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Icy Strait Premier Whale Watching Adventure

Your Icy Strait Point whale-watching tour (with guaranteed whale sightings!) begins when a transport picks you up just outside the gates of Icy Strait Point, where it will drive to Hoonah Harbor dock to meet the charter boat. Along the way, you may spot some of our local wildlife including Alaskan Brown Bears, bald eagles, blacktail deer, and more.

Once aboard and traveling along the shorelines, sightings of bears, deer, coastal ducks and geese, blue herons, puffins, swans, terns, cormorants, and more are common. In the water, you may get a chance to spot, orcas, sea otters, sea lions, porpoises, and seals in addition to the feeding humpbacks.

Humpback whales come to Hoonah in huge numbers to feed on the nutrient-rich waters of Glacier Bay and Icy Strait every summer beginning in May before migrating south again in September for the winter. Humpback whales are large baleen whales that can reach over 50 feet in length and weigh as much as 30-50 tons. Humpbacks are amazingly active and typical whale sightings will include diving, blows, and flukes (tails). Lucky whale watchers may get to see breaching and bubble-net feeding, a cooperative feeding method where a pod forms a circle and dives under the water; they then blow air to create a wall of bubbles that force krill and plankton to the surface where the whales can eat them. Observing humpbacks practice bubble-net feeding is a real treat and a truly thrilling experience.

The charter boat is built for speed and comfort and is perfectly suited for travel along Alaska's waterways. Guests will stay warm and dry with viewing decks and heated cabins as they experience the wonder and beauty of our whale-watching trip. We will return to the docks and transport you back to Icy Strait Point with plenty of time to board your ship or explore downtown Hoonah.

Whale sightings are guaranteed. If you do not see a whale on your tour, you will be fully refunded.

Duration: 3 hours (Roundtrip from the Excursions Hub.)


  • Roundtrip transportation from Icy Strait Point Excursion Hub. 
  • Restrooms onboard

Duration:  3 hours. Tour time below are approximate:

  •  30 minutes - roundtrip transportation to Hoonah City Commercial Dock
  •  2.5 hours - whale watching

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets at the Excursion Hub. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is not limited mobility accessible.  Guests must be able to negotiate a sometimes extremely steep ramp to the boat due to extreme tides.  There is no storage available for motorized scooters, collapsible walkers, wheelchairs, or baby strollers. 

Will I get seasick?

We get this question a lot. The waters we operate in are usually pretty calm. If you are prone to seasickness, we recommend Dramamine or a wristband. Over the years, less than 1% of our guests have gotten seasick. 

How many passengers does the boat hold?

The charter boats used have a capacity of 18, 30, or 42 passengers.

What is the seating arrangement in the boat?

Every boat has open seating as well as outside viewing areas when permitted.

Is there an inside seating area on the boat, is it heated?

The interior of the boat is heated when needed due to weather conditions to keep a comfortable environment.

Are there restrooms on the boat?

Yes, the boats are equipped with restrooms.

How close will we get to the whales?

Humpback whales and other sea animals are protected species and a safe distance of at least 100 yards must be maintained at all times according to NOAA regulations.

Are whale sightings guaranteed?

Sightings are guaranteed or you'll receive a full refund for your tour.

What is the temperature on the water? 

Air temperature can drop as much as 20°F with the wind chill factor when viewing whales outside.

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Can I bring a backpack?

Backpacks, small bags, and purses are allowed on this tour.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Non-alcoholic beverages in closeable containters and snacks are allowed on tour.

Are food and drink included?

Bottled water and a light snack are included.

Not seeing answers to your questions?

Check out other frequently asked questions here!

Customer Reviews
Jun 2023 - Catherine Q.

Loved the excursion. Got great pictures and videos. Very informative, safe boat ride, and helpful staff. The sound in the back of the boat was not great. All in all, enjoyed the experience.

May 2023 - Thomas K.

Go on this tour! This was the best experience of our entire cruise!! You get to experience Hoonah (the small town behind Icy Point Strait that most cruisers don't see) and Paul, a native was a fantastic tour guide. We saw numerous whales and a bear, but I honestly enjoyed the stories of the area just as much!

May 2023 - Anne K.

We had a great experience! Our tour started upon pick up with the driver telling us about the town & its history. We saw bears, whales, sea otters & sea lions! Very exciting!

May 2023 - Brandie D.

Tour operator was very knowledgeable. Saw several whales. Would recommend this company again.

May 2023 - Christine K.

Amazing!!! Captian Denise was amazing. Loved the watercraft we were on it was clean/ open and bright! Loved the opportunity to get out on bow or stern to get close to water and sea life. Enjoyed communication between boats to share with the guests to make the best of their excursion! The scenery was spectacular- the water calm and blue- the stories shared with us about the local heritage and community. Very interesting. Definitely will recommend this company and tour! Thank you!

May 2023 - Kelli H.

Captain Denise was great on our whale watching tour! We saw quite a few whales although they didn't breach but it was so lovely just being out on the water. Capt kept us entertained with info about the area and even some heritage stories. Everything was smooth with the shuttle pick up to get to the boat and the boat was a great size with windows that can open. We were also able to stand up on the bow or on the back deck for viewing. Fun day and if we came back we would definitely do this tour again!

May 2023 - James S.

It was great. Probably the best excursion we did.

Sep 2022 - Suzanne L.

