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Juneau Whale Watching & Mendenhall Glacier Tour

Want to get out onto the open Alaskan waters? Our captains and naturalists will take you in search of humpback and killer whales, sea lions, porpoises and so much more! Your Juneau whale watching journey will take you through Favorite Channel, Stephens Passage, Lynn Canal, or Saginaw Channel, all popular spots for spotting some of Southeast Alaska's finest wildlife.

Take a guided bus ride from downtown Juneau out to Auke Bay, where you will board one of our specially designed boats with large windows, heated cabins, and outdoor decks. Come aboard for up-close viewing of Alaska's most incredible creatures, while listening to a naturalist and experienced guide.

There is a 100% guarantee or your money back to see the majestic humpback whales that travel to Alaska for feeding in the nutrient-rich waters. Once a whale is spotted, our captain will slow down and passengers are allowed out on the decks for a truly unique and up-close experience. With plenty of time out on the water, you're sure to see an array of spouts, tails, breaches, and more from these magnificent whales!

Coupled with this tour is a stop at world-famous Mendenhall Glacier! Take in the massive and mighty glacier, an explosive river of ice with rugged crevasses and vibrant blue color. At the glacier, you will have approximately 45 minutes to explore the walking paths and the U.S. Forest Service Visitor Center. Make sure you have your camera ready to snap photos of the famous Black Bears feeding on Wild Alaskan Salmon as you walk along raised trails over salmon spawning streams. It's truly a wild experience!

Included: Snacks and beverages. Admission to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor's Center.

Please note: 100% Guaranteed whale sightings or full refund on the whale watching portion of your tour. You'll be in a boat with a fully enclosed, heated cabin with restrooms on-board and outdoor decks for viewing. Child rates, if applicable, are for children age 2-12.

This tour operation is under permit with the Tongass National Forest and is an equal opportunity provider.

Duration: 4.5 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal. Whale watching: About 2 hours. Time at glacier: 45mins - 1 hour.)


  • Roundtrip transportation from the cruise ship terminal
  • 100% Guaranteed whale sightings or a full refund for the whale watching portion of your tour
  • Beverages and light snacks
  • Restrooms available while onboard the boat
  • Admission to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor's Center

Duration: 4.5 hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • 30 minutes - transportation to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center
  • 45 minutes - open exploration at Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center
  • 30 minutes - transportation to Auke Bay for whale watching
  • 2 hours - whale watching onboard a boat
  • 30 minutes - transportation back to the cruise ship terminal

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets in the back of the Mt. Robert's Tramway building. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is limited mobility accessible. Guests must be able to climb 4 steps into and out of the bus. There is limited space for collapsible wheelchairs and walkers. There is no storage available for motorized scooters. Please leave a comment during checkout if accommodations for collapsible equipment will be required on tour.

How many passengers does the boat hold?

There are 2 different sizes of boats used, with a maximum capacity of either 38 or 49 guests.  Compare this with the boats used by the cruise lines which hold up to 150 guests at once!

What is the seating arrangement in the boat?

Every boat has open seating as well as outside viewing areas when permitted.

Is there an inside seating area on the boat, is it heated?

The interior of the boat is heated when needed due to weather conditions to keep a comfortable environment.

How close will we get to the whales?

Humpback whales and other sea animals are protected species and a safe distance of at least 100 yards must be maintained at all times according to NOAA regulations.

Are whale sightings guaranteed?

Sightings are guaranteed or you'll receive a full refund for the whale watching portion of your tour.

What is the temperature on the water? 

Air temperature can drop as much as 20F with the wind chill factor when viewing whales outside.

How many passengers does the tour bus hold?

The maximum capacity for this tour is 51 guests.

What is the seating arrangement of the tour bus?

There is open seating on the tour bus, however if you require a certain seat due to  physical impairment then please inform your tour guide.

Is there enough time to hike to Nugget Falls waterfall?

No, unless you can walk 2 miles within 45 minutes. Nugget Falls is located about 1 mile from the Visitor Center and can be seen from the parking lot and various walking trails and view points around the Visitor Center building. 

Will I see any bears on this tour?

Wildlife is abundant in Southeast Alaska and sightings are possible on any tour. Bears are often seen near the glacier during the late summer salmon spawning season, however this is not a designated bear watching tour and nothing can be guaranteed!

Will I be able to walk on the glacier during this tour?

Walking on or getting up close to the glacier is not possible during this tour.

Is admission inside the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center included?

Yes, admission is included.

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Can I bring a backpack?

Backpacks, small bags, and purses are allowed on this tour.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Non-alcoholic beverages in a closeable containters and snacks are allowed on tour.

Are food and drink included?

Beverages, bottled water and a light snack (granola bar) are included.

Not seeing answers to your questions?

Check out other frequently asked questions here!

Want to learn more about our Mendenhall Glacier tours?

Check out our page for more details on all of the Mendenhall Glacier tours we offer: Mendenhall glacier!

Customer Reviews
Oct 2019 - Fred S.

Great excursion. People were great to go with too. Highly recommend.

Oct 2019 - Melissa H.

We had a wonderful time on this excursion! The fella's on the whale watching boat were so knowledgeable and fun!!

Oct 2019 - Georgina N.

Amazing better than we could have hoped for. Excellent guide and a truly fantastic experience

Oct 2019 - Julianne D.

The staff is what makes the whale watching tour so phenomenal!! Just perfect! I would highly recommend this be added to your itinerary!!

Oct 2019 - Jordan L.

I am giving this only four stars because it was impossible to find the person when we got off the ship. There was a lot of people walking around with signs but we did not find a sign for this particular excursion. Once we did find them it was easier and the crew on the boat were extremely informative and very very helpful. Unfortunately we went late September so did not see a lot of activity but they definitely tried

Oct 2019 - Deborah S.

The glacier was a bit underwhelming as you really don't get near it The whale watching was much more compelling and fun.

Oct 2019 - Magdel Elizabeth V.

The administrative staff assisting with the arrangements were great. The pick up and drop off were punctual and great. We did not end up doing the combo tour just the whale watching. That was very good. The details mention that snacks are included. We received a bottle of water and a very tiny pack of sweets. I suggest that no mention is made of it even though if it is given as it is small. The description that snacks are included influence guests' planning on taking snacks with, having lunch before the tour etc. so rather don't mention it and what ever you then hand out is a bonus.

Oct 2019 - Norma K.

The boat & guides were very good. Unfortunately it was an extremely wet day which I think effected the overall quality of the tour. We did have whale sighting but nothing on a spectacular scale I'm afraid. Having said this I would recommend to others & hope they have better weather

Oct 2019 - Alperdis K.

Neither, rain, snow or darkness of night stops the postman from his appointed rounds.....and neither does this excursion! Unfortunately, we did not get the opportunity to experience the Mendenhall Glacier Tour due to the arrival time of our cruise ship, so we were switched to just the Whale Watching Tour! We had a delightful experience; even with the cold, rain and overcast conditions! We had several whale sightings and spotted a few sea lions! Considering the fact that we were one of the last excursions for the season; it was amazing to see these beautiful mammals before they retreated to Hawaii for the winter!

Oct 2019 - Helen R.

Enjoyed the bus driver to the crew. Thanks

Oct 2019 - LESLIE R.

First class loved every second of it. Well worth it plenty of whales and the crew were great. Much better value than booking on the cruise ship.

Sep 2019 - Leticia P.

We saw so many whales!!!! It was AMAZING!!!

Sep 2019 - Jennifer R.

We saw whales as promised! Also some hilarious sea lions. Captain Brandon was great at getting us close to the whales. Commentary by Matt was good too. We only wish we could have stayed out longer!

Sep 2019 - Wendy M.

Fantastic tour, crew were amazing. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Saw lots whales!!

Sep 2019 - Teresa K.

The whale watching- If you have never seen whales before this is the tour for you. You are very likely to see at least one if not more. Guides where great and boat was very comfy. Glacier- not enough time to really do both. By the time you walk up to the glacier it's time to head practically right back for the transfer to the boat for whale watching. Also not that great if your doing glacier bay then not really worth the added expense. If however, this is the the 1st or only glacier you are going to see then you need more time here and still would not recommend this part of the trip

Sep 2019 - Margaret M.

This tour was amazing. The women on the whale tour where very passionate and respectful of the whales. They were very knowledgeable and nice to talk to. The boat was clean and well heated inside. The bus driver was also well informed and friendly. I liked that the tour was with a smaller group of people. Overall it was excellent

Sep 2019 - Susan P.

Despite the rain we really enjoyed this trip. We were able to see quite a few whales. The glacier was spectacular though we would have liked a little longer here so we could have walked to Nugget Falls. All in all great time was had.

Sep 2019 - Kelly T.

Great trip. Wonderful to have young people passionately sharing their knowledge and love of the beautiful surroundings and nature!! Highly recommend

Sep 2019 - Mrs A L.

Friendly. Saw a pod of Orcas and humpbacks. Thank you Captain Rich, Hannah and Sarah for a truly amazing experience.

Sep 2019 - Mark M.

Glacier tour: Got lucky with the weather, and the scenery was awesome. Did a short walk close to the parking lot and saw a bear. Whale watching on the George Ryan: Rich, Sarah, and Hannah knew their stuff. They tried hard to make it a successful outing... And we did see several whales! Juan the bus driver did a great job and brought the whole thing together. Thanks.

Sep 2019 - Dione R.

The whale watching piece of this excursion was amazing! The Mendenhall Glacier piece was disappointing . I was under the impression we would be able to walk on the glacier and we didn't even get close.

Sep 2019 - Erin B.

I'm giving this review 3 stars.. we loved the whale watching!! It was amazing!!! However the glacier tour left much to be desired. We did this portion first. We arrived and were given less than 1hr to explore the area. Give the size of the area and things to explore more time would have been better. You basically have to decide upon arrival which areas you will avoid due to time. However the driver to and from the glacier was exceptional and very knowledgeable. The staff on the whale watching tour was amazing and we saw a few whales very close to the boat. It was a fantastic experience. Overall a very good day.

Sep 2019 - Telester T.

Whale watching is very interesting. My binoculars are very useful out there and just seeing them spout waster in the air and flipping was wiorth the trip.

Sep 2019 - Ruth C.

Great time out on the boat with very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They gave us plenty of time to film the whales we saw, and also took us to see some seals. Well worth the time and money. Highly recommended.

Sep 2019 - Gerwyn T.

Brilliant trip, saw several whales Friendly and helpful crew thanks to captain Lauren, Katie and Danielle. Time out at Mendenhall glacier was well worth it.

Sep 2019 - SUZANNE J.

It was a good day seeing glaciers and whales! Juan the bus driver was a wealth of information and so were Rich, Hannah and Sophie on the boat! Seeing both Orca and humpbacks was wonderful. Sue

Sep 2019 - John H.

It was a great tour and we saw many whales which was thrilling. The ladies running the tour were very knowledgeable and interesting.

Sep 2019 - Richard E.

We had a great time! We had A few whales following our boat! I only wish there was a way to electronically tip because I never carry cash.

Sep 2019 - John F.

Wonderful experience!

Sep 2019 - Richard F.

Thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. We saw many Orca and Humpback Whales along with epic scenes which resulted in awesome photos and memories. Big thanks to Captain Rich, Katie, and Matt. Well done!

Sep 2019 - Lillie S.

I really enjoyed the Whale watching and Mendenhall Glacier Tour. We made so many special memories with our family. I will never forget. Love it.

Sep 2019 - Kathy D.

The staff was great and very informative.

Sep 2019 - Renee J.

This was a great tour. We used ASE vs using the cruise ship excursions and saved money. I would use ASE again if we make another trip. Thank you ASE!!

Sep 2019 - Stephen M.

Well run; well coordinated and very efficient. We got the maximum time on this tour and would do it again. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff..every one of them. Cant miiss this great experience if you are in Juneau

Sep 2019 - Kelly K.

We had so much fun enjoying the beautiful sight of humpback whales and orcas swimming around the boat. Our captain got us right in the middle of the action!

Sep 2019 - Stefani C M.

We had the BEST CREW on our whale watching tour. They were knowledgeable, confident and clearly invested in their environment. We enjoyed multiple sightings of humpback whales; so the visual of each group would continue for 4-5 minutes. Then we saw orcas! And it wasn't just one and it wasn't once. There were a large group of them and we enjoyed them (with the crew!) for quite a while. Our viewing of the orcas ended with two of them coming directly toward our vessel as if to bisect it. I'll never forget the size of these orcas at a distance of 20-30'. Just amazing. It was a most memorable couple of hours of the trip!

Sep 2019 - Sylvia H.

Wonderful experience. Crew was excellent and very knowledgeable. Ready to answer all our questions and sharing the experience was a great time for our family. I would highly recommend this excursion to all.

Sep 2019 - Goran C.

Absolutely amazing!!! Everybody on your team were very knowledgeable and gave us great information about area. We had good time, and definitely we ll recommend you to our family and friends.

Sep 2019 - Jason C.

Our excursion was right in time. The bus driver was informative about Juneau. We would have liked a little longer at Mendenhall Glacier than an hour. The whale watching was fun and we did see some whale tails. The snack provided was a small package of Mott s Gummies, I personally think this should have been crackers or something. Overall, the excursion was great and we would recommend it.

Sep 2019 - Rajiv P.

Excellent tour to see Mendenhall Glacier and for whale watching

Sep 2019 - Brenda T.

The whales weren't very active which is disappointing. The boat was very nice though. Very modern and well kept.

Sep 2019 - Charline D.

A must do

Sep 2019 - Suzanne W.

Transportation well orchestrated. Awesome crew. Very informative!

Sep 2019 - Donna D.

The bus driver was knowledgeable and very pleasant. The whale watching crew was wonderful. They were polite and knowledgeable and spotted whales at multiple sites. I found the whole experience to be a great one!

Sep 2019 - Marcie B.

Very much enjoyed both the glacier tour and the whale watching. I would of like more time at the Mendenhall Glacier.

Sep 2019 - Angie H.

Absolutely the best whale watching crew ever!! Lauren and crew were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and so much fun!! They knew where to go to find the whales! And they obviously had a deep love for them. The Glacier tour was much too short for us to get to the glacier and back to the bus. Overall, friendly and helpful. Great experience!

Sep 2019 - Bart A.

Wonderful! Saw super pod of orcas and several humpback whales! Very informative and nice guides.

Sep 2019 - Janice B.

I gave this score mainly for the Mendenhall glacier tour. I didn't expect to be dropped off at a park and you walk it with no guide. It was raining so that made it more miserable. But I will say...the whale watching trip saved the day. was still raining when we were getting on the boat. I felt the walk was a bit long on the slippery dock. But while on the boat we had a great crew and did get to see whales. It rained the entire time but Kenny made it fun for the passengers. I wish that it was a sunny day...but it was still great. When disembarking the boat, it was getting dark and the dock had some very slippery spots. It almost looked as if charters had layed their catch on the dock and left it slimy. I know how this gets since I'm from a fishing town in Florida. I was concerned for some of the passengers, as they were older and had some disabilities. All in all. ..a great trip on the boat.

Sep 2019 - Dave B.

