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Glacier Point Wilderness Safari Tour

This Glacier Point Wilderness Safari excursion will give you the opportunity to travel through rainforests and fjords while taking in some of Alaska's most impressive scenery. The outstanding sights will range from wildflowers to expansive mountains, and eventually, open up to jaw-dropping views of the Davidson Glacier.

The adventure starts aboard a custom-designed boat able to provide an up-close sightseeing expedition. All along the journey through the deepest fjord in North America, guests with a keen eye may spot seals, whales, and outpouring waterfalls. A naturalist guide will educate guests about the surrounding sights and beautiful landscapes as they pass through.

Upon arriving at the secluded beach at Glacier Point, guests will have a brief, venturous drive over the forested glacial moraines. Once at the base camp, guests will be able to gear up in the provided rubber boots and life jackets. A short quarter-mile stroll into the forest opens up to reveal a stunning view of a crystal clear lake and Davidson Glacier above. A voyager canoe awaits guests here, from which they will enjoy a trip paddling around the lake. Guests treat themselves to up-close glacial views and the impressive Alaskan wilderness while their guide imparts their considerable knowledge of the surrounding wild landscape.

Upon arrival back at the base camp, guests can enjoy a picnic-style lunch along the beach before their return trip via catamaran. A perfect excursion for the family or solo traveler!

Included: Picnic lunch.

Please note: Guests must weigh between 50-350lbs. The minimum age is 7 years old and/or 4'10" in height. Guests must be in good physical condition and able to hike approx. a quarter-mile over natural terrain.

Duration: 5.5-5.75 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal.)


  • Roundtrip transportation
  • Bottled water and boxed lunch
  • Safety jackets and waterproof boots


  • Minimum age: 7 years old and/or 4'10" in height
  • Minimum weight: 50lbs
  • Maximum weight: 350lbs
  • Guests must be in good physical condition and able to hike approximately a 1/4 mile over natural terrain

Duration: 6-6.25 hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • 10 minutes - walk from ship to marina
  • 2.5 hours - total roundtrip boat ride
  • 1 hour - safety talk, gearing up, short hike, and bus ride
  • 1.5 hours - canoe/glacier viewing time
  • 1 hour - transportation back to the beach/picnic lunch 

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets at the end of the pier where your cruise ship is docked. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is not wheelchair or limited mobility accessible.

My cruise ship arrives at 7:00 am, will I be able to make the 7:30 am tour time?

Yes! You will be greeted by our tour guides in front of your cruise ship, who will escort you to the boat ride to Glacier Point.  It is important that you are ready to exit the ship upon arrival in order to have ample time to meet your guides.

What is the seating arrangement in the boat?

Every boat has open seating as well as outside viewing areas when permitted.

Is there an inside seating area on the boat, is it heated?

The interior of the boat is heated when needed due to weather conditions to keep a comfortable environment.

What is the temperature on the water? 

Air temperature can drop as much as 10°F with the wind chill factor when viewing whales outside.

Will I see any wildlife on this tour?

Wildlife is abundant in Southeast Alaska and sightings are possible on any tour, however, this is not a designated wildlife-watching tour and nothing can be guaranteed!

Will I be able to walk on the glacier during this tour?

No. Access has become more challenging as warmer weather has contributed to the glacier's recession and it's not accessible to walk on. 

Are there any age restrictions for children?

Yes. Guests must be at least 7 years old to participate and must weigh between 50-350lbs.

Are there any physical requirements for this tour?

Guests must be in good physical condition and able to hike approximately 1/4 mile natural terrain trail.

Can I bring a backpack?

Backpacks, small bags, and purses are allowed on this tour.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Non-alcoholic beverages in closeable containers and snacks are allowed on tour.

Are food and drink included?

Beverages and lunch are included.

Not seeing answers to your questions?

Check out other frequently asked questions here!

Customer Reviews
Sep 2023 - Michelle G.

