the ultimate highlight of this Juneau tour, the dog sled ride!

You will share this adventure with 160 Alaskan huskies who live on the glacier and hear unique personal accounts of the Iditarod racers and their experiences racing and mushing with Alaska's most unique form of transportation. You will have an opportunity to ask the dog trainers and mushers questions about raising and racing Alaskan sled dogs and of course partake in multiple photo opportunities.

Feel the excitement on this amazing dog sledding excursion as the eager team of huskies is harnessed up and takes off on a race over the snow. The thrill of driving a dog sled team and taking part in a great Alaskan pastime creates this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Your dog sledding tour concludes with photo opportunities, a scenic helicopter flight of the glaciers, and return transfer to the cruise ship terminal.

Please note: Persons weighing 260lbs or more must pay an additional $150 surcharge for safety reasons. Please purchase an "Adult" passenger seat AND a "Comfort Seat" ticket if this is the case. Child prices are the same as adult prices.

Please note: The departure time for this tour has to be at least 50 minutes past the cruise ship arrival. Please check your ship's itinerary and select the appropriate time. (Ex. 1:15 pm tour is too early if your ship arrives at 1 pm.)

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Duration: 3 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal. Flight time: 30 minutes. Dogsled/glacier time: 60 minutes.)


  • Roundtrip transportation
  • Traction overboots
  • Rain suit (if needed)
  • Water and hot beverages are available at the helicopter base
  • Restrooms not available during the tour


  • Guests must be comfortable walking short distances on uneven and occasionally icy surfaces
  • Signed liability waiver

Duration: 3 hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • 20~30 minutes - roundtrip transportation
  • 30 minutes - preflight safety briefing and preparation
  • 30 minutes - glacier flightseeing via helicopter
  • 60 minutes - at the dog camp with approximately 35-40 minutes of dog sledding

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets in front of the Mt. Robert's Tramway building. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is limited mobility accessible. The operator has an ADA-compliant vehicle and can transport guests with wheelchairs and walkers, with advance notice. Guests should be comfortable stepping into and out of the helicopter. Once on the glacier, if you're unable to walk on soft snow, you can be towed to the musher's camp from the helicopter via snowmobile. Please leave a comment during checkout or contact us if any accessibility accommodations will be required.

Can I pet and play with the sled dogs?

Yes, the dogs love human interaction and the mushers will let you get close and snuggly with their team.

Do I get to drive the dog sled?

You do have the option and opportunity to stand in the musher's position while on the dogsled tour. For safety reasons, the actual dogsled musher will be able to assume control of the dogsled at all times but will give you instructions on how to safely control the sled for the duration of your trip.

How many passengers ride in the sled together? 

Each sled can accommodate 4-5 guests.

How many passengers ride in the helicopter together?

There is a maximum of 6 passengers per helicopter. If your party is larger than 6 passengers, multiple helicopters will take your group and land at the dog sled camp together.

What is the seating arrangement in the helicopter?

There are two front seats and four rear seats; FAA safety guidelines require seating positions to be assigned based on weight and balance of all passengers for each helicopter.

What is the temperature on the glacier? 

The average temperature is between 15-20°F cooler than on the ground

Will I see any wildlife or bears on this tour?

Wildlife is abundant in Southeast Alaska and sightings are possible on any tour, however, this is not a designated wildlife tour and nothing can be guaranteed.

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Can I bring a backpack?

All bags must be stored at the helicopter base and are not allowed on tour.  The helicopter base has locked benches at the base for you to securely and safely store belongings while on your tour. 

Can I bring my GoPro and record during the helicopter flight?

Yes, you can bring your GoPro on this tour and record during the flight. No selfie sticks are allowed during the flight.

Can I bring my DSLR camera?

Yes, you can bring your DSLR camera on this tour.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Food and drink are not allowed during this tour.

Are service animals allowed on this tour?

For safety reasons, service animals are not allowed on this tour. 

Are food and drink included?

Water and hot beverages are available at the helicopter base, no food or drink is provided while on tour.

Are there child prices?

Adult and child prices are the same for this tour.

Are there any physical requirements for this tour?

Guests must be comfortable walking short distances on uneven and occasionally icy surfaces.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Layered clothing, hats, gloves, and sunglasses are strongly recommended.

Are there restrooms available during this tour?

There are restroom facilities at the helicopter base before you depart on your tour, but there are no restrooms available on the glacier. 

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Check out other frequently asked questions here!

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Customer Reviews
Aug 2023 - Pamela R.

This excursion was my dream come true! From booking process to when our helicopter touched back down on the heliport, everything was flawless. Highly recommend this tour and booking with Alaska Shore Excursions.

Aug 2023 - PABLO L.

Undoubtedly one of the most spectacular experiences in Alaska, something that no one should miss when going to Alaska. Absolutely incredible

Aug 2023 - Jennifer S.

My family loved this excursion. It was so easy to get from the cruise ship and everyone was so amazing! Highly recommend!!

Aug 2023 - Andrew M.

Incredible experience--from the helicopter ride, to being on the glacier, to riding with the dogs, it was worth every penny!

Aug 2023 - Tara R.

Best excursion of the whole trip, worth every penny! I can't describe how amazing it was, I can only say this was probably the coolest thing we've ever done! Thankful for the drivers, the pilots, and the mushers!

Aug 2023 - Julia Z.

Awesome experience. Our musher Ashley was great-showed compassion towards the dogs, the sport and the guests.

Aug 2023 - Richard C.

We had a great excursion! Everything was so well organized, from the shuttle to the airport to the helicopter ride and the dogsledding itself. We would use Alaska Shore Excursions again if we returned to Alaska.

Aug 2023 - Terry L.

WoW!!! Words can't express the experience our family had on this excursion. From the helicopter ride out to the glacier where we landed on one of the most beautiful places I have ever been on earth. The dog camp was simply amazing. While I know this is a very expensive excursion, it is worth every penny we spent. Can't recommend this highly enough.

Aug 2023 - Marcia M.

This was an awesome excursion!!! Everyone was extremely nice and informative. We booked this excursion directly with the company instead of booking through Royal Caribbean because they were charging twice as much. This is definitely a bucket list experience.

Aug 2023 - Betty J.

Outstanding tour! Our musher was fantastic! Very nice young lady, with a lot of knowledge of the Huskies and the glaciers. We were so fortunate also to have an excellent pilot for the helicopter. The weather was rainy and foggy. Fortunately, no wind, and the pilot was able to fly and did an excellent job. This was the highlight of our trip. Would highly recommend this company for anyone. Outstanding!

Aug 2023 - Diane W.

What an amazing experience that I will never forget. The helicopter ride was breathtaking and the dog camp was so fun interacting with all of the dogs. The staff from the van drivers, airport crew, pilots, and all the staff at the camp were friendly, knowledgeable and entertaining. This is a must do!

Jul 2023 - Cindy C.