The boat crew was amazing! The captain did a great job of taking us right to where the whales were and the other crew members told us what to expect when viewing the whales as well as helping everyone know where to look. Overall, it was a great adventure!!

Sep 2019 - Barbara B.

Great time! Weather was a bit rainy but the experience was fun and the staff did a great job making sure the experience was enjoyable.

Sep 2019 - Alexandra F.

Excellent excursion!!. Staff very friendly and professional. We saw various whales and the experience in the Mendenhall Glacier was beautiful (hope they can extend their time in the Glacier, 1 hour is too short).

Sep 2019 - Jonathan R.

Good treatment and good excursion.

Sep 2019 - Steven M.

We had a great time, saw whales as soon as we got there. saw some seals too. The boat was great, very roomy and comfortable, really good viewing. The crew was fantastic friendly and informative. We made the right choice. I would highly recommend this. Thanks

Sep 2019 - Patricia H.

We had a great time! I would highly recommend this tour!

Sep 2019 - Renee C.

The tour was good. I wish we would have had more time at the Mendenhall Glacier. It is 2 mile round trip easy hike to the glacier and a beautiful waterfall. There are other shorter trails that lead to scenic areas, but we only had an hour at the park so no time to really enjoy the scenery. The whale watching part of the tour was good. We saw several whales and the naturalists on board the boat were great.

Sep 2019 - Carolyn M.

It was a very enjoyable excursion. The staff was extremely knowledgeable.

Sep 2019 - Kirk H.

Loved this excursion. When we got off the boat we were sent to the wrong meeting stop by someone on shore and we missed our original bus. Your company was kind enough to put us on another bus to meet up with our group later at the Mendenhall Glacier. We were so grateful. Thank you so much for your kindness. I highly recommend your company.

Sep 2019 - Amber H.

I highly recommend this excursion! It was amazing. Our driver was very knowledgeable and pointed out the wildlife and showed us a lot about the town. On the self guided tour he showed us where the best spots were. Then the whale watching was perfect the staff was super friendly and knowledgeable about the whales and other animals we came across. It also didn't hurt that the weather was beautiful and the whales were so active. We had the chance to see two jump out and two more play in seaweed for awhile. It was my favorite excursion I went on!

Sep 2019 - Paul P.

This excursion included a boat ride out to see the whales was a great experience. We got to see 4 whales and one of them with her calf diving at the same time. Just spectacular. The guides on the boat actually recognized them and hand names for each of the whales. Also saw lots of salmons and bears at the Mendenhall Glacier which in itself is spetacular. Just a footnote. I left my wallet on the boat and only notice once I boarded the cruise ship. I was able to get a hold of them and got great service from this group. They found the wallet and brought it back to the boat before the cruise ship left. Great honest service. Thanks to them the rest of cruise was stress free.

Sep 2019 - Sylvia D.

Well worth the time and expense.

Sep 2019 - Rohith G.

The Juneau Whale Watching was fantastic. The Captain took us to where the whales were. The guide was excellent. Knew her stuff, and so personable! Saw many whales and the scenery was breathtaking!!!! The Mendenhall Glacier Tour was OK.

Sep 2019 - Marsha R.

it was fine. Whale watching was better than the glacier

Sep 2019 - TABATHA T.

Fun tour; the guides on the boat were fun and very knowledgeable.

Sep 2019 - Deanna H.

Fantastic whale and glacier tour. Guides were great and got to see lots of humpbacks!! Transportation from cruise to tour was very easy.

Sep 2019 - Warren K.

Staff was great!! Mendenhall Glacier portion of the tour could be improved though. Was hoping for more / better access to the glacier.

Sep 2019 - Stuart F.

A great trip. All staff were accommodating, considerate and humorous. Logistics were spot on, we saw dozens of whales and sea lions, to the delight of the grandchildren and were delivered right to the cruise ship gangway. Couldn t have been more pleased with staff and arrangements

Sep 2019 - Mary N.

Good tour. We were a little pressed for time at the glacier but were able to make it all the way out and back in time but we had to hustle. Could have used another 10-15 minutes there. Otherwise, happy with this tour. Thanks!

Sep 2019 - Victoria G.

Very informative guides

Sep 2019 - Alex N.

Well arranged accompanied with proffesional advice. In a weather like we encountered would have liked the boat to stop at the watching spots rather than slow down

Aug 2019 - James P.

Excellent tour and really informative. We saw a large number of whales.

Aug 2019 - Kelly H.

The ladies on this tour were amazing! Did a great job being informative and entertaining. I believe it was Lindsay doing the overall tour guide, she was fabulous!

Aug 2019 - Manina M.

The tour guides (Libby, Rich, and Katie) were very knowledgeable, and they knew where to take us to see whales. One whale was so very close to the aft end of the boat I could see his eye. It was great to see the Mendenhall Glacier.

Aug 2019 - Anthony M.

We are glad we booked through this excursion company instead of with the cruise line because we were able to combine both the whale watching and the Mendenhall Glacier in one tour. We would have had to choose one or the other with the cruise line. The tour was also less expensive. The guides were friendly and informative. We had Juan as our bus driver and he was great--liked his humor. Our naturalists on the boat were very knowledgeable. We especially liked Katie, because of her friendly demeanor.

Aug 2019 - Kathy C.

Excellent. Loved the whale watching. Capt. Rich, Aaron and Kenny were great. Loved every minute of it.

Aug 2019 - Atiba B.

Overall, my wife and I enjoyed the tour. We really liked the bus driver (Mark? - the older guy that says "everything and that"). His casual and humorous tour style made the rides fun and informative. We also enjoyed the whale watching portion of the tour. We quietly admired that it was an all female crew and how smooth they ran things. Some of the scenery as the sun was setting were some of the most beautiful things I've seen and hope to never forget. Our only complaint about the tour is that the Mendenhall portion seemed rushed and was not enough time to see everything. We had to skip the visitor center and quickly admire the glacier then speed walk to the waterfall, quickly admire that and then speed walk back to barely catch the bus in time.

Aug 2019 - Alex A.

Unfortunately, we were never able to catch a whale breaching. Did see a couple of fins and some blows from them though. Mendenhall Glacier was amazing. Guides were informative though

Aug 2019 - Ken W.

This Whale Watching and Mendenhall Glacier Tour was worth every penny from the time I contacted the receptionist until the time I returned from each phase of the tour. We saw Whales, Eagles, Black Bear up close and salmon spawning. The courtesy driver, Rob and Captain Laura and her team made sure we had a great time and pointed out key areas of Juneau and where the whales were surfacing. The good part is I booked through Alaska Shore Excursions which saved me a lot of money as opposed to booking through the cruise line.

Aug 2019 - Andrew H.

Fantastic time, and fantastic crew. You will see whales, and plenty of them!

Aug 2019 - Mital M.

Best one ever.

Aug 2019 - Prentice W.

The BEST experience hands down! The cherry on the top of our Alaskan Cruise! Highly recommend!!!

Aug 2019 - Greg T.

The whale watching tour, about 2 hours, was incredible and a highlight of our trip! We were fortunate as we were able to see about 10 humpback whales bubbling to eat fish as well as a family of orcas. We also saw about 6 seals back at the wharf swimming and summing themselves!! Captain Rick, Libby and Aaron were very knowledgeable guides as they provided insights into whale and orca behaviour. You can quickly appreciate their passion and respect of the animals. They also were great at providing accurate locations where the whales would surface. It was a great experience and one not soon to be forgotten! The Mendenhall glacier was breathtaking and a worthwhile experience. The hour spent there was a bit rushed and an extra 30 minutes would have been nice to allow enough time to walk to the waterfalls and still have time at the lookout point. We also saw a large porcupine (about the size of a small bear) in the brush - never knew a porcupine could be that large! Juan, our driver, was entertaining and informative as he pointed out various points of interest throughout our time on the bus. Total tour time is approximately 4-4.5 hrs including bus ride, glacier and whale watching. Would definitely recommend this tour if visiting Juneau on any cruise ship! G. Tokessy, Kanata, Ontario, Canada

Aug 2019 - Dawn S.

A great excursion which we would recommend to everyone. The staff were knowledgeable and very competent. Seeing whales bubble netting and feeding was fascinating.

Aug 2019 - Brenda H.

Had a great time

Aug 2019 - Roberta T.

This excursion was the best!! We especially enjoyed the whale watching. Our crew - Lauren, Matt and Aaron - we so good. They made sure we were able to see lots of whales and even saw an orca!! I would highly recommend this excursion.

Aug 2019 - Lori N.

Beautiful and comfortable boat that had a very knowledgeable crew

Aug 2019 - Sheila R.

Mendenhall was amazing seeing brown bears great whale watching was good saw a lot of whales no other wildlife they werent so close i believe on other tours quite near boat guess your luck on day girls gave good information.

Aug 2019 - Cheryl D.

We saw an orca whale and numerous humpback whales, our guide could even identify them by name just as he saw their tails come up as they dove down into the water.

Aug 2019 - JOHN O.

Whale tour was great, saw orcas and humpbacks. We did not have nearly enough time at Mendenhall Glacier!!!! We had to RUSH to get down and back to Nugget Falls and were still late for the bus by 10 minutes. Would have loved to have time to walk the trails and explore and actually enjoy it. Need 2 hours (at very least 1.5)! We were suppose to have an hour but the bus driver waited 10 minutes to let us off and we were already there! Should have asked to jump off immediately!!!

Aug 2019 - Terry H.

The captain and her staff got us so close to the whales. It was amazing. The crew was friendly and very knowledgeable.

Aug 2019 - Walter J.

Crew very knowledgeable, had a great time.

Aug 2019 - Michael H.

Had a blast!

Aug 2019 - Sean T.

Fantastic experience. The captain and crew on the whale watching boat were a real pleasure. We had the chance to see Orcas and Humpbacks.

Aug 2019 - Joyce F.

We loved this tour!! Our driver was entertaining and it was fun riding on an old brightly colored school bus. We loved that our whale watching boat was smaller than many of the others looking for whales which were jam packed with people and the gals that owned the boat were great in making sure we saw whales which we did!! They were very friendly and we got lots of great photographs. Highly recommend this excursion when in Juneau.

Aug 2019 - Teresa W.

excellent adventure!!

Aug 2019 - Victor L.

The Mendenhall Glacier tour was good but the Whale Watching did not meet our expectation as we only saw two whales. Tour driver Robert is knowledgeable and helpful but his busy schedule meant that we have to wait for him to pick us up at the Mendenhall Glacier as well as after the Whale Watching.

Aug 2019 - Vincent G.

Excellent whale watching day. Excellent staff on the boat. I wish there could have been a little more time at the Glacier so we could have walked out to the falls and spent some time. But I would recommended this tour to anyone.

Aug 2019 - Alan E.

The tour was very well organized. My only complaint was that I was not sure where we would be met. We ended up walking into town when the bus basically met you at the ship. No big deal it was a nice walk. The bus driver to the glacier and dock was friendly and informative. We saw many eagles on the way to the glacier. It would have been nice to have a little more time to explore the glacier but we made good use of our time. Upon arrival at the dock the crew, Capt Rich, Aaron, and Danielle were friendly and informative. At our first stop we saw a hump back whale do a full breach out of the water !! We saw many other whales, and of course the scenery was spectacular. I would highly recommend this tour.

Aug 2019 - Nanette L.

Good trip

Aug 2019 - Rosemary M.

Great guides and we were on a new boat . Saw a lot of whales. The walk to the glacier was nice and took pictures of the falls.

Aug 2019 - Rosemary M.

Great guides and we were on a new boat. Saw a lot of whales. The walk to the glacier was nice and took pictures of the falls.

Aug 2019 - Steve E.

Whale watching was awesome. Sarah and the crew were great! Mendenhall was good but I would suggest allowing an hour and a half there as we didn't have enough time to walk down to the water fall which was a bummer.

Aug 2019 - Gary S.

This was by far our favorite excursion during our Alaska Cruise. Captain Rich was great and Aaron and Matt were very helpful in helping us locate and anticipate the whales. Seas were a little choppy at times but Rich kept us in good stead and the best positions to see the whales in the sunset. The Glacier Tour presented good photo ops but you really don't get close to the glacier and the waterfall is a bit of a hike. Still worth the trip. Highly recommend!

Aug 2019 - Julia T.

Whale watching was fantastic, the Glacier trip was disappointing as we only had 45mins and could not walk there and back to the waterfall in time to catch the bus.

Aug 2019 - Joanne A.

Amazing day out well worth doing got plenty of time at the glacier and got to see 4 whales.. all crew were so helpful and answered any questions we had..

Aug 2019 - Kenn G.

5 stars

Aug 2019 - Mary M.

Awesome guides, clean and new boat, and plenty of whales.

Aug 2019 - Gregory W J.

My friends, wife and I like this tour a lot. Mendenhall Glacier is quite beautiful, as is Nugget Falls. I liked the size of our boat for the whale watching. There were about 20 of us on board. The boat was two stories so there was plenty of room to see things and move around. The crew was curious, knowledgable and professional. Our safety was important to them. Following the rules and the law (not getting too close to the whales) was important to them. I respected this. Then, we proceeded to see five whales. They are beautiful creatures. This was an excellent tour.

Aug 2019 - Kelly H.

Great staff!

Aug 2019 - Ronda R.

What an awesome experience! We saw whales, seals and eagles. The crew was very knowledgeable and passionate about their job! I would absolutely do this excursion again!

Aug 2019 - Nancy M.

An amazing experience.

Aug 2019 - Daniel M.

Great crew. Lots of whale sightings, knowledgeable staff. Glacier was ok. Entry to visitor centre and a trail to a scenic waterfall but not enough time to make the 2 mile walk. Also glacier was much further away than anticipated and would take hours to get to from the visitor center

Aug 2019 - Arthur J.

First rate tour, Knowledgeable Staff. saw whales as promist Admired the Mendenhall Glacier, Juan entertaining driver

Aug 2019 - Xuguang S.

Great experience and incredible view. Very knowledgeable guides

Aug 2019 - Kristopher O.

Highly recommend this tour. Very nice, new boat with friendly staff. We saw quite a few whales and even some breaching!

Aug 2019 - GUY C.

Friendly and talkative. They took us straight to the common whale spots and described in great detail the whales we were seeing and their behavioral traits. Beautiful photo opportunities and some fantastic memories

Aug 2019 - Carol F.

We loved this tour! We saw quite a few whales. The tour leaders were well informed. The boat was brand new and very nice. The ride was very smooth.

Aug 2019 - Jack G.

Knowledgeable staff and well run. Enjoyed very much!

Aug 2019 - Pranab M.

The Whale Watching and Mendenhall Glacier tour was an excellent option for Juneau for our family of four. The 7-year-old was disappointed that she was not able to "walk on the glacier" as we had done on Athabasca in the Canadian Rockies (but that is the exception for glacier visits). We also lost some time due to congestion on the roads, but that is the price you pay for an excellent sunny day. The bus operator and the whale-watching boat operators/guides were excellent- we recommend this to all.

Aug 2019 - Deborah D.

This was an awesome excursion! From the bus driver to Mendenhall Glacier to the whale watching crew of Rich, Libby and Hannah, all of them were so knowledgeable and informative. they answered all of our many questions and truly have a passion for what they were doing! We saw many whales, both killer whales and humpback whales and were truly mesmerized by their true size and beauty. This was our 1st time to Alaska and our 1st time on a cruise. We can't wait to come back to Alaska hopefully by RV so we can stay longer!!!

