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Juneau Musher's Camp & Sled Dog Discovery

Picture yourself behind a line of expertly trained and incredibly energetic sled dogs, flying through the forest. Dreams become reality on this excursion as you get to see these dogs in action and experience mushing firsthand! This is a summertime Juneau sled dog adventure, not on snow, that is fun for the entire family!

Before you take off on the sled equipped with wheels through the Tongass National Rainforest, you will get a chance to interact and play with the dogs. The base is known as the Musher's Camp and is the tour staging area where you get to meet the Mushers and hear their epic stories of racing and mushing across Alaska. Each has a unique history and connection with their dog mushing teams and you will see the bond they share when you get out on the trail.

The track is a full mile of fun, lined by the massive and impressive spruce and hemlock trees that make up the rainforest. Feel free to use your camera to capture your favorite moments as you ride behind the team of 16 strong and swift Alaskan huskies. Upon return to the camp, you will be offered snacks and an informative presentation by one of the experienced mushers about the iconic Iditarod race across Alaska. Don't forget to take some time to cuddle the puppies, wander the camp, or ask any questions about this unique Alaskan sport!

Please note: Child price is for children ages 2-12. Infants under 2 are free, but they must ride on an adult's lap.

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Duration: 2.25 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal.)


  • Roundtrip transportation to musher's camp base
  • Hot and cold beverages


  • Guests must be comfortable walking short distances on uneven surfaces

Duration: 2.25 hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • 1 hour - roundtrip narrated transportation with beautiful Alaskan scenery
  • 30 minutes - mushing on the dog carts/meeting the team
  • 30 minutes - presentation of dogsledding history
  • 20 minutes - photo opportunities and sled dog puppy visits along with refreshments

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets in front of the Mt. Robert's Tramway building. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is limited mobility accessible. Guests must be able to walk short distances and raise their knee 8 inches to accommodate steps into and out of the vehicles. There is limited space for collapsible wheelchairs and walkers. There is no storage available for motorized scooters. Please leave a comment during checkout if accommodations for collapsible equipment will be required on tour.

Can I pet and play with the sled dogs?

Yes, the dogs love human interaction and the musher's will let you get close and snuggly with their team.

Can children attend this tour alone?

We strongly recommend having a parent or adult guardian, especially for younger kids. This tour is not exclusively for kids and is just as fun for adults!  Children may go on this tour alone if they're traveling with someone who is 16+ that will attend to them. 

Do I get to drive the dogsled?

No, for safety reasons you will not have the opportunity to run the sled. You'll be able to sit back and watch firsthand while your expert musher controls their team!

How many passengers ride in the sled together? 

Each sled can accomodate 6 guests.

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Is there any weight restriction?

There is no weight limit for this tour. Guests must be able to walk short distances and raise the knee 12 inches to accommodate steps into and out of the vehicles. 

Can I bring a backpack?

All bags must be stored at the prior to participatin on the sled ride part of the tour.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Non-alcoholic beverages in a closeable containters and snacks are allowed on tour.

Are food and drink included?

Hot and cold beverages are included.

Are there any physical requirements for this tour?

Guests must be comfortable walking short distances on uneven surfaces.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Layered and waterproof clothing are recommended.

Not seeing answers to your questions?

Check out other frequently asked questions here!

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Customer Reviews
Sep 2023 - Lorraine Y.

Knowledgeable trainers & interaction with the huskies made the dog sledding adventure fun and memorable.

Sep 2023 - Thomas B.

This was our best time in Alaska! Everyone we met there was a real dog lover and the dogs are treated with great care and respect. Our guide, who had been there around one year, was very knowledgeable and the information we learned was riveting. Being able to interact with the dogs and the PUPPIES (!) was priceless. I could have stayed there all day! Booking through Alaska Excursions was easy and reasonably priced. I definitely recommend them!

Sep 2023 - David R.

It was a lot more fun than I expected. The dogs are treated well and the staff was knowledgeable.

Aug 2023 - Amber A.

The dog-sled ride itself was quite brief/short but we appreciated learning about dog-sledding, meeting the dogs, and particularly enjoyed the puppy cuddles!

Aug 2023 - Joshua D.

The kids had a blast! The puppies were soooo cute.

Aug 2023 - Victoria H.

This excursion was one of the best stops! We so enjoyed the excitement of the dogs when we arrived. They were so fun! The ride was exciting and so much more than we thought for training. And, of course the puppies were incredible. We would do the excursion again and highly recommend!

Aug 2023 - Wendy S.

Enjoyed the ride, the puppies, but the presenter was outstanding!

Aug 2023 - Patti E.

So much fun! And who doesn't love a good puppy snuggle? It was really interesting to hear more about dog sledding and the real Alaskan sled dogs.

Aug 2023 - Regina P.

Me and my daughter had a wonderful time on this excursion! We enjoyed the ride plus getting to meet the dogs snd the puppies!!

Aug 2023 - Dawn D.

Totally recommended!!! I had such a lovely time the scenery is amazing along the way and when you get to the camp everyone is wonderful! Not to be missed. Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make our experience the best ever xx.

Aug 2023 - Terri H.

Great fun! I'm so glad we did this excursion

Aug 2023 - Janet A.