Captain Paul was so informative about everything regarding living in Hoonah, which was a bonus in addition to seeing so many whales and other marine life. I highly recommend this tour for the whole experience.

Sep 2022 - Robert Y.

Great excursion! We understood it was later in the season. But the weather cooperated and we saw plenty of whales. The captain and crew did their very best to put us on whales, and educated us about the local marine eco-system. Highly recommended.

Sep 2022 - Kimberly Jo G.

This was one of the best excursions we've ever done. It was a quick ride from the excursion hub to the marina to board the boat (seating for 18 but only 10 passengers on our trip, much smaller than the other tour boats we saw out there). Tour guide/ Captain Denise is a wealth of knowledge about local history and wildlife, and deck hand Kristy was a great lookout for us. We saw dozens of whales, including humpbacks and orcas, plus sea otters (so cute!) and sea lions. Highly recommend this tour!

Sep 2022 - Shanna B.

We loved every minute of this excursion. The transportation was easy. The tour was amazing. The staff and guide made sure to include my 10 & 6-year-olds. we saw 2 orca pods, humpbacks, sea otters, seals, eagles, and sea lions. We also learned about the people indigenous to Hoonah. Highly recommend this tour, especially for multi-generation travel parties.

Sep 2022 - Laurel E.

This was by far the best and most informative Whale Watching tour I have taken. Our Captain was knowledgeable about local information, about the whales and marine life, and was entertaining. We saw lots and lots of whales, a few sea otters and even sea lions. Much better experience than going with the hoards from the cruise line.

Sep 2022 - Margaret M.

We had a great day out on the water! Witnessed Humpbacks bubble net feeding. Having a marine biologist on board truly added to the experience of what to watch and listen for! Got to visit with some sea lions also! Great experience!

Sep 2022 - Jillian F.

Denise was an amazing guide for this whale watching tour! She gave us an excellent history of Hoonah and was super informative about the local ecosystem. Even faced with terrible fog, she managed to find us some whales and give us an experience we'll never forget.

Aug 2022 - John P.

Had a great time despite the rain. Managed to see a good amount of whales and sea lions during our voyage. A very nice addition to the day was the story's told by our guide and captain. Her first hand accounts of life in Hoonah as well as sharing with us the oral history of the indigenous people of the town was a wonderful bonus for us.

Aug 2022 - Tiffani S C.

We had a great time on our whale watching excursion! Within minutes of leaving the no wake zone, we saw a sleeping whale. Then we traveled further away and saw several whales. We also saw sea otters, sea lions, bald eagles and even 2 bears on the shore. The crew took good care of us and answered all our questions. We loved it and would go again! Highly recommend.

Aug 2022 - Michael M.

We had a wonderful experience and were fortunate to have seen an adult whale breach the surface in spectacular fashion. The entire crew was a pleasure to be with. Olive is incredibly knowledgeable and made the trip interesting and educational. It is apparent that the entire crew loves whales.

Aug 2022 - Kristin R.

This was our favorite excursion of our trip! We saw a brown bear, a porpoise, otters, sea lions, humpback whales, & orcas!

Aug 2022 - Rebecca A.

This was an AMAZING excursion! The boat captain was SO friendly, talkative and informative! I feel like I learned so much and we saw 5 different whales near a kelp bed along with stellar seals and sea otters. It was a great trip in spite of the rain and gray weather. Highly recommended!

Aug 2022 - Henry K.

This excursion was wonderful and fully exceeded my expectations. Our boat captain was very knowledgeable and was able to locate a number of whales. I would highly recommend this excursion!

Jul 2022 - Cynthia F.

Best excursion of our trip. The glaciers were beautiful and breathtaking. Did see whales but wish we could have seen whales jumping out the water. Maybe next time!

Jul 2022 - Timothy P.

What an amazing Alaska experience! Our captain, Denise, led us to Orca and humpback whales, sea otters, and sea lions. It was the perfect excursion!

Jul 2022 - Veronica G.

What a fantastic excursion! The boat was super comfortable and clean, the captain so knowledgeable and personable. We saw orcas breach, whales only feet from our boat and lots of other sea life. I'll do it again!

Jul 2022 - Katherine L.

This excursion was amazing! I loved the smaller group than we would have gotten with the cruise line. Our captain was local and had wonderful stories and real-life experiences to share. She found some orcas and found a large group of humpback whales that were bubble feeding. We were able to go on the bow of the ship and get a once-in-a-lifetime experience with pictures and videos and memories!

Jul 2022 - Linda H.

This was fantastic. Denise, our pilot was awesome, sharing her knowledge and stories from her heritage made the trip. We saw Orcas, humpback whales, otters, sea lions. Highly recommend!

Jul 2022 - Ronnie R.

We had a wonderful time on this tour! We were able to see a few whales and meet a wonderful tour guide who shared a lot of her culture. It was beautiful and breathtaking and a definite "must do again" tour.

Jul 2022 - Nicole W.

Awesome excursion! Saw lots of humpbacks, captain always made sure to keep a safe distance but close enough to enjoy the encounter. Definitely recommend!

Jul 2022 - DeAnna D.

Outstanding! Our captain was personable and knowledgeable. The size of the group was perfect and the views were fantastic. While other bigger boats were chasing spouting water, our captian took us to an area and shut off the engine. As we floated there, a pod of 4-5 whales came right up to our boat. It was awesome! I would absolutely recommend Alaska Shore Excursions, and especially this excursion.