Aug 2019 - BJ W.

We had a great experience with the whales. We saw 7 in a feeding area. Our guides were amazing and great knowledge about the whales we saw.

Aug 2019 - Hubert H.

What an amazing day! I would give folks another half hour at Mendelhall Glacier, but the whale watching was extraordinary. Luke, Libby and Justin provided superb advantage points to view humpback whales. In fact, they stayed out some extra time to view a whale breaching. What an exceptional crew and memories.

Aug 2019 - Pandora V.

This was a nice excursion. The bus driver was very informative. The visit to Mendenhall was a bit short. The crew on the boat were great. The narrator was informative and funny. Time on the boat was sufficient and we saw whales!! Thanks!

Aug 2019 - Kathleen C.

This was a highlight of our trip! Very nice boat with comfortable, indoor captains chair seats. Matt was very knowledgeable and friendly, in fact all staff were friendly and helpful. We saw orcas and humpback whales pretty close to the boat. Our family had from ages 9 to 75 and everyone liked the tour very much! Just the perfect amount of time. Highly recommend!

Aug 2019 - Michael P.

We had a great time. The crew was amazing.

Aug 2019 - Phil P.

This was amazing! Definitely a highlight of our trip. I would highly recommend this.

Aug 2019 - Winfried R.

Awesome day with nice people.

Aug 2019 - Mandi W.

Awesome water views, crew was knowledgeable and got us great when sightings. Boat was the best we saw on the water (new boat).

Jul 2019 - Cecile N.

Very nice boat and great crew. We saw whales and learned a lot more about whales. Great job!

Jul 2019 - Karen B.

The whale watching trip was great. We saw 5 whales for a lengthy amount of time. The crew on the boat was very knowledgeable. Fun time.

Jul 2019 - Colin J.

I took the whale watch at 4pm, which was fortunate as there were only 10 people on this cruise and it gave us better opportunities to move around the boat and see the whales and killer whales. We were fortunate to get alongside a killer whale pod and followed them for along time. Earlier on I was taken by bus to the Mendenhall Glacier and had more than enough time to visit Nugget falls where the flow was fantastic and also the lookout Mendenhall Glacier. The bus driver was very informative about all things relating to Juneau. Quite impressive.

Jul 2019 - Anna C.

An amazing time on our excursion. We saw many humpback whales and two even went under our boat and came up on the other side! I would highly recommend this tour to anyone.

Jul 2019 - Tiffany F.

Wonderful experience! Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly! Enjoyed bus portion more than expected. Boat was clean and comfortable.

Jul 2019 - Shirley W.

This was a great trip. Saw lots of whales and some sea lions. However, they need a better speaker on the boat, so people in the back can hear him.

Jul 2019 - Leo L.

What an incredible day!! It instantly became my favorite vacation experience of all time and I cannot stop thinking about the whale watching. The glacier was fun to visit but the whale watching was something I've run out of superlatives to describe. Captain Sarah and Naturalist Katie were fantastic. They both had so much personality and really understood the experience. We saw a bunch of humpback activity including a breach and, just before we headed back to port, saw a mother humpback whale and her calf breach simultaneously and they followed it up with six other breaches plus a bunch of slapping of their fins on the water's surface. Luckily I captured about five minutes of the activity on video. Others on the boat captured it in photographs. I highly recommend this excursion to anyone visiting Juneau.

Jul 2019 - Anne D.

We saw 10 whales in 2 hours. The guide was very knowledgeable and clearly enjoys his job. The driver was friendly and did a good job.

Jul 2019 - Randy C.

It was a great experience. Mendenhall Glacier was beautiful. My wife and I took the short hike to nugget falls which was equally as beautiful. We saw whales up close and even saw two calves with their mothers. The naturalist on board was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Jul 2019 - Mark C.

We loved our tour, especially the whales where our guides provided us with many whale sightings. We would book again with this group!

Jul 2019 - Karel J.

All good!

Jul 2019 - Susan B.

I would highly recommend this tour. They were very professional and Libby was very knowledgeable. Everyone on staff was so friendly and accommodating. The boat was nice and we got to see lots of whales. We will cherish those memories forever. Susan, Columbia, SC

Jul 2019 - ROGER J.

Fantastic whale watching. we were in the middle of a pod of whales for at least one hour. Crew was great! Highly recommend!!

Jul 2019 - Darwin L.

Great information given and friendly staff

Jul 2019 - Richard S.

5 stars. Great excursion. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Great boat. Would recommend!

Jul 2019 - Denise P.

Our driver, Robert was engaging. He gave us little tidbits about the city and pointed out bald eagles and places of interest along the way. The crew for the whale watching was very friendly. Capt. Luke took us to an area where the whales were feeding and we saw several jump out of the water at the same time. Libby and Sarah were terrific and very knowledgeable. Overall it was a great experience.

Jul 2019 - Michelle B.

Excellent time and we were fortunate to see a couple different whales that day. Crew was fantastic.

Jul 2019 - Beth B.

Our bus driver and tour guide through Juneau was great and the whale watch was amazing! Our captain, Lauren, and naturalists Libby and Regina all did a fantastic job making sure we had the opportunity to see as many whales as possible that day! They took the time to answer any questions we had and explained a lot about what we were seeing.

Jul 2019 - Steven S.

We just got back from our whale watching adventure with Captain Lauren, Matt and Hannah. We had a blast. They were great. They knew exactly where to go to show us the majestic sea creatures in the area. The boat was very clean and safe. Transfers to and from the ship was seamless. I would highly recommend this crew for a day of fun and Alaskan adventure!

Jul 2019 - Lisa B.

This was an amazing experience! The captain and the guides were so knowledgeable about whales and had a real talent - maybe instinct on where to take us for the best experience. We saw 2 Orcas as we headed to find the Humpback whales. We saw multiple humpbacks but the best experience was seeing a baby (referred to as Bunson) who seemed like he wanted to put on a show for us - flapping his fin over and over like he was waving, and breaching the water to do spins while his mother hunted near by. Coming back to the dock we also saw a little otter swimming along. This excursion was truly the highlight of our trip! I think our guides were Matt, Hannah and Megan? Wish I d written it down - they deserve the kudos!

Jul 2019 - Shannon D.

This was fantastic. We saw bubble feeding! Women and boat captain who led this tour were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very competent guides. Excellent experience.

Jul 2019 - Laurie C.

Great experience. Friendly and informative crew! Saw lots of whales and a baby too.

Jul 2019 - Robert S.

Thrilled to see whales. Captain Lauren and her two assistants Matt & Hannah were outstanding. Matt, particularly, was so helpful and informative.

Jul 2019 - Delvin Y.

The all-girl team that took us out were top notch!! This excursion was one of the high points of our trip to Alaska. We saw at least 10 whales including one pod expressing bubble feeding behaviour. 5 stars!!

Jul 2019 - Gregory V.

We saw 8-10 wales bubble feeding. Tremendous sight. Saw and tracked 3 other whales including a mother and her pup. Libby, Hannah and captain Rick did a great job They were very knowledgeable and shared that knowledge with the passengers. Highly recommend

Jul 2019 - Ronald W.

The whale watching was great and we got to see killer whales which, as we understand it, is rare occasion. The Mendenhall Glacier was not that impression, but, then again, we had already visited Hubbard Glacier which was spectacular.

Jul 2019 - Michael B.

A great trip on a great new boat with a great team. A wonderful visit to the glacier and a special whale watch where we were treated to a triple breach. Wow. Well done Alaska Shore Excursions. Additionally better value than the cruise ship. 5 stars

Jul 2019 - Catherine V.

Would have liked more time at the glacier.

Jul 2019 - JOSE ANTONIO S.

Awesome team, awesome experience!! Probably I would add a few minutes at the glacier. Only walking to the waterfall and back takes almost an hour. The bus driver, out of this world, what a nice guy. The team at the vessel, so professional. Overall, flawless!!

Jul 2019 - Christina S.

This was everyone's favorite excursion!! It was very easy to find the meeting point once we got off the boat.The whale watching was amazing awesome beyond our expectations. Captain Rich, Aaron, and Hannah really knew their stuff. I highly recommend!

Jul 2019 - Fred W.

What a great time. Our trip began with Robert giving us a great narration of Juneau on our way to Mendenhall Glacier. We were given ample time to walk some trails and visit the national park at Mendenhall. Robert then picked us back up and drove us to the boat. We were met by the crew and boarded the boat. What an adventure! We were given great narration about the local area and whales by Hannah. Captain Rich was able to find a pod of Orca whales. Orcas are very hard to find in the are. We also were able to see several humpbacks right by the boat. We saw eagles and other birds on our trip. It was a great day. I know you cannot predict when and where whales will be, but Captain rich was spot on this trip. We were thoroughly entertained and enjoyed the whole trip from the start to the finish. This is a great way to check off two things to do in Juneau.

Jul 2019 - Gerald C.

Great tour saw lots of whales. Trip to glacier was nice but you are a ways away when viewing

Jul 2019 - Sandee S.

The whale watching was awesome. We saw many whales including one that did a full breach twice and then flapped his tail like 20 times. It was a unique experience and a nice boat to view from. The Glacier was lame. It's melted so far back you can't see too much and you definitely don't get close to any ice. The time allowed is to short to even make the short hike to the waterfall.

Jul 2019 - Teri J.

This was one of the best excursions I have ever been on. The crew went out of their way to make sure we got to see whale! They were friendly, fun and very accommodating. I highly recommend this tour.

Jul 2019 - Joann B.

very nice

Jul 2019 - Nilima R.

Comfortable, new boat with lots of time to view the whales. We saw about 5. Guides were helpful and careful to not go too close to the whales as other boats do. The trip to the Glacier is a drop off and pick up with about 45-50 min there. If you want to walk to the waterfall, you have to walk fast! It would be nicer to do the Glacier after the whales and have more time there.

Jul 2019 - Robert S.

Great guides and amazing whale viewing.

Jul 2019 - Michael B.

We saw many whales.

Jul 2019 - Joerg A.

We had perfect weather and the stop at the Mendenhall Glacier was very nice offering a beautiful view. The whale watching trip was absolutely fabulous. The scenery was breathtaking. We saw killer whales only feet away and a humpback whale. The crew provided great insights. Any time again.

Jul 2019 - Maria Laura U.

Me encanto Gracias

Jul 2019 - Craig M.

Beautiful boat and great crew. Whales put on a fine show!

Jul 2019 - Danielle A.

Amazing time and my young boys loved the boat and watching the whales. The tickets were easy to print from the Alaska Shore Excursions. The directions were clear and finding the ticket agent and show was a breeze! Thank you for a great time!

Jul 2019 - Kelly H.

Very friendly crew, nice views and just as promised we saw whales! Glacier was nice too but wish we had a bit more time to be able to like out to the glacier.

Jul 2019 - Stacy F.

Our captain Lauren and crew of Sarah and Aaron were great with the whale watching. You can tell home much they love the whales. We saw several. The glacier is spectacular! One of our favorite stops on our trip.

Jul 2019 - Jian Z.

This was an excellent trip. The first half was a visit to the Mendenhall Glacier. We viewed the Glacier pretty closely across a beautiful lake. The second half was a whale watching tour on a small boat. Our captain was a young lady. The other two guides (one young man and another young lady) were very knowledgeable of the area and the habitat of the whales and orcas. They took us to see a humpback whale named Sasha and a group of killer whales. On the way back we saw a number of sea lions. Such a worthwhile trip.

Jul 2019 - Sheila M.

The sights were incredible. A little unorganized with the transportation to the glacier and to the whale watching boat. We saw a few whales. Unfortunately, not enough whales to make the whale watching trip worth.

Jul 2019 - Shelley H.

Good- not many whales sadly

Jul 2019 - Lori M.

Great time! Our captain and whale watching guide were both great

Jul 2019 - Keith H.

Whale watching was excellent, Mendenhall glacier ok

Jul 2019 - Karen B.

Fantastic. A super trip with very informative staff who were also friendly.

Jul 2019 - Paul D.

The boat tour guide (I think her name was Katie) was outstanding. We were on the boat longer than scheduled because we kept seeing whales, and I did not mind one bit!

Jul 2019 - Maria T.

Excellent! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and interesting and threw in a few jokes for free. We had a great time and had plenty of time to enjoy and find the whales. Thanks! Only complaint is that on the Glacier tour, I almost missed the bus because not enough time to walk to and back from the waterfall. Otherwise very satisfied.

Jul 2019 - Rebecca M.

Wonderful tour. The staff was very knowledgeable and found wonderful things for us to see and enjoy. It was difficult for my mother with a walker to go all the way out to the ship and get on and off the ship. I would recommend this trip to others.

Jul 2019 - Vaishali P.

We were able to watch killer whale as well lot of whales in group. Mandehall glacier Tour was good.

Jul 2019 - Angela M.

The whale watching tour was awesome! We got up close to the whales. For sure a must do! You won't be disappointed.

Jul 2019 - Julie S.

We went on a cruise and stopped in Juneau. This tour company meet us outside our ship which was very convenient. The bus driver, Robert, took us to Mendenhall Glacier and was very informative and funny along the way. We spent an hour at Mendenhall Glacier, walked on a trail to Nugget Falls which is as close as you can get to the glacier without a boat. Robert then took us to the whale watching boat. Very knowledgable crew (Luke, Sarah, Regina), we saw about a half dozen whales. Would definitely recommend this excursion.

Jul 2019 - TAMMY P.

Great crew! Clean boat. All around great experience. Will recommend excursion.

Jul 2019 - SUSAN A.

We love the watercraft and our guide was outstanding. He took us to THE spot to see the whales.

Jul 2019 - Nanette M.

This was a nice tour, we did see a couple of whales, just wish we would have seen more.

Jul 2019 - Stephen H.

Did not see as many whales as we had hoped. Could not get real close to the Mendenhall glacier without hiking and there was not sufficient time allotted for that hike.

Jul 2019 - KEN O.

Had great time, saw half dozen whales. Capt rich and Aarron were great, Libby was good. The trip was more than expected

Jul 2019 - Randy G.

I wish I could give more than five stars. This was an amazing adventure for all of us. There were so many oohs and aahs from everyone. We have so many pictures from both the Glacier tour and whale watching we will have many memories. We want to come back and will definitely use Alaska Shore Excursions to book with.

Jun 2019 - Kevin S.

Enjoyable and very knowledgeable guides on the whale watching portion. Information about activities at the Mendenhall glacier could have been better, i.e., informing participants that a hike to the falls was possible within the time permitted

Jun 2019 - Louis V.

The Whale Watching and Mendenhall Glacier Tours were very well done. They had great transportation, on time arrivals and departures. I would rate them 5 stars out of 5 stars. We saw lots of whales too. Why book directly with your cruise line when you can book directly with Alaska Shore Excursions and save money!

Jun 2019 - Jackie K.