This excursion was very well done. Our shuttle driver warned us we would most likely experience slobber, dirt, and hair on our hands and clothes so I knew I would feel at home! (We live on a farm and have dogs.) It was interesting learning details about the Iditarod and the young woman doing the presentation did a great job. The dogs are incredible and so ready to run. Of course, the 21-day-old puppies captured my heart along with Lady Hawk and her beautiful blue eyes. The camp set up was very nice and relaxing. Everyone enjoyed the hot beverages. Thank you for a wonderful time.

Aug 2023 - Dina S.

This was our favorite excursion in Alaska. The staff was amazing and we learned so much from them. We had the opportunity to ride a sled, with the friendliest dogs. Our favorite part was spending time with the puppies. This was an unforgettable experience! We felt the love!

Aug 2023 - Laura R.

We had a great time. The Musher's were great. The really provided an insight to have they live with their dogs and the work that goes into training and keeping them. The ability to interact with the dogs was wonderful. They were friendly and happy to be petted. My daughter loved to interact with the new born puppies and play with the several month old ones that would chase her around.

Aug 2023 - Karen C.

This excursion was my 10 year old grandson's choice, for the day! I loved it too! He has not stopped talking about how much fun, we had. It was fun, educational, and the pups were so adorable! We enjoyed the hot chocolate, too. I think we both learned something about dog sledding!

Aug 2023 - Allen P.

What a great adventure! The staff was extremely polite, professional, and knowledgeable. This is a must do while in Juneau. The sights and the experience was a highlight of my trip. My only recommendation is that we would have loved to have had a longer ride with the dogs. Great experience!

Aug 2023 - Margie D.

This was an amazing excursion! Our entire family was able to participate and enjoyed every second of it. Great family experience for young and old! Highly recommended!

Aug 2023 - Kimberly D.

This was a great excursion. Everyone was very friendly and gave great information about both Alaska and mushing. Really enjoyed the ride with the sled dogs and meeting the puppies.

Aug 2023 - Rebecca W.

What a joy to learn about the Iditarod among these trainers and dogs. As great as they were, the puppies are the show stealers, and holding one made my 86-year-old mother's experience truly golden.

Jul 2023 - Patricia C.

This excursion gives you a clear picture of the life of sled dogs. It also explains what's involved in the Iditarod race. You are able to pet the dogs after they pull you through the forest and pet the puppies at the end. Hot chocolate and coffee are included.

Jul 2023 - Laura M.

We had so much fun on this excursion. My son was laughing the whole time we were riding in the cart and, of course, the puppies were adorable. Even the bus ride there was fun with our awesome driver. We also learned a lot about dog sledding and the Iditarod. Highly recommend.

Jul 2023 - Ronald N.

This was a great excursion! Our guide was outstanding! Our team of dogs had Seymour on it! He won the Iditarod this year! We learned so much about the sport and all that is involved in this 1000 mile run. And at the end you can snuggle the new puppies that will some day lead someones pack. Can't say enough positive things about this great experience. You will love it. Thank you to all of the employees for a great day. We will have wonderful memories forever of our fun.

Jul 2023 - Jude S.

We had an awesome time. Learned a lot about sled dog racing. The dogs were very friendly and our driver was absolutely the best. Highly recommended.

Jul 2023 - Michelle P.

Enjoyed by all ages in our large group. The mushers were friendly and very informative. We were lucky that there was a litter of puppies to hold and love on. The sled dogs were also very friendly.

Jul 2023 - Diane C.

We absolutely loved the musher and dog sled tour and it was the best excursion we did on our Alaskan cruise. Fantastic staff and so knowledgeable starting with the bus ride to the musher camp as we learned about the town. The breeding of the dogs for strength and stamina was explained to us by the musher. Everyone had questions about the Iditarod Race. We loved the dog sled ride and our musher explained about the training and pairing up of dogs. She loved and was devoted to each and every one of her dogs and explained how she chose her lead dog Maze. And who doesn’t love playing with the puppies! We had originally booked the excursion with the cruise ship and then we read the reviews for the Alaska Tour Excursions and were so glad we switched as this excursion was way better, cheaper and so hands on! Turns out everyone in our group was from our ship as well. What a fantastic and awesome experience! Our thanks for making the day so memorable!

Jul 2023 - Shelly W.

I had very low expectations but we absolutely LOVED this excursion! Riding on the sleds was a totally highlight for our whole family.

Jul 2023 - James K.

Had a great time. The Musher and dog interaction was the best part. The historical overview was OK but was a little flat because the person was so new.

Jul 2023 - Kristin M.

This was hands down our family's favorite excursion. My children loved the dog sled adventure. Holding the puppies was a fantastic way to end our day!

Jul 2023 - Katie S.

We really enjoyed the structure of this excursion! The team is great at moving everyone through their sled ride and getting to know their musher and their dog team, the history of dog sledding, and meeting the puppies. Everyone was super friendly and insightful. Overall a very unique and fun experience, especially for a family!

Jul 2023 - Telzy C.

My family had a fantastic time, we all agreed it was our favorite excursion and would definitely do it again. They were very informative and explained why they did things with the dogs.

Jul 2023 - Kimberly J.

Had a great time on this excursion. The dogs were amazing and the handlers were very knowledgeable. Of course, the puppies were the highlight of the day.

