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Skagway White Pass Railroad Summit Excursion & Train Tour

The Skagway White Pass Railroad Summit Excursion is our most popular Skagway excursion! Take an unforgettable journey aboard the "Scenic Railway of the World" to the White Pass summit. Begin your excursion as you board the train in Skagway and travel 20 miles from tidewater, to the Summit of the White Pass - a 2,865-foot elevation! Every passenger enjoys vast canyon views and complimentary bottled water throughout the fully narrated tour.

On this Skagway train tour, relax in vintage passenger coaches as you retrace the original route to the White Pass summit, passing Bridal Veil Falls, Inspiration Point, and Dead Horse Gulch. Enjoy a breathtaking panorama of mountains, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, tunnels, trestles, and historic sites along the White Pass Railroad. See the original Klondike Trail of 1898 worn into the rocks, a permanent tribute to the thousands of souls who passed this way in search of fortune.

Included: Bottled water.

Please note: Passports are NOT required for this tour. Passenger coaches are heated and are equipped with restrooms. Please specify if you are traveling with a wheelchair. There is a short walk to the meeting location - a shuttle is available to take for an additional price paid to shuttle driver day-of. Child price for ages 3-12.

How long is the White Pass train ride?
The Skagway White Pass Railroad Summit Excursion & Train Tour is 2.75 hours round trip from the Skagway cruise terminal. It includes a 20 mile train traide from the tidewater to the Summit of the White Pass.

Is the White Pass train ride worth it?
Yes! The White Pass train ride is our most popular Skagway excursion. Adults and children of all ages enjoy the scenic panorama of mountains, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls and historic sites.

Where does the White Pass railroad go?
The White Pass railroad tour travels 20 miles, from the tidewater in Skagway to the Summit of the White Pass.

Do I need a passport for the White Pass Railroad?
The White Pass railroad tour travels 20 miles, from the tidewater in Skagway to the Summit of the White Pass. You do not need a passport for the Skagway White Pass Railroad Summit Excursion & Train Tour but you do need a passport for the Skagway Bennett Scenic Railroad Journey Train Tour.

Does the White Pass Train cross the border into Canada?
All White Pass railroad tours travel into Canada, but not all of them require a passport. On the Skagway White Pass Railroad Summit Excursion & Train Tour you cross into Canada but do not get off the train so you do not need a passport.

Duration: 2.75 hours (Roundtrip from downtown Skagway.)


  • Bottled water

Duration: 2.75 hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • 2.75 hours - roundtrip scenic train trip to White Pass Summit

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets at the Skagway Train Depot. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • All Summit Excursion trains are wheelchair accessible. However, space is limited in lift-equipped cars. An optional shuttle, the Skagway Municipal and Regional Transit (SMART Bus) is available to take guests to/from the docks to the Train Depot for an additional fee on the day of the tour. 

Do I need a passport for this tour? 

No, a valid passport is not required for this tour. 

Does the train travel the entire way to the Summit?

The Summit Train is traveling the entire way to the Summit. Bridge construction was completed in early April 2022.

How close is the meetup location? 

There is a short walk to the meetup location. Guests have the option to purchase tickets for the Skagway Municipal and Regional Transit (SMART Bus)

Will I be able to exit the train during the tour?

No, although you will be entering Canada on this tour you will not be permitted to exit the train until it returns to Skagway.

Are there restrooms on the train?

Yes, each train car is equipped with a restroom.

Is this tour a train ride in both directions?

Yes, this tour is a scenic train trip up and down the mountain pass.

What is the seating arrangement on the train?

Each rail car holds approximately 43 passengers. We do not assign seats, passengers will be instructed by the Station Master which train car they are welcome to board. Once on the assigned car, passengers are free to choose any seat available. Passengers will not be given their car assignment until the day of travel when they meet with the Station Master.

Are there any physical requirements for this tour?

Guests must be able to climb steps into the train and bus. This tour has limited wheelchair accesible seating available upon request.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Layered clothing is recommended, it is possible for slight temperature drops due to elevation however the train cars are heated.

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Can I bring a backpack?

Backpacks, small bags, and purses are allowed on this tour.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Non-alcoholic beverages in a closeable containters and snacks are allowed on tour.

Are food and drinks included?

Bottled water is included.

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Customer Reviews
May 2022 - Cherie W.

This was by far my FAVORITE excursion. The train ride was beautiful, the scenery was exceptional. We had a great time, I highly recommend this excursion.

May 2022 - Rand N.

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The commentary was helpful, the ride was as comfortable as possible, the cabin was warm enough, and the scenery was spectacular! While early in the season, everything was well prepared and seamless for us. It was well worth the time and expense. Thanks!

May 2022 - Shane F.

Beautiful and relaxing train ride to the summit. I'm happy we did the 3 hr tour and not the full day. 3 hrs is just the right amount of time. The scenery was gorgeous and stunning views. Seats were fairly comfortable.

May 2022 - Avery H.

Was a fun trip and great views. The view would have been nicer had the clouds not been as low but that s not the excursions fault. I loved having a map on my ticket to find the building.

May 2022 - Jodi B.

This is my second ride on the White Pass. The first was over 15 years ago. We were not able to get to the top due to snow conditions but the ride is still amazing. I would recommend that they make sure that all passengers can hear the commentary on the way up. Our car had some excessive noise and they gentleman who was talking was very quiet so we were unable to hear what he was saying. As I stated I have done this before so I was able to tell my friend some of the cool facts but wish she could have heard more.

Oct 2021 - Lori H.

The views along the route were amazing! Also learned some history along the way. I highly recommend this excursion!

Oct 2021 - Susan M.

Loved this tour! The scenery was beautiful, the ride was fun, and the narration during the trip was most interesting and entertaining. Great trip!

Oct 2021 - Beverly L.

Thank you so much for recommending such an awesome tour and for also making the date change for us when our ship had to change the arrival date. We had a fantastic time and my son was able to see snow. The tour was very informative and I would definitely do this again and recommend it to everyone. Awesome staff at Alaska Shore Excursions.

Sep 2021 - Nadegda N.

It was great and informative excursion

Sep 2021 - Marcus M.

This was by far the my favorite excursion on my Alaskan cruise. The scenery going up the mountain was nothing less than spectacular. While in Skagway this is a must do!!!!

Sep 2021 - Kathleen G.

Best tour ever. Wish we were there once the renovations were completed, but wonderful excursion. Train car was beautiful and very comfortable. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Views were amazing !!! We lucked out with a day of bright sunshine which added to the fabulous experience.

Sep 2021 - Nettie H.

Alaska Shore Excursions staff was very professional, prompt in answering emails, and gave up to date information as required. I will always check this company first to book my excursions.

Sep 2021 - Nettie H.

Alaska Shore Excursions staff was very professional, prompt in answering emails, and gave up to date information as required. I will always check this company first to book my excursions.

Sep 2021 - Jeffrey B.

Tour was good. Beautiful scenery.

Sep 2021 - Tabitha C.

We loved it

Sep 2021 - Janice M.

I loved the scenery. I thought the train was pretty smooth.

Sep 2021 - Guy L.

Learned a lot of history. The conductor was super nice.

Sep 2021 - Chaoning G.

Excellent experience

Sep 2021 - Jodi I.

The train was great! The crew and staff were knowledgeable and fun! Thank you for a great experience!

Sep 2021 - Martha L.

Informative with beautiful scenery.

Sep 2021 - Mirjami H.