This excursion was flawless from beginning to end. We enjoyed our bus driver's comedy, he was outstanding. (I don't remember his name, green bus, he drives the school bus in the winter) The boat crew (Rich, Luke, and Aaron) exceeded my expectations for the whale watching. The vast amount of knowledge, information, and excitement as the tour progressed was fantastic. We followed 3 whales for a few hours, and were given multiple opportunities to observe the whales. The crew would even tell us when to be ready to get a TAIL shot when the whales would dive. I'll be recommending your company to many fellow travel agents, as I know our mutual clients will be highly satisfied with your operations. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Jun 2019 - Karen P.

The crew on the whale watching were incredible. The weather was great, the scenery was awesome and the whales and seals put on a great show for us. Mendenhall Glacier was beautiful. I didn't know what to say when I first saw it. The whole area was fantastic. I have got to say that your company has some very good businesses doing their excursions. Stay with these folks. Thank you so much for the best time of my life.

Jun 2019 - Carl T.

Had a wonderful time on this tour. The day we went we had beautiful weather and the crew for the whale watching were both ladies who did a great job. We saw about 15 Orca Whales and 2 Humpback whales. So glad we did this tour. We enjoyed the Mendenhall Glacier. To bad that it is melting away. The visitor Center is very nice. Don

Jun 2019 - John M.

Captain Rich, Matt and Hannah were an amazing wealth of knowledge. Captain Rich made sure we saw whales!!!!! It was a fantastic trip!

Jun 2019 - Sarah S.

The tour was really well organised, firstly taken by coach to the Glacier by a chatty tour guide/driver. Then we were taken to the boat. The crew (Luke and Katie) were really welcoming and very knowledgeable. We had an amazing time and viewed hump back whales and seal lions. Worth the money without a doubt as they guarantee your money back if there are no sightings!

Jun 2019 - DAVID A.

Small boat, very informative, fun.

Jun 2019 - Robert M.

Personable and knowledgeable guides.

Jun 2019 - Michael Y.

Great Experience! The crew were very knowledgeable.

Jun 2019 - Patricia P.

Both tours were memorable. Whale watching was especially good.

Jun 2019 - MengChen H.

My daughter and my dad went for the tour. They came back with amazing whale pictures and they were very excited about the tour.

Jun 2019 - Kimberly E.

Was a wonderful experience and staff was great!

Jun 2019 - Karen G.

This was probably our favorite tour. Kaz and Aaron were wonderful. It was so nice to have people who were so passionate about the whales and ready to share their experiences. This was more than a brief glance. We were able to sit and watch the whales for quite a while.

Jun 2019 - Frank H.

This excursion was very good. Glad we took it.

Jun 2019 - Sharon R.

Lauren, Matt and Sarah did a great job with this tour

Jun 2019 - Michelle P.

needed more time to see the glacier, we barely had time to take the mile walk down to the glacier and couldn't go all the way because we had to hurry and get back to catch our ride. Very pretty but if taking the trail to the glacier and waterfall will need to watch your time. Didn't get to go the visitor center at all. LOVED the whale watching, awesome crew (I wish I had their card with me to give them a shout out) on our boat, the whales never jumped out of the water but did surface multiple times and we got great pictures of their tales as they went back down. Even saw Sea Lions. Definitely recommend.

Jun 2019 - MICHAEL G.

The excursion was top class! Captain Mike (I think) and her young assistant were courteous professional and gave us a day to remember! My wife said yesterday that it was the best day of our whole holiday in which we visited Canada for the first time saw beautiful Banff Lake Louise and the majestic Rocky Mountains followed by a mind boggling trip on the Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver and the Alaskan Cruise to finish! The excursion luckily took place on a beautiful day and our crew through radio contact soon learned where whales were cruising ! We then saw the giant dorsal find of Orcas away in the distance so Captain Mike took us to the general area and cut off our engines this culminated in a magnificent male orca surfacing within about six feet of the boat breathtakingly spectacular and Mike's assistant and I apologise for not remembering his name captured a wonderful video of this unforgettable event which he was able to share on something called air drop and which we will cherish hopefully for many many years! Our excursion also included a visit to the Mendenhall lake and visitor Centre the bus driver / tour guide was funny and very knowledgeable only real bit of a problem we had for the full day was that there was barely enough time for us to get to the stunning waterfall and back in the timeframe required I made it but it was a real physical effort in the time we had - My wife didn't attempt it! That said our Orca (especially) and other whale sightings make it utterly impossible to rate this at any less than the full five stars in fact I wish I could give it six! Hopefully our crew get to read this and accept our enormous thanks for an unforgettable and very special day in our lives!

Jun 2019 - Deanna P.

Excellent tour! Super knowledgeable guides. Saw lots of whales, mommas and babies too! Mendenhall Glacier was breathtaking. I recommend taking the short walk to view the waterfall close up as well!

Jun 2019 - Dean W.

Just returned from a fantastic trip to Alaska from the UK. Worth every penny. Made so much better with the help of Alaska shore excursions. This trip to the Mendenhall Glacier and Whale watching was excellent. Easy to book, all pick ups were easy to find and did exactly as promised. The boat we took for the whale watching was brand new with a team of 3, Libby our main guide was so enthusiastic and had expert knowledge of all the whales. We were able to see them close up which was an awesome wonder. A must do experience

Jun 2019 - Tao C.

Very good experience

Jun 2019 - Jessica A.

Saw whales a few times during our adventure! Was a great time.

Jun 2019 - Roy A.

Thought that this was a single excursion. Boat out for whale watching and bus ride to glacier. More travel and wait time than I expected. Not as much time as I would have liked for either. But we did see whale.

Jun 2019 - Frances S.

The crew, Captain Rich, Aaron and Hannah, were wonderful. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. I enjoyed it very much

Jun 2019 - James R.

Our guide was very knowledgable and friendly. Website said binoculars would be available and this was not true. Good tour otherwise.

Jun 2019 - Nick S.

Had a great time. Saw lots of whales. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Jun 2019 - Jo L.

Very knowledgeable guides. Were able to locate several opportunities to view whales, including a mother with a calf. Would recommend to anyone.

Jun 2019 - Lee E.

I really enjoyed this tour. I suggest that the operator provide more information concerning the glacier tour, specifically how long a walk it was from the entrance area to either the glacier or waterfall viewing areas. Due to time constraints, I spent more time vigorously walking to and from the waterfall area than actually spending time there to take in the sights. The whale watching portion of the tour was also enjoyable, as I saw several sightings of young whales during the trip. Our vessel's crew was also polite and informative.

Jun 2019 - David B.

First cruise and fist excursion ever the boat had an all girl crew and they were so awesome we had so much fun . Saw two sets of whales the baby whale jumped in front of us so cool. Crew was very knowledgeable. Will book with this company every time we go.

Jun 2019 - Cyndi C.

Loved the information we received and the fun we had watching the whales! Thank you!!

Jun 2019 - Anoop G.

Well organized and an extremely friendly crew. The Whale watching team worked extremely hard to ensure close views of the whale. I would take my family and friends again with the same crew and boat with zero hesitation. Note: We are a family . which travels extensively across the globe and can easily say that the boat crew is world class in a very humble way.

Jun 2019 - Brian B.

If you want to really see Mendenhall Glacier, do a different trip. You really don't have much time to see the Glacier. The whale watching part of the trip was very good, and you will see some whales.

Jun 2019 - Richard T.

Great excursion! Everyone was very nice and very knowledgeable! The whale swam right beside our boat!

Jun 2019 - Carolyn J.

Wonderful tour. The Mendenhall Glacier was amazing. We got to watching a mother humpback and her baby for about a half hour. We loved it!

Jun 2019 - Beverly W.

Fantastic adventure. Beautiful scenery both at the glacier and on the boat. I loved the fact that the tour boat was smaller, just 16 passengers. Sara our skipper was pleasant and knowledgeable and her right hand equally so. Would highly recommend. I only rated it a 4 star not because I didn't love all that we saw, but because the bus driver on the way to the the glacier asked for tips and that didn't sit well with me. I tip for great service, not because I've been asked

Jun 2019 - HEATHER F.

This was our favorite excursion on our cruise. We got to see a baby humpback playing, jumping, breaching. The guides were very knowledgeable and answered all our questions.

Jun 2019 - Kevin B.

The highlight of our trip! We had a baby humpback who would not stop putting on a show. Incredible staff and extremely knowledgeable! We will never forget this experience.

Jun 2019 - Betty D.

There were 11 family members on this excursion, and we did see whales and the young man was very good in explaining the types of mammals we could see and we did identify some by their tail markings. It was an enjoyable and informative morning.

Jun 2019 - Fred T.

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a fantastic excursion! We started by visiting the Mendenhall Glacier and spent time wandering around the visitor center and then to Photo Point. It would be easy to spend an entire day there, but the one hour we had gave us enough of a taste that it would be high on our list if we ever visited again. Then the whale watching tour! Wow! Our guides were fantastic and quickly got everyone on board and out on the water. The boat was comfy and allowed passengers to stay inside with great views or visit the bow, stern, or roof for even better views. The guides spotted our first whale within a matter of minutes and it was non-stop action from that point on. Whale after whale, with the guides providing detailed information and helping us know what to look for and expect. We were fortunate enough to see whales bottom feeding (and doing the infamous terminal dive with tale in the air) and lunge feeding! This was a fantastic excursion for both the adults and our 6-year-old and we would even consider doing it again!

Jun 2019 - Michelle E.

We were slightly late getting to our tour due to being delayed getting off the ship and having a hard time finding the meeting tent. They were great though, they got us on another bus and we were able to rejoin our tour. I wish we had more time at the Glacier and if I ever return I will spend my whole day there. The whale watching was super too, the staff were very professional and the view is stunning. I love being out on the water so this would have been great even without the whales.

Jun 2019 - TRACY H.

Our cruise line didn't offer the type of shore excursion we wanted, but Alaska Shore Excursions had exactly what we wanted and well within the timeframe we had available. We particularly appreciated how accurately the tickets described how we would find our meeting place and what to look for. The only challenge with the excursion was at the end of whale-watching, one of the buses broke down, which delayed our transport back to the ship because the remaining buses were doing double-duty covering for the one that broke down. Our boat captain, Sarah, and guide Aaron were friendly and knowledgeable about the area and where to find whales, how to identify them, and even how to know when they would be going down for a dive and we'd get to see their flukes. Just a fantastic afternoon!

Jun 2019 - ROBERT P.

Overall it was a good tour. Was a little disappointed with the amount of whales that we saw though.

Jun 2019 - Rahul K.

Excellent viewing and information

Jun 2019 - Lesley T.

Loved our tour! Visited the Glacier first - driven by Juan (he was fantastic) had time to walk to Nugget Falls for a few photos. The cloud was low, so visibility wasn't wonderful - but good all the same. Once we got to the boat for whale watching the weather had brightened up and it turned into a lovely sunny morning. Captain Rich, Hannah and Libby were brilliant - informative, helpful and really made our experience great. Saw loads of whales and were lucky enough to see a baby whale breaching (and showing off to the other boats!) We had plenty of room to view the whales and never once felt overcrowded. Our driver, Juan, kindly ran us back to the ship as we were running a little late - much appreciated. Definitely recommend this tour.

Jun 2019 - Wilma Joyce P.

What a day! We saw Humpback and even 3 pods of Orcas! I didn't know I would be that excited! I felt like I'd won the lottery!

Jun 2019 - WILHELM D.

Great experience with Luke, Hannah and Sarah. Sea Lions, Porpoise, plenty of whales and saw a Whale breach right in front of the boat.

Jun 2019 - Maria H.

It was nothing but fun, and a great experience. Both Captain and Naturalist were fun and great people.

Jun 2019 - Glenn T.

Excellent trip. The bus was old and not particularly comfortable. The driver as very knowledgeable. The trip to the glacier was OK but after the Hubbard glacier a bit of a disappointment. There was an elevator to the centre but no one mentioned this. The whale watching was fantastic. The boat was fast and modern with really good staff. Libby was very good, funny and knowledgeable. Aaron and Rich were very good at pointing whales out and helping generally. We saw several whales ...very good. My Only complaint was the amount of walking required if you are not very mobile...sometimes the distances were bit far .

Jun 2019 - Doris R.

The Mendenhall Glacier was fun just wish we had more time. The Whale Watching was amazing. The crew was great, personable, knowledgeable and fun. We saw a mom with baby. Really wonderful. Learned alot. Very comfortable boat.

Jun 2019 - Jeanne V.

Best excursion. Crew was totally awesome

Jun 2019 - Jessica V.

Although there was a small snafu with the boat while watching, they got another boat quickly and we had an excellent day out. Our guides were fantastic. Sarah was knowledge and we saw 3 whales in one area! Best part of my Alaskan vacation. The glacier part left much to be desired. Just to be clear they don't take you on a tour they just drop you off to view which is fine but I wouldn't consider it a true tour.

Jun 2019 - Myrina Meleah A R.

Fantastic! Saw whale breaching!

Jun 2019 - Jennifer M.

The Mendenhall portion of the tour was alright. They drop you off for an hour and you get to explore. If you want to get up close and personal with the glacier, this is not the way to do it. If you are ok seeing it from a distance it is fine. The whale watching was the highlight. We saw several humpback whales. It was a very nice, relaxed trip. We had Libby with us educating us about marine life. It was a good time and I wish I could do it everyday. I so enjoy being on the water and seeing wildlife. It is one of my happy places. We did not get to see a breach, may be next time.

Jun 2019 - Neil C.

This operation was top notch,have nothing negative to say.

Jun 2019 - Jayden M.

Loved it!

Jun 2019 - Joe M.

Great staff. Wish we could have seen a whale breach.

Jun 2019 - Sharon S.

Good day, but not much activity

Jun 2019 - Tom C.

We had a great time with Rich, Hannah, and Libby on our Mendenhall glacier and whale watching excursion. I would suggest using this crew whale watching! Great experience thanks to his crew!!

Jun 2019 - Adam C.

Terrific viewing of whales and friendly and helpful staff on board the boat. Ideal whale watching boat as there was room to move around the vessel, both inside and out. Mendenhall was lovely and our bus driver Robert was cheery and helpful. Bus was a little late back to Glacier which was a bit unfortunate as we were only given a short time to get to the falls and came back before we got there to be on time only to have the bus about 20 mins late. Confusion for guests.

Jun 2019 - Helen V.

The glacier is a must see and the nature center is really nice. The whale watching was incredible! Katie was so fun and we saw whales nearly the whole time. We were lucky with sunshine, so it was a beautiful day on the water, but I hear that's not the norm!

Jun 2019 - Joshua G.

We were fortunate to see killer and humpback whales . The staff was amazing. Would recommend to anyone going to alaska.

Jun 2019 - Heather N.

The services provided by the tour company were wonderful, however the forest ranger at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center drove us completely bonkers with the way she conducted her talks. Too much personal emotion, not enough facts.

Jun 2019 - Ifang L.

We saw both hampack whales

May 2019 - Elizabeth W.

A great tour which lived up to its expectations. We saw several whales and one with a cub. Staff were extremely knowledgable and friendly. A bit more time on the glacier would have been good but weather was wet so didn't matter too much.

May 2019 - Martin M.

Whale watching amazing! Staff were very informative and helpful. Saw 6 whales!

May 2019 - Pamela M.