Great tour! All made us feel welcomed! Cooper was our guide and he was great! Izzy was good at making us feel comfortable during the bumpy ride, due to weather conditions creating strong waves.

Aug 2023 - Marvin B.

Great the people were awesome...great tour!

Aug 2023 - Carol M.

We thoroughly enjoyed this tour! Our guide Izzie was very knowledgeable and made the boat ride out to the departure point for the glacier tour enjoyable. Seeing the Rainforest was wonderful and canoeing to the delta basin of the Davidson Glacier was an easy stretch. We saw numerous eagles along the boat ride out, and also saw a group of seals up close, on our way back. This is a remote area and we were delighted to experience a bit of Alaska this way.

Aug 2023 - Amy P.

What a magical adventure! From the time we left the dock until the time we returned, everything was super organized and engaging. The staff was knowledgeable and extremely entertaining, making sure everyone had fun. Unlike other excursions, this was an intimate experience that got you away from the tourist traps and deep into the beautiful nature of Alaska.

Jul 2023 - Perry S.

We had a great time on the "Glacier Point Wilderness Safari Tour". The naturalists were very knowledgeable, the boat Captain was experienced and it was a smooth trip. After getting to the glacier the guides were very good and made the trip very enjoyable. Cooper was our Canoe Captain and he was a very good leader.

Jul 2023 - Melissa M.

Our crew of 8 voted this our favorite excursion during our Alaska cruise. This excursion is for those that want to get away from the port of call & see more of what Alaska has to offer. The ports are beautiful but getting to put our feet on a hiking trail in the Alaska wilderness was spectacular!! We were able to see the beautiful emerald waters of the Fjord while on the catamaran, after docking near the Davidson Glacier, we enjoyed a bus ride to our hiking point. We then hiked to a river where we jumped in a canoe & rowed our way to Davidson Glacier. The staff was fun (lots of great stories) & knowledgeable. Lunch was just right & loved that it was at the end of the excursion. The picnic area was breathtaking. Thank you to all the wonderful staff for helping my family enjoy Skagway from multiple viewpoints!

Jun 2023 - Victoria P.

We had great guides for this trip however I feel our expectations were slightly different from the tour we received. Our main disappointment was the catamaran portion of the trip. We understood this to be the "safari" part of the trip ( maybe this is our error) but the catamaran is just a mode of transport to the area of the Glacier for about 1hour 15 each way. The guide was great and pointed out bald eagles and spoke with us about the area but on the last few minutes of the trip, humpbacks were spotted but the boat did not stop or turn to show us them. The humpbacks were in the bay where the boat dropped us off and we were ushered to the lunch area without a view of the water. We were there to wildlife spot as well as see the glacier so we were really disappointed not to be able to take a minute to whale watch as our whale exposure had been extremely limited whilst we were in Alaska so was excited to see them. I wasn't expecting to get super close to the glacier but i was still surprised by how far back we were. We were even told we were lucky to get as close as we did as apparently they often do not get as far up. The Glacier itself was not as impressive as some of the others we had seen on our trip although still nice to see. The weather took a turn for our return journey so we could not see much at all and the boat was all steamed up and filled with condensation so the limited visibility we did have was non existent. The tour staff passed around a window wiper and were trying their best but the return journey was very long and boring with nothing to see. Again, the guides were great, overall we had a nice day but unsure I would recommend the trip to others given the length of time this tour takes and what you get out of it.

Sep 2022 - Lindsay J.

Don't miss this tour! It was exceptional, we did this with our 2 children who are 10 & 12 and they loved it. It was such an adventure.

Jul 2022 - Carol S.

An awesome day by boat, bus, hiking and canoe with fun guides. The scenery is amazing getting as close as possible to a glacier.

Jul 2022 - STACY M.

We had a wonderful time on this excursion. The naturalists were amazing. We learned a lot.

Jul 2022 - Linda C.

Beautiful cruise and very friendly crew. Informative and fun!!