Jul 2022 - Kelly H.

This was the most incredible experience! Our guide, Denise was the absolute best! Full of knowledge of the area and the whales. Would highly recommend!

Jul 2022 - Larry P.

The walk from the cruise ship to the shuttle was well marked. The shuttle was prompt and dropped us off near the boat launch. There were 30 tourists on our trip with plenty of room to take pictures of the whales from either the front or rear of the boat. Our guide was very informative and informed by other boats of whale feeding areas. We were fortunate to witness 11 humpback whales bubble feeding on our day. It was more exciting than we expected. Best tour during our trip.

Jul 2022 - Clenton C.

What a great adventure. Seeing whales breach, lay on their back with both fins slapping the water, and at the end even seeing Orcas was spectacular. The boat captain and crew were so informative and helpful. The captain narrated throughout and shared information about hunting in the area and the dangers of the bears. We saw sea otters and seals as well. We highly recommend this excursion.

Jul 2022 - Tracye L.

Paul was an amazing guide. He was respectful to the waters and treated the sea life with respect. We were able to see several whales, sea lions, and otters.

Jul 2022 - Dean C.

It was FANTASTIC!!! We saw Orcas and Humpback whales, Sea Otters and Sea Lions. All up close and very active! We loved it....and the weather was perfect!

Jul 2022 - Jennifer W.

Such a wonderful experience! The process was easy and clear to understand and we had a pleasant bus ride to the dock where we jumped on board the boat. Our captain was awesome, so funny and informative along with the other staff on board. We were so fortunate to have seen orcas, humpbacks, sea lions and sea otters! It was a once in a lifetime experience that I m so grateful for!

Jul 2022 - Angela M.

This was the highlight of our honeymoon cruise. I know you can't bank on mother nature to give you a show, but she delivered on our boat tour! Our tour guide Denise was WONDERFUL! She is a local native and had such captivating stories of the small town of Hoonah. She knows those waters better than anyone else on the island. She was able to find the humpback whales and we were lucky enough to see a humpback breach 3 times in a row! We saw other little appearances of the beautiful whales while out there as well as some seals on a buoy and a brief glimpse of the orcas from afar. I will never forget this excursion. We have many photos and memories from this excursion. Thank you for an amazing experience.

Jul 2022 - Susan S.

Excellent excursion. Well worth the money. The lady that gave our tour was fantastic and shared much about her native culture as well as provided us with the most exciting whale watching

Jul 2022 - Alvaro O.

Great time whale watching with the family. Staff is professional and knowledgeable. Boat is comfortable and captain very competent.

Jul 2022 - Gary E.

Outstanding excursion! This one exceeded our expectations. We loved the amount of time our captain took finding whales and other marine life for us to see. Well done!

Jul 2022 - Lynnette E.

Excellent tour, our captain and crew member were from Hoonah and had some very interesting historical stories to share. The trip out was a little bumpy but it was worthwhile as we saw several whales and got some great pictures!

Jul 2022 - Jonathan S.

This was a great trip. The captain of the vessel gave a running commentary, was very knowledgable and, most importantly, found some whales for us to see. She also took us to see sea otters and sea lions.....all against the backdrop of the stunning Alaskan scenery

Jul 2022 - Joshua B.

Crew was great and very informative. It was a lot of fun seeing the whales, sea lions, and sea otters.

Jun 2022 - Kathleen B.

This was our best excursion on our cruise. I highly recommend this tour we saw so many whales up close not to mention other sea life . It was an exceptional experience not to be missed!

Jun 2022 - Flora B.

We were able to see multiple whales. It was a nice and organized excursion.

Jun 2022 - Jason S.

This was our favorite excursion on our Alaskan Cruise vacation. Cindy (A Hoonah native) took a group of about 16 people out on a smaller boat. We found a group of five whales (including a baby) and spent a good hour to an hour and half near them. We also saw sea lions and bald eagles. Highly recommended.

Jun 2022 - Kathleen M.

This was amazing! Our captain was very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing her culture and livelihood. This was a wonderful experience. Saw whales, sea lions and otter.

Jun 2022 - Davidson D.

What a great trip! We were on an intimate ship that held about 20 - 25 people. Our captain was excellent. She was a native who knew the best places to go and how to navigate so we were able to see the mother and baby at the best vantage point. She was also thoughtful about others on the larger ships that also wanted to view the whales. We also saw sea lions. I can't say enough good things about this tour.

Jun 2022 - Norma B.

Our guide was very informative & his stories about life on the island added so much to the experience. We viewed a humpback whale & her calf, then a group of Stellar sea lions. We will definitely recommend this excursion to others!

Jun 2022 - Dorothy D.

This excursion was the highlight of my cruise. Guaranteed to see whales. It was informative and up close and personal. Would highly recommend this excursion!!!!!

Jun 2022 - Alison D.

Outstanding trip. Saw lots of whales, sea lions. Really enjoyed.

Jun 2022 - Pete A.

Very smooth and easy process. The boat was new and really clean. Our captain was very informative and had great stories. We saw a mother and baby whale and another whale showing off and playing with sea lions.

Jun 2022 - Christina G.

This was an awesome excursion. Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable. He made this a wonderful experience.

Jun 2022 - Michael R.

Phenomenal tour. Booking online was simple and directions for tour straight-forward. Land and water transportation staff were amazing. Professional and charismatic. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Jun 2022 - Dorcas A.