Not to be missed! The glacier is Amazing!! The whale watching trip was truly a treat-while not everyone will see Orcas, we saw a large Pod! And humpbacks too. For me, this says Alaska!

May 2019 - Tice W.

Outstanding professional yet personable crew made for a fantastic outing everyone in the family thoroughly enjoyed the experience

May 2019 - James E G.

A wonderful experience except there was not enough time at the Mendenhall Glacier to enjoy the Visitor Center. Our driver gave us a time to be back at the bus stop but was 20 minutes late. We could have used that 20 minutes to further experience the Visitor Center. The Whale Watching tour was great and the crew were very skilled and professional. Thanks.

May 2019 - John P.

What an amazing day! Our crew was awesome!! Very knowledgeable and friendly. We were so lucky to see a pod of 25 Orca killer whales!! The glacier park was beautiful!! The driver of our van was so funny and gave us a great history lesson as we were going to the park!!

May 2019 - Gwen C.

It was an amazing excursion. Our crew of Hannah, Aaron and Capt. Rich were awesome. We saw several whales and the knowledge and expertise they shared about whales and other wildlife was fascinating. Thanks for a great excursion

May 2019 - Coral S.

We were taken on a repurposed school bus to the Glacier information center first. We were dropped off to explore on our own for about an hour. We were then picked up and transported to the marina for the whale watch. It was a long and very steep walk down to the docks for my 87 year old mother, but Aaron grabbed a wheelchair and escorted her both ways. The boat was new and comfortable. Aaron explained everything nicely, we saw a number of humpback whales including a frisky calf that jumped out of the water numerous times. We also saw a harbor seal and bald eagles. It was a good day.

May 2019 - Brenda M.

Great tour! Loved seeing the whales! Captain Loren and her crew were friendly, skilled and knowledgeable.

May 2019 - Robert H.

We have done this 2 years now with different family members and enjoyed it very much both times. Some of our party took longer getting off the ship and we missed the bus. Your representative tried to reach us multiple times, my phone was not working. When we found her, she took great care of us and got us caught up to the group.

May 2019 - Tracy M.

Absolutely fabulous. The team were brilliant and we got to see a calf and mum swimming and the calf was leaping out of the water. Amazing. The Mendenhall glacier was wonderful and we got some great photos.

May 2019 - Elaine J.

Our captain and assistant were enthusiastic about the trip and passed that along to the group. They were knowledgeable and easy to question.

May 2019 - Julie G.

Great tour! Wish we had a little more time at Mendenhall Glacier, but we hustled and we made it down to Nugget Falls which was gorgeous. Whale watch was amazing! We saw a pod of orcas & breaching humpbacks. Matt & captain Lauren were both fantastic.

May 2019 - Suzanne K.

An amazing experience. Highly recommend it!!!

May 2019 - Larry G.

Great tour. Highly recommend it.

May 2019 - Wei M.

We saw several whales. Our Guide Matt was knowledgeable. Our captain was nice too.

Oct 2018 - Claudia C.

It was an amazing tour even though the visit to the Glacier seemed rush. Not enough time to make it to the waterfall. We had to almost run so we wouldn't miss the bus. Manage your time accordingly. The whales were unbelievable. Great boat tour and the views are to die for. Would totally recommend it. The guides are extremely knowledgeable.

Oct 2018 - H A.

What an incredible excursion!! I can't even tell you how many whales we saw. Absolutely majestic! The Mendenhall Glacier was great also. Both tour guides were great (One for the Whales and one for the glacier). The naturalist on the whale tour provided so much information. She made the whole trip fun and exciting. The only thing that could have made it better was the ever allusive "breach."

Sep 2018 - Garry G.

This was a wonderful tour. Saw lots of whales. Very comfortable boat. Time at the glacier walk was just right! Highly recommend !

Sep 2018 - Joe D.

We came off of the ship and representatives were in kiosks along the harbor. They could not have been more helpful. They were most pleasant and even offered us an opportunity to spend additional time at the glacier at no extra cost.. the Whale Watch was spectacular. The scenery from the boat alone was beautiful and the crew did a great job locating whales and explaining their habits so we would know what to expect. It was a most worthwhile experience.

Sep 2018 - JOHN W.

Saw lots of humpback whales! Great experience!

Sep 2018 - Lynn R.

Excellent! Our husband and wife team (Brandi and Rich) were very knowledgeable and friendly, and we had multiple sightings of whales and seals. Boat was very clean and allowed for great viewing/pictures.

Sep 2018 - Kimberly W.

Our tour guides were very informative and took us to the areas where we were able to watch at least 5 different humpback whales feeding!

Sep 2018 - Laurence V.

Enjoyed time at Mendenhall Glacier, however there was not enough time as it was included with the whale watching. We were at least a half an hour or more late starting out so it only gave us about 20 minutes at Mendenhall. Not nearly enough time to enjoy. Not very good whale sightings either, however , that's no fault of the tour . Staff was always very nice and accommodating.

Sep 2018 - Donna A.

Bus driver was rude when we asked if we had time to go to the bathroom

Sep 2018 - Leslie R.

Not just a fantastic trip to the glacier and whale watching the cruise line changed the docking times.your company went out of their way to resend tickets and help us in our hour of need we appreciate this a lot so once again thankyou and I would recommend this tour company to anyone.thankyou

Sep 2018 - Carena E.

Amazing trip. Our skipper got us close to humpbacks and we also caught a glimpse of Orcas. Very professional outfit. Would recommend this tour.

Sep 2018 - Michael L.

Would have liked a bit longer at glacier but understand the need to pack everything in . Great guides x whale watching team amazing .

Sep 2018 - Maree B.

A wonderful crew for the whale watching - young, dynamic and passionate about their environment

Sep 2018 - Lisette B.

The Tours was excellent including the bus drivers humor. Maybe a litter more time in the Mendenhall Glacier tour to walk relax to the waterfall it will be perfect. Whale Watching was excellent and the personnel was very professional and polite. Thank you !!

Sep 2018 - Mark M.

Excellent. Saw hump backs and orcas. 14 passenger boat.

Sep 2018 - Roger W.

Excellent excursion with very good onboard team

Sep 2018 - Kelly C.

This tour was wonderful. Our guides were knowledgable and SUPER nice. Thank you for a wonderful Juneau experience.

Sep 2018 - LI T.

Very well organized. Mendenhall glacier and the around area are so worthy to visit, beautiful and rich of the wild lives. And we learned a lot from the visiting center. Whale watching experience was so fun and just as promised, Our captain Luke and his partner Aaron are very knowledgeable on chasing the whale. We saw more than ten times of the whales. It was really a fun and happy excursion.

Sep 2018 - Briggett H.

Love this excursion! Our captain and guide knew exactly where to find the whales.

Sep 2018 - Teresa W.

I was able to see my first whale in the wild. The captain took us to well known spots where whales have been previously spotted. It took about 10-15 min for the first sighting. As soon as we saw the water sprout the captain would slow the boat and everyone got pictures. The whale came up every few minutes. After a while we would move on to the next spot / whale. The day we had the excursion was a warm and sunny day, so visibility was perfect. The water was calm. Great experience. If you were to choose only one excursion to take in Alaska, highly recommend whale watching.

Sep 2018 - Mandy K.

Well organized. Spotted five whales

Sep 2018 - Bryan & Gordon C.

We had such a great day on this tour. It started with Corey, our knowledgeable and friendly driver. Corey was more like a tour guide and we learned so much from him. His friendly attitude really started our trip out right. After the glacier, we went out on the whale watching boat with Captain Lauren and Matt. Both were exceptional and made it a great day for us. What we liked was the size of the group. Only 14 folks total which gave it a more intimate and special feel. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for adventure in Juneau.

Sep 2018 - Tammy B.

12 days in Alaska with 5 close friends and 8 tours. This was everyone's highlight of the tour. Matt and our captain were amazing and the only way to do this tour in on a smaller boat like you offered. AMAZING. Thank you, Bryan

Sep 2018 - Eldon O.

What a great Captain and Crew! The boat was in impeccable condition as well as very clean. The willingness of the crew to answer questions and share information made the tour even better. We will definitely spend more time at the Mendenhall Glacier next time. There was a lot to see.

Sep 2018 - Sandra G.

Loved walking out to Mendenhall Glacier and seeing the waterfall. Even got to see a mother bear with her two cubs on the way. We got to see some whales. The only bad part was it started to rain just before the whale watching tour was over and we had to walk back through Juneau to the ship in a drizzle. Other than that had a great time!

Sep 2018 - Elzelina G.

Overall very good but I would have liked more time at the Mendenhall Glacier Tour.

Sep 2018 - Gary B.

Great tour for whale watching. Not enough time at glacier to explore.

Sep 2018 - Ken P.

Excellent tour. Our guides were very personable and interesting to listen to. I would highly recommend this tour.

Sep 2018 - Peter K.

Outstanding trip! Whales were 100% guaranteed and they delivered. Our crew were excellent!

Sep 2018 - Diane T.

We took the whale watching tour on Sep 2. The price was good and the boat ride was great. The Guide gentleman was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and had a great personality. The Captain was also great and turned the boat so pictures could be taken. Got some whale tale shots and was told their names from the guide. Was bummed the humpback whales did not jump high out of the water and the orcas were hiding.

Sep 2018 - Armida A.

it was a great experience

Sep 2018 - Ross C.

A great day, pity you just sometimes can't get really close, beautiful whales and seal lions. The MendenHall Glacier was seen just about at the end of the summer season so the glacier had retreated a bit, but a beautiful sunny day, a good day.

Sep 2018 - Ciara H.

This trip was amazing, it delivered on all accounts and despite the weather not being great, we had such a great day. We made the very short walk over to nugget falls which we would highly recommend and we then went on a very fun boat ride. Our captain and his wife were so informative and did everything in their power to make sure we saw as manager whales as we could, which was incredible. Even our bus drivers were lovely and so helpful Can't recommend enough

Sep 2018 - Rose F.

This was an awesome tour. The beauty of seeing the Mendenhall Glacier and whale watching was amazing. Would do this again. Guides were knowledgeable and wonderful.

Sep 2018 - Marvin W.

The service offered by Brandee and Rich was above and beyond what we expected, we had a fantastic experience and yes got to see plenty of humpback whales and a bonus of seals, the trip was informative, fun and exhilarating thanks to Rich and Brandee - Liz Wood Uk

Sep 2018 - Marvin W.

The service offered by Brandee and Rich was above and beyond what we expected, we had a fantastic experience and yes got to see plenty of humpback whales and a bonus of seals, the trip was informative, fun and exhilarating thanks to Rich and Brandee - Liz Wood Uk

Sep 2018 - Barbara S.

The tour seemed very disorganized, and we had to go on a later boat trip as one of their boats was "out of the water for servicing". Bus ride, very poor organization. The glacier and falls were wonderful, we did see a bear and two cubs. The boat trip with Captain Rich and Brandi was a great experience, we saw numerous whale sightings, along with sea lions. They were both very informative, knowledgeable and funny - a great experience. The driver on the way back to the boat exceeded the speed limit to get us there on time.

Sep 2018 - Douglas R.

The couple running the boat were very knowledgeable and went out of their way to make sure we saw as many whales (and sea lions) as possible. Very good excursion.

Sep 2018 - Ann M.

Whale watching great; Mendenhall Glacier not so much.

Sep 2018 - Pravina P.

All members had fun on the tour and saw whales-very good

Sep 2018 - Joyce S.

Both bus drivers pleasant and fun, Mendenhall Glazier left to own devices , able to see and photograph salmon and bears. Whale watching excellent crew very informative and saw lots of whales. and again would recommend highly.

Aug 2018 - Lynette R.

Mendenhall was stunning, would have been more so if rain and mist was not present. Saw a grizzly bear & her two little ones as we were board coach. Whale watching was terrific, guys on boat very informative.

Aug 2018 - Jane W.

Wonderful trip with a smaller group. Guides were helpful and knowledgeable.One hour at Mendenhall Glacier was not long enough though!

Aug 2018 - Jennifer S.

Amazing excursion! Although the time at the glacier was a bit to short, it was impressive to see. We had about an hour. If you walk fast you can go to the waterfall and the photo point. The whale watching was fantastic, too. We saw 4 different whales, two of them more often. The guide had a lot of interesting infos about the whales and knew some of them by name.

Aug 2018 - Larry C.

Brandy and her husband were really nice and very knowledgeable. We saw 5 whales and many sea lions. We would travel with them again. The glaciers were awesome and we even saw a mama bear with her cubs.

Aug 2018 - Jayne H.

Good friendly guides, spotted some whales but they were not performing. All in all a good trip out to sea.

Aug 2018 - Dale C.

Lots of great info. Luke was always able to answer all our questions

Aug 2018 - George F.

The whole process was easy and fun! We met Rosy at the dock (what a treat she is) . We were then transferred to the Green bus and our driver was GREAT! We went to the glacier and enjoyed wildlife and the glacier, then taken to the boat for whale watching. The crew was GREAT!! They were informative, friendly and interested in us. We lost count of how many whales we saw... this is a FIRST RATE OPERATION!!! Very enjoyable.. we would do this same tour with this same company again!

Aug 2018 - Tessie C.

The excursion was well organised but it was raining so we could not see the glacier at all. Saw bears and salmon at the glacier park.

Aug 2018 - Susan B.

Wonderful time! Saw 3 humpbacks and enjoyed the glacier and the hike to Nugget falls. Alaska shore excursions did not disappoint.

Aug 2018 - Stephen B.

Very good arrangements. Interesting and enjoyable tour.

Aug 2018 - Nitinkumar V.

Nice job by the captain and crew to insure we saw whales.

Aug 2018 - Scott K.

Our tour of the Mendenhall Glacier and Whale watching in Juneau was nothing short of spectacular. We were met at the pier prompted by a friendly young lady who provided us with the details of our tour. Our bus driver was very knowledgeable about the area, and a bit of a junior comedian. Transportation was provided in a clean bus to our first stop at the glacier. The day was a little bit cloudy and overcast, but the views were still spectacular. A comfortable walk to the glacier viewing point was the first part of our journey, and well worth the effort. On the way back we saw several birds and small forest wildlife. Our next walk took as to an area where salmon were spawning, of which we saw several. We were then lucky enough to see not one but four bears, one large black bear, a cinnamon colored female bear, and two small cubs. After that adventure we were picked up by the bus again and taken to the pier for the whale watching portion of the tour. There we were met by crew from the boat, and guided down the pier to board the tour boat. The crew were again very friendly and knowledgeable, and after provided us with all the necessary safety information, we headed out to look for whales. The scenery was beautiful but the whales were not immediately visible. Our knowledgeable crew knew of several good viewing locations and after enjoying the scenic trip for a while we were treated to sightings of whale spouts and tails. The captain slowed the boat and allowed us to view three whales from a safe distance as not be be in the way. At one point in time one of the whales turned in the direction of the boat, and began to swim towards us. The captain quickly shut down the engines, and we were treated to a show as the hump back whale swam closer to the boat for us to have an excellent view, before he dove back down into the ocean. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wishes to enjoy the scenic beauty of Alaska, as well as the chance to see wildlife in a natural habitat.

Aug 2018 - Suman J.