Sep 2019 - Jessica F.

What a breathtaking excursion. We had Max as our tour guide and he was very personable, patient and explained everything. There was a boat ride that took us to the forest, the bus drive within the forest, hiking and canoeing all of it was exciting and a lifetime experience. The Davidson's Glacier was refreshing (literally). We got a chance to see some orcas on our way back and our captain (forgot her name) stopped so we could take pictures and videos of them. The WHOLE crew and the excursion was amazing and I would do it all over again. Thank you

Aug 2019 - Kathy C.

This tour was a lot of fun. Canoeing and hiking to the glacier were really enjoyable. Staff was excellent and enjoyed the lunch.

Aug 2019 - David G.

This tour exceed our expectations, the guides Zack, Emily & Max very knowledgeable. We were so lucky to be blessed with perfect weather which made this excursion 100% worthwhile.

Aug 2019 - MELINDA S.

Great excursion and guide was awesome. He tried hard to get us close as possible to the glacier. Would recommend this excursion.

Aug 2019 - Maryann D.

What an experience -we were so glad we went! I would highly recommend this to everyone- :)

Jul 2019 - Brad F.

Well organised, a highlight of our Alaskan tour. Cruise on calm Davidson Lake, lunch was good, drive through the old forest with commentary, walk through forest to the canoes, 10 in each, walk over stone beach & creek to the glacier. Zac outstanding commentary on the lake, great personality! Steve, the boat pilot & Max our guide on the canoe all professional & friendly.

Jul 2019 - Mary Ann W.

This tour was very much the highlight of our trip. The guides were knowledgeable and friendly. I was amazing to be that close to the glacier.

Jul 2019 - Dahlia W.

All of the tour guide were very informative and professional. They re very passionate of what they do. The excursion was excellent!

Jul 2019 - Diego R.

I highly recommend this tour! I won't use adjectives because, at this point, words like "amazing" or "awesome" are just meaningless. In the fjord we saw bald eagles and humpback whales. We really enjoyed the scenery, the tree lined fjord walls, the waterfalls and the glaciers everywhere. After a brief lunch, we were geared with boots and life vests (they also have ponchos for the rain but we did not need them), and then we canoed upstream along the river formed by the melting glacier's freezing waters (we paddled a bit, but the canoes had motor and we used them most of the time). Our anticipation grew as we saw the glacier getting bigger, feeling it closer. We then continued on foot as close as we could to where the glacier melts and the river begins. A cool wind pushed us back a bit, like telling us not to get any closer. Let me just say that we all stayed there as long as we could, staring at the ice and the water, enjoying the sounds, the blue color of the ice, the cold wind on our skins ... a feast for the senses. Nobody seemed to be getting enough of that place. I am certain I have to go back! Our expert guides, who have seen this several times per day all summer long were as excited as we were. The experiences of getting there and being there are indescribable and neither words nor pictures can do them justice. So, if you have the chance, go for it. You will form memories that you'll enjoy for a long time.

Jul 2019 - Carla C.

Because of your picture on the website, we were under the impression that we would get to walk on the glacier and that didn't happen. HOWEVER, we still had a great time and the crew that was in charge of our excursion was AWESOME!!!

Jul 2019 - Andrea R.

Shelby was an awesome guide!!! She was very formidable and gave clear, easy to follow instructions about the canoe plus let us know what to expect. She gave our group props for our rowing abilities and told us we were her best group yet! Everyone seemed very passionate about their job and you could tell they all appreciate nature and it's raw beauty. Wish we could have rowed the canoe a bit more but...the current prevents you from doing so. Also hoped to have been able to walk closer to the actual glacier but seeing calving occur, it's understandable that being too close is a safety issue!

Jul 2019 - Kimberly P.

The people were FANTASTIC and the experience was one of a kind!!!

Jul 2019 - Katherine M.