Very informative short round trip up to White Pass. I will highly recommend it, if you have a couple of hours extra time in Skagway. Amazing views along the way.

Aug 2021 - Nancy J.

Had a great train ride with lots of beauty to behold and wonderful tour guides on each coach.

Aug 2021 - Dean S.

It was nice

Aug 2021 - Sigal D.

Wonderful view

Aug 2021 - Ann S.

The staff was fabulous, the train ride wonderful, the narration incredible, and the scenery beyond amazing! There were surprises along the way, such as a tombstone in the woods, but it was a trip that I want to go again and again!!!

Aug 2021 - Sheila T.

We just loved the Skagway White Pass Railroad Summit Excursion & Train Tour. Our engineer was extremely knowledgeable about all the sites that he pointed out to us. This was one of the best excursions we have taken. A must take tour!

Oct 2019 - Shannon H.

The views and spoken history on this excursion was second to none. Highly recommend

Oct 2019 - Lisa O.


Oct 2019 - Becky B.

Great trip with lots of photo ops just beware of fogged windows

Oct 2019 - Marjorie D.

Excellent trip depicting route used buy earlier pioneers wanting to pan gold. Informative with breathtaking scenery.

Oct 2019 - Magdel V.

It is a stunning trip, all was well organised, the tour guides very informative and quirky and the fact that the confirmation stated not to take the trains at the docks where we disembarked was very helpful else there would have been a lot of confusion. Also that it states that a passport is not necessary.

Oct 2019 - Calvin R.

Beautiful scenery. This train tour is a "must" if you want to see majestic mountains,and learn some gold rush history.

Oct 2019 - Barbara P.

A great experience!

Oct 2019 - Martin M.

Loved being able to move about and go outside while the train was in transit.

Oct 2019 - Norma K.

Another fabulous excursion. Highly recommended. Unfortunately, Our guide was losing her voice which affected the amount she spoke. Even so, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip

Oct 2019 - Alperdis K.

This was an awesome experience with very picturesque views! I learned a lot about the history of the Klondike Gold Rush and perils faced by the travelers on their journey! The staff was excellent and professional! I would certainly recommend this excursion to anyone looking to take in amazing views and get a history lesson surrounding the city!

Oct 2019 - John F.

This was a must see tour! Everything went very smoothly, and you could tell that the staff enjoyed their work. Not only were the people great, the scenery was stunning, lots of great pictures!

Oct 2019 - Beth K.

Best excursion of our Alaskan vacation. Allowed us to step back in time.

Oct 2019 - Gloria K.

Would like to have commentary on the outside of the train car also.

Oct 2019 - Sara S.

Fantastic trip, great views. A definite must do if you are in Skagway

Sep 2019 - Elaine B.

A highlight of our trip, this excursion was fun and informative.

Sep 2019 - Shanelle B.

Learned so much about the gold rush and how difficult it was for the men and women to work so hard to build the train tracks. It was such a beautiful ride and such a sad story. Grateful for all those that worked so hard to make this ride available.

Sep 2019 - Catherine N.

Very scenic

Sep 2019 - Simon D.

Excellent excursion - although it was mainly self-directed. It is an amazing train journey and well worth doing.

Sep 2019 - Barbara L.

Nice trip to the top of the pass. The staff was very friendly. Unfortunately it was pretty foggy so we didn't see as much as we would have on a clear day. Still a good excursion.

Sep 2019 - Anne V.

This is a great excursion in port. There is no walking involved so it is very doable for everyone. The views are awesome.

Sep 2019 - Patricia S G.

Good trip, unfortunately it was raining and got cloudy on the way back but very interesting with good views!

Sep 2019 - Adam R.


Sep 2019 - Irina A.

Nature is beautiful, guides are knowledgeable. Fun 2 hour ride into the past

Sep 2019 - Mark M.

Had a very good time. Employees were friendly and had good knowledge of the area. Got lucky on the weather and views were great. I observed an employee give a challenged visitor a railroad hat. So that made my day too.

Sep 2019 - Rachelle W.

Loved the train excursion. Super cool & very enlightening. Learned a lot & loved this experience.

Sep 2019 - Mary G.

We enjoyed a comfortable and scenic ride with good explanations of what we were seeing. We gained a first hand sense of what the gold rush was like. It was very helpful to be told that a photo op was coming up.

Sep 2019 - Telester T.

I enjoyed the watching and learning about the history of making the railroad. I heard about the gold miners, I wonder if there is still gold in the waters.

Sep 2019 - Jon H.

Kids liked this - I missed this train ride to do horseback riding and I regret it. But husband said it was just OK. I think there would be a lot more to see on the train than where we went riding.

Sep 2019 - Vilma M.

Staff friendly but lines to train chaotic

Sep 2019 - Martha W.

Highlight of the trip

Sep 2019 - JOYCE F.

Couldn't hear the speaker most of the time.

Sep 2019 - Janice B.

Excellent way to see beautiful scenery around Skagway. Tour was informative of area and history. We enjoyed very much and have amazing photos taken while on train ride.

Sep 2019 - Patti Jo D.

Would have preferred to get off the train at least once.

Sep 2019 - Rita T.

Wonderful excursion! One of our favorites.

Sep 2019 - John F.

Wonderful experience!

Sep 2019 - Kathleen S.

Breathtaking views and an informative guide made for a terrific experience.

Sep 2019 - Kathy D.

The staff was great she was great at explaining the area. The scenery was so beautiful.

Sep 2019 - Renee J.

This train ride was long considering sitting on a hard bench/seat. You could go outside in between the train cars but the train never stopped. The scenery was amazing. Need to have snack or something to liven up the train ride. However, there isn't much in Skagway but jewelry stores so it was better than shopping in Skagway. Boarding train was a bit chaotic. I think if you had seat assignments it would have flowed better. People crowded, pushed, tried to save seats - just stressful to board train.

Sep 2019 - John D.

We loved every minute of it! Great historical commentary.

Sep 2019 - JEAN A.

Beautiful ride

Sep 2019 - Brenda T.

The narrator didn't have enough material. It's a 3 hour tour and nothing is offered. You could offer water or a small snack.

Sep 2019 - Lori I.

We booked this excursion for our NCL Cruise through Alaska. While the price difference wasn't a huge money saver, we still saved at least per person. Worth the savings for the same experience AND those who booked outside of the cruise company had two separate rail cars to themselves (aka we weren't packed in like sardines like the other cruisers were). Such an enjoyable afternoon seeing the landscape of Skagway and listening to the history of the area. Tons of beautiful photo ops!

Sep 2019 - Fran V.

My favorite day. Very beautiful and the guide had so much good information.

Sep 2019 - Danielle B.

Very cool!!!

Sep 2019 - CIELO G.

If you want to see more of Skagway, The White Pass Railroad Summit Excursion and Train Tour is the way.. It definitely completed our Skagway visit. Thank you!

Sep 2019 - Earl G.

Absolutely loved this!!! Amazing weather day!! Great crew and we saw a black bear!!!! Great history on the pass.

Sep 2019 - Gail F.

Great experience! The car we were in riding in had broken speakers so we couldn t hear the narrator... when we told them they changed us and others who wanted to hear about the history of the area to a different car.

Sep 2019 - Renee C.

Beautiful scenery and great narration.

Sep 2019 - Sylvia D.

Well worth the time and expense.

Sep 2019 - Susan D.

Great tour guide appreciated complimentary water. Would have appreciated being able to purchase a snack. Staff were great.