Jul 2023 - Rhonda C.

AMAZING! A definite must-do. Our guide when we arrived has such a passion for what she does. The sled rides were fun and the dogs obviously thrive on them. The story of how the Iditirod came to be was so very interesting and gave me a new appreciation of sled-dog racing. And the puppies . . . how adorable are THEY? We all wanted to keep one. I highly recommend this excursion!!!

Jul 2023 - L J C.

I thought the Dog Sled excursion was going to be longer.

Jul 2023 - Carrie M.

This was our favorite excursion on our Alaskan Cruise. Our kids (10, 13, 16) all loved it. The staff was knowledgeable, engaging, and we loved the dogs.

Jun 2023 - Angela R.

This was definitely one of the highlights of our Alaskan cruise. It was perfect in every way. You will love it!!

Jun 2023 - Marcella L.

This experience was a favorite of our entire family. Our musher was Hunter and he was exceptionally nice and knowledgeable about the dogs and the Iditarod, since he himself raced! We all wish the ride had been longer, but the twists and turns, and the dogs themselves, made for so much fun. And the puppies afterward were the best! What a cool and unique experience for all.

Jun 2023 - Judy K.

This was the highlight of our trip. Getting to learn about the Iditarod and meet the dogs was amazing! The mushers and other camp staff were so friendly and knowledgable. And of course the puppies were the sweetest little cuddlers ever! Thanks for a great day!!!

Jun 2023 - Pamela R.

Great excursion! Very easy pick up with a fun guide. An informative talk by one of the competing mushers, short ride around the woods with a pack of dogs and just adored meeting the 3 week old puppies. Recommend!

Jun 2023 - David R.

Loved it! Perfect for the adults and the 7 year old. And, THEY HAD PUPPIES! My daughter says it was the highlight of her trip.

May 2023 - Thomas K.

Great excursion! Highly recommend it! The ride on the cart was ROUGH (careful if you have back issues) yet short. I enjoyed the time learning about the Iditarod. Nice people and an awesome experience with the dogs.

May 2023 - Daniel B.

Awesome time. The sled ride with the dogs was great. Our guide was superb. The talk about the original trip to save the town was most informative! The time with the puppies made the day with our grandkids!!

May 2023 - Chloe T.

This was such a special experience! Everyone was so knowledgeable and the dogs were amazing!!! Would rate it 6 stars if I could. The best excursion we did in Alaska!!!!

May 2023 - Antonio L.

A wonderful must-do experience. We learned so much. The Mushers are pros. The camp is 'legit'. And the dogs! ... What can I say, they're the reason for going. Brilliant, strong, friendly, and healthy. We even got to briefly hold 2 day old puppies! Worth every cent. Highly recommend. The drive to the camp was also well worth the trip. Very scenic.

Sep 2022 - Susan K.

This was a fun tour with the sled dogs! We took a bus ride through Juneau up to the camp. The dogs were very excited to see us. We split up into groups and we took a ride with the dogs first. We then learned about the Iditarod from a guide and got to see and hold puppies. A great tour for families and couples. Our guide also made a special stop for us to see Mendenhall Glacier since we were his last tour of the day and no one on our van had to rush back. That was a bonus!

Sep 2022 - Lan P.

Our favorite excursion the entire cruise. What a great experience and the puppies were so cute. Pick up and drop off was timely and the staff was accommodating to our request to make sure our son's medical stroller fit on board.

Sep 2022 - Cynthia K.

We had such a fun day with our grandkids! The sled ride was exhilarating, and our musher was so sweet and informative! I loved the talk about iditarod, though the kids were a bit too young and just wanted to hold the puppies. Holding the puppies was so much fun! Thank you for the memories!

Sep 2022 - Sarah M.

Fun excursion, so nice to be able to pet all of the dogs and interact with the puppies. The excursion leaders were friendly and kind. The only thing that would have made it better would have been more information about the operation that we visited rather than a generic lecture on the Iditarod.

Aug 2022 - Katharine H.

Our time at the camp was so much fun! Robert was an excellent driver and great at introducing us to the dogs and answering our many questions. Mary's informative talk about dog-sledding was super interesting - it is clear that she has a passion for the sport and for the dogs. The puppies were SO fun to snuggle and play with! Also, it was so great to get away from the crowds in downtown Juneau, and hang out for awhile in one of the most beautiful forests I have ever seen!

Aug 2022 - Gayle M.

Fun for the whole family! Tip, wear old shoes! There is a muddy walkway. Puppies were friendly and adorable - highlight of the trip for my 15 year old daughter.

Aug 2022 - Catherine G.

Our entire family had a blast on this excursion. The guides were fantastic and informative. The sled dog ride was so much fun and playing with the puppies was the icing on the cake! I highly recommend this tour and hope to do it again when we return to Alaska.

Aug 2022 - David P.

We were here in July of 2022 - had a GREAT time taking a ride through the forest pulled by the dogs. And the puppies were a highlight! Great, educational excursion that was fun not only for us adults, but for my two teenage boys as well.

Jul 2022 - Simone W.

This was a fantastic experience. My family enjoyed the experience from the pick up to the drop off. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The dogs were super well behaved. My husband commented that out of all the excursions we've done on the various cruises, this was by far his favorite.