This was an excellent tour! We were lucky and got to see a humpback whale feed right next to our boat on the way back to sure. This was my second tour booked through Alaska Shore Excursions. I highly recommend them.

Jun 2022 - Ginger F.

Captain Paul Comolli was absolutely the BEST! He was so knowledgeable and engaging! We were able to see whales, sea lions, otters and eagles. He ensured we all had opportunities to capture the beauty and magnificence of the wildlife of Hoonah, AK. Highly Recommend!!

Jun 2022 - Tonja P.

We had an excellent adventure!! Saw several pods of whales and the scenery was to die for! Will definitely do this again next time we come!

May 2022 - James I.

Crew were awesome and saw multiple whales and sea lions!

May 2022 - Angela D.

Didn t see a lot of whale activity. BUT the captain had some great stories to share.

May 2022 - Marcia T.

The boat captain was the best. Very helpful and informative. He was full of interesting facts about the area.

May 2022 - Melissa G.

Such a nice crew and boat, they were in contact with other crews and knew exactly where the whales were. Our captain was very knowledgeable about all marine life and scenery!

May 2022 - Paula B.

It was just amazing!! Seeing the whales and sea lions was incredible. We all loved the captain of the boat that shared so many stories of whales and life in Alaska. We would highly recommend this excursion.

May 2022 - Erica H.

Outstanding time! Saw a bunch of whales and even a bear. Small group with driver and guide who made sure we were safe and experienced all the wonders around us!

May 2022 - Ben P.

Fantastic! The captain was amazing, we saw whales feeding for over an hour. Was an unforgettable experience!

Sep 2019 - Helen M.

Excellent trip with well informed & professional staff. Many thanks to skippers Andrew & James for a memorable experience!

Sep 2019 - Justin R.

WOW! What a great opportunity to see whales. They were all over and we even saw 3 breaches! I almost forgot the bald eagles, seal lions, and sea otters we saw too! This is a must do!

Sep 2019 - Jennifer F.

Had an amazing time. Above and beyond what we expected. Wonderful people. Beautiful creatures and landscape. Definitely worth the money. Thank you!

Sep 2019 - Miranda V.

We had never had the opportunity to see Humpbacks (not too many around Toronto I'm afraid), but our guide was an expert on the whales and was able to help us view these magnificent creatures. One came unexpectedly close to the boat which was a thrill for us all. Thank you!

Sep 2019 - Patricia L.

Thank you to our captain and driver for a wonder filled whale watch. We had been on several on the east coast and this one was tops. Our 18 passenger boat was 1 story, 2 very fast outboards and was so informative of marine wildlife, mountains, and life in Hoonah. We have a new appreciation of how people in this part of the world live and survive; thanks for sharing. We saw a good number of whales but the highlight was having 5 humpback whales surface and go under the boat. Our silence was rewarded with the awesome sound of the whales surfacing. We also saw seals, seal lions, otters and a puffin. If you are lucky enough to travel to Hoonah, please walk around the town and experience life here away from the big cities, talk to the people and learn. Thank you for the great whale watch and lessons of life in Alaska!

Sep 2019 - MARY W.

My wife and I took the whale watching tour out of Icy Straits-Hunna Alaska. The tour was conducted by Capt. Paul and his daughter Gabby. I must say that this was the absolute best tour we have ever been on. Not only did we see many whales, but also sea lions, sea otters, eagles, and orcas. The most enjoyable part of the tour was the narrative by Capt. Paul and Gabby. They not only got us up close and personnel with the whales, but their history lesson of Alaska and specially the Klinket (sp?) people that inhabit the area was outstanding. When you become aware of all the history of this part of the world, it is truly an adventure and learning experience that you not get from a book. Thank you Capt. Paul and Gabby, and all those we met and talked to along the way. Something we will NEVER forget and will highly recommend to all.

Sep 2019 - William O.

This was the best tour we went on to see marine wild life! The Captain and his daugher (first mate) were so knowledge and the greatest! We saw a pod of Orca up close and humpback whales. We even got to see Sea Lions lounging on a buoy. The Captain made sure to get as close as possible without putting any danger on the wildlife. He also made sure that everyone was able to view the wildlife. This was a small group tour, which was perfect!! I would give this tour 10 stars if I could. This is the one you want to spend your money on. This was our first time in Alaska and this area, and now we have so many photos and memories. Fantastic time! You won't regret going with this company! Thank you everything!!!

Sep 2019 - Kerry W.

This was a fantastic excursion. The crew were great and we saw lots of whales.

Sep 2019 - Marta R.

This was the highlight of our trip. Very knowledgeable captain. Awesome boat. Also the bus to get us to the dock and the driver with his narration. Honestly this was the only tour that was off the ship and turned out to be a cut above. Highly recommend.

Sep 2019 - Brian P.

This was an amazing excursion. It was only a quick ride to the boat where we were greeted by the Captain, his daughter and another crew member. The Captain was very informative and his stories added to the enjoyment. We started seeing whales after only a few minutes on the boat. The boat was not crowded and everyone could get outside to have a great view of the whales. We saw several groups of whales and at one point eight whales were in view. I highly recommend this trip.

Sep 2019 - Jacqueline B.

Excellent tour with many sightings! The crew were helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Pickup was easy at Icy Strait very close to our ship. Highly recommend this service

Sep 2019 - Harriet C.