My family and I had an amazing time on the glacier helicopter and dog sledding tour. They provide waterproof over boots to use while on the glacier. Amazing views of the glacier and valley as you fly to the dog camp. The dogs all looked happy and well cared for. We were encouraged to interact with the dogs, who were all friendly. We got to go on an exhilarating dog sled ride - they go much faster than I expected. We even got to interact with some 3 month old puppies. Definitely do not miss out on this amazing tour!

Jul 2023 - Teoda T.

My husband and I knew this was going to be a a pricey thing to do together but it was 100% worth it. The dog sledding was such a fun and once in a lifetime experience, but the helicopter ride and view was just stunning and made it the experience that much more! We talked to part of the staff while we waiting to board the helicopter indoors and the young lady was nice enough to answer our questions about the galaciers in the area, showed us a map of them, and told us about part of the local area since she was a local herself. Our guide during the dog sledding was SUPER nice and informative, again answering all our questions and allowed us all to take turns standing. Both helicoper opperators were great! The experience was hands down AMAZING! And we would do it again!!!

Jul 2023 - Lori M.

This was the best excursion and definitely the highlight of our week. Thank you to everyone involved for cherished memories!

Jul 2023 - Claire S.

Fantastic experience! Helicopter glacier tour was amazing and the dog sledding was incredible. The dogs work really hard and seem to love what they do. The mushers and all the staff were amazing as was the helicopter pilot. I was nervous about the helicopter but it was very smooth and the pilot made me feel at ease. This was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I was able to check several things off my bucket list.

Jul 2023 - Randi S.

Everything was perfect. The staff was very helpful. The helicopter ride was great. The sleigh ride was amazing. Huskies - priceless. Highly recommend Alaska Shore Excursions.

Jul 2023 - Srikanth K.

What a great tour! Getting to see the camp was so interesting and everyone was above and beyond friendly. The helicopter ride was definitely worth it, flying across the mountains and onto the snowy glacier. Our musher had his own team there and told us all the ins and outs of sledding, plus we got to see around the camp!

Jul 2023 - Sharon M.

Whilst we were extremely disappointed at missing this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can't pick the weather and the good weather gods were not on our side. Having said that Alaska Shore Excursions quickly offered us another excursion at a reduced rate so we did the helicopter and walk on the glacier which was fabulous. Pre-tour communication was awesome, the ground staff and our guide were top-notch. Also, refund back in my account exactly when they said. I am sure if you book a tour with these guys you will not be disappointed. Thank you, team!

Jul 2023 - Tamara A.

Loved this, what a treat! Well organized, everybody was extremely friendly, and we were able to go on a dog sled ride!!!

Jul 2023 - Frieda M.

Amazing experience. This was the highlight of our trip. Our musher, Josie, was so knowledgeable and did a great job with her sweet dogs. It was truly something from out of a movie...from the helicopter ride to landing on the base to the dog sledding and then to the petting of the dogs. Highly recommend it!

Jul 2023 - Karen B.

We had an amazing time! The helicopter ride was smooth and we saw beautiful scenery on the way to the glacier. The dogsled ride was fun and playing with the puppies was a highlight. Highly recommend.

Jul 2023 - Robert C.

AWESOME! Was everything we expected. The heli ride up over the dense forest was a sight to see. The return flight up, over and through the white capped mountains was stunning. The time spent on top of the glacier with the dogs and sled team owners was amazing to hear the life styles they lead, Being pulled in the sleds by the team was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. 100% would recommend this excursion to anyone. Yes, pricey, but when you add it up, totally worth it!

Jul 2023 - Leslie R.

This was a great excursion. The helicopter ride was cramped, but the pilot was safe and informative. The dogs were eager to please and it was a great experience to be pulled by the dogs. The puppies were cute and the guys out there provided information about how the operation works in keeping the dogs there for summer. I highly recommend the excursion.

Jun 2023 - Arlene M.

Well worth the money, in fact if there had been vacancies I would have gone back and done it again the next day. From start to finish staff were professional, courteous and let us take all the time we needed to answer our many questions. Highly recommend this excursion and if I ever get to Juneau again I'll be doing it again. THANK YOU!

Jun 2023 - Richard G.

It was a fabulous experience. The helicopter ride was wonderful and so beautiful. The sledding on the glacier was a lot of fun, and petting and holding the puppies was a highlight. The mushers really care for their dogs and you could tell all the dogs enjoyed their jobs and were healthy. We were blessed with warm, clear weather that made it all the more spectacular. Would definitely recommend this excursion.

Jun 2023 - Taylor M.

The excursion was amazing. Was a wonderful experience. Wade was am amazing guide while we were with the dogs. The helicopter flight was smooth and very worthwhile. We were lucky to finish when we did in the afternoon as fog was rolling in that affected some friends who were scheduled later. This was the highlight of an amazing trip!

Jun 2023 - Donald V.

The sun was out, the flight was smooth, the dogs were champing at the bit to go for a run, the setting was spectacular and the mushers were friendly and informative. And thankfully they wouldn't let my wife take home a puppy. On time and as advertised. It's not cheap but it is an experience.

Jun 2023 - Lucy C.

They all made our experience flawless. The dogs all seemed happy and eager to go. I would highly recommend this company and tour.

Jun 2023 - Colleen P.

This was absolutely wonderful! Sam and Jesse were awesome, they were knowledgeable and fun. The helicopter experience with Brad was just as great! This was a top shelf experience! Thank you!

Jun 2023 - Jamie C.

It was amazing from start to finish. Easy to follow instructions, friendly staff both on the ground and on the glacier, clean and new equipment made you feel very comfortable and that you were in great hands. I would thoroughly recommend this excursion it was truly the highlight of our voyage through Alaska.

Jun 2023 - Sophia G.

Experience of a lifetime. Our pilot Harvey was so professional and friendly, and our musher Ashley was a ray of sun who loved her dogs so much - what a wonderful way to experience the stunning mountains around Juneau.

Jun 2023 - Rachael R.

Amazing experience. Every person we encountered from the initial meeting to drop off was helpful, enthusiastic, and so kind. My husband and I are both above the standard weight limit and had to pay for comfort seats -- basically to take up two seats. From booking to weigh-in on arrival to fitting for over boots there were so many points that could have been embarrassing (and we are used to that), but the staff made everything seamless. There was no awkwardness or embarrassment. Just an amazing time. I would recommend them to anyone. I can't think of a tour where I've had a better, more inclusive experience. Thank you so much. It was a bucket list once-in-a-lifetime thing for us, and you made it perfect.

Jun 2023 - Angelica C.

Best experience we have ever had. The price is steep for some of us regular folks but worth every penny as it was a once in lifetime or bucket list experience. The staff throughout was so kind and the dogs were so sweet. Grateful there was a new puppy litter that had been vaccinated and ready for visitors.

May 2023 - Jennifer L.