Awesome service. Knowledge of the providers was great.

Aug 2018 - Joffanie R.

Saw whales and got great photos of them.

Aug 2018 - Jeanne C.

This trip was absolutely amazing. The staff was kind, courteous and informative. It was a huge highlight of our trip to Alaska.

Aug 2018 - Rena H.

Awesome experience. We caught our limit. We would do it again. We highly recommend this trip

Aug 2018 - Charlene D.

This was wonderful!

Aug 2018 - Malinda M.

Enjoyed going to the Glacier. Self guided. Had plenty of time. Whale watching crew was exceptional! 2nd time we've done this excursion. Well worth it!

Aug 2018 - Carmen J.

Very fun excursion! The Mendenhall Glacier was spectacular. We are so happy we were able to go and hike there. We got to see some beautiful views and lovey nature. Our drive Robert was fantastic as well! Lots of local information and lots of bald eagle sightings! The whale watching was more exciting than I expected. We saw about 7-8 whales. Two pods of 3 and then one or two alone. It was so neat to see and the crew also gave us some great information about glaciers we were passing on our way back to the dock. We had 4 adults and 2 kids and we all enjoyed our time. My 3 year old loved seeing the whale tails!

Aug 2018 - Heidi B.

This was an excellent experience. Size of the group was small and we had plenty of room on the boat for everyone to go outside and view whales. Wish we had a little more time at the Mendenhall Glacier to explore.

Aug 2018 - Bonnie C.

Great boat captain saw lots of whales

Aug 2018 - Christie E.

Our cruise ship was late docking so we didn't get to really enjoy the glacier but the staff worked with us so we didn't completely miss out. The crew for the whale watching was very knowledgeable and friendly. We saw 5 whales and beautiful weather.

Aug 2018 - Christi M.

Our captain and crew did a great job, and we saw several whales but they barely came out of the water. The boat was new and in good clean condition. 45 minutes was not enough time at Mendenhall glacier.

Aug 2018 - Vicki O.

So wonderful! Capt. Rich and his wife Bandi were terrific and took us where we saw many sprays and spouts, and THEN...a whale came up right next to our boat! It was truly a thrill of a lifetime. I was able to capture an iconic whale's tail. Truly a great experience! A highlight!

Aug 2018 - Clyde N.

exceptional tour with three good boat staff

Aug 2018 - Steven W.

Drivers told us about interesting landmarks on route to sights. Mendenhall Glacier was amazing and we saw 5 whales and crew informed us about whales and habitats.

Aug 2018 - Pamela T.

Great choice. The boat was just the perfect size and the workers were great in answering questions and navigating the area. We had an awesome experience and would most definitely use them again.

Aug 2018 - Debra H.

Wonderful time. Guide was very knowledgeable on whales. Saw quite a few of them. Very good excursion to go on.

Aug 2018 - Doreen R.

Reliable transportation, Friendly, and professional. We had a good time but I wished we had seen orcas.

Aug 2018 - Carolyn B.

Staff was very professional and friendly. Pickup was a little confusing because it was not near our cruise ship port as we expected. We had to take a shuttle to a different place to catch the tour bus, it was easy to do, We had very little time at the Mendenhall Glacier only enough to walk around quickly outside. Whale Watching tour was great on a new boat. Overall good experience.

Aug 2018 - Grace M.

The whale watching was fun, and we saw close to twenty whales (though some might be the same whale twice!), and the boat trip was otherwise very scenic. Also saw a sea lion. The Mendenhall Glacier tour that was part of this was simply too short--another 20 minutes or so would have been helpful.

Aug 2018 - Anna L.

Both tours were amazing, and glad we booked with Alaska shore excursions! Once in Port, our meeting spots were easy to find. Our bus drivers, were very friendly and very informative! Capt. Rich, Jamie and Brandi on whale watching tour were excellent and very knowledgeable! The only negative.....would have liked more time at glacier!

Aug 2018 - Lisa W.

The Mendenhall Glacier Tour and Whale Watching were both wonderful experiences. The boat was well designed for viewing. The staff located several whales to observe and provided interesting information on the whales and other area wildlife. Both trips were full of beautiful landscapes.

Aug 2018 - Lorraine R.

The whale watching was very good. The captain and crew were fabulous. The naturalist was very informative. It was nice to have a female Captain! The Mendenhall Glacier Tour would have been better with slightly more time. The bus driver told us about a beautiful waterfall that would take about 30 minutes to walk each way. Then we're told we have an hour before the bus would come get us. My 11 year old grandson wanted to see the waterfall so we walked as fast as we could and made it there, but it certainly would have been more enjoyable to walk at a more leisurely pace. Also the buses are old school buses with no seat belts, which I didn't care for.

Aug 2018 - Caroline L.

Guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Great excursion!

Aug 2018 - DEEPAK D.

Disappointed with the escursion, but not the company's fault. That's the chance we take. After the time at see we only spotted 2 whales who did not do much. The time at Mendenhall was too short. We had enough time to walk to the Falls and back. We were better off going on our own and spending some more time there.

Aug 2018 - Randall C.

Whale watching was very nice. We got closer to a glacier on our cruise boat than we did on this tour so I would pass on the glacier part.

Aug 2018 - Michael G.

Randi and Capt Rich wer the best. Randi knowledge of the whales and thier environment put us on the whales almost immediately. I would recomend this tour to all who I meet that are headed to Alaska. Thanks for a great trip.

Aug 2018 - Phil G.

Excellent trip. The married couple who took us were very knowledgeable and helpful. We were lucky enough to see both humpbacks and orcas. I would recommend this trip.

Aug 2018 - Denise P.

Greatest trip ever!!!

Aug 2018 - Sondra T.

I had expected to see more than one humpback whale,

Aug 2018 - Elizabeth D.

The crew went out of their way to find whales for us. It was a thrill. They are fantastic!

Aug 2018 - Maryan J.

Rick and his wife were knowledgeable and did a great job

Aug 2018 - Darin K.

Overall this was an excellent tour. The tour guides were very knowledgeable. The only problem was that we wish we would have had more time at Mendenhall Glacier. We were rushed during that part of the tour and could have used more time. Other than that it was a two thumbs up experience.

Aug 2018 - Robyn P.

Amazing trip ! Captain and crew couldn't be more attentive and personable ... I know they do this trip everyday but you would not known that from the happy, easy going attitude they display ... made everyone seem special .. the violinist playing while viewing the glacier was over the top!

Jul 2018 - Carol B.

The staff were professional, and we saw both orcas and humpback whales. A great experience!

Jul 2018 - Larry B.

Excellent viewing!

Jul 2018 - David W.

Whale watching was exceklent. Modern boat and well trained crew.

Jul 2018 - Anita O.

Fantastic trip and great value for money. The young couple who took us out were so friendly and informative and made sure that we all had a wonderful time. I can't praise this excursion enough. It was wonderful.

Jul 2018 - Eileen M.

We loved this excursion! It was more of a hike to Mendenhall Glacier than a tour (which was fine), and we were blown away by Nuggett Falls. Then the whale watching with an incredibly knowledgeable naturalist and very adept boat captain. It was a great day and we would highly recommend!

Jul 2018 - Wanda R.

Not worth the money. Only saw 2 whale tales and not close up. The boat ride was longer than anything. Many boats are at the locations where whales have been spotted, so you really don't see much. Would not recommend. The snack provided was a small bottle of water and a very small, smashed up granola bar. Not worth the money.

Jul 2018 - Kimberly M.

The Medenhall Glacier was breathtaking. The visitor center at the glacier site is very informative, just wish we had more time there at the center to be able to take the walk to the waterfall and tour the visitor center, you really don't have time to do both. The whale watching part of the tour was great, we got to see three different humpback whales. What an awesome day!!!!

Jul 2018 - Betty W.

Great tour saw lots of whales

Jul 2018 - Jill E.

We had a wonderful time, I would highly recommend this group! It was a nice size group - not packed like some boats we saw and very knowledgeable. We were a group of 6 and I would book it again next time! Thank you!

Jul 2018 - Ravi R.

We had an amazing trip & got to see the Orca whales that day. All the crew were very friendly & informative

Jul 2018 - RADUCU EUGEN I.

Unbelivable experience ! We see also 2 orca.....

Jul 2018 - Bruce G.

Excellent: Trip to glacier was quick and efficient; Whale tour was awesome; Capt Sam and Brandi know their stuff

Jul 2018 - Timothy C.

Excellent. Crew was outstanding

Jul 2018 - Pamela M.

The Mendenhall Glacier is pretty to look at. The waterfall is about a 1 1/2 mile walk each way, but can be viewed from the Information Centre. Whale watching trip is excellent - about 2 hours on the water by fast boat, with plenty of Humpback Whales to see... were lucky to see a couple of Orcas too.

Jul 2018 - Mark C.

Aaron Luke and Jamie were fantastic. But was very comfortable, the crew very informative. And the icing on the cake was we got to see humpbacks and orcas!

Jul 2018 - Walter G.

Excellent tour to take! Worth every penny. The Mendenhall Glacier was beautiful and the stop at the glacier was long enough to enjoy it. It was then off to the whale watching. The captain knew right where to head to have the best chance to see the whales. We saw them about six times, and we got an added bonus of seeing and hearing 9 sea lions. The captain and crew members were knowledgeable and helpful.

Jul 2018 - Vivian H.

The Mendenhall Glacier was extraordinary! But the real highlight was the whale watching. Rich and Brandi were very informative and knew exactly where to spot the local wildlife (they even knew the names of each individual humpback whale). We spotted three humpback whales, a group of Stellar seal lions, and a school of Dall's porpoises up close! Our boat was smaller than the larger whale watching boats, which turned out to actually be a really good thing, since our boat was a lot quicker at getting to the whales once a spout was spotted. We got close enough to the wildlife to get good photos, while respecting their space. All in all, a wonderful seafaring experience!

Jul 2018 - Joeseph C.

Enjoyed tour. Mendenhall Glacier was just a drop off. The whale boat captain & crew were great. We saw 2 humpbacks & 6-8 orcas. They worked very hard to find whales for us to see

Jul 2018 - Jessica C.

Wonderful experience all around. Highly recommend.

Jul 2018 - Colleen H.

What a fun day we had. The trip to Mendenhall Glacier was good, glad we had enough time to walk down to the glacier and also waterfall. The Whale Watching Tour was fun, just didn't see but one whale. The boat captain made the best of the day. It is nature, somedays are good others not so much. The boat captains can take you to where whales had been spotted but can't guarantee any whales.

Jul 2018 - Maria A.

It was an excellent tour despite the weather. The staff was very informative. We really enjoyed it.

Jul 2018 - John W.

Didn't see as many whales as we would have liked, (we saw four) but that was not the tour's fault. Overall, the Alaska Tales tour guides were awesome. Rain is a common occurrence (Juneau is in a rain forest!), but they made sure that we had a great time.

Jul 2018 - Linda S.

It was great. The crew were helpful and informative. The captain was very good at her job. She found the whales.

Jul 2018 - Andrew G.

We were disappointed with the glacier portion of the tour. There really is not a glacier tour. With this package you are paying for a bus ride to the glacier park. Once there, you are on your own for just an hour. To get a good view of the glacier, you have to pay for a ticket or take the free walking trail that is 1 mile in length. Even then, you can't get anywhere close to the glacier. So we did 2 miles of walking took a few pictures and it was time to go. The whale watching portion of this package was great! We had great guides. They were a married couple who lives in Juneau and they were awesome! We got to see humpbacks and orcas. The boat was clean with plenty of room to move around and get good views.

Jul 2018 - Dawn P.

This was awesome. The boat was clean, the guides were super, really friendly. Nice size group,

Jul 2018 - Shelia B.

Wow. Juneau native on working on our boat. Saw numerous whales. One whale actually jumped totally out of the water. Excellent captain and crew.

Jul 2018 - Sharon T.

This all ran smoothly and to time for 4 members of our family. We had an excellent time whale watching. The staff were friendly and we saw a few whales close up and got some excellent photos on a sunny day in July. Much cheaper than booking direct with our cruise company.

Jul 2018 - Jeannie B.

We had many whale sightings, and our guides on the boat were very knowledgable.

Jul 2018 - Rick G.

Good trip. Nice juggling of whales and glaciers Saw several whales on the boat trip including orcas. The time at Mendenhall was enough for a nice hike and great view of the glacier and the nearby tremendous waterfall.

Jul 2018 - Susan R.

We loved the personalized tour and experience we had on this excursion.

Jul 2018 - Kimberly S.

WOW! Orcas, humpback whales, seals, eagles. Just wow! Captain Lauren did a great job navigating the waters. It was a very smooth ride, and I appreciated that we could sit indoors while heading to the next location. I also appreciated that the windows in the boat were super clean, which seems like an odd thing to note, but it was great to have a clear image of the waters (its no fun trying to take pictures or even just look out dirty windows on a tour like this!). We were a lucky bunch that got a rare glimpse of Orcas, and our naturalist on board, Aaron told us all about them! He could tell by the coloring and fins whether they were locals or a traveling bunch (the ones we saw were locals). Aaron also told us all about the habits of the humpback whales so we would know what to look for when spotting them. Most of the whales have names, and he has a book with their identifying features and some details about each one. Justin, the last crew member on our ship was great at keeping us hydrated, snackified, and comfortable. We were in Juneau on a Carnival Cruise, but decided to support the local business instead of the cruiseline with our excursion dollars. All in, an excellent experience! Would absolutely do again!

Jul 2018 - Tiffany S.

This was an amazing opportunity to see orcas and humpback whales.

Jul 2018 - BEVERLY B.

Captain Mike and assistant were the best. Made our trip to see the whales something we'll never forget.

Jul 2018 - Erica L.

It was wonderful! The boat was comfortable and clean. The captain and first mate were very friendly and knowledgeable. We saw amazing scenery and lots of wildlife including seals and whales. I have no negative comments or constructive criticism to provide- it was the best excursion we had in Alaska!

Jul 2018 - Brian A.

Great tour, great group. The naturalist knew a lot and took us out to see Orca's, Sea Lions, and Humpbacks. Couldn't have asked for a better day.

Jul 2018 - Judith K.

Awesome day with Capt Rich and Brandi. Saw lots of whales and enjoyed the commentary they both had on whales and whale behavior!

Jul 2018 - Tracey C.

Outstanding.... a new boat and great crew! We had a great time ... lots of whales ... highly recommended!

Jul 2018 - Phyllis S.

We had an amazing time! Mendenhall was beautiful but the whale watch was the best. Saw whale right up next to the boat- totally thrilling- the crew was great

Jul 2018 - Ronald H.

Not enough time at the Mendenhall Glacier, basically a stop at the museum and gift shop. Whale watching was very good, employees friendly and knowledgeable.

Jul 2018 - Thomas P.

We had a wonderful time on this excursion. Rich and Brandy made the experience so wonderful. They were fun to listen to and they had a lot of good information to share. And, of course, we saw several whales! We loved the smaller boat and the indoor seating that was available while we made our way out to the location where we started spotting the whales. We would do it again in a heartbeat!

Jul 2018 - Elizabeth W.