James and Captain Andrew were the best! They were very informative, and great and spotting the whales bubbling to get us the best photo opportunities. We were able to see the whales breaching, and at one point, the humpbacks swam almost right up to our boat.

Sep 2019 - Linda S.

Great trip and scenery Andrew and crew very knowledgeable Loved watching orcas and humpbacks! Highly recommend

Sep 2019 - Paula B.

Outstanding crew. Super relaxing and fun!

Aug 2019 - John D.

The guide was very knowledgeable. Very worthwhile adventure

Aug 2019 - Angela S.

Paul, Gabriella and Sophia were fantastic. We loved listening to Paul and all his experiences and knowledge of the area. The fact that the family worked together was great. Very professional and safe. We thoroughly enjoyed this tour

Aug 2019 - Anyi L.

Loved it very much.

Aug 2019 - Lee T.

Captain Paul Comillo Guided us to see 2 beautiful humpback whales, mother and calve up close. We were at owe. We were also entertained non stop by Mr. Comillo s sharing of his local knowledge by years of experience living close to nature

Aug 2019 - DOUGLAS S.

Well organized, good boat, informative.

Aug 2019 - Josue L.

It was a great experience!

Aug 2019 - Karen B.

I finally saw whales in the wild . A beautiful boat ride on a sunny day. The guide was so friendly and knowledgeable, learned a lot about him and his life in Alaska . Saw pics of the huge fish that he caught , very cool. He should do private fishing excursions .

Aug 2019 - Aruna A.

It was nice experience, it was small boat and made it more personal experience. They were friendly people and had snacks and water for free which was really nice of them.

Aug 2019 - Misty M.

We went as a family group of 13 and all had a great time! Highlight was watching the mom and baby whale swim together! We also heard what it was like to live there and personal stories from the captain made it even more special.

Aug 2019 - Fernando R.

The tour guides spotted the wild animals. They were knowledgable and informative.

Aug 2019 - Barbara S.

Enjoyed the boat captain and tour guide! Found bears and whales...was a great excursion!

Aug 2019 - Shelly S.

Professional small crew on a smaller tour boat. Captain share many personal stories and local area and local wildlife info. We saw two humpback whales (one came close to the boat) and some sea otters during our cruise. Wished we had seen some orcas or bears. Captain drove some shoreline for bears but no luck and he said Orcas that were spotted were too far to reach during tour time. Tour seemed to end a little earlier than expected, but still enjoyed it.

Aug 2019 - Joy D.

The excursion was fantastic! The guys who handled the boat were amazing. Gave us a good background of the the Strait and the creatures that populate it.

Aug 2019 - Renee C.

We had a PERFECT day whale watching with Captain Paul. So glad we skipped booking via the cruise line (they had HUGE boats) and booked with this local who knows the area. You will learn a LOT and we saw Orcas and Humpbacks...and otters and more. Thanks for a great experience!!

Aug 2019 - Joseph D.

Awesome experience. Saw several different wild animals along with a Humpback Whale breach. The staff was very friendly and informative as well. Would absolutely recommend to others traveling to AK.

Jul 2019 - Cindy S.

Small boat, great captain, lots of whales

Jul 2019 - Patrick H.

Some some great whales.

Jul 2019 - Riyaz S H.

Saw Killer whales and Humpbacks - got quite close to them. Was a great excursion

Jul 2019 - Lisa S.

We were happy to see both orcas and hunchback whales. The tour guide kept the tour interesting and shared some wonderful wildlife pictures. Best day of the whole cruise! Also great meal at Fishermans Daughter at a good price.

Jul 2019 - Neal M.

Would have been a great trip even if a pod of Orcas had not swam right under our boat and then hung around the area. We really got lucky but was due to the efforts of the pilot to find them. Also saw a humpback and her calf as well as a whole bunch of otters.

Jul 2019 - Eric B.

This was great! The captain knew exactly where to go to see the whales. He also knew how to maneuver the boat turning off the engines so the whales would not be scared away. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Alaska.

Jul 2019 - Shannon D.

This was amazing. Saw tons of whales and few sea otters and harbor seals. The stories of life in Alaska shared by entertaining boat captain were worth the trip themselves! His 2 daughters were likewise entertaining, helpful and very knowledgeable. I'd go back for another tour with this group!!!

Jul 2019 - Bobbie P.

Very knowledgeable guide and friendly.

Jul 2019 - Fong C.

Very good. Guide was very knowledgeable and shared his experience with the group.

Jul 2019 - Christine B.

So interesting to meet local people and hear their stories. The staff went out of their way to ensure we saw as much as possible. We saw humpbacks and orcas. The most gorgeous sea otters too. Good viewing places so we all had the opportunity to get a great view. We felt very safe and valued.

Jul 2019 - Dahlia W.

Paul was an amazing tour/captain. He was so knowledgeable about the area and so passionate with his job.

Jul 2019 - Malcolm B.

A great trip. Our guides were very friendly and ensured that we viewed Orcas, Hump back Whales, Sea Lions & Sea Otters. An excellent experience all round.

Jul 2019 - Marla K.

The guides were amazing and we really enjoyed the personal stories and knowledge they had to share. The only negative is that we were not able to get very close to the whales on our tour, which of course is how it goes with wildlife!

Jul 2019 - Rodrigo D.

We had a great time on this tour! The boat is not big and very comfortable. The Capitan and his daughters were amazing, very polite and brought us to great places for whale watching!