Jul 2022 - Lori E.

We really enjoyed learning about how the dogs are trained and cared for. Snuggling with the pups was icing on the cake. Highly recommend!

Jul 2022 - Kelly H.

My family loved this experience. Riding on the cart was a lot of fun. The scenery is beautiful. The dogs were amazing. And cuddling with the puppies was an added bonus.

Jul 2022 - Alice S.

My family and I had an amazing experience at the camp, one that we will never forget. Out of all the excursions we did, this is the one that we always come back to as the best time in Alaska. Thank you!

Jul 2022 - Nancy W.

This was a fun family event, my 2 year old grandson really loved the ride around camp behind the dog team, the Iditarod talk was interesting, and the puppy time at the end topped it off!

Jul 2022 - Josette H.

Enjoyed the beautiful scenery. As for the the dog mushers, the ride was so much fun. Meeting all the adorable puppies at the end was just the cherry on top of the pie. Loved all the stories and information the staff offered along the way, they was very kind hearted, friendly and patient with all the visitors. I would highly recommend this excursion!

Jul 2022 - Tim C.

This was so fun! We loved riding the dog sled and learning about dog sledding, mushers and races. We loved holding the puppies! They are so cute! We would definitely recommend it!

Jul 2022 - Flora B.

It was a fun experience to ride with the dogs. We were able to see and hold some of the puppies. We enjoyed our experience very much.

Jul 2022 - Joshua B.

It was a lot of fun learning about the iditarod, riding in the cart, and meeting the dogs and pups.

Jun 2022 - Marie C.

Friendliest staff ~ we could listen to them ALL day long. They were graciously sharing their experience.

Jun 2022 - Melvin C.

Excellent family time....from our musher to the person who did the presentation about dog sled history...this was a great time with my 10 year old grandaughter!

Jun 2022 - Barbara S.

This was an amazing excursion. The pickup was on time, bus ride was safe and pleasant. The ride with the dogs was so much fun. It was raining and they provided a sheet of plastic to help keep some of the mud off the front riders. Our musher gave us a great ride. He was informative and you could tell he loved his dogs. We were able to pet most of the dogs after the ride. We even drank hot chocolate and petted the puppies. There is a swinging bridge that gave a great view of the river below. This was our favorite excursion! Even our 17 and 19 year olds loved it.

Jun 2022 - Larry C.

Everything was excellent. It was great to meet the dogs, the pups, the mushers and to get a real taste of what training for the Iditarod is all about. Will definitely recommend this excursion for anyone heading to Juneau.

Jun 2022 - Michele C.

We loved riding and getting to know all the dogs. We enjoyed our time there immensely. Highly recommend!

Jun 2022 - Alison D.

Wonderful! Loved the dog sled ride and really enjoyed petting the puppies and the dogs.

Jun 2022 - Jennine K.

Loved being pulled by dogs from the iditarod, and the puppies were a fan favorite!

Jun 2022 - Dorcas A.

Great tour! We really enjoyed learning about the mushers and seeing how excited the dogs get when about to mush.

Jun 2022 - Jillian T.

We had a wonderful time at the musher s camp! Started off with a ride around the track and then learned all about racing. Our guides were wonderful!

Jun 2022 - Russell P.

From the prompt pick-up, to the knowledgeable Mushers, this trip was great.

May 2022 - Marcia T.

A lot of fun and very interesting! The owner and crew were full of information and gladly shared. Of course the best part was the puppies, seeing and holding them. Recommend this excursion highly.

May 2022 - Douglas L.

Took 3 generations of family on this experience which was a hit with all ages. Wonderful experience and great way to see a unique piece of Alaskan history and continuing tradition. Would highly recommend!

May 2022 - Julie L.

I love that Alaskan Shore Excursion texted us to let us know where to meet them. Our ship was late letting us off and we had to take a shuttle to town. The Shore Excursion staff waited for everyone. I would definitely book with them again! Great excursion and wonderful staff!

Oct 2019 - Josephine C.

Thought this excursion expensive, for a sled ride and info. The driver and staff at camp very helpful, friendly and informative and my friend did enjoy petting & cuddling puppies

Sep 2019 - Michelle R.

I loved this experience. The mushers were so knowledgeable, friendly and fun! I learned so much and there are puppies! Great excursion!

Sep 2019 - Thomas T.

Excellent excursion. Very well organized. Ample opportunity to touch and pat the dogs and to have pictures with them. Holding the puppies was the highlight of the tour.

Sep 2019 - SUZANNE J.

Was a fantastic experience, especially loved cuddling the puppies and seeing how clever all the dogs were! Thank you for a great day. Carol

Sep 2019 - Susan H.

We had a blast! My down syndrome 38-year-old niece loved the dogs, OK all of us did. We had a lady musher who was great but it was a bit hard to hear her over the barking of the dogs. The shuttle driver was really informative and even though he was under the weather gave us a very nice ride to and from the camp. We all loved taking pictures of each other standing behind the dog sled and of course taking pictures of the puppies. So glad we booked with you.

Sep 2019 - Jessica B.