Fantastic excursion. Easy pickup and transfer. All safety features were well covered. Appreciated the overshoes snow boots. The heli flight was sensational. Dog musher Sam was FABULOUS. The weather was perfect. Awesome adventure. Thank you.

May 2023 - Judith F.

Once in a lifetime experience! Have followed dogsledding somewhat over the years, starting when I lived in Minnesota. Your crew made our visit very special.

May 2023 - Christine S.

This was AMAZING!!! Everyone was so kind and helpful. We did the helicopter ride to the dog sledding. The dogs were amazing. We lucked out and had perfect weather - hardly even cold but beautiful and sunny. The helicopter ride was gorgeous. The scene for the dog sledding is the most incredible thing you've ever seen - in the middle of nowhere with snow and glaciers as far as the eye can see. The dogs are amazing, mid-tour we even got to pet all the dogs pulling our sled! Hearing from our musher was also amazing - he gave us insight into each of the dogs all about their personalities. We even got to see puppies at the end! The ONLY downside was the puppies were too young to be held by strangers :( But this was the most wonderful excursion, it MADE our Alaska trip. The only thing I would change, is perhaps I would also add on the glacier stop in addition to the dog sledding experience.

May 2023 - Alene C.

I along with my daughter and niece did this amazing excursion. The view from the helicopter was indescribable. All of the personnel were informative and friendly not hesitating to answer all of our questions. Dogs were so excited and had the best personality showing how much they loved what they were doing. We would all do this again and recommend it to anyone who asked if it was worth it. Unforgettable!

May 2023 - David M.

This was the highlight of our trip. We originally had a whale-watching excursion booked and by the time we tried to book this through the cruise line, they were full. We just booked it directly through the Alaska Shore Excursions for a different time not offered by our cruise and were very happy and saved money. Worth every penny.

May 2023 - Amanda Y.

This was one the best excursions I have ever done! The beautiful view flying in was breathtaking. Once on camp we were greeted by the friendly staff. The dogs were adorable and loved what they did. Can't wait to go back

May 2023 - Mandy H.

This excursion is a must do, once in a lifetime experience. The glacier is pristine and it was such a fun experience. My only criticism would be that we were hoping for a longer part of the helicopter flight.

May 2023 - Andrea T.

The best excursion ever!! I went with my husband and my two kids (2 and 1 yo), we all loved it! They had car seats for my kids and had the most amazing experience.

Aug 2022 - Nicole B.

I cannot give this excursion enough stars! Our family agreed that this experience was the highlight of the entire trip. Worth the money. Would do it again and again and again.

Jul 2022 - Kimberly M.

From the pickup, to the helicopter ride to the glacier it was all amazing! Our musher Noah was great! His dogs were fantastic and all so friendly! Had the BEST time on top and would definitely recommend to anyone to do this once in a lifetime experience! It was truly breathtaking! Thanks for the memories & pictures!

Jul 2022 - Brianna H.

Really fun!! Also really cold and wet. Wear a snowsuit if possible or at very least a waterproof coat AND pants. In spite of the freezing cold rain, still so much fun. Puppies were too young to hold and that was a huge disappointment. So be aware.

Jul 2022 - Renee T.

From the helicopter ride over the gorgeous rainforest and glacier to the fun dog sledding, this was the trip of a lifetime!

Jul 2022 - Roseanne C.

This experience is one my daughter and I will never forget! From the helicopter ride to the dog sled ride, meeting the puppies and the staff that care for them it was wonderful. The dogs seem so happy and well taken care of and my daughter loved getting to mush! Thanks for a great time and we hope to be back!

Jun 2022 - Francis L.

Best tour we have ever taken period!! Very professional, timely and incredible staff!

Jun 2022 - Tennille P.

Great experience. Beautiful camp. Amazing Dogs! If you sit in front, you may get splashed with ice!

Jun 2022 - Jessica C.

The whole process was great, from the excursion, to the friendliness of the staff. The only thing I was unsure once we were off the ship was where to find our tour guide, I called and was promptly and accurately given the info I needed. The excursion was a delight, my whole family enjoyed ourselves, even though the weather was not too favorable, we enjoyed ourselves and would highly recommend to budget for this memorable excursion! I just wish pictures would have been included, but I did get a few from my camera.

Jun 2022 - Jo Anne T.

This was the best excursion I have ever been on!!! The service was impeccable from booking to touchdown! I was scared to ride in the helicopter but out pilot, Anna, was the best. Smooth flight! Smooth touchdowns! We actually did the extended glacier landing and it was the coolest trip. People should definitely choose Alaska Shore Excursions!!!

Jun 2022 - Zach B.

Amazing! Best thing we did in AK! Everyone was great. The helicopter ride was incredible and the sled dog experience was a once in a lifetime experience!

Jun 2022 - Kevin V.

We had a great time! Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. This was the highlight of our trip!

Jun 2022 - Solimar C.

Amazing experience! The highlight of our incredible trip through Alaska. Highly recommended.

Jun 2022 - Christina T.

Such an amazing experience! Everything about this excursion was perfect. The helicopter ride, our time with the dogs - it was perfect!

Jun 2022 - David R.

While the price is high, this is a once in a lifetime experience. My family will probably remember this experience more than any other from our Alaskan vacation.

Jun 2022 - Scott S.

One of the coolest things that my wife and I have ever done. The helicopter views are stunning, and the dog sled adventure was something that we will talk about for the rest of our lives! The staff on the ground, in the air, and on the mountain were awesome, but the dogs are truly the stars of the show! We were also blessed with perfect weather the day we were in Juneau!

Jun 2022 - Pamela V.

Absolutely amazing experience! The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. This is a must do excursion when traveling to Alaska!

Jun 2022 - Lara W.

Unforgettable experience from start to finish. We loved it! The helicopter ride was breathtaking and the dog camp was great!!

Jun 2022 - Stephanie L.

This was the highlight of our trip to Alaska!

Jun 2022 - Kendall D.

The helicopter ride was spectacular, once in a lifetime!!! Dogsledding was a blast. The camp, staff of guides and mushers were great. Especially loved the dogs!!

Jun 2022 - Marta S.

By far our favorite excursion we took in Alaska! You cannot beat the views and the experience! I have motion sickness and had absolutely no issues with the helicopter ride, it was incredibly! Can't say enough good things about this, it's a once in. a lifetime experience!

Jun 2022 - Kenneth P.

Highlight of the entire land/sea Alaska trip!! Rising up on the helicopter flying to the Glacier steering thru the mountains approaching the glacier white expansive plain was wondrous and thrilling in itself. That was only the lead up to the real dog sledding itself. Wow was that fun! A Must To Do excursion. Don t fall for those on land pull a golf cart dog sledding. This is the real deal and worth the money. Great Great Experience!

May 2022 - Jenny E.

Our tour was delayed by weather, but they were very accommodating to reschedule for later in the day when the weather cleared. It was an epic excursion! So glad we didn't miss out! Everyone was so friendly and helpful, even accommodating my 80-year-old mother!