Jun 2019 - Tyler J.

Best service of the trip. The Captain and crew were amazing and the boat was super nice. We got to see a ton of whales and had an amazing time.

Jun 2019 - Lehla M.

This tour was wonderful. It was half the price of the ship and they still guaranteed to see a whale or your money back. The boat we were on was immaculate and the captain was very personable and filled us with info on the town, various statistics, educational information on the bears in the area and their stats. Info on the whales and other marine life and even shared pictures while we headed back to our ship. They provided water for free and snacks for a minute amount. The other tour operations were beyond polite and friendly and happy to answer any questions. I would definitely use Alaska Shore Excursions again.

Jun 2019 - Jerry T.

James and Andrew did a great job. Gave lots of information and made the excursion fun. It rained but didn't keep us from seeing whales. there were quite a few to see but unfortunately did not get any pics!

Jun 2019 - Richard T.

This was a great experience. After 3 previous trips to see whales elsewhere all of which were complete failures this made up for them. We saw 4 Orcas and followed them for some distance and then numerous Humpbacks in 2 different locations. One surfaced so close to the stern of the boat we could almost lean out and touch it. There were just 9 of us on a boat with capacity of 20 or so and the crew were extremely knowledgeable and informative both about the whales and their personal lives in Hoonah. Our thanks to them and the management for a memorable experience

Jun 2019 - Barbara S.

Excellent crew on our trip. Saw multiple instances of bubble feeding. Whales came up right next to the boat. Mate shot great video with his phone and shared with all passengers on board by air drop. Saw seals, eagles and bears. Spectacular trip. I was a bit under the weather and mate found me a nice wool blanket to keep me warm.

Jun 2019 - Kamla L.

What great fun! Fabulous crew, great boat. Our guide even shared a video he took of one of the whale sightings. Loved every moment. Much better than the crowded cruise ship tours.

Jun 2019 - Amber S.

We had an amazing time, got to see whales, sea lions, and sea otters. The captain and his two daughters were wonderful and knowledgeable. Definitely a highlight of our trip!!!

Jun 2019 - Borer B.

This tour was amazing. The crew was expert in sighting whales and describing the whales movements and eating behaviors. The captain got us close enough see the whales. Added bonus, we also saw two brown bear cubs.

Jun 2019 - Catherine C.

Super good, organized, punctual, accommodating, kept us entertained with stories about Hoonah. Most importantly, we followed a group of 3 whales all over the bay and were able to watch 2 young brown bears up close. Was more personal than the ships excursion which had 3 times as many people on a larger boat that lumbered around.

Jun 2019 - Christy C.

Captain was very entertaining & knowledgeable. The onboard staff went out of their way to make it an enjoyable experience. Well organized and friendly staff at port.

Jun 2019 - Jessee R.

This was a great tour. It was our first time whale watching and we saw many. Our tour guide was funny and VERY informative. He had personal stories and a vast amount of knowledge about the island and the animals that inhabit it. The boat was brand new, very clean. Very good experience

Jun 2019 - Glenn T.

Excellent trip on modern boat and really nice dad and daughters staff. We saw some whales as promised including one close to the boat. Only problem for me was the extreme bumping!

Jun 2019 - Prashant G.

Plus points - a clean boat, small group, and very committed team to ensure that we got the best experience out of the day. Downsides - While we did spot whales, for some reason we couldnt go closer to get a better view. We did see other boats in the vicinity that would move closer on spotting the whales. But ours didnt. That was the only disappointment.

Jun 2019 - Vicki F.

On the boat trip saw one whale up close and we were very lucky to be closest to it. The gentleman who ran the excursion was excellent and we loved his stories about the country, culture and knowledge of the whales. The boat and bus were superb. Thank you. His daughters beautiful.

Jun 2019 - Robert M.

We were looked after really well,good commentary. Some of party saw a whale really close up, otherwise they were in the distance. No photos unfortunately. Lovely scenery.

Jun 2019 - Jennifer J.

We had a great time on this tour - we spotted several whale tails, backs, and spouts, and really appreciated that the guides even stopped to allow us to view a brown bear on the shoreline. A great excursion when in Icy Strait / Hoonah, as there is wonderful wildlife and not much else to do there on your own. Our experience involved about a half hour boat ride out to Point Adolphus, a natural feeding area for the humpback and orca whales in the area. On the day we went it was particularly windy (though beautiful and sunny) so our ride was extremely choppy/bumpy which can be difficult for easily seasick passengers. Loved our guides and got great pictures and memories. Bring layers as it can be cold in the wind even on a warm day!

Jun 2019 - Jim C.

Great experience Captain was great

May 2019 - Rick M.

We had a wonderful time. We saw a mother humpback and her baby, sea loins and seals. The best part was the education we received from the guide. He was excellent and very personable. Highly recommend.

May 2019 - Jan A.

I loved my cruise. Everything was wonderful

May 2019 - Vicki M.

Great trip.....saw and heard orcas right next to the boat! The humpbacks were a bit shy and were a bit further away. Nice small boat, great staff.....loads of fun.

May 2019 - WILLIAM G.

Our guides were great and we got lucky with the first group of Orcas of the season. Highly recommend this one.

May 2019 - Donna H.

What a great excursion! The 2 guys were great and we saw a lot of orcas and got plenty of great photos and videos. We also got to see several humpbacks. This excursion was great and I highly recommend it!!