Freaking amazing!! So much better than the one my parents booked through the cruise line. We actually talked to and experienced really mushers and dog teams. We got to hold puppies, ride in the summer sled, pet the dog team, and got an amazing history and faqs lesson.

Sep 2019 - Sharon S.

This was a great few hours starting with the pick up by Ben at the designated meeting spot. Ben has a great sense of humour and a vast knowledge of the area. He drove us to the Musher's Camp where we were divided into groups. Ours was the first to hear about the history of mushing, about the camp and the care of the dogs from Josh. Extremely interesting. Then we got to have a sled ride with Musher Dane. After which we got to meet the dogs in his team who were just beautiful. He is responsible for his dogs. Then we got to meet and cuddle some pups who of course were adorable. This was a remarkable excursion for me because I learned so much about sledding and competition. The dogs were wonderful and well cared for and all the staff were amazing. Thank you for such a touching and educational experience.

Sep 2019 - Patricia H.

Great company to book with awesome tour. Would not hesitate to recommend 5+

Sep 2019 - Dianne H.

A fun few hours! Staff very knowledgeable. Loved the ride! The area ( and road to the camp) was beautiful.....a very good total experience! Should not be missed!

Sep 2019 - Elizabeth B.

Excellent. The whole experience was wonderful from the knowledgeable and entertaining van drivers to the mushers and beyond. What fun. Thank you.

Sep 2019 - Ceri M.

We had a great time on this trip. The staff were friendly and knowledgable and the dogs were fab. Would definitely recommend.

Sep 2019 - Nicole P.

WE LOVED THIS EXCURSION. This was a perfect outing. The mushers were so nice and informative. We loved meeting the team of dogs and learning all the different personalities. The camp was beautiful. And the puppies.... adorable! we did not want to leave!

Sep 2019 - Aileen M.

We spent a wonderful rainy day in Juneau at the Musher's camp. I only wish we had more time there! I went with a large group (16) which wasn't a problem at all for the people at camp. We were broken into two groups. I only wish more time could have been spent riding with the dogs in the summer sled. I'm not sure the young girls in the group truly got a good understanding of sled dog racing. Don't get me wrong, though! This was the absolute highlight of their entire trip. This was better than absolutely everything else we did together. They loved petting the dogs and playing with the puppies. I would recommend spending lunch time there, too.

Aug 2019 - Albert M.

It was a great way to learn about what it takes to run a dog smear team. We learned about this training grounds for these animals and received information from the time we set foot on the bus.

Aug 2019 - John E F.

This was one of life's great experiences. To see how excited the dogs get when the van arrives and then how they quiet down and are so happy to get moving. It was just a great experience. hear about the Iditarod race as well. Very enlightening experience! thanks for a great time (even though weather could have been better).

Aug 2019 - Paul A.

The camp was a lot of fun and educational. Interaction with the dogs and puppies was a big hit with young and old.

Aug 2019 - Astrid A.

We did this with our 11 year old grandson and enjoyed it greatly!

Aug 2019 - Dennis F.

Outstanding adventure

Jul 2019 - Charlotte J.

Fun, fun, fun! Loved cuddling with puppies!

Jul 2019 - Marlene D.

Loved it. All of it.

Jul 2019 - Deborah T.

We had a great time. Our musher was excellent in giving information and answering questions.

Jul 2019 - Robert S.

Our musher taught us so much about dog sledding, her dogs and life style. Our family of 10 thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jul 2019 - Marie B.

Awesome experience and awesome time! Highly recommend doing this tour. Pick up from cruise port a breeze. Great driver. Small group tour, way better than the cruise ship excursions. Book with this company and you won t be disappointed!

Jul 2019 - Susan B.

The instructors were upbeat & knowledgeable. My children loved playing with the dogs!!

Jul 2019 - Tia B.

We had a fantastic excursion! Ages 43, 10, and 9- everyone enjoyed riding in the cart, petting and hugging the new puppies, and listening to the stories of the dogs and Iditarod. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Jun 2019 - Laura D.

The dogs are always a great experience. Well run and organized tour.

Jun 2019 - Ellen R.

Our experience with this excursion was a highlight of our trip. The camp was very clean with beautiful surroundings. I highly recommend this. We loved seeing the dogs and being able to hold the puppies too.

Jun 2019 - Cassandra L.

We really enjoyed learning about the dogs and the cart ride was fun. You could tell the dogs enjoy pulling. They were so excited when we got there. The puppies were the scene stealers.

Jun 2019 - Anthony S.

The people were friendly and it was a good time

Jun 2019 - Heather C.

This was such a fun wonderful experience. We enjoyed the ride so much and meeting the dogs and puppies was the sweetest. Everyone was very nice and kind. Our musher stopped and took pics of us all which was so sweet. I would do this again for sure!

Jun 2019 - Myrina Meleah A R.

Kids loved it!!

Jun 2019 - MICHELLE S.

Had a great time on this excursion! When we arrived, the dogs were already waiting to go, and so excited! The ride was fun and we stopped halfway through for the dogs to rest a moment and we were able to pet each and everyone if we liked. They all showed us their personalities and our guide explained a lot to us and answered any questions we had! We took off again and enjoyed the ride in and was able to hear about their training and racing in more detail! Then we walked across the swaying bridge for a beautiful view and pictures. The best part was that each of us had a chance to hold a puppy! Super sweet and the mama allowed us to hold her puppies as she knew that they would be returned to her. Fantastic experience and a must do. We joined the excursion in Juneau!