May 2022 - Eliezer E.

Once in a lifetime experience! The helicopter ride is fantastic and the dog sledding was very fun. This is a must if you're in Southeast Alaska

May 2022 - Marshall S.

From beginning to end this was the best excursion ever! The helicopter ride is breathtaking. Landing atop the sledding camp we first viewed all the dogs. Learning about the care and feeding was informative. But the best part was being on the dog sled. Cannot imagine going to Alaska and not experiencing this! Wonderful staff. Courteous and professional. Would definitely recommend. Note: not for everyone. You need to be fit enough to walk through the snow as your feet can sink six inches or more into the snow. Five stars!!!!

May 2022 - David M.

Awesome experience, would highly recommend it.

May 2022 - Kenia D.

We booked 2 excursion through Alaska Shore and 2 through RC. Our excursions through Alaska Shore were FANTASTIC and well organized, RC complete waste of money. We had a FANTASTIC time on this tour. EVERYONE from our super personable driver, to Morgan at the helicopter office, our pilot and musher were GREAT! We flew over the Hubbard glacier which provided us with spectacular views. We all felt safe and our pilot was in control at a times. Once we landed on the glacier the fun began with the dog sledding experience. We had alot of fin and our musher have us a ton of information and answered all.of our questions. At no point did we feel rushed throughout the experience and it provided our family of 3 (9 yr old daughter) memories to.last a lifetime. This was byfar the most expensive excursion but, it was well worth the money.

May 2022 - Genesis R.

It was OUT of this WORLD. I would recommend it to everyone. It is a must do. Well worth the money. I am still in awe. The best part of my trip!

May 2022 - Joseph K.

This was a once in a lifetime experience that you should schedule for your bucket list. From the breathtaking views to the embrace or a training puppy, every moment was an adrenaline rush. The team at the training camp were more than eager to share their lives on the glacier and answer all questions. If I have the chance again I will not pass it up.

Aug 2021 - Christian S.

Bill,James and Jordan were passionate about their stories and professional. An A+

Aug 2019 - Jolene K.

Our tour was replaced with a helicopter ride to the glacier because the sled dogs were sent home for the season. Disappointed we missed the sled dogs but very much enjoyed our helicopter ride and visit atop the glacier! Another beautiful sunny day in Alaska!

Aug 2019 - Maria G.

It was an amazing experience, totally recomended!!

Aug 2019 - Lillian C.

One of the most amazing experiences ever!! Well worth it.

Jul 2019 - Riyaz S H.

Awesome helocopter ride and the dog sledding was super enjoyable. Well worth it.

Jul 2019 - Ming P.

This was hands down the highlight of our Alaskan cruise! Smooth pickup and drop off. It is a not to be missed excursion. Great for children. Acacia was our sled guide, wonderful and knowledgeable. She was both engaging and encouraging to our 7 yo son who rode solo standing up on the back of the sled. Loved the dogs and puppies. Highly recommended.

Jul 2019 - Marlar V.

Amazing experience. Everyone was professional. Booking online was an easy process. I was concerned about costs but my family had the best time. The views from the helicopter were awesome and the experience at the glacier absolutely amazing. The staff were great with my children. A memory of a lifetime.

Jul 2019 - Kris D.

What a beautiful experience this was! Truly once in a lifetime. The entire process was flawless. The helicopter ride was breathtaking and SO smooth. I usually hate riding in a helicopter, too. When we arrived, each and every staff member was so knowledgeable and friendly. The dogs were amazing. Loves spending time with them and the new little puppies! Truly 5 star and highly recommend!

Jul 2019 - Nivia A.

This was an amazing experience that our family will never forget.

Jul 2019 - Robert B.

This was probably the highlight of our 3-week Alaska trip for my entire family. The helicopter ride was the first one for my 9 year-old and 11 year-old and they loved it while we all enjoyed the beautiful views. Landing on the glacier was very cool and playing with the dogs was great. The dogsled ride was unique but nothing too exciting. While I'm very glad we did it, I probably wouldn't pay for another dogsled ride. The highlight of the whole tour for most of us was holding the adorable puppies!!

Jul 2019 - Joel G.

Amazing! Our excursions was almost cancelled due to weather but at the last minute we got to go. The dogs and handlers were so nice. The handlers gave great explanation of the dogs, their routines, and care. The helicopter tour was beautiful

Jul 2019 - Jeanette R.

What an amazing experience! I highly recommend this excursion. There were spectacular views from the helicopter on the ride to the glacier. The dogsled ride was fun and if you love dogs, you will enjoy spending time petting the friendly Alaskan Huskies. We also spent time carrying the puppies. The excursion was well organized and run professionally. Definitely worth it!

Jul 2019 - Patricia J.

We had a wonderful time on the helicopter and dog sledding tour. It was cold and rainy but we didn't mind. It was run very well with hardly any delay in getting to the fun part. Everyone we encountered was kind and professional. We really enjoyed our bus driver as he pointed out so many eagles for us along the way and gave a great tour on the way to and from the helicopter. I wish I remembered his name but he was great! The views were amazing and there was just enough time with the dogs and the sled. The highlight was getting to play with the puppies!!

Jul 2019 - Laura G.

Good experience. While I thought we dressed warmly - I was wrong - this experience would have been even better if we had dressed for more intense rain and cold - but overall, this was a breathtaking experience that I am glad we spent the money on. but wear hats, gloves and take them up on the available boot covers and raincoats over your layers so you can fully enjoy the experience! James was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable - glad he was our guide.

Jul 2019 - James D.

Good excursion. Very friendly staff. Enjoyed the experience, but the down time after the sled ride was a bit too long.

Jul 2019 - Liz M R.

Great customer service. Very professional. Great experience.

Jul 2019 - Elizabeth P.

Wonderful time with the roads and dog caretakers. Loved it! Thank you!

Jul 2019 - Judy H.

The experience was outstanding and the customer service excellent. However the dog sledding was far shorter than expected. The views were stunning and our helicopter pilot (ben) was terrific.

Jul 2019 - Kimberly P.

Even though the weather was very warm, we had an awesome experience. The dogs that were pulling us were so sweet when we would stop to change drivers. Loved snuggling with the puppies after we were done with the dog sledding. Wish we could stay there longer to love on them.

Jul 2019 - Fong C.

This tour was excellent. Enjoyed the time sledding and time with the dogs. But would have like more time sledding!!

Jul 2019 - Ashley R.

This was awesome. I would definitely recommend!

Jul 2019 - Matthew D.

We had a fantastic time - highly recommend.

Jul 2019 - Philip J.

The highlight of our Alaskan cruise.

Jul 2019 - Cheryl Y.

On my bucket list . The most amazing time out on the Glacier with the dogs. Thank you Kathrine for making this experience so much fun .

Jul 2019 - Karen M.

Fantastic excursion! Do this!!

Jul 2019 - Sheila G.

