Glaciers in Alaska: Juneau Icefield, Mendenhall Glacier, & More

Published: Jan 01, 2021
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Experiencing the majesty and splendor of an Alaskan glacier is a must-do activity in Juneau and surrounding ports. Rugged crevasses, azure blue ice, and the sheer expanse are humbling and awe-inspiring, giving you glimpses of what the Ice Age was like.


Helicopter Glacier Tour

Juneau Icefield (Photo by Robert Raines / CC BY)

Destinations to Know Before You Go

Before you plan your glacier tour, get familiar with these common destinations.


The Juneau Icefield

The Juneau Icefield extends more than 1,500 square miles and is home to nearly 40 large glaciers, including the famous Mendenhall Glacier and the Taku Glacier.


Juneau Icefield (Photo by USDA Photo Service Alaska / CC BY)

Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier tours are very popular. The visitor’s center offers stroller and wheelchair-accessible trails that lead to photo-friendly viewpoints. Whether you have 45 minutes or a few hours to spare, you can count on beautiful views. When you visit Mendenhall, you’ll view the glacier from across a lake. Getting there involves an easy shuttle ride.

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Mendenhall Glacier

Glacier View from Photo Point Trail (Photo by Camera Eye Photography / CC BY))


Taku Glacier Lodge

Most visitors to Taku Glacier head to the Taku Glacier Lodge, which sits directly across from the glacier, and do a food tour. Visits usually include an all-you-can-eat Salmon dinner with local Alaskan Salmon, followed by time to look for wildlife as you explore the surrounding forest trails. Getting to the Taku Glacier Lodge has a splash of adventure -- you’ll travel via floatplane.

Recommended Juneau Tour: Juneau Taku Lodge and Flightseeing by Floatplane


Taku Glacier

Taku Glacier Lodge (Photo by Shelby Bell / CC BY)


Skagway White Pass & Yukon Railway

Take a gentle ride along Skagway’s White Pass Railroad, catching glacier views as you learn about Klondike Gold Rush history. You’ll also see beautiful mountain views, waterfalls, trestle bridges, and gorges as you ride the train tour to White Pass Summit.

Recommended Skagway Tour: Skagway White Pass Railroad Summit Excursion


Stunning views from the White Pass Railroad. (Photo by naturesdawn / CC BY)

Glacier Adventures

More adventurous travelers can take their Alaska glacier tours to the next level with dog sledding, helicopter, and even canoe tours.


helicopter tourHelicopter Glacier Tour

Ride above the million year-old glacial icefields on a helicopter tour for breathtaking views of mountain peaks, rainforests, glaciers, icefalls, ice spires, and vibrant blue icy crevasses. You’ll have the chance to land on top of a glacier and walk along its surface.

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Recommended Skagway Tour: Skagway Glacier Discovery via Helicopter

dog sledding on glacierHelicopter and Dog Sledding Glacier Tour

Get all the amazing views of a helicopter glacier tour, and add in the thrill of a dog sled ride. You can travel to a remote musher’s camp and let 10 Alaskan Huskies pull you along one of Juneau’s glaciers. You’ll create unforgettable memories as you experience a glacier from high in the sky and gliding along its surface.

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Recommended Skagway Tour: Skagway Dog Sledding and Glacier Flightseeing Tour Via Helicopter

mendenhall glacierRide and Paddle Glacier Expedition

For a spellbinding expedition, check out Davidson Glacier in Skagway. You’ll start with a comfortable boat ride, catching breathtaking views of mountains, wildlife, and glaciers, heading toward Glacier Point beach. Once there, you’ll take a short, adventurous drive across the forested glacial morianes to the base camp, where you’ll board a 31-foot voyager canoe for more views and exploring. It all wraps up with a picnic on the beach before you head home.
Recommended Skagway Tour: Skagway Glacier Point Excursion to Haines   


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