Jun 2019 - Erna L.

Lovely young staff members that work together as a team :)

Jun 2019 - Sharon S.


May 2019 - Michael C.

Fantastic experience you can see that the staff love and care for ther dogs

May 2019 - Jaclyn K.

Enjoyed the experience. Highly recommend this adventure.

Sep 2018 - Philip H.

Enjoyed it, but not sure it was value for money

Sep 2018 - David H.

Well worth the money

Sep 2018 - James M.

Lots of fun seeing the dogs and how the mushers worked together. The sled ride was amazing.

Sep 2018 - Janette R.

Really enjoyed this tour. The people at the Musher's camp were informative and I loved meeting the dogs and puppies.

Sep 2018 - LI T.

What a fun it is to ride in a 16 dogs' cart! Just like promised, we rode a wagon pulled by dogs (fast and exciting), learned about the dogs and their mushers' amazing lives, pat the puppies. Emily and Chasy the mushers are so wonderful and pleasant to be with. So was of our driver (sorry that I forget his name) ~ a very experienced young guy,. We are very impressed with this excursion. Recommend it to everyone, either you love dogs or not that much.

Sep 2018 - Christopher M.

Great tour and so much fun!! The sled ride w/ the dogs was a blast and we loved all the dogs - their energy and friendliness. We loved holding the puppies and meeting the mushers. They were very informative and didn't mind answering all our questions. We did not feel rushed at all.

Sep 2018 - Rebecca P.

Exactly as advertised. Loved the experience and would do it again. The ride was a little rough at times...I loved it but my 70 yer old mother got a little bruised up. PUPPY TIME WAS THE BEST

Aug 2018 - Sandra J.

Amazing! The dogs just as wonderful as I thought they would be and the mushers and handlers were excellent. I learnt so much from them

Aug 2018 - Willa I.

Had a wonderful time

Aug 2018 - Jon K.

Very good bus driver comments on Juneau and points of interest on drive to Musher's Camp. Although the weather was unusually warm, the dogs were eager to run and the musher gave us great running commentary about her team. Afterwards, learning about the Ididerod Race and how the mushers and the Camp work together to keep the dog teams fed and trained through the summer. Would have been a very different experience on a colder, rainy day. Overall an excellent excursion.

Aug 2018 - A'lee W.

Thanks for the excellent time! We really enjoyed the Dog Sled and learning from the Musher.

Aug 2018 - Alison B.

Great time! The whole family loved it!

Jul 2018 - Antonio B.

Great experience, thank you!

Jul 2018 - Joann M.

I took my grandchildren to see the Dogs and my family. Everyone enjoyed the dogs and puppies and the wonderful things we learned about muskers. The owners of the dogs were very patient and really helped us enjoy the experience. Thank you.

Jul 2018 - Carol M.

Exciting to see the dogs and hear the musher's story. Very fun and my daughter enjoyed it and I did too! Recommend it highly.

Jul 2018 - Mariana V.

It was a fun experience, loved the time we had with the puppies. Thank you!

Jul 2018 - Amy N.

The best ever! Gracious, experienced, knowledgeable mushers. Would like more interactions with these wonderful dogs and puppies. My little granddaughter cannot stop talking about them!

Jul 2018 - Melisas M.

All of our tour guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. They helped make the experience amazing!

Jul 2018 - Stacy W.

The entire crew from the bus driver to the mushers were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Jul 2018 - Crystal G.

Wonderful time was a highlight of the day. We had more in our party that wished to do this but was sold out so couldn't all do it. Those that couldn't do it missed a wonderful event.

Jul 2018 - CHRISTINE W.

Beautiful camp, exhilarating ride on the cart, lots of fun snuggling the dogs! Kids loved it!

Jul 2018 - Heidi L.

This excursion was great! The guides were so kind and informative. They had puppies and hot cocoa for us. Who could ask for more?

Jul 2018 - Valerie M.

My 10 year old said this was his most favorite excursion of all! The mushers and camp attendants were so friendly and informative. We learned so much about the history of sled dogs and the Iditarod. And the ride along was so much fun!

Jun 2018 - Robert D.

This was the best. Moments on the sled pull were as thrilling as any park amusement ride, and the folks were great. The pickup point in Juneau was a bit disconcerting, since the place we were to wait was NOT where the van leaves from, so, it was there for quite a while before I started to worry and went looking for it. But, they came looking for us too, so it all worked out. Special BIG thanks for the van driver taking us back to the Cruise ship instead of the pickup point.

Jun 2018 - Michael H.

Everything about this excursion itself was great, although our bus was 20 minutes late due to a miscommunication between the meet and greet person and the bus driver. However, the rest was great. The guide and mushers were very friendly to us and great with the dogs. Interacting with the dogs and puppies was fantastic. We had our doubts doing this excursion in the summer, but it was well worth it.

Jun 2018 - Ann L.

We had a lovely morning, learned a lot. Puppies were adorable and amazing to learn these wonderful dogs are soooo loved

Jun 2018 - Christina B.