We really enjoyed this excursion, but the description and pictures are a bit misleading. There is absolutely no chance of walking on the glacier. It has receded quite a bit from what is shown in the advertising pictures. You should update the description, pictures and frequently asked questions. I would still recommend this excursion, just need to adjust your expectations.

Jun 2019 - Rachael L.

Great experience!

Jun 2019 - Charles G.

Was a great day with great people boat ride was fantastic, we saw seals, whales, eagles, and beautiful waterfalls. Once we beached we had a great lunch, and ride through the forest, then a paddle to the glaciers. All the guides were great and so knowledgeable about everything. The boat captain and her mate were also super great

Jun 2019 - Ruth S.

The Glacier Point Wilderness Safari Tour was everything we hoped it would be. A variety of activities in the most beautiful surroundings. Our tour guides were amazing. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We highly recommend this tour!

Jun 2019 - Alice M.

The tour is very fun and great experience. The only regret is got bitten by mosquito. We got bitten and swollen the next day.

Jun 2019 - Roz D.

This was terrific and so worth doing.

Jun 2019 - Jacqueline S.

Fun and knowledgeable guides. A bit disappointed we couldn't get closer to the glacier. Otherwise we had a terrific time.

Sep 2018 - Philip H.

Had a great time, but would have liked to get closer tot he Glacier.

Sep 2018 - Paula G.

Even if you are old and out of shape you CAN do this! Boat ride, bus ride, outdoor privvy, hike through rolling hillside, canoe with a motor;). Everything provided for you to get as close as possible to the glacier.

Sep 2018 - Maree B.

Just magical. Incredibly knowledgeable & funny guides who made the experience completely memorable.

Sep 2018 - Corey M.

We were extremely disappointed that we did not get to see the glacier up close because the guides were worried that we may get a foot wet. We had to see it from far away which we could of done on our cruise. We feel there should be some sort of temporary bridge that can be brought for times like these. The canoe ride itself was very short as well. We felt the cost was way too much for what was actually offered.

Sep 2018 - Pravina P.

Very good-wished we could have been able to reach the glacier and touch the ice, boat pulled up across the riverside and guide said we were not able to cross the water-so a little disappointed.

Aug 2018 - Tony G.

Great people and a bucket list experience.

Aug 2018 - Esther C.

This excursion was great. Very exciting and to see the glaciers was amazing

Aug 2018 - Frances R.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. It started with a one hour boat ride to the island where we canoed up to the Davidson glacier area. Then we walked to the glacier in our provided waterproof boots. It was a fun day. We stopped at a waterfall on our boat ride back to Skagway.

Aug 2018 - Darin K.

Excellent experience. The guides were amazing and the scenery was unbelievable. We had a wonderful time. I highly recommend this excursion.

Jul 2018 - Charity G.

Awesome experience. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this company and excursion. Thank you Alaska Shore Excursions for making our families vacation PERFECT!!!!

Jul 2018 - EIleen M.

This was a fabulous excursion! An amazing way to experience a glacier up close without having to get on a helicopter! The naturalist was excellent (and fun) and we got to see a lot of wildlife as a bonus. I would highly recommend!

Jul 2018 - Phyllis F.

Jukebox was the BEST "captain of the ship". We also met some very nice people from NM. Although we couldn't actually walk on the glacier, it was close enough. We enjoyed our trip very much. Thanks for all your professional staff members. Very efficient, knowledgable and friendly.

Jul 2018 - Denise L.

Amazing views, great canoe ride experience. Glaciers were fantastic.

Jul 2018 - Earl U.

As expected. Wonderful to get close to the glacier even though we could not walk on it due to the warmth of the day.

Jul 2018 - Dawn P.

Really enjoyed our guides. They were full of Information, pleasant to be around. And the views were incredible!!!

Jul 2018 - Rick G.

We really enjoyed this trip. Good guides. Fun, and a closeup look at a glacier. Canoe part was very simple.

Jul 2018 - Erica L.