The whale watching delivered on their promise. We saw 3 whales and 4 sea lions. The crew was very informative and pleasant. The glacier tour was a little disappointing. We basically had to run to get up close pictures and run back to make the bus in time. We really needed more time at the glacier.

Jul 2018 - Janice M.

Excellent experience and guides! Would highly recommend this excursion!

Jul 2018 - Debby D.

Both halves of the excursion were great, but I recommend doing one or the other, not both. The 2 or so hours given for whale watching was not nearly enough. We had 45 minutes to walk around Mendenhall, and it was barely enough time to get to the visitor's center, nevermind going on one of the many hiking trails. I will say, Captain Lauren from the whale watching boat, and her crew were amazingly knowledgeable and friendly.

Jul 2018 - Kip P.

Wonderful excursion and knowledgeable naturalist.

Jul 2018 - Kern O.

I booked a 7 day cruise to Alaska for my family and I. I did a lot of research for the excursions we would be taking in each port. I read great reviews on the tour operator through Alaska Shore Excursions. They did not disappoint. The glacier was amazing but the whale watching was off the chart. Saw a number of Humpback Whales and many pods of Orca. Got some great video and amazing still pictures. The new boat they had was roomy, stable and fast. Gave us a little more time to enjoy the whales. Aaron and Luke were the crew and Lauren was our Captain. They did a great job. Would highly recommend the excursion.

Jul 2018 - JOHN B.

After visiting Glacier Bay Mendenhall is a bit underwhelming. The tour is great as you get away from the crowds of the cruise line booked tours. The bus drivers give you their local perspective on Juneau. It's nice to see the area through a locals eyes. The whales were amazing! Get out on the water in a mid size boat. Learn from the crew as you spot whales in the area. Plenty of room to move around and a very clean vessel.

Jul 2018 - Warren W.

Definitely worth then trip, tour guides were awesome too

Jul 2018 - Nazalie F.

Excellent excursion

Jul 2018 - Tripti S.

Excellent , a must excursion!

Jul 2018 - Connie P.

Enjoyed seeing some whales and sea lions. Wish we could have gotten closer. Most whales were some distance away. The scenery was beautiful on the whale watching. Mendenhall Glacier was beautiful, too.

Jul 2018 - Andrew N.

This is a smaller tour than most of the cruise ship contracted tours which was one of the things that drew me to it and they didn't disappoint. We had an amazing time sighting two humpbacks and a pod of about 15 - 20 orca's. I can't say enough good things about the crew and the experience as a whole. I highly recommend this excursion for your stop in Juneau.

Jul 2018 - BINAL P.

We had a great time in Whale watching & Mendenhall Glacier tour.

Jul 2018 - Mark B.

Loved the whale watching. Very knowledgeable crew biologist.

Jul 2018 - Holley T.

If I could give 10 stars I would! We had the best time! Very nice, new boat with great seats and a great crew! We saw a pod of orcas and a whale breaching. The whale put-on quite a show for us! There was a photographer on board from National Geographic which was a bonus! I learned so much and saw some once in a life time sights! Thank you!!!

Jul 2018 - Amy W.

Lauren, Luke and Jamie were wonderful! They were thoughtful and knowledgeable and we were able to witness five humpback whales bubble netting, a couple of harbor seals and a bunch of sea lions hanging out on a buoy.

Jun 2018 - Rodney L.

The whale watching was great. Our naturalists were very knowledgeable and taught us a lot about the whales. The boat was great shape and fast which made the whale watching even better. The time at the glacier was too short.

Jun 2018 - Elizabeth M.

The Mendenhall glacier tour was Awesome. The whale watching was exciting(we saw one whale) but a little long.

Jun 2018 - Barbara M.

The whale watching was terrific. The naturalists were wonderful and we saw lots of whales. The boat was nice.

Jun 2018 - Edward D.

Great experience whale watching. Captain and Naturalist were marvelous. Not enough time at Mendenhall glacier but great view.

Jun 2018 - Maxine D.

Fab trip saw plenty of whales can't fault in any way!

Jun 2018 - Shelly C.

The couple that took us out for whale watching were wonderful!! Learned a lot and we did see a lot of whales!!! We also were greeted a few times by different pairs of sea lions alongside our boat!! Awesome time!!

Jun 2018 - Cindy D.

Great couple running the tour.

Jun 2018 - Kathryn E.

Excellent whale watching experience with Rich and Brandi- they were knowledgeable and experienced and made sure we were able to get a good view of the whales. Our favorite excursion of the trip

Jun 2018 - Brian R.

We had the opportunity to view Orcas, Humpback Whales and smaller sea creatures. I would recommend the walk to the waterfall at the Mendenhall Glacier. It's stunning.

Jun 2018 - Yu-Mei T.

Pleasant tour. We saw a few (5) Humpbacks. Would be nicer if we could stay at Mendenhall Glacier a little longer.

Jun 2018 - April P.

Loved this excursion! Saw whales, sea lions and bald eagles!

Jun 2018 - Lisa M.

I am so glad that I booked my Whale Watching tour with you. Everything worked out beautifully. When we met with the tour coordinator in the morning, they had suggested that because we were early we could go to the Glacier early and have more time there. It worked out great! We had enough time to hike up to the Waterfall and see the Glacier close up. Then when we went to the Whale Watching, because we were an early group it ended up to be a small group which was really great. No crowding to the rail to get a photo! The bus driver at the Glacier pointed out a mommy bear and her cubs. The crew on the boat was extremely knowledgeable about the whales. Thank you so much for an enjoyable excursion.

Jun 2018 - George R.

This excursion was everything I had hoped for. Whales and seals and whales. Fantastic!!

Jun 2018 - John G R.

Really enjoyed it. Saw whales and other wildlife

Jun 2018 - Judith W.

We had a great time. The tour guides were friendly and on time. Wouldn't hesitate to use the company again

Jun 2018 - Jerry R.

A great way to see 2 things in one excursion.

Jun 2018 - Allen S.

Great adventure. I would do it again.

Jun 2018 - Phyllis G.

Really enjoyed tour. Glacier was amazing. Wish we had more time to explore it. Whale watching amazing. Have been on whale watching tours before and never saw anything. We saw so many him Backs and saw some orcas. The two naturalists were amazing. They were knowledgeable and personable. They knew just where to have us look and passed on a lot of information and answered lots of questions. Would recommend this tour

Jun 2018 - Teresa Ann M.

Excellent tour. Saw many Orca and Humpback whales. Had a great Captain and First mate: Rich and Brandi. Glacier was breathtaking. Thanks to all.

Jun 2018 - Joyce B.

Great crew ... very knowledgeable ... wonderful time. Bus drivers were also great.

Jun 2018 - Kara N.

We saw so many whales . The employees were great and kept us informed of where to look and what to look for.

Jun 2018 - Susan K.

It was awesome. We were able to see a lot of whales and even Orca's jumping out of the water.

Jun 2018 - Katie G.

AMAZING! We had just enough time at the glacier to walk to the waterfall and back. During the whale watching the guides were very knowledgeable and we were fortunate enough to see a large group of killer whales. So grateful for an experience of a lifetime!

Jun 2018 - Douglas N.

A small group which was great, it meant everyone got to see easily. Aaron ( the naturalist) and Chad (the captain) were informative and easy to chat to. We saw several humpback whales Including Flame, a whale known to the crew. The sea lions lying on a buoy were amusing to watch. The weather was drizzly and we needed our layers, but a good trip.

Jun 2018 - Emma B.

Great excursion, saw a few Wales and guides were good at explaining what to look for & whale behaviour. Would have been good to have a little longer at the glacier.

Jun 2018 - Teresa S.

Great adventure! We saw three whales feeding and a sea lion rookery on our trip. The guides were knowledgeable and very friendly. Highly recommend!

Jun 2018 - Karen G.

Our guides were great! We saw some amazing sites and would love to go back.

Jun 2018 - Susan W.

Had a great time! The staff was so knowledgeable and made the tour fun and informatve

Jun 2018 - Terence G.

Very good trip, firstly to the glacier and the surrounding area and then the boat trip to the bay, we saw four different whales including one surface feeding - well pleased.

Jun 2018 - Shannon M.

Luke and Jamie, the naturalists on our boat were really informative and worked hard to ensure everyone had views when wildlife was spotted. Captain Lauren was awesome. We really lucked into basically a phenomenal morning, which no tour can guarantee, but we saw an orca nursing pod and several humpbacks, one of which repeatedly breached. It was amazing. Wish there was a little more time at Mendenhall Glacier, but we were able to hike to the Nugget Falls and back by picking up our pace a bit.

Jun 2018 - Judith M.

Well planned. Not a lot of time at the Glacier but still worth the time. The Whale watching was fantastic. Captain Rich, Brandie and Jamie made the Whale watching a hit. Capt. Rich found the whales and Brandi and Jaime taught us a lot about whales.

Jun 2018 - Bonnie L.

We enjoyed very much our Juneau Whale Watching and Mendenhall Glacier Tour that we booked with Alaska Shore Excursions! There were 14 of us from age 4-67. We went to the glacier first. We went to a beach and took pictures first. Then we walked the mile or 2 to the falls. Water crashing on rocks is so powerfully beautiful. At that same sight we got another look at Mendenhall Glacier and more pictures. Then we met the bus which was there to pick us up on time to bring us to the docks to board our boat for whale watching. The staff from the bus driver to the boat pilot were very professional, safety conscious, and knowledgeable. The pilot navigated to all the right places to see what we had come to see. We saw 3 different humpbacks! Flame was identified by the naturalist by her whale tail markings. She came up high out of the water and crashed down on her back. She wabed her pectoral fin at us as if to say hi. We also saw a pod of orcas. These animals are not seen on these trips very often. My grandchildren certainly got an appreciation for the beauty of nature and excitment for whale watching on this excursion!

Jun 2018 - Mary T.

Well-organized! This excursion made the most of our time in port. Transportation was timely and efficient, staff was courteous and knowledgeable, excursion was fun. We highly recommend!

Jun 2018 - Edward D.

Incredible day. We saw dozens of whales, both Humpback and Orcas. The Orcas were in large group with babies swimming right along side their parents. Got some great pitcures of the glacier and waterfalls. Best day of our Alaska trip.

Jun 2018 - Anuradha P.

Whale watching tour is very good. The staff and captain of this tour are very friendly. They are knowledgeable of the area and whales. They explained about whales . Even in the rainy weather the tour is very exciting and enjoyable.

Jun 2018 - Michael K.

Although rainy and cold, the Captain did a great job in finding where the whales were that day. Good excursion. Thank you

Jun 2018 - Anthony H.

The captain and crew were very knowledgeable about the whales. This was one of the highlights of our cruise. We would recommend this to everyone.

Jun 2018 - Margaret R.

Boat was clean and new; staff were informative and dynamic

Jun 2018 - Michelle M.

Was a nice tour. Saw lots of whales. Was able to get some great pictures and videos. The crew was awesome.

Jun 2018 - Omer F.

Saw several whales, but only a few tails. Only hump-back whales. Very cool temperatures in May when we went. Still fun.

Jun 2018 - Patrick T.

We had a great time with Capt Rich and his wife Brandi. They have a newer boat with twin 225 Honda outboards. This thing was fast. When we encountered a whale's Blow on the water, we were always the first one there. Always ahead of the other boats. It was a little bumpy on the way back in the harbor, but that is the norm when on the water. Brandy gave us great information on the whales of their migration, eating habits and how they can identify the whales by their tales. In awesome trip. Worth the money.

Jun 2018 - Wes N.

Excellent--especially the whale watching--Had great guides

Jun 2018 - Edward E.

Great crew, the relaxed family atmosphere was great. Not only did we see the humpback as promised but we say a family pod of orcas. I recommend this tour to everyone!

Jun 2018 - JOSEPH G.

The captain knew exactly where to go to see whales. great experience

Jun 2018 - Katharine B.

We saw the glacier and afterwards, as promised, a good few humpback whales blowing and diving, and even got 2 tail flashes. The team in the boat were careful with us and able to pass on information well. They told us about lots of other wildlife too. Well done Captain Rich, Luke and Brandi.

Jun 2018 - Paul W.

Great Captain and First mate We loved the tour!

Jun 2018 - Donna E.

Great tour. Drivers were prompt and curteous and the whale watching was a lot of fun.

Jun 2018 - Stephanie N.

Great excursion! Boat was new and very comfortable, not over crowded. Captain Jenn and assistant were very friendly and knowledgeable. Got to see several whales and went to a few different spots to see them. Highly recommend this company!!!

Jun 2018 - Veronica R.

Lots of views and great hospitality.

Jun 2018 - Sue R.

This excursion was amazing. Our tour guides were an amazing husband/wife team, and they were so knowledgeable. We saw lots of orca pods, which was a real treat and lots of whales. Well worth the money.

Jun 2018 - Rudolph D.

Capt Rich and wildlife narrator Brandi were a sheer pleasure to spend time with as they took us on an excursion that brought us in view of humpback AND Orcas ( the latter a rare thing to come across I am told). I would have paid twice the amount of the excursion to be a witness to sights and sounds they guided us through. It is obvious that they are passionate and dedicated to their tour mission and respectful of the wildlife. Rich and Brandi Rock!

Jun 2018 - Xavier D.

Excellent excursion! The Captain and other staff on board did an excellent job!

Jun 2018 - Ryan R.

Excellent tour.

Jun 2018 - Joseph Y.

The captain and his wife did everything they could to make this experience the best whale watch I have been on! We saw half dozen whales! The boat was smaller than expected, but it worked to our advantage. There was plenty of room and made for a more informal and informative environment.

Jun 2018 - Robert G.

Saw more whales in Icy Strait but this is a great combo tour to see a glacier up close

Jun 2018 - David B.

Talk about a great time. This is a sure-fire great time. Mendenhall Glacier was spectacular. But the best excursion we experienced was the whale watching. Our crew was very professional, the boat wasn't a big as others out on the water that day, but it made taking pictures easy. The next time we head back we will definitely use Alaska Shore Excursions again. A true class excursion act.

Jun 2018 - Mariissa J.

Captain Rich, Luke and Brandi were wonderful during our trip. They were patient and kind and helped my kids spot whales. We enjoyed our day!

Jun 2018 - Mercedes C.

We loved the tour, we took the morning tour and had the Mendenhall Glacier for ourself. It was a great experience, we loved it from beginning to end. After that we did the whale watch, which was awesome.

Jun 2018 - Javier A.

The time scheduled to visit the Mendenhall Glacier was too short. Should be at least one hour longer. We got only 45 minutes to visit. The Whale Watching tour was excellent. Nice people and good transport service.

Jun 2018 - Michael S.

It was fun

May 2018 - Merila C.

Capt Lauren and her crew just worked above and beyond to make our experience amazing. Thank you.

May 2018 - Donna R.

Very good did see wills great crew

May 2018 - Gordon T.

A pretty good time out on the water. Managed to see a few whale tails.

May 2018 - McConnell O.

Breathtaking. I would definitely do it again

May 2018 - John M.

This was an awesome excursion. We had absolutely beautiful weather & the boat, captain & crew were excellent! Each of them went out of their way to make our trip one to be remembered fondly. We saw whales and a calf & the captain was very knowledgeable about the entire area.

May 2018 - John M.