Fun was to experience these powerful dogs without having to take a helicopter, brave the cold, or break the bank. My daughter LOVES dogs and was so excited for this excursion. After the sledding, we pet the entire team, had a talk from a Iditarod racer about her equipment and the big Alaska races and then spent a little time meeting the puppies. This all among the trees beside a creek. These animals are well cared for and many have run the Iditarod. It's amazing to see how they respond the their musher and really work as a team. It's done in small groups so you have time for everything and don't feel rushed.

Jun 2018 - Kelvin M.

Wonderful. My favourite excursion. The huskies were adorable.

Jun 2018 - Mike P.

My daughter thought this was the best part of our 2 week vacation. Very awe inspiring and she just fell in love with the dogs and can see herself doing this when she gets older

Jun 2018 - Bradley D.

Fun, worth the trip, good people that love their dogs will show you how it's done. I left wanting to bring one of the dogs home to FL with me.

Jun 2018 - Geraldine D.

Very well done. We liked that this was a true musher camp; loved the training aspect; the puppies and we learned a lot about the very grueling Iditarod!

Jun 2018 - Sheri D.

FANTASTIC! Loved the dogs and our musher was the grandson of the man that started the Iditarod and a veteran of the race himself! The dogs were amazing and very affectionate. Puppies were a bonus! Great fun!

Jun 2018 - Heather M.

Awesome experience, beautiful setting, knowledgeable people. Highly recommend!

Jun 2018 - Melinda T.

We loved this excursion! From the moment we got on the bus our guide was so friendly, telling us all about the port and himself. Once we got to the camp the dogs went nuts they were so excited to give us a ride. Our musher was an expert and told us all about his experiences and his dogs. We loved hearing about the different stories of his dogs in real races. The camp guide then told us all about mushing and the Iditarod and Yukon races. Then we met puppies!! And got to hold them!! We also loved the scenic suspension bridge . It was very pretty over the creek and made for a great picture!

Jun 2018 - Gail B.

Spending time with the mushers and their dogs was very exciting. I learned more about sledding and what it takes to train for races. We were very lucky in getting the grandson of the man who created the Iditarod as our musher. Awesome time!

Jun 2018 - Ken S.

Would give 6 stars if I could Our guide, Kevin, was entertaining and provided great insight as far as sights on the way to the dog camp. Had a wonderful time and the puppies were adorable. Wish we had more time on the tour as it will be a memorable event!

May 2018 - Julio T.

It is nice to see the dogs. What it seems to me is that is a very short ride.

May 2018 - Al F.

We had so much fun with the dogs and mushers. Well done !!!

Oct 2017 - Teresa R.

16 dogs pulling a cart on wheels(no snow), we got an opportunity to then photograph and pet them, then we had cuddles with 6 puppies, hot chocolate, lots of info and saw artifacts from old dog sled mushers. Tour operators picked us up and dropped us off at the cruise shuttle bus car park. Small group tour so no long queues.

Sep 2017 - Martha C.

Great tour! This is exactly what I had expected to do & see & was very pleased with this tour. I had a smile on my face & a giggle or two when the dogs were pulling us on the sled! What an adventure! The added bonus to cuddle with the puppies made the day even more special. Thank you!

Sep 2017 - ARLINE A.

Loved it! Informative and fun. Happy to see the dogs so well treated.

Sep 2017 - Anne L.

It was great fun watching the dogs working (pulling us!) and we appreciated the musher/dog owner talking to us about her path to mushing and about her dogs. We LOVED holding the puppies, and enjoyed learning about the sport and the surrounding rain forest. Well worth the time and money! And, nice to not be cold!

Aug 2017 - Richard G.

Everyone was great...DOGS are the bonus!

Aug 2017 - Kelli N.

This was the highlight of our Alaska vacation! Everyone was so nice to us, and we really enjoyed learning more about the sport and the dogs. We plan to return when we are next in Alaska!

Jul 2017 - Terry B.

The sled dog discovery was my boys favorite part of a two week cruise. I recommended it for anyone that likes dogs.

Jul 2017 - Shannon A.

I booked this excursion for me and my 15 year old son. I have been on 6 cruises to all different places and this has been one of my favorite excursions of all times. The ride from the cruise to the camp was breathtaking. The mushers at the camp were very organized and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

Jul 2017 - S T B.

Fabulous experience

Jul 2017 - Teresa M.

Love the dogs! Our driver loves dogs!

Jul 2017 - Michelle B.

Hands down the best excursion on our trip! We loved the camp and hearing all about how the dogs are trained. The ride was fun and the added bonus of petting newer puppies was really nice. Wonderful experience and great people that work there!

Jul 2017 - Susan L.

What a great day. My granddaughter was so excited to see the puppies and to take a ride on the sled. The time we spent there was informative and fun. the Mushers were very helpful and we learned a lot about the dogs and the life. A special shout out to our driver for taking us back to the ship the long way so we got to see the Mendenhall glacier from across the lake...

Jul 2017 - Erica D.

Very fun to meet all the dogs. Friendly staff.

Jul 2017 - EILEEN P.

Very enjoyable trip worth money

Jul 2017 - Nancy S.

The best for our grandchildren. Everyone was so friendly. Even a little rain didn't stop this experience. They remember this afternoon as one of their favorite in Alaska.