Sep 2019 - Amit S.

Great Tour, Enjoyed the guides. Awesome experience

Sep 2019 - Renee B.

A very scenic way to take in the beautiful scenery of the area!!!

Sep 2019 - Patricia M.

WOW, we had the most amazing ride on the White Pass Rail. Carriages are old but clean. Staff very informative, helpful, and accommodating. Considering the volume of people through on a daily basis, well done to all. Would recommend this not to missed on your itinerary. very relaxing too.

Sep 2019 - Gregory B N.

Absolutely breath taking views and a fun, educational train ride.

Sep 2019 - Chirnav M.

Very nice tour, its unique raild road trip, very scenic. We definitely enjoyed it. Bit pricy but very pleasing.

Sep 2019 - Anne-Marie R.

I do not have the words to describe how great a train ride it was. Highly recommend. Worth twice the cost of the ticket.

Sep 2019 - Victoria G.

Great trip

Aug 2019 - Jose V.

Very nice. The antique train was really cute. The train ride was great. We enjoyed it very much.

Aug 2019 - Marcia P.

Wonderful Experience! So glad we took the train. Price was less than on cruise ship and they guaranteed our return in time for cruise departure.

Aug 2019 - Lisa L.

The train was running a bit late but we still completed our excursion in plenty of time to get back on our ship for dinner. The sights are spectacular, make sure you go outside of the cars to take some photos/videos. It's nice sitting in the warm car but the outside area is where it's at! I would do this ride again and possibly even take the longer route.

Aug 2019 - Rhonda M.

It was a wonderful excursion. Fun vintage train and being able to stand out on the platforms was fun and made for better pictures! Beautiful scenery and experiencing a bit of history was great.

Aug 2019 - Donna D.

Enjoyed the train the view and the guide.

Aug 2019 - STEPHEN C.

Excellent rail trip aided by extremely good weather. Stunning scenery, train provides great way of seeing it. Train booking well organised,.

Aug 2019 - Jing X.

Wonderful! Will be better if provide Chinese character introduction of detail itinerary.

Aug 2019 - Terry T.

Great excursion but remember to take nibbles and water for the train trip. Shortly after we started we had engine trouble and needed to come back and get another engine hooked up. This was all done smoothly with good communication.

Aug 2019 - Sheridan K.

There was an issue with the on-board intercom so we were not able to hear all the guide's commentary. They gave us free hats to make up for it. The ride was great and the engineering was spectacular. A good trip for sightseers and railroad nuts alike.

Aug 2019 - Ruth Ann M.

We really enjoyed this tour. We recommend this tour as a must when visiting Skagway!!!

Aug 2019 - Beth P.

Well organized, beautiful directly through Alaska Shore Excursions instead of through the cruise line!!

Aug 2019 - Li Min Z.

No 1 in Skagway, must experience, scenic landscape, chances to see wildlife.

Aug 2019 - Linda F.

A beautiful excursion and breathtaking views. Loved it

Aug 2019 - Zhengfan Y.

A very beautiful ride, I enjoyed the scenery and the story.

Aug 2019 - Lori N.

Beautiful ride!

Aug 2019 - Linda S.

Beautiful scenery and informative commentary.

Aug 2019 - Cheryl M.

it was beautiful and informative

Aug 2019 - Walter J.

Very beautiful scenery.

Aug 2019 - Chris S.

Great addition to our holidays. The tour was a nice rail ride through Skagway, with an excellent guide. Big windows, great views, worth the addition!

Aug 2019 - Michael H.

Excellent views

Aug 2019 - VIKRAM P.

The train ride wasn t as good as I had expected. The area was not as scenic as expected.

Aug 2019 - Rosemary M.

Recommend folks to do this one. See beautiful sites and realize how dangerous the gold rush was.

Aug 2019 - Rosemary M.

Recommend folks to do this one. See beautiful sites and realize how dangerous the gold rush was.

Aug 2019 - Xenia L.

Great train ride on an original to the time train with very informative narration about the gold rush and what they had to endure. Fantastic scenery, interesting history, time well spent.

Aug 2019 - Gerardo L.

A nice ride on the train with great views, a little expensive for a 2.5 hr ride. Seats on the train were not good.

Aug 2019 - Larry R.

Beautiful, well worth the trip.

Aug 2019 - Bruce D.

Great sights and great crew aboard the White Pass Railroad. Well worth the money spent.

Aug 2019 - Andrew S.

This is one heck of a scenic rail ride and it is good to see the investment that has been made to secure its longer term future. As a railwayman, I appreciated the challenges this line faces. And the weather was perfect for our trip. It doesn't matter which side of the carriage you sit in because the train goes around a large loop at the top (which is in Canada and you don't need a passport).

Aug 2019 - Melody J.

Absolutely Fantastic!

Aug 2019 - Nicholas F.

Beautiful trip and I was able to sit with family who booked through the cruise line even though we weren't supposed to.

Aug 2019 - Tracy A.

Beautiful views

Aug 2019 - Debra G.

This was a wonderful train ride! The views were breathtaking and the experience was one to remember. Would recommend it to anyone!

Aug 2019 - Rhonda M.

Wonderful experience riding the rails. Beautiful scenery and storytelling along the route. We saw a black bear walking alongside the railroad tracks as we were headed back to Skagway. Very low key. Just what we needed after our hike to the glacier the day before.

Aug 2019 - Nasreen I.

Loved the train ride. It was awesome. The narrator was great as well

Aug 2019 - Robert K.

Well managed very pleasant morning excursion with excellent staff and commentary.

Aug 2019 - Barry T.

Thoroughly enjoyed our train ride albeit it was cloudy and drizzling rain up on the higher slopes. Train was comfortable and commentary provided was very good.

Aug 2019 - Kiran S.

Nice train tour and one of the TOP excursions of Skagway. Amazing and breathtaking scenery. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and we had good time.

Aug 2019 - Isidro D.

Great ride. Beautiful scenery. Just the right amount of time.

Aug 2019 - Nancy W.

Great train ride. Beautiful scenery and great narration. Highly recommended.

Jul 2019 - Seonah C.

The view was nice and breathtaking

Jul 2019 - Bahjat S.

This is an amazing trip! The 3 hours tour is filled with an amazing nature beauty and lot to see and fully enjoy Alaska and what Alaska is all about. Smooth ride, bears, glaciers, mountains, water falls, rivers and natural at it s best. Great job. The crew is very knowledgeable.

Jul 2019 - Christine D.

This was absolutely brilliant. Fantastic scenery.

Jul 2019 - Michael F.

On a perfect day, this tour was outstanding!

Jul 2019 - Nivia A.

We had a fascinating experience, having the opportunity to see the incredible landscape was unique, the guide, the coordination and punctuality were excellent.

Jul 2019 - Anna C.

Beautiful train ride. The scenery was spectacular

Jul 2019 - Barbara D.

The guides did a great job of giving us information on the history of the area.

Jul 2019 - Jeffrey F.

Unbelievable scenery, thrilling, relaxing, fully narrated tour with views of history and landmarks that will never be forgotten. 5 Stars.

Jul 2019 - Jeffrey Y.

Great Alaska experience.

Jul 2019 - Randy C.

Well worth the time. Beautiful scenery and the history of the train and White Pass is incredible.

Jul 2019 - Bonnie G.

Tour was well organized. Length was good. Commentary was relevant and helpful.

Jul 2019 - Neal M.