This was great! The boat ride to the island was longer than expected, but when we got to the island it was worth the wait. My family really enjoyed canoeing to the glacier. My 11 year old daughter asked about the glacier and ice and the tour guide was nice enough to bring over a piece of ice that had fallen off the glacier into the water to her and explained to her about the density of the water. They also explained the geology of the area as well. Lunch was just ok. Fruit or fruit cups would have been a nice addition. Be sure to bring mosquito spray!

Jul 2018 - Chris M.

We had a blast on this excursion. The boat ride from the dock was awesome, you actually see quite a bit from waterfalls to wildlife. Then you get to the beach where you get on a bus to pick up your canoe gear. I short hike through the rainforest and we got to the canoe. It was a fun paddle to to the glacier. We got to get off the canoe and take a short hike to the glacier, which was awesome. The tour guides were fun too. You can tell they really enjoy what they do. I highly recommend this trip.

Jul 2018 - Carol S.

we really enjoyed this trip. our two guides on the boat were knowledgeable and enthusiastic.We learnt such a lot from them and valued their commitment to ensuring we had the best time possible. Thank you

Jun 2018 - Deanna L.

What an amazing trip! We felt like we really got to experience Alaska from a different point of view. The staff was informative and entertaining and are passionate about what they do. Best excursion of the cruise.

Jun 2018 - Heather K.

This was a once in a lifetime experience. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable guides! My whole family enjoyed this day! We saw waterfalls, bald eagles, seals, brown bears and of course Davidson Glacier! You don't get an idea of scale until you stand at the base. I can't say enough!

Jun 2018 - Terence W.

We had a fantastic time on this trip and would recommend this tour to everyone. We got incredible pictures while on this tour. We took the 7:30AM tour after arriving on a Royal Caribbean cruise. The guides met us at the end of the pier that our cruise ship docked at. We rode a boat in the open water for 45-60min, then were taken by school bus to a site to pick up our canoeing gear (paddles, life vests). We then canoed across a lake (mostly powered by an outboard motor). Then we had to hike the last quarter mile to the base of the glacier. We had lots of time to take pictures (and we got incredible pictures) and our guide (Rachel) had lots of interesting information to tell us about the area and the glacier. Then we turned around and did the trip in reverse. On the way back, the waves were quite rough (we heard that all of the rest of the tours for that day were cancelled for this reason). But it was totally worth it and we had a great time.

Jun 2018 - Mike P.

Great visual experience. All members of my family thought it was well worth the time and would do it again.

Jun 2018 - Kenneth P.

Had a wonderful time. All of the staff were helpful, pleasant, knowledgeable and entertaining. The landscape was amazing. It was wonderful to be able to get that close to a glacier. Everyone goes above and beyond to make sure your tour is one to remember.

Jun 2018 - Karen S.

What a great adventure this dream of getting up close to a glacier came true - thanks to a great on site staff and cooperative weather and glacier conditions. Catamaran ride to Glacier Point was quite a wild adventure on somewhat choppy water - fun - but not for the easily sea sick! We had lunch upon arrival...the sandwich was very basic - but served it's purpose. Short beautiful hike to canoes. We paddled for a little while but the motor on the canoe did the lion's share of the work getting us up on the beach in front of the glacier. The walk to the glacier was awesome, however, could be challenging to anyone who is not sure the glacial rock covering the beach made for some tricky walking for about a half mile. Our canoe guide Connor was knowledgeable and informative as we made out way to the front of the glacier. Kudos to the guide staff at Glacier Point for providing a great experience.

Jun 2018 - William K.

This is one of those "highlight" trips you will remember forever. A bit of exertion involved... think walking thru a rain forest and paddling a canoe for just a bit, but the reward of standing at the foot of a glacier is well worth it. Staff is wonderful and fun, and this is a truly memorable event in your travel to Alaska. Don't miss it!

Jun 2018 - Gina D.

Had an awesome time. The guides were very nice and enthusiastic. I highly recommend this excursion.

Jun 2018 - William L.