May 2019 - Kasper H.

Amazing Tour with a very competent captain and crew. The area around Icy Strait is so beautiful!

May 2019 - Susan A.

Our tour guide was excellent. Well spoken, very knowledgeable, and with a good sense of humour. The boat was beautiful and comfortable.

Oct 2018 - Cheng Z.

The whale was less than 30m from us , we can even see the eyes and mouse. Wonderful!

Sep 2018 - Kimberly G.

We ended up seeing a lot of whales on this trip! It was a spectacular day with gorgeous sunny weather. Our guides, Donny and James, were knowledgeable and very helpful.

Sep 2018 - William S.

We thoroughly enjoyed our whale watching tour. The captain was very engaging and he and his staff made the tour even more enjoyable. We would recommend this tour.

Sep 2018 - Paula G.

NICE! Super day, our captain and his 1st mate know their waters and wildlife. Great new boat custom made for this excursion.

Sep 2018 - Marcia W.

Unfortunately we didn't really see any whales but our skipper tried really hard to find them overall was a good trip

Sep 2018 - John Y.

The crew really took the time to keep close watch on where the whales were. And we saw a lot of them. Can't thank them enough.

Sep 2018 - Joel L.

A day of beautiful weather provided a great day of whale, otter and porpoise sightings. Captain and mate were very informative and were great in capturing a lot of sightings.

Sep 2018 - Jennifer K.

Excellent from start to finish!!

Sep 2018 - MISTY S.

The captain was great, but we didn't see many whales in the area. However, others in the area did.

Sep 2018 - June G.

This was an amazing trip of a lifetime. The crew on the boat were very informative and friendly. We were a small group which made the experience even more special. Would definitely recommend this tour rather than a cruise ship tour.

Sep 2018 - Carol M.

Great staff, guide was very friendly, knowledgeable and informative and worked hard to find whales. His two daughters were also very friendly and helpful with spotting whales. Very professional!!! We would highly recommend this tour.

Aug 2018 - Jane L.

Excellent tour. The boat was new and clean. Our tour guide had a wealth of information.

Aug 2018 - Kathy P.

The Captain and Crew were very knowledgeable and brought us to experience some amazing Whale sightings. Our shuttle driver was very proud of his community and we loved hearing about the historic significance of the items he spoke about.

Aug 2018 - Gail P.

We had the best 'skipper' and he did a great job of getting us to see as many whales and other wildlife as possible. I definitely would recommend this trip if you want to see whales.

Aug 2018 - Julie-Ann K.

Whale watching tour was great - we saw a lot of whales and the guides were good with trying to get maximum exposure to the whales and other wildlife.

Aug 2018 - John M.

A GREAT excursion! Lost count of how many humpbacks we saw. A few came right up to the boat. We encountered several pods of whales. I would highly recommend this excursion.

Aug 2018 - Jerry S.

We had an awesome time and the whales cooperated.

Aug 2018 - Suzanne W.

Highly recommended. Small boat personalised experience. Friendly and knowledgeable guide/skipper who knew exactly where to take us for the best sea-life viewing. We were super lucky to see several humpbacks breaching at once with a large group of them bubble net feeding. Also saw orca and sea otters. The whole team were incredibly friendly and helpful including directimg is to an eagle's nest once we were back on shore.

Aug 2018 - Linda H. T.

Nice excursion fir our smaller group on a brand new boat. Crew was great. We saw about 8 humpbacks w plenty of diving by the whales for good viewing of flukes. Also saw one breach. Even without the whales - Icy Strait Point is a beautiful place. Had some pretty awesome dungeness crabs there too. Going back on same excursion on oir next cruise.

Aug 2018 - Angelo C.

This was a real highlight of our vacation. I highly recommend this excursion less crowded makes it so enjoyable.

Aug 2018 - Kimberly M.

The captain and daughters were wonderful It met all my expectations I'll be recommending to all friends

Aug 2018 - Huascar R.

Paul and his crew did an excellent job. I would definitely use them again.

Aug 2018 - Sandra W.

So much better than we EVER anticipated... Our Captain was keenly aware of the locations to check out resulting in a fabulous experience. With only 13 folks on board there was ample wiggle room to capture the best photos and viewing comfortably.... A five star event

Jul 2018 - Pierre C.

Excellent with Paul, the boat driver, who have lot of informations, nice stories and his 2 daughters.

Jul 2018 - Niki W.

Loved it! Got some nice close-up pics of whales. The boat captain/tour guide was great - very knowledgeable about whales and shared a lot of information about local life.

Jul 2018 - Attel M.

Best excursion of the cruise. The tour operator did an amazing job on this small group (24 ppl) cruise to find whales. The boat was comfortable and fast and the Captain and his crew (his 2 daughters) made sure we had a wonderful time and saw many whales. Loved the Captain's insights to living in Alaska as well. Highly recommend this tour !

Jul 2018 - Norman B.

Really worthwhile. Never seen so many different species in one place and time.

Jul 2018 - Diana D.

Loved it. Captain Paul was very knowledgeable and had some good stories. Liked the smaller boat. Got some great pictures.

Jun 2018 - Rebecca L.

We only saw a few whales, but the scenery was absolutely beautiful and our guide was very informative about wildlife and local culture.

Jun 2018 - Marie-Helene M.