Stunning up close look at the Alaska wilderness and see what gold fever will make you do. So breathtaking that it still holds your attention on the way back down the same route because you can't see it all on the way up.

Jul 2019 - James C.

Very knowledgeable about the history of the railroad.

Jul 2019 - Susan B.

My husband and our party of seven had a great time on this trail ride. I highly recommend it. The folks that work that well Road work Streamley accommodating for our uncle who needed wheelchair assistance. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Susan, Columbia, South Carolina

Jul 2019 - James M.

Very comfortable seating and breathtaking views of the Alaska wilderness.

Jul 2019 - Beth B.

Luckily we had a beautiful day for a train ride! The tour guide was great and made sure we didn't miss a thing!

Jul 2019 - Debra R.

Beautiful scenery and enjoyable train ride. I really liked the fact that the train allowed you to see the scenery from both sides of the train.

Jul 2019 - Shannon D.

Very enjoyable ride with gorgeous scenery. Wish we had added in the bus portion into Yukon/BC but understood that portion was completely booked when I inquired about it. The details as to where to find office in town were scant and office staff somewhat short on phone. A sign or representative by cruise dock would be helpful.

Jul 2019 - Laura G.

Beautiful but very long - tough with small kids - but good for adults and older children.

Jul 2019 - Molly G.

The scenery and history are fascinating.

Jul 2019 - Clifford S.

The sights were really good. There are many opportunities to take pictures. The guide provided some interesting information.

Jul 2019 - Nancy S.

It was awesome

Jul 2019 - Lisa G.

Loved the narrative & information provided on the ride.

Jul 2019 - Andrew C.

Beautiful scenic views. Excellent opportunity to video the rugged scenery from the train. It was a warm day and so the train car was pretty warm as well. We didn't take advantage of the opportunity to get up and watch from between the cars. It was very nice that the trip was non-stop there are back with very good views from both sides.

Jul 2019 - Marcella B.


Jul 2019 - Brian W.

Very informative. Well organized tour.

Jul 2019 - Robert C.

Good for train and history enthusiast interested in development of region during the Klondike gold rush. I would have enjoyed a stop along the way to exit train and see a meaningful site or 2 if only for just a few minutes but overall I recommend this excursion

Jul 2019 - Joann B.

very nice

Jul 2019 - Monica B.

An enjoyable and relaxing experience where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn about the fortunes of those who went searching for gold. Seeing some remains of the pathway, from the train, that these people followed, made it hit home just how hard this life would have been. At times it was a little hard to hear the commentary which was a bit frustrating, but a useful map and guide was provided on the train.

Jul 2019 - Kathryn W.

The train ride was neat. The guides made the trip interesting. Would recommend this excursion.

Jul 2019 - Shelley H.

Beautiful views and excellent narration

Jul 2019 - Denise M.

It was a great adventure. I am glad that I chose it.

Jul 2019 - Maree M.

The scenery on this train ride was stunning and the commentary provided by our tour guide was very good.

Jul 2019 - Laura K.


Jul 2019 - Ashley K.

Awesome trip and got great photos!

Jul 2019 - Melissa B.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the train experience. Unfortunately the only day the Ovation of the Seas is in Skagway (Monday) is the day the Carcross to Skagway train does not run. Views are spectacular along with rich and deep history. A suggestion for the railway is to have speakers on the outside of the cars where people are allowed to stand. Unfortunately I stood out there for most of the ride but missed a lot of the narration happening inside the cars. Great job of updating the engines and cars but maintaining the nostalgicness.

Jul 2019 - Michelle G.


Jul 2019 - Paul D.

This was a good experience to do one time, but it is not something I would do a second time if I were to return.

Jul 2019 - Maria T.

Awesome sites. Very good audio tour guide and long enough to keep it interesting. Will recommend to others. Thank you!

Jul 2019 - Susan G.

Unbelievable train ride.

Jul 2019 - Paul A B.

The tour went off on schedule and was great fun. I had read a book about the gold rush many years ago as a child, and this tour brought the history of the gold rush alive

Jul 2019 - Andrew R.

Comfortable seats, spectacular views with bonus of bear and armadillo sightings, what more could you ask for.

Jul 2019 - Traci W.

The train ride was a little hot since the weather was warm

Jul 2019 - Debra D.

Very informative, spectacular views. Enjoyed the train ride.

Jul 2019 - Katherine M.

This is the best thing to do when in Skagway. You won't be dissatisfied.

Jul 2019 - Robert S.

Was pretty but my kids got bored.

Jun 2019 - Louis V.

Totally reconditioned rail system and cars. Awesome views and great history. This is a great family tour and the kids will love it. This tour again was well done by great people. This can be booked directly through Alaska Shhore Excursions and save money. Cruise ships just mark up the same tour. Need to put this tour on your bucket list!

Jun 2019 - Lin D.

Excellent train ride

Jun 2019 - Pamela B.

The views were beautiful, but there was very very little narration. For the Bridal Veil Falls we heard "And on your left is Bridal Veil Falls." I was told there would be narration and for 9/ per ticket there should be.

Jun 2019 - Karen P.

OMG!!!!!!!!!! What a great train ride. The tour people were outstanding telling us all about how the train came about and everything that happened while building it and answered all questions with no problem at all. And what can I say about the view. The most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

Jun 2019 - JOSE M.

A must do when in Skagway. Kind staff...and nice ride on the train.

Jun 2019 - Tyler J.

Amazing views and service. This is a must do when you are in Skagway!

Jun 2019 - Patricia P.

I enjoyed the narrative and the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.

Jun 2019 - Lisa S.

Fantastic scenery.

Jun 2019 - Simon L.


Jun 2019 - Vicki V.

Loved it!

Jun 2019 - Mae H.

Awesome experience! It was the highlight of our Alaska trip!

Jun 2019 - Sandhya P.

Nice scenic experience

Jun 2019 - Allan M.

The excursion was fantastic and I would highly recommend it!

Jun 2019 - Jeffrey V.

Excellent tour, good value for the money. Our guide was fantastic, just the right amount of humor and facts to make the time pass nicely. Would highly recommend this tour.

Jun 2019 - Pat M.

We enjoyed a great ride with a guide from New Hampshire in our car. So much beauty, history, and fun. Thanks for running a great operation.

Jun 2019 - Judy T.

Great trip, beautiful scenery and a grate comentary

Jun 2019 - David M.

It was an awesome experience. One we will never forget. Beautiful scenery and the staff was very informative of the history. I recommend this trip for anyone.

Jun 2019 - Roy A.

Enjoyed the relaxing train ride. Great views but friends who took a bus tour came back with some incredible photos of a great deal more wild life including black bear and very large brown bear.

Jun 2019 - LYNN G.

Fun adventure seeing and hearing about the adventures of the Yukon trailblazers!

Jun 2019 - Jo L.

This tour was amazing. I wish we could have taken the longer tour but were not there on a day it was offered. Breath-taking scenes and great guide information.

Jun 2019 - Aaron S.

Unfortunately the fog and clouds kept us from seeing much, too bad cause the little we did see was incredible...otherwise we enjoyed ourselves.

Jun 2019 - Lucy J.

Excellent tour guides on the train, breath taking views, would do again.

Jun 2019 - Thomas T.

Wonderful views, interesting history to the pass with informative guide. The ride is on the slow side rather than action packed, so kids can get a little bored

Jun 2019 - Jack R.

Forward rail car door would not stay shut. This made it difficult to hear the intercom, constantly let in cold air, and therefore made it very difficult to enjoy.