This was a well organized tour. The young tour guides were very personable and informative. Particularly enjoyed Callie's personality. We were able to walk along the glacial moraine to within about 200 yards of the Davidson Glacier. The only disappointment was that we were not allowed to walk up closer to the foot of the glacier. The guides reminded us that Alaska was subject to earthquakes and that landslides could occur. While I understand this safety precaution in today's lawsuit happy world, I wish it had been more of a "proceed at your own risk" warning. One of the guides mentioned that they had an amazing experience sitting on the glacier and reading a book. If they could choose to take the risk, I would have liked the opportunity to make that choice for myself.

May 2018 - Gregory F.

The entire experience was great. Our naturalist, Tex, and our boat captain were very informative, accommodating, and fun to be around. Our canoe guide was also very good. I'd do it again. The only suggestion I have is that the picture should be updated on the site as the glacier doesn't come down to the land any longer.

May 2018 - Patricia M.

Great adventure. Guides were super friendly and very knowledgeable! Great time!!

Oct 2017 - Joanne T.

Excellent and informative tour with great viewing of the glacier. Well organized, comfortable transportation, easy pace, and personable tour crew. Enjoyable lunch on the beach. Worth every moment and dollar!

Sep 2017 - Ronni P.

This was a fun excursion! I like to say it was like going to "grandmother's house" beause you have to go "over the river and through the woods". There's a little bit of everything involved....walking/hiking, canoeing, bus and more. Getting close to the glacier is fabulous!! The guides are fun and interesting.

Sep 2017 - Thomas H.

To see the glacier so close was AWESOME. However, equipment, paddles, rain gear, etc. was in terrible condition and really needs to be replaced. One size raingear, to fit all, simply doesn't work. My partner, who is short, struggled to even walk as everything was too large. invest in some new equipment and you would have a 5 star excursion. Needed more help to help guests even understand and get into the gear.

Aug 2017 - Jonathan L.

Great trip, great guides

Aug 2017 - Mary A.

We had 13 people on this excursion. It was a well organized. Scenery was beautiful. Guides were top notch from boat trip over there (Connor and Bud) to men who stay out there- (Kevin and Nick) canoe experience. All 10 young adults and teenagers enjoyed the trip. Would highly recommend.

Jul 2017 - Deborah G.

Our naturalist guide on the boat portion was extremely knowledgeable of the area The canoe guides were lots of fun. They made the hike and canoe portion of the trip extremely enjoyable. They were also very knowledgeable about the area, glacier, and environment. I felt very comfortable in the hands of all our guides. One of the best excursion I took

Jul 2017 - Drew P.

A wonderful experience in this remote area. Excellent guides who obviously have a great love and knowledge of the area. It was over and above our expectations.

Jul 2017 - Emily S.

While the guides were very nice, we didn't feel that the trip to see the glacier from afar was worth the 9 per person fee.

Jul 2017 - Evelyn A.

5 stars highlight of our Alaska vacation

Jul 2017 - Daniel B.

Highly recommend. So much fun!!

Jul 2017 - Tammy T.

Awesome excursion and well worth the price. All guides from the boat captain to the naturalist on board to the wilderness guides were expert and very professional. We were unable to walk on the glacier due to a crack that was determined unsafe.

Jul 2017 - Marlene M.

Absolutely a must! Got up close to the glacier with breathtaking views. Be prepared for a hike on uneven terrain.

Jul 2017 - Sandra G.

We absolutely loved this excursion! It is hard to say what we loved most - the glacier, the canoe ride, the bear sightings or the guides. The men who live out there and take you through the forest and to the glacier were great. Our guide, Wiley, was the best!! We saw sea lions on the ride to and from the excursion - not a few, but dozens! The hike through the forest is beautiful, and not difficult at all. The canoe ride is relaxing and the guide provides great information. We were lucky enough to see not one, but two different bears! We even saw one of them on our way to the glacier, and then he peeked out on our way back as well. The glacier is just huge and amazing! We would highly recommend this excursion!!