Jun 2017 - Lori W.

This was our favorite excursion of the trip! The guides were amazingly knowledgeable and engaging. Loved the sled ride, meeting the dogs and of course the puppies. Little things like coffee, tea, hot chocolate as well as warm water to wash your hands added to the experience. Thank you!

Jun 2017 - Scott J.

The highlight of our Alaskan Cruise! A must for any Iditarod fan. Very informative adventure. Puppies were so cute.

Jun 2017 - Christopher P.

My family and I really enjoyed our visit to the Juneau Sled Dog Discovery & Musher's Camp. Our shuttle driver/tour guide (Dylan Lewis) was wonderful and provided a great experience both while driving the bus and once we arrived at the site. We learned about the sport of dog sledding and got a chance to meet several mushers and their dogs. Of course, the highlight of the tour was getting the chance to see the dogs in action as they anxiously pulled our wheeled sled around a course at a faster-than-expected pace. We also highly enjoyed the chance to hold and pet several of the five week old sled dog puppies. I would recommend this excursion to anyone who loves dogs!

Jun 2017 - Amy B.

Wonderful and informative tour. We learned a lot, and loved spending time with the puppies. The mushers were welcoming and extremely knowledgeable.

Jun 2017 - Tracy M.

We loved this experience! It was beyond our expectation and so fun for the little one (my 2 1/2 year old son)!

Jun 2017 - Susan L.

We had a great time! Our Musher was super friendly and fun. Took all of our phones and cameras and took candid shots of the pups, very cool. The grounds are a world away but yet just over the bridge onto Douglas Island. You get to learn about the Iditarod Race and of course hold the adorable new puppies, it was a great, educational experience. I need to bring my 2 year old pup up there to train with these dogs. Thanks to everyone, you gals and guys were great!

Jun 2017 - Roseanne B.

this was the highlight of my whole alaska trip. the dogs were great and the lady doing the tour with the dogs was great and our bus driver out and back to the pier was very good. we emjoyed it so much and highly recommend this excursion to everyone. the ship was actually sold out, like a month in advance for this excurison, and looked them up online and worked directly with the tour glad we did and were able to experience the whole adventure. we had our daughter and 13yr old granddaughter with us. everyone just raved about it and what photos and memories we have. thank you to all the dogs and mushers and bus drivers..... (loved holding the puppies and the information part of the tour also,we learned alot)

May 2017 - Char N.

This was such a fun adventure and it was so exciting!! Great scenic views, an amazing sled dog ride and learning about a modern-day musher's camp. Oh, and let's not forget the dogs and puppies!

May 2017 - Joshua R.

We loved it! My little girl fell in love with all the dogs. Really fun

May 2017 - Jo Ann R.

So much fun. Emily was very informative and we enjoyed it immensely despite the cold and rain. The dogs are AMAZING!!! We would definitely do this again if we return to Alaska.

May 2017 - Rebecca L.

It was such a unique and informative experience. Robert and Emily were great! So personable and friendly and the fact that everything they had to offer, they knew first hand made it all the more genuine and awesome! Even despite the rain. Although the campfire and hot cider and adorable puppies TOTALLY helped. Great excursion and a one of a kind experience completely worth it!

Oct 2016 - Elizabeth W.

This was my first time in Alaska, and we were there to celebrate my 30th birthday! Like many other said, even though it was raining, this was still so much fun! It was exactly as expected because I had done my research. You'll see ACTUAL sled dogs rather than what the movies pretend are sled dogs. Our musher was young and is a 3rd generation Iditarod competitor. Because they were closing the camp for the season, our group was literally the last to run. So glad I got to check this off my bucket list!

Sep 2016 - Robin K.

What a wonderful excursion!!! I love dogs and I was so excited to see how well the dogs/puppies are treated. The dogs were barking and barking because all they wanted to do was run!. Then to go on the mushing ride with the dogs was absolutely fabulous - I'd do it again and again!!!

Sep 2016 - Betty F.

Lots of fun being with such excited dogs and their great guides. Very informative in a beautiful setting.

Aug 2016 - Chen S.

great experience

Aug 2016 - Jack G.

What an awesome experience! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. We learned a bunch about the dogs and the Iditarod race. My kids favorite part was holding the puppies at the end. Being a Michigan State alumni, I especially loved the litter named after the MSU dorms.

Aug 2016 - Michele D.

Fantastic tour. Really enjoyed it. Plenty of time to get to know the dogs and puppies. The Mushers were very welcoming and gave us a real insight into their lives.

Aug 2016 - Wendy M.

Wonderful experience with very informative guides who truly love mushing!! Must do!! Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Jun 2016 - Celia T.

We had a great time. Guides were very informative. Ride could have been longer. Enjoyed the puppies

May 2016 - Gillian M.

What a wonderful experience, the dogs were amazing, we especially enjoyed our time with the puppies, excellent tour.

May 2016 - Eileen T.

This was a last minute excursion and ended up being our favorite activity of our Alaska trip. It was great to experience the desire of these dogs to run and learn about the Iditarod. The staff was terrific and the highlight was helping to socialize the new husky puppies. Highly recommend this trip for families.

May 2016 - George T.

One of the highlights of our stay in Juneau!!!

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