They try to give us the Best for the time allowed for the excursion. The group was small, we appreciate that. I am an old lady so the only thing that bothered me was the speed of the boat, a little too fast.

Jun 2018 - Ann L.

Our guide mike was amazing. His knowledge of hoonah was inspiring. Saw whales proposes sea otters.

Jun 2018 - Michael T.

Great tour. Beautiful water and not only did we see quite a few whales, we saw several sea otters and sea lions. Would do this tour again the next time in Icy Strait Point.

Jun 2018 - JULIANNE E.

AMAZING!!!!! Our pilot and captain was able to get us right into the whale pod areas! Had whales around us the entire excursion feeding, breaching, and swimming. Swam right up to and under the boat area! Tour of a Lifetime!

Jun 2018 - Angela W.

The tour guide was excellent with his two daughters as helpers..

Jun 2018 - Frederick L.

This was a fantastic excursion, we saw humpbacks bubble feeding on many occations, our skipper was enthusiastic with local knowledge and fun stories. We saw many many whales - what a great day!

Jun 2018 - Robert G.

Saw large groups of whales. Four went under our boat for a great close-up view. Best tour for the money. Nice boat, Captain and crew. Highly recommend

Jun 2018 - Alice B.

Wonderful captain and staff. We saw lots of whales. We learned so much and had a great time. Thanks.

Jun 2018 - William P.

This was fabulous. There were only six of us plus the captain, Billy, on a small boat and we had a close-up (but not too close) view of humpback whales breaching, feeding and diving. Other highlights included sea lions sunning and quarrelling amongst themselves and a brown bear with two cubs on the far shore. With us being close to the water it was a terrific experience. Pick-up from the meeting point and return journey was well organised.

Jun 2018 - Graeme C.

This was the highlight of the trip. Paul and Jamie our skipper made this the absolute highlight of this trip. Cannot recommend this tour enough!!!!

Jun 2018 - WAH-KWAN L.

Excellent! We could see the whales closely.

May 2018 - Elaine M.

A great tour for a total passenger group of six people in a small fishing boat with Captain Bill - I understand from the Tour Company that groups of up to 18 people are usually booked and that larger vessels are used. The Tour is concerned with Whale Watching so the smaller vessel, sitting almost at water level was perfect for the job - a larger boat may have had more creature comforts but could not offer the viewing angles of the smaller vessel. We were collected from the Excursion Hub in a minibus and driven the 1 mile or so to the departure jetty where Captain Bill was ready to go - less than 5 minutes later, we were underway to the first site where whales aplenty awaited. Captain Bill is really knowledgeable and he told us to watch for the group of hovering seabirds who use the oxygen bubbles breaking on the water to spot where the whales will surface a few seconds later. Captain Bill then talked us through the cycle of whale activity each time to ensure we, and our cameras, were prepared for the surfacing, the 'cruise', and the shaping for the 'Tail Photo' - we all got photos like the picture opposite this Review! We moved on to 2-3 other whale sites, interspersing viewings with a 10-15 minute visit to the Bell Marker to view and film the sea lions who use it as a refuge from the hunting whales. On the way to the final whale site, Captain Bill spotted a brown bear and her cub on the shoreline - unfortunately, the rocky shelf prevented us from getting closer than about 400 yards away so the binoculars were at full stretch watching the bears for the 10-15 minutes of enchantment - magnificent! We spent about 2 1/4 hours on the water (I took 300 photos ...) and had a wonderful time. Creature comforts are not plentiful - there is a lot of standing/leaning and twisting to gain the best views of the Whales breaking the surface, so the 4 star rating acknowledges this. We stayed at sea until the last possible minute to get the last few whale photos and returned to the courtesy minibus with sore feet, stiff legs and stupid grins on our faces after a wonderful, tiring excursion with marvellous pictures from a brilliant tour! I want to take the Tour again - aching feet recover, but the memories (and the photos!) remain!

Sep 2017 - Kelly B.

Great tour followed a pod of 10 Whales great time the boat was clean and well kept. I also forgot my phone in the van on the way back the driver had it back to me before the boat left ....I was shocked and grateful!!

Jul 2017 - Julie E.

Paul and Gabby were great! Interesting and we got to see a LOT of wildlife and Whales too!

Jul 2017 - Michael A.

The captain looked like a pirate which made it more fun. We saw Orchas and 2 big whales. He took us to where the whales were and the 2 guides were very helpful and fun to be around especially for our kids. I know the 1 guide told us she was in the field as a naturalist but she made a few slip ups about the sea life.

Jul 2017 - Carol B.

Our captain, Paul, was great along with his first mate daughter. Being a local resident he told great stories. He found whales and stayed with them. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great and the whales weren't that active. Glad we did it with a small group of 18 rather than the larger ship group.

Jul 2017 - Nancy P.

excellent guide, gave a great history and cultural review as well

Jun 2017 - Alyssa F.

Our guide's knowledge of the area, history, ecosystem and respect for native cultures and customs was truly impressive. I can't remember his name, but his daughter Gabby was also with us, and was really knowledgeable as well. The boat was comfortable and ideal for whale watching. Overall, an amazing experience.

Jun 2017 - Nicholette K.

An amazing experience. Saw several grouos of whales just off the shoreline and was able to catch 5 or 6 bubble feeds. Felt like the whales were really close on a number of occasions and the boat , being small, was able to respond quickly to nearby sighting. Also saw sealions,

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