Entire excursion was AWESOME! First time on a helicopter and the pilots were outstanding! Our musher for the dog sled adventure was Acacia Hammel and she was knowledgeable, professional and friendly answering all our many questions. I would highly recommend this excursion - no need to book through the ship. Definitely A+!!!

Jul 2019 - Monica B.

This was an awesome experience right from the time you take off in the helicopter to when you return. Seeing the glaciers and other scenery from the helicopter was so exciting and riding on a sled behind the huskies was the best fun. This tour was the highlight of our Alaskan cruise and I would highly recommend it.

Jul 2019 - Linda B.

A fantastic once in a life time experience. The sledding was amazing. Just wish the helicopter ride was longer rather than just up to the glacier and then back.

Jul 2019 - Rebecca J.

Very cool to visit glacier by helicopter and see sled dogs

Jul 2019 - Mona S.

Wow! What a great experience! I highly recommend this tour to everyone, highlight of our trip. Our helicopter pilot, Casey, was great and able to explain everything we were looking at. James, was our guide on the glacier, and he did a great job as well. I would go back in a heartbeat and do it all over again!

Jul 2019 - Shanna W.

We loved it. Fun helicopter ride. Beautiful location. Dog sledding was super fun.

Jul 2019 - Kathryn A.

Amazing time! TY!

Jul 2019 - Andrew R.

Without doubt one of the highlights of our Alaskan adventure, even though I had to sell my Gran to afford it!

Jul 2019 - Edward H.

Great Tour! Everyone was very professional, knowledgable and accommodating. Total trip was well worth the money and would highly recommend it for future adventures.

Jul 2019 - Tracey J.

What an amazing experience. Was a bit unsure as to the cost. But OMG worth every penny. They are so well organised, you get so much value for the cost. A wonderful helicopter trip taking in breathtaking views, to then land on the glacier. The dog sledding was a bucket list wish and was such an awesome experience. The people who care for the dogs are lovely people and the dogs are so well looked after and it was a joy to be able to have this experience. I really recommend this excursion.

Jul 2019 - Jennie A.

Awesome helicopter pilot, awesome dog sled musher (James)...and we got to hold PUPPIES afterwards!!!! <3

Jul 2019 - Shelly P.

We went on the Juneau Dog Sledding & Glacier Helicopter Tour Excursion. We had a shuttle which picked us up and brought us to the heliport were Ben was our pilot. The scenery on the way there and the way back of the Hebert glacier etc. was very beautiful! Katherine Winrich was our guide and did an amazing job with her dog team while we went dog sledding in Juneau Alaska. We had an amazing time with the friendly dogs. It was an experience I highly recommend. It's one I think everyone should do when going to Alaska!

Jul 2019 - Julie T.

This tour was amazing! It was worth every cent that we spent and believe that it should be a must do for everyone. The professionalism shown by everyone was excellent. Josie and her dog team made our day. She answered all of our questions and undertook to give us a hands on experience. This was the highlight of our Alaskan holiday.

Jul 2019 - Jill W.

My favorite part of an AMAZING Alaskan cruise experience!!! So much fun! Staff were great! Dogs were so friendly too!! If you can afford it, I highly recommend it!

Jul 2019 - Bernadette M.

Absolutely brilliant. Everything went as advertised. People in place to pick you up. All safety measures met, great staff. Dogs & puppies are well cared for. Pilots & staff friendly & answered any questions. Had an amazing time!!!

Jun 2019 - Lisa R.

The Alaska Shore Excursions Team is very friendly and informative. My husband and I enjoyed this adventure and recommend it.

Jun 2019 - Johnny C.

There was a bit of a confusion for the pickup location, but once we got picked up it's smooth from there. The weather was beautiful and the experience was amazing, well worth the time and money spent going directly vs though the cruise, you save a half the amount.

Jun 2019 - Fran A.

Super experience, well organised, fab views from the helicopter, the dogs seemed to enjoy it as much as we did....but could they make it just a bit longer please!

Jun 2019 - Colin K.

From the helicopter ride to the dog sledding this was one of the most professional tours we experienced on our Alaskan tour. Well done

Jun 2019 - Darlene B.

Despite the fact that it was raining on the Glacier, we had a fabulous time. The guide was very nice and friendly and all of our family had a chance to stand at the back of the sled to experience what it's like to be in charge of the dogs.

Jun 2019 - Mike B.

amazing scenery and the dog sledding was fantastic. this trip was for my girl's birthday and she absolutely loved it ! A birthday she will never forget !

Jun 2019 - Dianne W.

Brilliant. Loved every minute of it

Jun 2019 - Thomas T.

Expensive but worth every cent. The helicopter ride to the glacier alone is almost worth it, but the dog sledding and seeing the puppies at the dog camp is a once in a lifetime experience. Highly recommend

Jun 2019 - Teri F.

This helicopter ride and dogsledding was an unbelievable and unforgettable experience. I highly recommend an excursion of this sort. And do know that they provide you with overboots and if necessary, rain gear.

Jun 2019 - Jill L.

Overall, this excursion was really good. They seemed to have things down and synchronized. The helicopter ride was cool and it was fun to see the new puppies and actually hold a little older puppy. Very nice!

Jun 2019 - Patty B.

Amazing experience!!! All of the staff at both the helicopter & at the dog sledding camp were very friendly.

Jun 2019 - Borer B.

A once in a life-time opportunity to fly over a glacier into a sled dog camp. The staff was great from beginning to end. They covered the necessary safety issues, the pilots were professional and helpful and the ground crew at the camp were friendly and knowledgable. The "musher" for our sled was awesome! Could not have asked for a better experience.

Jun 2019 - Donna R.

This was indeed our tour highlight.Such an amazing experience with awesome guides.Our musher Acacia was such a fantastic and caring young lady who is such a joy to spend this experience with.A+++++ TO ALL INVOLVED

Jun 2019 - Christine G.

This was the highlight of our Alaskan cruise. The tour was well organised and all people involved extremely helpful and friendly.

Jun 2019 - Lucy E.

This was an absolutely incredible experience! We took my grandmother for her 80th birthday and all staff were made aware so they could wish her a happy birthday and they even had the group sing to her while we were gathered for the safety demonstration. The flight over the glacier was stunning and we had so much fun sledding and interacting with the dogs. Multiple stops were made so everyone got a chance to drive the sled and meet and pat all of the dogs (we even got to see puppies!) It

Jun 2019 - Marjorie L.

An experience I will never forget.

Jun 2019 - Michael M.

Thoroughly enjoyed the excursion. Well organised. Musher Jess was interesting to hear her stories of her life with the dogs. Great to spend time with the dogs and pups. Readers should know that these excursions are available via third parties like Alaska Shore Excursions and not just from the Cruise companies.

Jun 2019 - JOHN M.

A friendly and welcoming excursion. Family-friendly, with great guides. The chance to feel what a musher feels behind a dozen dogs. Enjoyed it tremendously!