Jul 2017 - Stephen B.

This was our favorite excursion of our entire trip! From the tour guides to the boat captain, everyone was professional and helpful. The trip itself was a memory of a lifetime. A must do!

Jul 2017 - Nicholas R.

This was a trip of a lifetime. The naturalist were so knowledgable and funny which made the tour even more fun. Kevin was our canoe guide and he was awesome. The boat ride in was definitely one to remember. Max was our boat guide who was so fun. The glacier was amazing. Definitely recommend this trip.

Jul 2017 - Huiya L.

This tour is amazing. We got to see the rain forest, the mountains covered by snows, wild flowers, the lake made by the melting glacier, and, of course the glacier. This is really a nicely designed tour. And all the tour guides are super helpful and nice. Our guide Kevin has a great sense of humor, did a great job telling us all the stories about the places we visited, and also took good photos, too. I can't recommend this tour enough.

Jul 2017 - ALICIA C.

We had a hassle-free time in registering for the tour. with AK Shore Excursion. Staffs were very prompt, helpful, & responsive. My group of 9 pax (with a 10 year old as the youngest) had a very great time (a welcome change from on board cruise) on our 6/22/17 excursion-from boat trips with Elise/Connor & bus/canoe with Sean/Nick. Guides were very knowledgeable, humorous, friendly and kind. Thank you, guys! You were one of the lasting memories on our first Alaska trip. Best & more power!

Jun 2017 - Kristin P.

Awesome experience of being able to see a glacier close up. Awesome scenery and the guides were very knowledgeable and made the whole experience unforgettable.

Jun 2017 - Steve F.

This was a great option for our family! Great Guides!

Jun 2017 - Deborah T.

This excursion was amazing! We had a perfect day and we were able to walk up to the glacier, touch it and drink water from it! Our guides were great, especially Alton! Trip of a lifetime!! We were not disappointed

Jun 2017 - Mary O.

This was by far the best excursion we did in Alaska. Our guides were amazing. If you only pick one excursion to do, make sure it's this one.

Jun 2017 - JoAnna R.

The guides we had were knowledgeable and friendly.

Jun 2017 - Edwin P.

This was awesome!

Jun 2017 - Janina R.

Awesome excursion. Definitely worth the money. We were lucky and were able to walk on the Glacier. The guides were extremely nice and knowledgeable.

May 2017 - Julie W.

We enjoyed our excursion as it had a variety of parts to it. First the speedy boat ride with interesting commentary and sights, then meeting the young guys who live in the wilderness to conduct the kayaking. You are well fitted out with rubber boots and life jackets, before getting into large kayaks. Be prepared to do some paddling for at least 30 minutes each way. We got to within 100metres of the glacier due to conditions on the day. We were impressed with the enthusiasm all the people had for what they do and how they care for the environment there. A great experience.

May 2017 - Katarzyna Z.

Excellent tour! Guides were super friendly and very knowledgeable. My family had a lot of fun during this tour. Highly recommended! On the boat, on the way to the destination, we saw so many sea lions and one whale! Amazing tour!

May 2017 - Margaret W.

Really enjoyed this tour and had great guides.

May 2017 - Christoph M.

Great experience in the early season - the entire trip was perfectly organized: meet at the cruise ship terminal, bus shuttle to the boat, transfer to the island by boat, bus shuttle though the forest, put on rain gear, walk though forest, approx. 1,5 hrs of canoeing in front of a gorgeous glacier - a real highlight of the whole Alaska cruise, walk back, get rid of rain gear, snack and finally transfer back by boat (1 hr) - always accompanied by useful facts and interesting discussions with the entire crew. The guys living in the camp for moths totally isolated from civilization were awesome - maybe that would change towards the end of the season :-) If you're looking for something unique in a pleasant atmosphere with interesting people you should definitely go with these guys.

May 2017 - James S.