Jun 2019 - Kamla L.

Pleasant but a bit too bland for me. Reflection in the windows made quality photography near impossible.

Jun 2019 - Brian B.

This trip was okay. It was well run, but not too exciting for kids. In my opinion, this trip is best for adults who want to see some great views of Alaska.

Jun 2019 - Charlene S.

Beautiful scenery, a lot of historical information

Jun 2019 - Carolyn J.

Fabulous train ride. Amazingly beautiful scenery!!!

Jun 2019 - Matthew P.

Beautiful views and an enjoyable ride. We had a great time on the train!

Jun 2019 - Denenne B.

This trip was full of history, learning how this railroad was constructed. We had a fabulous day .

Jun 2019 - Paul C.

Good time for the entire family. Very well orchestrated.

Jun 2019 - Janis J.

A very thrilling ride and excellent informative narrative by our guide.

Jun 2019 - HEATHER F.

We lucked out and had beautiful weather. The mountains are gorgeous. The tour was just the right length - the kids weren't bored - and we saw some amazing scenery. Narration was interesting and informative.

Jun 2019 - Delois F W.

if you want a nice ride up the mountain and want to spend the rest of the day shopping and exploring Skagway, this is the excursion you want. It was absolutely beautiful. Very informative and loved, loved, loved the scenery. It made us want to come back and vacation longer in Skagway.

Jun 2019 - Charlene Z.

Great experience!

Jun 2019 - MaryAnn M.

Absolutely exhilarating!

Jun 2019 - ROBERT D.

Very good excursion...great service and scenery.

Jun 2019 - Wilma Joyce P.

Amazing views of such a stunning state! We enjoyed every minute of this relaxing and informative tour.

Jun 2019 - PATRICIA V.

beautiful scenery

Jun 2019 - Jessica V.

The guide was knowledge and the views were beautiful.

Jun 2019 - SHELLEY P.

This was a very relaxing tour with fantastic views of Skagway, mountains, the summit, and several waterfalls. If you're in to photography, this tour has some perfect shots for your portfolio! We were close to the edge of the mountain a lot of the ride, which may not be the best for anyone with a fear of heights, but it was a very safe train ride with a great crew giving fun facts along the way. Having to wait for other trains to pass was a little annoying, but since we were the last tour of the day, we only had to wait for a couple trains on the way up, and had a smooth non-stop ride back down.

Jun 2019 - Martin C.

Good afternoon trip

Jun 2019 - Neil C.

Awesome and a must do when in Skagway.

Jun 2019 - Greg P.

It was great

May 2019 - Karen W.

Diesel fumes were suffocating. No air circulating in cars to offset. Scenery was spectacular but couldn't wait to get off the train.

May 2019 - TAMARA D.

Awesome excursion where you don't have to walk!

May 2019 - Maryanne D.

Awesome! The best train ride ever, sites were unbelievable.

May 2019 - Richard C.

Train was comfortable and everyone was knowledgeable and friendly. Nice trip that you couldn't see any other way.

May 2019 - Tonja P.

This was an amazing way to see parts of Alaska that you wouldn't get to see by car. We enjoyed this excursion and it was more than what we imagined. Lots of history and information and they were very in tuned to our needs and questions. Would recommend this for sure.

May 2019 - Therese M.

Great views, friendly well informed commentators. A must do experience. Hint, sit on the left hand side for the best views on the way up so that you can snooze on the way back if you want.

May 2019 - Vicki M.

Fantastic train ride through very spectacular scenery. Well organized, vintage carriages comfortable but got a bit warm....nice to stand outside though. Well worth doing.

May 2019 - Linda T.

A wonderful, once in a lifetime experience!

May 2019 - Rhonda P.

Beautiful country to see. I got beautiful pictures. You go up into Canada. I loved the train ride it has a place for you to go outside and ride.

May 2019 - Carolina B.

Breathtaking train ride! ...incredible and unique scenery! recommended to anyone that goes to's a must!

May 2019 - Jeremy S.

Riding the train was a great way to see the landscape in Skagway. We passed by some amazing scenic areas and the length of the ride was a perfect balance for enjoying my time and not feeling like I spent too much time doing any one thing. Some of my favorite photos were from this excursion.

May 2019 - Tracey S.

Best train ride ever! Highly recommend this experience. Very well organized and great guide. Scenery is incredible.

May 2019 - Belinda C.

This was one the best tours we experienced on our cruise to Alaska. Easy to book online, tickets waiting for us at the office. The railroad scenery and history narrated by the guide on board led to greater understanding of the hardships faced by hopeful miners during the gold rush. One tour not to be missed. While there Skagway is a fascinating town to stroll around and shop or window shop.

May 2019 - David L.

Excellent scenery. Viewing was good inside train and train cars allowed outside viewing from platform between cars.

May 2019 - Dympna K.

Great journey, very helpful and informative commentary. Great little train. Enjoyed a lot!

May 2019 - Charles L.

Very good tour. Had a blast. Loved going out on the platform for taking pictures without looking through glass.

May 2019 - Martha S.

Amazing ride around the Alaskan snow capped mountains view as the narrator colorfully explained our surroundings allowed us to experience a unique adventure. The valleys, the waterfalls, the snow and the terrain was picturesque and surreal.

May 2019 - Elaine M.

A long train ride through the mountains above Skagway accompanied by an excellent historical narration by our Conductor. Absolutely beautiful and well worth the fare.

May 2019 - Roger B.

Great scenic railroad. Awesome views. Saw a bear. Take pictures of the train as it makes turns in and out of tunnels and trestles. Great views at he summit of white pass.

May 2019 - Dana F.

Great tour! We boarded the railcars at a different location than the cruise ship passengers who booked through the cruiseline did, but it was the same train and this saved us some money on an already very expensive vacation. The company guarantees you will be back and with the others on the same train, we felt confident booking this excursion through this company. The scenery was incredible and the narration was entertaining and interesting.

May 2019 - Joan D.

Thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. Good photo opportunities and onboard staff were very friendly. Free bottled water was nice touch.

May 2019 - Thomas D.

A must do tour! Beautiful views on this scenic railroad. Comfortable train cars and informative tour guides.

May 2019 - Mary R.

Enjoyed the whole experience.

May 2019 - Jodi D.

Awesome trip. The sights and sounds were majestic. We got to go outside on the lookout desk. Im still blown away by all the beauty. There is no way somebody could get it with words. You have to experience it

May 2019 - Jerry B.

Great experience!!

May 2019 - David L.

Beautiful scenery and a great train ride! The only downside is you come back by the same places you saw earlier that day. :0)

Oct 2018 - Debra E.

View was fantastic, when it appeared. Saw lots of trees.

Oct 2018 - Cheng Z.

Nice narration.

Sep 2018 - Colleen S.

Great way to see rugged Alaska. The train was comfortable with great views of the landscape. We will do it again on our next trip.

Sep 2018 - Tiana S.

The scenery was so beautiful and it was a lot of fun. The left side of the train on the way up is the best.

Sep 2018 - Saverio C.

A must tour that everyone traveling to Alaska needs to do. Great service and good rates compared to ship excursion rates!

Sep 2018 - Emil G.


Sep 2018 - Denise H.

The tour was very well executed....great information...and photo opportunities highlighted the train experience and would highly recommend....

Sep 2018 - Sherman C.

It was on top of the highlights of our trip. Would highly recommend this excursion to anyone.

Sep 2018 - William W.

Easy arrangements. Excellent narrator Dan on the train. Great experience!