Jun 2019 - Elizabeth L.

This was by the far the best experience I had during my Alaskan vacation. The views from the helicopter were breathtaking. The staff at the dog sledding camp were all personable, helpful, and fun. We had Manny as our guide and he was a wealth of knowledge, not only with dog sledding facts, but also with the specific dogs we were running and their backgrounds. If you only choose to do one excursion while in Juneau, this should be it!

Jun 2019 - Kenneth M.

Outstanding excursion! Helicopter ride was smooth and the dog shedding was great. Very knowledgeable staff. Definitely a must do excursion.

Jun 2019 - Patricia L.

Enjoyed it tremendously. Everyone was helpful and enthusiastic. Would highly recommend this excursion.

Jun 2019 - Colin P.

It was the trip of a lifetime. I feel so blessed to be able to participate in such an exhilarating excursion. Manny did a great job as our musher and the rest of the staff was warm and professional.

Jun 2019 - Timothy N.

Helicopter ride was nice. Great view of the glaciers. Enjoyed petting the dogs that pulled the sled and the one puppy. Sled ride was very slow and just a circle around the camp. We had a group of 4 on the sled, which made it harder for the dogs to pull very fast.

Jun 2019 - Thomas E.

Awesome excursion! Very well run, efficient, fairly small crowds and an incredible time! So much fun. Without a doubt, the best excursion my wife and I have ever taken.

May 2019 - Nicholas H.

We absolutely loved this excursion! We were in Juneau during our Alaskan cruise and chose this excursion mid-day. We were picked up promptly at the meeting point, taken to the air field, and shown a safety video. After being fitted with snow shoe covers (and coats if needed) we hopped on a wonderful helicopter tour. They took us over to the Herbert Glacier where Dog Camp was! Dog Camp is simply the best. So many happy and eager dogs, ready to take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Our dog sled guide, Acacia, was energetic, friendly, and taught us so much. I would go every day if I could. Please do this excursion and send my love to Dog Camp!

May 2019 - Annie I H.

it was one of the highlights of my trip to Alaska the staff were very helpful something I will always remember thanks

May 2019 - Ilyssa R.

Great tour. Highly recommend

May 2019 - Beth C.

This was an awesome experience. Everyone was so professional and helpful. The team took great care of us. I highly recommend it.

May 2019 - SHARON K.

Thoroughly recommend this tour. Scenery was exceptional and visiting the dog sledding camp was a memorable experience. All staff were friendly and informative. If your going to Juneau , do yourself a favour and book this tour!!

May 2019 - George D.

Just wish the tour company took video of you while doing the dogsled ride. The people doing the pick up and prep for the helicoptor were outstanding. The workers at the dogsled camp were fun, outgoing and the ride to and from the glacier were breath taking. The pilots were fantastic.

May 2019 - VALENTINA D.

Amazing experience! It sure was expensive but worth every penny. I wish we had more time with the dogs . Everybody was very friendly.

May 2019 - David W.

Fantastic visit and tour. Guides were knowledgeable and skilled. Would definitely recommend to others.

Sep 2018 - Denise H.

Unfortunately after booking the dog sled tour we were advised the dog camp had closed early due to glacier conditions...totally understand!, However, we took our first helicopter ride to land on the glacier....Amazing!....our pilot and tour guide was professional, passionate and highly informative....(Brian I think!) It's a must do to get the perspective and magnitude of this natural wonder!, Denise and Nic

Aug 2018 - Julia A.

Amazing experience. By far our favorite excursion of the trip! Highly recommended.

Aug 2018 - Thirumangalam S.

Extraordinary experience beyond the vocabulary expressions!!, The Dog-sledging on the Glacier only has to be personally experienced in life and rejoiced !!

Aug 2018 - Brett F.

The highlight of our whole Alaskan trip! The helicopter ride and views was amazing and dog sledding and playing with the dogs was wonderful. Our kids (11,13) thoroughly enjoyed it and lost their minds when they got to cuddle puppies after the dog sled ride. All staff were personable and professional.

Aug 2018 - Mark D.

My favorite of our entire trip! Meagan F was our musher and was excellent! I was very impressed with the entire staff on the Glacier! We are in our sixties and they spoke to us and were engaging and informative! So down to earth and their love for the dogs and their jobs was quite evident! We were so impressed and would do it again, absolutely!! Thank you for such a great experience!!!

Jul 2018 - ANA D.

Awesome! Our grandson had a blast! Highly recommended

Jul 2018 - Stephen L.

The helicopter trip to the glacier was fantastic! Great views of the mountains and ice. Our family loved the dogsled experience and playing with the dogs and holding the puppies. Truly a trip that we will always remember.

Jul 2018 - Vicki W.

It was an amazing experience

Jul 2018 - Wendy H.

Great day. Enthusiastic pilot and team at the dog camp. Wonderful scenery. Fantastic

Jul 2018 - ESPERANZA M.


Jul 2018 - Aadil L.

Breathtaking experence says it all!

Jul 2018 - Alexander B.

Amazing adventure ... even though the dog sledding portion was cancelled due to weather (sad, but unavoidable & handled well by staff) ... our pilot was engaging and full of information he shared, and gladly took photos for us and of us (appreciated!) ... the staff before/after were exceptionally helpful, organized, efficient and just fun to be around including our van driver!

Jul 2018 - Norman B.

An amazing experience. A first for me.

Jul 2018 - Noreen E.

Must do in Alaska!!!

Jul 2018 - Leslie Kim S.

This is the most amazing thing we have done as a family. Great wether make our experience spectacular. The team really knows what they are doing. We felt totally safe.

Jul 2018 - Lisa M.

Beautiful scenery including Mendenhall Glacier on the way to dogsledding. The dogs were lot of fun and the puppies were adorable! Highly recommended!

Jul 2018 - Harold E.

We had a great time. Once in a lifetime adventure. We were fortunate that the weather was sunny and in the mid 50's. Everything from the introduction to the helicopter ride to the instructions at the glacier to the musher was professional and complete. The dogs were great and we enjoyed holding the puppies. It was well worth the money.

Jul 2018 - DHANESH A.

Breathtakingly Fantastic

Jun 2018 - Linda V.

A five star experience.

Jun 2018 - Wendis S.

An awesome experience, was the highlight of our trip!

Jun 2018 - Karen M.

Fantastic trip, expensive but totally worth it! Helicopter was so smooth and dogsledding was awesome!

Jun 2018 - Kristina A.

Amazing views and experience! The ride up the mountain was smooth and breathtaking. Everyone got a turn "driving" the sled during our ride. The weather was perfect and the snow looked as if it was sprinkled with glitter. I can't recommend this enough!

Jun 2018 - Harry B.

The helicopter told you a good bit about what you were looking at . The dog sled team talked about the dogs. Very informative.

Jun 2018 - A J M.