My fianc

May 2017 - Robert L.

Well organized tour and excellent staff at every phase of the tour. We really enjoyed the canoeing and short hike. The long boat ride to get to the camp was well worth it! Saw much more up close than on the cruise ship. Very knowledgeable and experienced staff. Recommend tour for those who want to get up close and personal with a Glacier!

Mar 2017 - Dustan H.

Of all the excursions we did, this was our favorite! A small boat took us from the port to Glacier Point, about an hour away. Captain Dan took the opportunity to make a couple of stops to allow us to get up close views of some sea lions and a humpback whale. Elyse, our naturalist, did a great job of describing the local wildlife and geography. At Glacier Point, my wife and I were in a group led by Sarah, our guide. Sarah was so much fun! We really enjoyed her group! She took us in a canoe out to Davidson Glacier. It was a nice float and then walk to the glacier and the views here were breathtaking. This is a must-do excursion!

Sep 2016 - James S.

The most worth while Excursion. The staff from pick up to dock, Boat to shore and out into the wilderness are TOP NOTCH !!! Back to nature, face to face with a gazillion year old Glacier. Knowledgeable guides at every turn. The group my wife and I where a part of was small ( 10 People) This was so lucky. More one on one time with guides, No pushing or hurrying. LOVED IT !!!!!

Sep 2016 - Dave W.

We can not enough awesome things about this excursion! The crew and experience were amazing. The crew living in the woods next to the Davison Glacier were so knowledgable and friendly. They went above and beyond to ensure that each person on the tour got the personal attention and received full knowledge of the area and glacier. Matt and Kevin were awesome! We talked to them the whole time and they were so cool and interesting to talk too! I have been talking to everyone about this excursion and that they need to contact your company before going with the cruise line. Keep up the great work and please make sure to recognize ALL of the crew for a job well done!

Aug 2016 - A. David M.

Guides were great. Up close view of a beautiful glacier.

Aug 2016 - Jessica R.

An adventure not to be missed! Incredible breathtaking views at all times of this excursion and guides who make sure that you have a great experience.

Aug 2016 - Ferrall L.

Loved getting up close view of the glacier.

Aug 2016 - Anne N.

An enjoyable day. Something different from the typical excursion. We were met at the ship and taken to a ferry. The ferry ride was a little over an hour. When we arrived on the point, they provided sandwiches and water. Then outfitted with rain gear and rubber boots. (There is a short walk on uneven surfaces, so anyone with walking issues would have a difficult time) Getting up close to the glacier was wonderful. The guides were knowledgable and loved what they were doing.

Aug 2016 - Jana P.

There was some confusion at the beginning with the number of people so we were late leaving, but once underway, had a great time. The guides for the canoeing were fantastic and the trek up to the glacier was amazing. Didn't see any wildlife, but the glacier was beautiful.

Aug 2016 - Michelle B.

This was the highlight of our trip. Words cannot describe the pristine beauty of nature that is just breath taking. The walk from the beach to the glacier is a little tough (I've had 2 knee replacements ) but the guides don't rush you and we're really helpful to an elderly woman on our tour who was having a hard time. The glacier is breath beautiful in the sun and if that's not enough, turn around and the views for 360 degrees are more beautiful than words can describe.

Jul 2016 - Ken B.

Excellent, particularly because of the enthusiasm of the live on site tour guides but you never get full marks as there is always room for improvement - the lunch?

Jun 2016 - Christine E.

This is one of three excursions we went on with this group. Everyone was fantastic! The guides were extremely knowledgeable of the area and lots of fun. I have taken a number of cruises and this was by far my favorite group. It was all about the Alaska. It was amazing!

May 2016 - Gregg A.

Guides were fun and very informative

May 2016 - Kevin J.

Wonderful experience and highly recommended. All of the guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and the whole experience was unforgettable.

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BEST PRICE Guarantee!

Duration: 5.5-5.75 hours

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Adult (12+): $241.00

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