Sep 2018 - Teresa W.

The traditional choice for anyone visiting Skagway, AK for the first time. It gave the history of the region along side breathtaking scenery. There are a few train rides with diffferent routes and you should research a little and choose which is best for your schedule.

Sep 2018 - Sally G.

The railroad summit excursion was very good. We enjoyed seeing all the scenery going up and down the mountain. The narrator was great and easy to understand.

Sep 2018 - Patti F.

Fantastic trip. Every where you looked there was something to see that was breathtaking. The great weather helped emencely ! There were eight in our group and we all had a great time !

Sep 2018 - Renato V.

Love the train well maintained and the history of the railroad. Thank you for the unforgettable experience.

Sep 2018 - Marilyn B.

Great experience. Super landscape and history. Commentary was fun and crew were very nice and helpful! 10 out of 10 !

Sep 2018 - Karen C.

What a great experience from beginning to end. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The history of the pass was extremely interesting. If we get back to Alaska we will book with this company again..

Sep 2018 - MISTY S.

The car we were leaked rain from the roof inside onto us and our seat for about an hour. It was quite a pricey excursion to keep having to wipe water off the seat and us. The trip itself was fine. The tour guide was great.

Sep 2018 - Ross C.

A great experience, just a bit cloudy the day we were there just would have been better with the sun out like in the video. Great video, gutsy hard real men. An amazing heritage construction and ongoing business that should be preserved for all time for future generations.

Sep 2018 - Marvin W.

Fantastic trip, everything we expected - Liz Wood UK

Sep 2018 - Deborah E.

Really enjoyed the train ride. Wonderful scenery and good guides.

Sep 2018 - Brian K C.

This excursion was excellent. The white pass railroad was amazing. The train, the view. Can't say enough positive things about this trip.

Sep 2018 - David S.

Absolutely amazing. Really enjoyed oour trip. The fact that they were able to build the railway in such conditions is miraculous. Great guide also.

Sep 2018 - Barbra B.

Nice ride staff well educated on history of the area

Aug 2018 - Alice S.

A wonderful excursion! Great sights, knowledgeable guide!!

Aug 2018 - Jenifer R.

Great tour. Beautiful scenery. Friendly staff

Aug 2018 - John M.

Wonderful views and a great train ride. I would highly recommend this excursion to anyone visiting Skagway.

Aug 2018 - Darlene T.

This excursion was wonderful, narrating was good. Sadly, the skys were a little overcast, but the train ride was great. Old bridges/passes/tunnels very cool. I would book this again and would recommend it highly. You are able to venture outside your train to take pictures. Being a Canadian, it was nice to cross the boarder into Canada even for a few minutes.... Book this you won't regret it.

Aug 2018 - Dale C.

Very organized and ran on time.

Aug 2018 - Ellen J.

My group enjoyed this Skagway White pass Railroad Summit Excursion.

Aug 2018 - Elleln P.

Exceptional! What a great experience.

Aug 2018 - Suzanne D.

Excellent Excursion

Aug 2018 - Sunil B.

Very exciting- highly recommended to take this excursion

Aug 2018 - Pamela T.

Great way to see the beauty and vastness of the area!

Aug 2018 - Rachelle B.

This was a nice and tranquil experience. Beautiful scenery and a moderator gave us the history of the railroad.

Aug 2018 - Debra H.

Beautiful scenery! Was nice to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Aug 2018 - Raphael K.

Recommended. The tour is not too long and most beautiful. You learn a lot about the gold rush. Great pictures along the way.

Aug 2018 - Maryann S.

Beautiful scenery

Aug 2018 - Jon K.

Excellent excursion with spectacular views after the first 30 minutes of the ascent. Very informative narration by the onboard guide. Doesn't matter which side you sit because everyone switches sides at the summit, although the descent is at faster speed. Highly recommended excursion.

Aug 2018 - Cynthia T.

Great experience!

Aug 2018 - James W.

Beautiful scenery! Spectacular views! At times seemed rushed

Aug 2018 - Randall C.

Views were great. Don't get in a cart close to engine because the smoke was bad if you open the door and the door is the only way to get air (windows don't open and it was hot in the car).

Aug 2018 - Jeffrey P.

Fantastic trip. Just so happened that our car was only about one third full so we could sit wherever and did not have to switch sides. Was able to get some great pictures. Guide was very good also. Will definitly reccommend this to trip to anyone.

Aug 2018 - Conni S.

We really enjoyed riding the train! The scenery was spectacular. The seats are small for larger people, but you can get up and walk around. And if you are clever, you can sit by yourself. Just about the right length.

Aug 2018 - Vicki J.

This was a fun excursion on a hot day. Everyone likes to ride a train and with a very good guide aboard we learnt plenty of local history. The views up the top were wonderful and you could see for miles. It would have been great to get out for 5-10 minutes but with the timetable this is not possible. It was fun to do this first before then touring such an interesting and historic town.

Aug 2018 - Richard L.

Great excursion with the most beatyfull views.

Jul 2018 - Julie P.

Great way to see Alaska!

Jul 2018 - Antonio B.

Great experience, Thank you!

Jul 2018 - David B.

The train ride was nice, however it is a bit overpriced.

Jul 2018 - Kelly F.

A beautiful trip. Things were perfect - thank you!

Jul 2018 - Melissa C.

This was a great excursion that my whole family enjoyed, from ages 18-73. The narrator was very knowledgeable about the Gold Rush and we enjoyed he beautiful scenery. It was nice to be able to stand outside on the platform to catch some really good pictures on the ride. The walk to the train station was a little farther than we expected. We were glad that we booked this excursion.

Jul 2018 - Wanda R.

Enjoyed this excursion very much. Had breathtaking views. Had bottled water on board, which was nice.

Jul 2018 - Joann M.

I loved the scenery. It was quite an experience. I recommend this for anyone who has the time.

Jul 2018 - Denise B.

This rail trip was the best ever! We had a great carriage because my son Anthony is wheelchair bound so there was extra space for the families to play. The views were out of this world and the staff were so friendly and helpful! I would love to be able to do this trip again! Thank you !

Jul 2018 - Kimberly M.

Breathtaking scenery up to the Yukon territory. Nice train ride up the mountain and back down, so if you miss taking a picture on the way up, you can get it on the way back down.

Jul 2018 - Kim L.

The personnel were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Jul 2018 - Brian P.

Fantastic excursion. it was very informative and well run. We would certainly recommend it.

Jul 2018 - Michael G.

Excellent- not to be missed

Jul 2018 - Walter G.

Great fun and full of wonderful information. It wasn't just a train ride with beautiful scenery, it was also a time to learn interesting facts and the history of the White Pass.

Jul 2018 - Tina M.

Weather wasnt the best. But trip was informative and what we could see was great. Would recommend the excursion.

Jul 2018 - Johan H.

Pity the train takes the same journey back as to the summit. Was good, but not great.

Jul 2018 - John B.

We had a great time. It was beautiful scenery and very informative information. Would recommend to everyone.

Jul 2018 - Jane M.

Trip was beautiful and informative.

Jul 2018 - Andrew G.

Really a great experience! The Train is a must-do in Skagway. Train was clean and comfortable. One side of the train gets better views, so they were kind enough to have everyone switch sides for the ride back down.

Jul 2018 - Virginia R.

The train trip was relaxing but also lots of sights. We went over a trestle bridge as well as viewed an old trestle bridge no longer in use. It is amazing how they take the engine from front of train and put it on the train to venture down. Also how you can reverse the seats so that you are going down with the direction of the train. Well worth the money.