Fantastic. Smooth helicopter ride to the glacier with spectacular views. Friendly musher teams on the glacier with lots of time to pet the huskies, a good sled ride and opportunity for each of us to ride the skids on the back of the sled. Best experience of our holiday and well organised by Alaska Shore Excursions.

Jun 2018 - Suzanne P.

Superb excursion! Well worth the money. Everybody we meet was professional and knowledgeable. The time spent with the dogs was outstanding. If ever in Alaska again would definitely do it again.

Jun 2018 - William P.

the experience is well worth the money. Very courteous groups from helicopter team to dog sledding teams. Answered all our questions and were really informed. kudos to the mushers on the glacier. you guys really ruff it for the public to have a good time. Thank you. Wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

Jun 2018 - Delanie J.

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The helicopter ride was amazing, I felt safe and I felt comfortable. The glacier landing and dog sled camp was great as well. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and the dogs seemed well taken care of and were in great spirits. It's a little spendy to do this excursion, but if you can make it work, I would highly recommend.

Jun 2018 - Cheryl N.

We have traveled a lot but this was One of the most amazing things we have ever done. Must do !!!!!!!

May 2018 - Scott A.

excellent,a must see!

May 2018 - Carlos H.

Great experience, my favorite of our trip. We were a little hesitant to book a tour that wasn't booked directly with our cruise, but they delivered exactly as advertised. Very professional staff. Would definitely do it again and highly recommend.

May 2018 - Jose L.

Awesome experience. From the start, helicopter ride, dog sledding, no words can express this experience hope to do it againg in the future.

May 2018 - Jessica W.

AMAZING! The views were stunning, the flight was smooth and it was so fun to hang out with the dogs. We only wish the whole excursion had lasted longer. We only did one looparound the track in the dogsled between the three of us so we would have loved to go sledding longer - maybe a loop each person....espesially for the cost. The trainers/mushers did spend a lot of time showing us the dogs and answering questions so that was neat. In hind sight, we wished we would have booked a back to back spot with the dogsledding. None of us wanted to leave.

Sep 2017 - LeeAnne S.

This was the best part of my Alaska trip! The fog tried to prevent us from getting to the top of the mountain, but the operator did not give up! We had an awesome time with the mushers and dogs and the views on top of the mountain as well as the flight up were incredibly beautiful!

Sep 2017 - Greg H.

0 per person. Yes expensive but it was worth the once in a lifetime experience. The helicopter people were top notch. They really knew what they were doing and the ride and the views were amazing. We did the dog sledding for about 45 minutes of actual sledding and about 30 minutes of standing around. We paid for a picture of us on a sled. we were fortunate the weather was good the day we went. We heard of numerous cancelations because of fog where pilots could not see well enough to land. This makes this excursion extremely vulnerable to cancelation to the guest. It is not like the guest can come back the next day. need to think about ways to help make the event happen even in bad weather.

Sep 2017 - Kelly B.

Great Tour!! The views were Beautiful!! The dogs were adorable!!

Sep 2017 - Alberto C.

This tour was the best I ever participated in! Truly professional staff, fantastic views, and recommend to everyone who even considers it. As we were getting off the previous helicopter, previous passengers were giving it a thumbs up , I completely concur, DO THIS!

Aug 2017 - Mary H.

Excellent trip. The helicopter was fantastic and the pilot was very good. What can I say about the wonderful lovely dogs that pulled us and of course the very cuddly puppies.

Aug 2017 - Christine R.

This tour was the highlight of our Alaskian vacation, it was amazing! We were very lucky and had great weather making the views from the helicopter incredible! Dog sledding was so much fun too!

Aug 2017 - Gabriel N.

The helicopter ride was incredible! The dog sledding was great! I'm giving it 4 stars because for the price I expected to be sledding longer. They do a small loop and drag out the time by taking several breaks.

Aug 2017 - Miriam V.

Amazing views! Great team and our time at the glacier was incredible. Illustrative, well behaved dogs and we even got to ride the sled. Keep on with the good job.

Aug 2017 - Amanda P.

My husband and I took our first cruise ever with Princess into Alaska in order to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary as well as his 40th Birthday... This was the most expensive excursion we chose and it was worth every penny! I was TERRIFIED to get on a helicopter and after 5 minutes in the air, the views were so breathtaking that I didn't even care! Your seating is distributed based on weight and of course I ended up right next to the pilot in the front seat, but he did a great job of helping me through my fear. We just "thought" the calving in Glacier Bay would be the highlight of our trip, but it turned out to be THIS experience instead! The Musher and Dog Sledding experience was absolutely incredible! Our musher was so knowledgeable and so friendly! This excursion literally ended up being the BEST experience of our entire lives! Our only regret - not taking our children along for this particular trip, so it looks like we'll be going back. :) If you're on the fence, please go forward with it!! You'll thank me later. ;) ~ Amanda and Cody from Dallas, Texas

Jul 2017 - Lawrence S.

Loved the helicopter ride. Dog sledding was cool too, but dogs and especially the track were smelly. Switch the track around occasionally, eh?

Jul 2017 - Syndea M.

We had a great excursion! The ONLY drawback was that the helicopter had 7 passengers including the pilot, so the 2 people in the back middle (me included) really didn't see much on the way to the glacier. But it was fun, safe, and interesting.

Jul 2017 - Brandi M.

We thoroughly enjoyed the informative pilot during our helicopter ride. Safety was of the up most important. The Musher was also quite friendly and informative about the dogs and a mushers life. We had plenty of time to met and take pictures with the dogs. Met a few puppies. Our mushers photograghy skills were on point. On the ride back to the airport. My boyfriend proposed in the helicopter and everyone was so excited pulling out there own phones to record the happy moment. Thanks for a great experience!

Jul 2017 - Drew P.

A great experience with passionate young people who love and care for these beautiful dogs. It was on our bucket list and we were not disappointed.

Jul 2017 - Carol F.

Trip was nice. Musher had a good personality. Dogs on his team were well behaved, Helicoper ride was interesting. Whole package was just way to brief for the expense incurred.

Jul 2017 - Tania T.

We loved everything about this excursion. Staff was friendly and informative. The helicopter ride to the dog sledding was amazing!

Jul 2017 - Narelle Q.

The helicopter ride to the glacier was a great way to see some of Juneau. The musher was very friendly and informative about the dogs etc. Being on the glacier was beautiful. We were disappointed with the dogsled ride though, we were expecting to go on a trail not just a ride in a circle around the camp site.

Jul 2017 - Victoria H.

This was a fantastic excursion. The helicopter ride is very scenic and fun. And then seeing the dogs and their handlers, the way they live, and getting to have a trip around the glacier on the sled was amazing.

Jul 2017 - Valentina M.

It was fabulous and unforgettable !!! Only can dream about it again. THANKS a lot.

Jul 2017 - Richard J.

It was the highlight of our cruise!

Jul 2017 - Suzanne L.