Jul 2018 - Shelia B.

Great experience on narrow gauge railroad. Scenery was fantastic. Narration interesting. We had plenty of room. Restroom available. You can go out on the front and back deck of your rail car.

Jul 2018 - BEVERLY B.

Train ride was awesome and the views were unbelievably. Train employees were very knowledgeable and informative.

Jul 2018 - Purna Venkata B.

Great Mountain View.

Jul 2018 - Crystal G.

Great time on this adventure was wonderful we all enjoyed it.

Jul 2018 - Jessica S.

This was an amazing excursion! We were traveling on the Norwegian Bliss ship and decided to book through Alaska Shore Excursions instead of through the cruise line. We saved some money and everything went smoothly. The staff at the railroad station is very friendly and informative. The train ride was awesome - breathtaking views and helpful narration throughout the ride. I highly recommend booking this excursion through Alaska Shore Excursions.

Jul 2018 - Arla J.

Fabulous scenery and very interesting narration.

Jul 2018 - David M.

Spectacular scenery, some breathtaking sections and well narrated points of interest. We really enjoyed it. Only negative was on trip to the summit. We were the second car back from the engine. It was a hot day so the front sliding door of our car was open for ventilation but this let in a lot of diesel exhaust. Yuk! Not a problem heading back as we were near the back of train.

Jul 2018 - Doug M.

Great train ride with lots of opportunities for awesome pictures. Staff was really nice. The only complaint was that it was hard to hear what the guide was saying due to the train.

Jul 2018 - Loraine R.

Glorious scenery that takes you back in time to the gold rush days. Comfortable seating with large windows and a knowledgeable commentary pointing out highlights.

Jul 2018 - John R.

A great railway trip and a great testament to the pioneers who built the railway.

Jul 2018 - Kathleen S.

All members of our party enjoyed this trip. So very glad that we booked it as a shore excursion.

Jul 2018 - Natali V.

What a beautiful, informative, relaxing ride aboard your railroad! We took in the sights and enjoyed it immensely!

Jul 2018 - Alma C.

very nice tour to see the view of alaska's forest

Jul 2018 - Valerie M.

This ride is phenomenal. The scenery is amazingly beautiful. The train is comfy and the tour guides were attentive and friendly. The mandatory seat exchange insured that everyone received the same experience. Would definitely recommend.

Jun 2018 - Sharon M.

Very interesting, Great guides with good information. Awesome scenery-and lots of fun.

Jun 2018 - Renee N.

The views are incredible!

Jun 2018 - Carole B.

Our railroad excursion with you was fantastic! We saw the most breathtaking scenery and the members of your staff were very friendly, entertaining and efficient. It felt so good to ride on a train again, too! It had been a long time for me since I rode on a train. Thank you for a lovely time!

Jun 2018 - Robert D.

Fantastic! Sorry we couldn't go all the way to Carcross, but it was a terrific train ride.

Jun 2018 - Megen L.

The views were spectacular but the ride down gets a bit long. Bummed there was little wildlife to be found ... but that's wildlife for you!!

Jun 2018 - Claudio Rene C.

Nice view, peaceful ride, on time, comfortable train

Jun 2018 - Kenneth W.

We had lovely weather so that capped a memorable well organised ride. Well organised & impressive engineering to rise up this much in a short distance.

Jun 2018 - John G R.

Very pretty and well organized company is easy to work with

Jun 2018 - Margaret D.

Great trip, informative commentary very good idea to get everyone to swap seats for return trip so you get to see scenery on both sides.

Jun 2018 - Joyce B.

Nice train with cool reversible seats ... great crew ... marvelous views. Wonderful experience.

Jun 2018 - John S.

Incredible journey. Beautiful scenery and amazing railway.

Jun 2018 - John T.

Wonderful experience! From the railroad terminal to the guides on the trip everyone was friendly and very informative. I would recommend this tour to any traveler that loves the nature and the vast mountain views of Alaska.

Jun 2018 - BRENDA D.

Such a beautiful and relaxing ride. They provided water for the journey and each train car has a restroom. There is lots of history to learn here and the conductor made it very entertaining. Highly recommend doing this excursion! There was a short walk into town to meet up for the train.

Jun 2018 - Melinda T.

The staff was friendly, the train ride was gorgeous,a nd you got tons of facts and history. With restrooms, a heated car, and bottled water you had everything you needed. We got our most scenic shots from this train ride. There is a mandatory seat swap at the top so there are no bad seats because you will get a chance to be on the edge side. There are also platforms that you are allowed to stand on and take photos outside. Note that outside you can't hear any of the facts that are told by the train guide. Also this is a long train ride (I know the time is listed) so just keep in mind before booking. It was a great way to see the beauty of Skagway.

Jun 2018 - Michael M.

The railroad excursion was fantastic. I really appreciated seeing and learning as much as we did the excursion.

Jun 2018 - Steve P.

Wonderful excursion! The train gives you unbelievable views of the mountains and a brief history about the trek for gold rushers. It was informative, but not overly so you could soak up the scenery. There are bathrooms on each car, water provided, and access to a small terrace to get some fresh air. This was also the perfect amount of time; more would have drained us and less would not have given the scenery its due. Definitely a great excursion for the whole family!

Jun 2018 - Frances W.

Enjoyed the train ride and the scenery.

Jun 2018 - Debra K.

Scenery was good. A bit long.

May 2018 - Margaret D.

A fantastic experience from beginning to end. The scenery above the clouds was breathtaking. How the gold rush miners traversed this path beggars belief. Thanks to the driver, the girls on-board for all of the information, those who assisted in loading all on to the train. Thank you all.

May 2018 - Montie B.

I loved the train trip. Beautiful scenery and the narrator was great.

May 2018 - Jenny S.

We enjoyed the White Pass Summit train ride, it was just a little longer than we expected and a little too long for us. The views were spectacular though!

May 2018 - John H.

Beautiful train ride with amazing views of waterfalls, mountains, and the White Pass Summit. The narration made it interesting with the mix of history and identification of the various landmarks.

May 2018 - Trevor P.

Outstanding. A highlight ! Not to be missed for the train lover and those who appreciate God's creation.

May 2018 - Tracy V.

Loved the view, the hosts were very informatived, pleasent. The whole trip was spectacular

May 2018 - Dante A.

a great excursion

May 2018 - Antonio R.

Excellent and beautiful.

May 2018 - Kathleen E.

A wonderful scenic excursion with informative commentary and good service.

May 2018 - Phyllis M.

Awesome !!

May 2018 - Roy T.

Breathtaking scinary views. Unfortunately at the top of the mountain train ride stop, we can

May 2018 - John M.

This was a beautiful ride!! Unfortunately some debri had fallen on the tracks about an hour into our ride and it was too big to be cleared off by train personnel. We were given 1/2 of our ticket price back & a free cap which I thought was extremely fair. Would highly recommend this excursion!!

May 2018 - Celeste F.

The train was fantastic! However, the delays in getting started, then having to wait on a broken-down train on the tracks, dramatically cut into our time. We didn't have time to eat and had to return to the ship tired and starving. Also, it would be nice if the there were better accommodations for wheelchairs.

May 2018 - Rudney S.

Very good

May 2018 - Cheryl C.

Beautiful mountain scenery and a comfortable ride made this excursion one of the best we have ever taken!

May 2018 - Shirley L.

Wonderful views and loved the way it is provided for passengers to view one side fully and be made aware you will see the other side on the way back. No need to strain to see it the first time.

May 2018 - Lorie S.


Oct 2017 - Frank W.

This was a wonderful historic and BEAUTIFUL ride. There was also a Lot of interesting historical information provided.

Oct 2017 - Kim G.

Great well worth the price.

Oct 2017 - Marilyn P.

Learned so much about this region and the views were just beautiful. Loved our day on the White Pass Railroad.

Oct 2017 - Lynda M.

Superior views! Very personable and intelligent staff.

Oct 2017 - Peter K.


Sep 2017 - William M.

Enjoyed this train ride. Very scenic. Train left 45 minutes late, though that did not negatively impact our in port scheduling.

Sep 2017 - Charles G.

The train ride was relaxing and enjoyable. We really enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the commentary along the ride.

Sep 2017 - Dana J.

Loved the ride, the views were outstanding and the history was fun to learn about.

Sep 2017 - Denis K.

Fabulous...many thanks.booked online in Australia.went very smoothly

Sep 2017 - LeeAnne S.

I took some of the most beautiful pictures of my trip on this train. Enjoyed the interesting facts along the way also.

Sep 2017 - Janet T.

My husband, parents, and I enjoyed this excursion. It was great to see how far the miners had to make their way to strike it rich, or not. The day that we went was supposedly the first day in three weeks in which there was no fog/clouds/rain/etc. so that was pretty neat. We didn't get to see much wildlife, but that's obviously not the tour operator's fault. The only gripe we had was that our train didn't leave till 20 minutes after our departure. :/ Additionally, what would have made this excursion even better was to be able to get off the train in Canada. All in all, it was a good and fun excursion.

Sep 2017 - Sharon S.

Wonderful scenery! Fantastic price compared to Carnivals price. Informative about the history with one exception. If you are outside you can't hear the narrative.

Sep 2017 - Marie D.

Excellent !! Group was small enough to allow viewing from both sides of the carriage both up and back , excellent commentary. Well organised, highly recommend.

Sep 2017 - Cindy L.


Sep 2017 - Terrence C.

This excursion was easy to walk to and board. The on-board guides were very informative and mingled with all riders to answer questions. The scenery is spectacular and very rugged, yet we rode in comfort behind large glass windows. The ticket price is a good value. I would recommend this trip to everyone that visits Skagway.

Sep 2017 - Tom S.

Beautiful views but 3 hours is too long.

Sep 2017 - Brenda H.

that was a wonderful, relaxing, educational tour... LOVED IT

Sep 2017 - Perthena L.

The train ride was perfect, narration perfect. There were a few groups who were so noisy they overpowered the narrator and a few camera hogs who dominated the viewing bridge. But that reflects on the manners of the travelers and not the tour.

Sep 2017 - Sonia V.

Was a nice relaxed train ride. The view is amazing.

Sep 2017 - David H.

Very beautiful scenery well worth the excursion fee. Big savings over booking through cruise line, and it takes you to the same destination. The only issue we found was non English speaking persons did not understand the announcement of switching sides of the train thus it was not fair to some of the passengers who would have been able to see the view that had not seen previously.

Sep 2017 - Debra S.

I was not really wanting to do the railroad. I am really glad I did was way better than I expected.

Sep 2017 - Jodi A.

Alaska Shore Excursions was great in organising our shore tours. The better version of this tour would be the option of a bus for the return journey

Sep 2017 - Julia F.

Wonderful trip with such varied scenery and information

Sep 2017 - Orphalinda B.

Awesome excursion! Highly recommend it. The views were breathtaking and the tour guide was very knowledgeable and thorough.

Sep 2017 - Terri L.

We had a wonderful excursion and really enjoyed the train ride up and down the White Pass

Aug 2017 - Judith N.

Just an excellent, excellent journey. Such beautiful scenery, and great commentator. A once in a lifetime excursion.

Aug 2017 - Bly M.

If you want to see the scenery and learn a little history, this is a great excursion and the train ride was wonderful. Just make sure you take a water and a snack.

Aug 2017 - Mark B.

A great experience. Highly recommended.

Aug 2017 - Kimberly C.

Felt like second class citizens. Ship passengers got to board first. We had to walk up the tracks to board and got the left over seats. Our group had to split up and sit in different cars. All the window seats were taken. Platforms were small. As a photographer, it was hard to take pictures. The scenery was beautiful.

Aug 2017 - David J.

An excellent trip up the mountain sides in a comfortable carriage. Excellent guide who explained the trip and scenery and history extremely well. Weather wasn't the best but otherwise, a brilliant experience.

Aug 2017 - Joe V.

Very nice relaxing beautiful views and trip

Jul 2017 - June S.

Very relaxing and beautiful ride, my fave excursion!

Jul 2017 - Libby S.


Jul 2017 - Robert G.

A must do on anyone's travel to Alaska. Great reception from staff very accommodating our needs for my husband's newish hip. Will recommend to our friends.

Jul 2017 - Toni E.

Absolutely stunning views! I loved being able to go outside on the platform for fresh air and great photo ops. I believe our guide's name was Trevor, he did a really wonderful job of commentary on the trip.

Jul 2017 - Karen L.

Excellent views everywhere!

Jul 2017 - Denise W.

Really beautiful trip. The narrator was good and it was really interesting to learn about the history of the area and the scenery was truly awe inspiring. Again, I'd highly recommend it! One suggestion is with boarding. We were taken out in a large group and told to start boarding I think the 2nd to last car, so we did, but as we moved through the car, we were basically going to get the last seats, and then suddenly people showed up getting on at the back of the car and there was a bit of a kerfuffle when they tried to sit in those last seats that we had patiently waited to get to while everyone else got seated. So maybe having a little more control of boarding would make things more smooth.

Jul 2017 - Betsy S.


Jul 2017 - Melody Q.

Beautiful scenery!

Jul 2017 - Dawn T.


Jul 2017 - Douglas B.

I can understand why this tour is one of the highlights of a trip to Skagway. Well worth the price of admission as it encompassed so many interesting and exciting adventures into one tour. For train enthusiasts, history buffs and nature seekers this tour is top of the line. The tour guides were fun and very knowledgeable. Christina, I believe was her name, was just a doll and definitely added to the fun and enjoyment of the 3 hour trip. She joked with the passengers and told little stories that had us in stitches. She never was afraid to show her enthusiasm for her job nor afraid to take herself to seriously. . I would take this tour again if I could be guaranteed she would be one of the tour guides. Excellent tour and well suited for those who would like to take a mild though totally beautiful tour.

Jul 2017 - Gary S.

The car we were in fogged up at the turnaround point making visibility virtually impossible on the way back down the mountain.

Jul 2017 - Michelle M.

Although I'm afraid of heights.i could not keep my eyes off the gorgeous views during this trip. We had a great time.

Jul 2017 - Gordon D.

Loved it. What an unbelievable struggle the men went through in the late 1800's.

Jul 2017 - Don H.

Unfortunately the bad weather greatly affected the sightseeing but you could still marvel at the engineering of the railway and the toughness of the miners and engineers.

Jul 2017 - Laurell M.

Very scenic and narration was helpful

Jul 2017 - Chris L.

4 stars

Jul 2017 - Marlene M.

Unfortunately views are highly dependent on weather however the excursion itself is comfortable and informative.

Jul 2017 - Tricia S.

Very relaxing and enjoyable. Beautiful views of the wilderness.