My husband and I absolutely loved this excursion! Definitely our favorite from our trip to Alaska! He is a bit afraid of heights and I was a little nervous too the morning of, but once we were up in the helicopter the ride was smooth and the views were absolutely breathtaking!! All staff was very friendly and helpful, from the moment we were picked up on the dock to the moment we were up on the glacier. The dogs were so sweet and I couldn't stop smiling the entire time. I highly recommend this excursion! Thank you for an incredible experience that we will never forget!

Jun 2017 - Lisa G.

great pilot, great views. this was our favorite excursion!

Jun 2017 - Larry R.

Unfortunately, weather kept us from being able to take the excursion as planned as the helicopters weren't able to reach the dog sledding. We were promptly given options to pursue and were still able to have and unbelievable time with the option we chose (Glacier visit). Alaska Shore Excursions has also been very prompt in providing the refund for the cost difference. I would certainly recommend using their services and will plan to again myself.

Jun 2017 - Juan V.

mis hijos, mi esposo y yo, tuvimos la oportunidad de hacer este tour, que fue la m

Jun 2017 - Mildred B.

Awesome experience

Jun 2017 - Gail B.

This was a fabulous excursion that was one to remember forever. It was so exciting to be on a glacier and to be driven on a Dogsled pulled by beautiful friendly dogs. It was simply amazing and I would recommend everyone to do it.

Jun 2017 - Rayna T.

All I can say is WOW. This excursion was the highlight of our cruise for my boyfriend and myself. We were really lucky and had great weather (we went the last week in May). The helicopter ride was so fun, the views were stunning. Getting to sled with the dogs was so much fun and our guide was awesome. This excursion was worth every penny!

Jun 2017 - Michael D.

We were blown away by this experience The pilot was able to give an insight into the scenery we flew over and dipped low over appropriate landmarks. The mushers were friendly and down to earth answering any questions freely. Highly recommend to friends

Jun 2017 - Breige S.

This was one of the most impressive experiences of my life. This tour should be on everyone's bucket list. Definitely a must do tour. I would give it 10 stars if possible. Unforgettable.

Jun 2017 - Martha A.

This was the number one tour for us. We loved it and would do it all over again, I can't recall our guides name but he was awesome and so were the dogs.

May 2017 - Alicia S.

A once in a lifetime experience!! A helicopter ride to the base of glacier where a dogsled camp is set up. Getting to learn about the history of dogsledding from our guide Jimmy was incredible as well as his personal experience with it. It was so fun to actually experience a dogsled both as a rider and a musher. The dogs are so well behaved and sweet. And the scenery is unlike anything we've ever seen - breathtaking... Worth every single penny!

May 2017 - Carole J J.

The heli ride was terrific and safe and blew me away as to how close we got to the mountains. The dogs were the best - they each had their own personalities and leaned in to me so much that I didn't want to leave them. And I messed up on the reservation time and these folks made it work for us. The tour is expensive but well worth it.

May 2017 - Roger B.

Very efficient and well run excursion.

May 2017 - Lusia S.

We had amazing day and the staffs were very friendly and knowledgeable

May 2017 - Sarah J.

The whole tour from pick up to drop of was excellent. Everyone was very professional and helpful and the tour was a highlight for our holiday. Cannot recommend highly enough. Awesome.

Sep 2016 - Barbara B.

The helicopter and dogsled was an amazing experience, though expensive, we would recommend it to everyone. The dogs were so friendly and it was exciting to actually ride a sled.The driver was very friendly and informative. Plus, the helicopter ride into the glacier was exciting.

Sep 2016 - Puwadol B.

Very Fantastic

Sep 2016 - Nishaan P.

Fantastic!!! The whole tour from the pickup point till we were dropped back was great. It was handled very prefessionaly and safely. The tour was the highlight of the trip, great chopper ride with jaw dropping views and a unforgettable experience with the dogs on the sled.

Sep 2016 - Carole F.

An absolute highlight of my trip to Alaska! Highly recommended!

Sep 2016 - Sonia C.

It was an amazing experience, The views from the helicapoter were unbeleiveable, The ground crew and the dogs were wonderful, sledding was fun.. This is a must for the Bucket List..

Aug 2016 - Lisa F.

Reserved this excursion independent of cruise line tour excursions. So glad we did! Well worth it! Recommended with 5+ stars! Prompt shuttle service to and from cruise dock. Very knowledgeable and friendly dog sled handler and helicopter pilot. Not only was this an extremely fun-filled excursion, but also geologically educational at the same time! Amazing time!!! High recommendations to all dog lovers and anybody who wants a thrill of a lifetime!

Jul 2016 - Meghan G.

What an awesome experience. We were 2 of 4 guests that were on this excursion. The amount of time on Herbert glacier was perfect! It was nice that it was more personable of an experience. And the them! Everyone at the camp answered questions and was so friendly! I would highly recommend this excursion as well as the company! Thank you for some amazing memories!!!

Jul 2016 - Frank V.

A great tour. The helicopter pilots were very engaging and informative, and Darrin, the dogsled driver was extremely friendly and accommodating. The dogs were so nice and friendly too. An experience not to be missed.

Jun 2016 - Carolyn J. S.

This excursion was over the top. From the helicopter ride to the dog sled ride, everything was just about perfect.

Jun 2016 - Sanra J. B.

Absolutely Wonderful. From the driver who picked us up at the docks, to the staff who got us ready all the way to the pilot and the mushers at the camp. My daughter and I had a incredible time. Her favorite part of our trip. Thank you.

Jun 2016 - Andrea W.

Pick up in front of Tram very convenient, short walk from where our ship docked. Quick check in at trailer where the assistants got us booted up quickly. Short safety video, and away we go! Our pilot was awesome!! Great ride. Views were amazing! Dogsled ride and guides also awesome!! Always loving the doggies!! An excursion you will never forget and never regret!!

Jun 2016 - Joanne I.

Absolutely awesome!!

Jun 2016 - Teresa M.

This was an amazing excursion! Very well organized and run. Our guide was there to meet us at the pier and took us to the airfield where we got on the helicopter. The ride to the glacier was so beautiful and our pilot told us about what we were seeing. The dog sledding on the glacier was also awesome. Our "musher" told us about their life up there on the glacier, it was so interesting. And interacting with the dogs was special. The whole experience gives you a new found appreciation for the wonders of Mother Nature. Highly recommend!

May 2016 - Bruce K.

This is an excellent excursion and would recommend it to anyone. Very good value for money.

May 2016 - Jenni P.

We just did this excursion early July and loved, loved, loved it!!! It is a little pricey but you will only do it once in a lifetime! Thanks to our awesome guide dogsledding! He was nice and informative. We wish him luck in his upcoming races!

May 2016 - Mark R.

Best excursion of a lifetime when combined with dogsled tour! Very friendly and professional staff from start to finish. Everyone fortunate enough must experience this- definitely a bucket list adventure not to be missed!

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