This was an awesome excursion. We had absolutely beautiful weather & the boat, captain & crew were excellent! Each of them went out of their way to make our trip one to be remembered fondly. We saw whales and a calf & the captain was very knowledgeable about the entire area.

May 2018 - Phyllis W.

OMGoooooodness!!! We could not have asked for a better crew on the boat. The weather was perfect. I was with a group of 25 guest saw so many Whales, and a family of Orcas that were about 20 feet off the side of boat. I won't even tell you how many Bald Eagles we saw flying by. This along made the trip well worth the money...

May 2018 - Man Yee C.

It is a great experience for seeing whales. Captain Rich & Brandi are very nice, they are very knowledgeable and explained everything to us very detail.

May 2018 - Celeste F.

This was fabulous, but only because we were able to see whales and even see one breach! The captain and crew were terrific - friendly and accommodating. They were great in handling my son's wheelchair, but the setup is quite difficult for wheelchairs. I think they should add some type of ramp to be safer. My son was not able to leave a chair once we hoisted him up on the seat. Regardless, I'm very happy we were able to have this experience.

May 2018 - Judy W.

The whale watching excursion was fun and an experience we will not soon forget. I would recommend anyone booking outside the cruise line and using Alaskan Shore excursions.

May 2018 - Maria R.

The guides were very knowledgeable and delivered on their promise to find us whales. Timing is a little tight at the glacier but we managed to get to see it and back in time.

May 2018 - Grace M.

We have a great time from the moment you get inside the bus to go to the glacier the driver was very informative and funny the rangers were very nice and they answered all ours questions outside and inside the visitor center the view was amazing we didn

May 2018 - Katherine M.


May 2018 - Christopher C.

This was fantastic!! We saw several Humpback Whales. One whale even jumped out of the water and we were able to get great pictures.

May 2018 - Steven M.

If you visit Alaska you will regret it if you do not go see the whales and other wildlife. Also a package deal to see Mendenhall glacier, a must see. Worth the money to do this tour.

May 2018 - Shirley L.

Always take an umbrella for the glacier tour and be prepared to hike to capture the full essence of the tour. In other words be fairly fit!

May 2018 - Marilyn N.

Awesome pictures and experience. Informative guides.

Oct 2017 - Hope R.

Absolutely the best excursion! Captain Andrew and Deck Hand Brandy were fantastic. Had a great time and saw lots of humpbacks! Glacier is an unforgettable sight.

Oct 2017 - David F.

The whale watching was enjoyable on a modern boat with professional staff. However, the arrangements for meeting us of the cruise ship were not followed and no snacks were offered.

Oct 2017 - Kim G.

Great well worth the price.

Sep 2017 - Cheryl A H.

The tour was the greatest once in a life time experience ever, the boat Captain along with the nature specialist were the best. They knew where to go and helped us know what to look for when sighting the whales. They got us up close and personal. We saw several whales and other Alaska wild life...well worth our time and money.

Sep 2017 - Charles G.

We really enjoyed this excursion. It was amazing to see the whales up close. The glacier was very impressive as well.

Sep 2017 - Karen H.

We had a great time! The hike to the glacier was wonderful, the views exceptional. But the whale watch was the best! Beautiful boat, terrific guides/hosts, and the whales were wonderful. Doesn't hurt to have perfect weather!! thank you, very much recommended!

Sep 2017 - Peter G.

Really good excursion for the cost, seen whales, seals and even a bald eagle. Tour guides were very knowledgable and enthusiastic .

Sep 2017 - Sherryl G.

Ric and Bree were great again had a small group which made it even better. We had a great time, great information and we saw hump back whales ffully breach 4 times close to our boat whats better than that. The glacier was great too, would have liked a bit more time to hike around but loved it.

Sep 2017 - Sandra B.

Can't say enough about this excursion. Picked up by a van, not a big bus, driver was very informative about the Juneau area. Thought were we getting on one of those big catamatans and it was a small boat were there was plenty of room for the passengers to walk around. We lucked out and had a whale breach 4 times which I was able to catch on film. Depending on tide, don't recommend people with walking disabilities go as ramp to dock can be steep

Sep 2017 - Amanda C.

Awesome time!!! I prayed for the whales to show out and we had one very active one... jumped out of the water 4 times then put on a show clapping for us. Great guides ... good trip

Sep 2017 - Eric A.

We were lucky to be on a smaller boat with a knowledgeable crew. We had a Wow! experience with many close-up encounters with the whales.

Sep 2017 - James S.

This was a great tour and value for money. I bought the tickets a few weeks in advance of my cruise to Alaska. The same tour booked through the cruise ship would've cost over 0 more !(per couple) The instructions with the ticket were clear so we had no problems finding the meeting point for the tour. All the staff and guides were very friendly and knowledgable. Our first stop was the Mendenhall Glacier where we spent about an hour. The coach driver advised that anyone fit enough should walk up to the waterfall as it worth seeing. We took his advice, it was worth the hike that took 15 mins. A great sight, it also took you closer to the glacier. We then went Whale watching. We saw several whales and got some good photos. This was a superb tour and would advise not to book with the cruise line but direct with this company. Don't worry about being late back to the ship as at the time of booking the company records what ship you're with and the time of your departure to ensure they get you back in time. Highly recommended

Sep 2017 - Marie D.

Fantastic, coach driver Matthew was informative and entertaining. Whale watching excellent...both the captain & the nature guide (sorry forgot their names) very good. Saw several humpback whales. Size of group not too big. Mendenhall glacier well worth seeing, visitors centre very good.

Sep 2017 - Tim C.

enjoyable but very crampedQ

Sep 2017 - Linda T.

Really good trip, the whales didn't want to play but it certainly wasn't for lack of trying on behalf of the boat crew!

Sep 2017 - Thomas Q.

The glacier was AWESOME.... The whale watching was kind of a let down as we only saw three whales and only one whale tail. But it is what it is, you can't win them all. However, the boat was cool.

Sep 2017 - Amy K.

We were disappointed about the short amount of time we had at the glacier. We were hoping to see the glacier up close, but with only having 1 hour there, we did not have the time to do any of the trails to get a closer look. Whale watching was nice, although unfortunately we did not see much close up, like we were hoping to.

Sep 2017 - Alan W.

Very friendly driver picked us up from the port and took us to the glacier. Ample time to visit falls with great view of glacier. Very helpful and informative guides on Whale tour. We saw several humpback whales. Trip returned us to Juneau with ample time to explore before returning to the ship. Would recommend this tour.

Sep 2017 - H Dawn W.

What stupendous views! A great ride up to the glacier and a thrilling jet boat ride searching for the whales! Yes, the whales are definitely there, but they may not be exactly where you are looking!

Sep 2017 - Tracey A.

Buses were old and one vibrated so badly it almost shook people out of there seats. Would have been five star apart from the transport. Glacier was great and whale watching was excellent with many killer whales sighted on the day, unfortunately only two brief sightings of humpbacks but the boats guys did an excellent job to give us all a great experience.

Sep 2017 - Sonia V.

Love it - the crew is friendly and very helpful. We didn't feel hurried and got as close as legally possible to the whales. Will use them again.

Sep 2017 - Sharon L.

The whale watching portion of this tour was extraordinary! With just 12 people on a small boat, it was easy to see the whales without having your view blocked by fellow whale watchers. We had so many whale sitings it was impossible to keep track. We understand from the knowledgeable couple running this tour that the high number of sitings on this outing was unusual. At Mendenhall Glacier, the throngs of people at this popular site made it difficult to get around in the visitor center and on the surrounding hiking trails. Glacier enthusiasts might want to consider booking a separate tour to allow more time to adequately explore the area around Mendenhall.

Sep 2017 - Vicki V.

Pretty much a bust. A dozen small boats chasing one whale hoping to catch a glimpse.

Sep 2017 - Julia F.

We had a sunny day which meant we got some great pictures . Well worth seeing Mendenhall glacier and very informative skipper and wife on our whale watching trip and we got to see several whales plus some sea lions as well. They did a great job!

Sep 2017 - Orphalinda B.

Overall is was an okay excursion. We were disappointed the whales were too far to enjoy. The boat we went in was old and grungy. Not worth the money paid.

Sep 2017 - Melinda C.

Awesome. Saw humpbacks and orcas.

Sep 2017 - Heather C.

The whale watching portion could NOT have been any better it was superb in all categories. Facilities, staff, everything!! However the overall excursion was downgraded because the first part, as we got off the ship was very unorganized. The staff was not sure about our reservation, some guy was filling in and left us feeling unsure. However each individual part of the excursion, from transportation to tour guides and ultimately the Alaskan Tales outfit was excellent. A little more coordination would have earned the full 5 stars.

Sep 2017 - Alan S.

Exceptional, friendly staff. The boat on the whale tour was exceptional.

Sep 2017 - George S.

Saw Orca and Humback whales. Very exciting. Mendenhall Glacier has a wonderful visitor's center.

Aug 2017 - Raymond L.

Wonderful excursion! Knowledgeable Captain and Crew - gave us a lot of information and answered all our questions. Recommending to anyone who is going on an Alaskan cruise. Thank you so much!

Aug 2017 - Caroline F.

Great crew, awesome excursion!!

Aug 2017 - Randi P.

The Mendenhall Glacier Park was neat. Our group witnessed 2 bears in the trails and we walked to go see a gigantic waterfall. To our misfortune, though, my friend and my daughter and I got back to the bus NOT on time. A quick call to Robin and she had us on another whale watching boat in a few hours. We just hopped in a cab and met the next group going out of the harbor to watch the whales. I'm very grateful Robin was so kind, understanding and quick to helping us in our moment of panic. The whales are numerous and active! It was a beautiful moment in our trip that I'll never forget!!!! I would HIGHLY recommend this excursion to anyone!!!!

Aug 2017 - Pat C.

Felt very rushed. Had about 45 minutes to see Mendenhall Glacier. Basically ran to the waterfall and glacier, took some pictures and ran face to the bus. Very unhappy. Whale watching, was expecting a much larger boat and thought we'd see more whales up close. Had a better view of whale watching off the ship. Overall a complete waste of time and money.

Aug 2017 - Kimberly C.

Wasted an hour having to meet 30 minutes before and then being passed off to another person and waiting for the bus. Our time was so limited in Juneau as it was it was a shame to waste an hour. The Whale watching tour was outstanding. Loved the small boat and small group. Glacier ok. Not enough time to walk to the waterfall and be back in time for the bus to get to the whale watching.

Aug 2017 - Gayle And Larry E.

Our tour was scheduled for 1:30 and went first to the glacier then on the whale watch. The actual whale watching piece of the tour was wonderful. Brandy and her husband (captain) did a great job finding whales. But the organization of the earlier parts was not good. We showed up at the meeting well before the designated time. The tour organizer talked with us for a few minutes, moved us to another place, and handed us off to another person. He kept us standing for quite a while after the scheduled departure time only to finally lead us to a large bus where another group was going to the Mendenhal Glacier and already on the bus. As we got on the bus driver said "This bus is full but they said you were okay with standing." We were not okay with standing, particularly since no one had mentioned this or asked us. Unfortunately the only alternative was wait while he could "try to find another bus". We ended up standing in the aisle of the bus for the 25-minute ride to the glacier. Then, because we left late, we had less than an hour at the glacier before we had to be back where another bus was to pick us up to take us to the whales. We didn't have time to walk to the top of the trail or go into the visitors center. With the cost of this tour we felt there was no excuse for this transportation problem or the lack of communication between the organization and the group.

Aug 2017 - Martha D.

It was well arranged. I thought time at the glacier was adequate. Love that we got to see a bear on the way in! THe whale watch was OK, I understand that you have to be a certain distance away, but I thought we'd be a little closer. I don't think I'd go in a smaller boat again. I would have liked to be outside more on a deck. THe naturalist on boat was relatively quiet, she did tell us some things, but did't seem too enthusiastic. Other tours I went on, they would have binoculars and help spot whales, I felt like it was just looking.

Aug 2017 - Ronald N.

The whale watching was spectacular!! We saw 7 whales at once "bubble feeding". The crew could not have been better. Highly recommended!!!

Aug 2017 - Robert H.

Easy to find after exiting cruise ship. Quick trips to Mendenhall glacier and then to boat docks. Boat was full so my wife and I could not sit together. Gary was quite the narrator and had more facts and figures about whales than we could remember. He was very good. The snacks and drinks were forgettable. We did see enough whales and some sea lions too. All in all a good experience.

Aug 2017 - Richard H.

Enjoyed it very much. Great staff and very informational. I'll join in with some other reviews and wish the time at the glacier was a little longer but if you know going in and use your time wisely it works.

Aug 2017 - Janet C.


Aug 2017 - Tina B.

This was a great tour! I especially liked the whale watching tour and guides. They were exceptional and I would book with them again!

Aug 2017 - Jennifer G.

Good tour

Aug 2017 - Stanley W.

The whale watching expedition was exceptional however the tour guide did not emphasize enough that people needed to shout out whenever they spotted a whale. The customers were relatively quiet and when they did shout something out they were either very quiet, did not use the Clock method for spotting or were too late. I think this small point needs to be emphasized more by the guides to enhance the experience and therefore then we would have been able to see more whales.

Aug 2017 - Anna R.

Whale watching crew was fantastc, friendly and competent

Aug 2017 - Beth M.

I though we would see more whales. The crew was fabulous.

Aug 2017 - Rita F.

Great excursion!

Aug 2017 - Susan D.

Would have liked more time at the glacier.

Aug 2017 - Paul D.

We had a scheduling glitch initially but our contact at the pier was very helpful and understanding. Whale watching was not quite what I had hoped for but that was no fault of the tour. The downside was the changing schedule.

Aug 2017 - Susan H.

Would have like more time whale watching. Tour said binoculars would be provided but they weren't. Bathroom on the boat was out of order and observation area was way too small for the amount of people on the tour, they would only let 12 people up at a time, there were 40+ on the boat! Disappointed

Aug 2017 - Maureen O.

Great whale watching and friendly, knowledgeable staff! We learned a lot and were awed by the many humpback whales we saw!!

Aug 2017 - HANNAH H.

This will go down in our memory history book! Nothing like sitting in a boat with whales and Orcas and dolphins swimming around us!! The naturalist was so knowledgeable!!

Jul 2017 - Carolle H.

Unfortunately with road repair we were late on time and did not feel comfortable with seeing the glacier and making our Cruise Ship departure time. The guides were well informed and pleasant. The road issues were out of their control.

Jul 2017 - Peter W.

We felt very fortunate to be on a boat that could easily hold 40 people yet only had 20 (At least three boats went out and they could have stuffed us in two). There were other boats in the area that were packed where we could easily go to any side of the boat. Seeing whales was on our bucket list for coming to Alaska and this was a great tour to do it on.

Jul 2017 - Kacy P.

We originally had some trouble finding our meeting point and being allowed on the bus that we had been told to ride upon, but after that, the excursion was great! The Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls was breathtaking. Equally as breathtaking was the whales we were able to see. I highly recommend this excursion!

Jul 2017 - Denise W.

Fun trip. Our guide was knowledgeable. Got to see a couple whales. The mendenhall glacier was also worth it. I would have liked a little longer time at the park though. I felt rushed, but of course we have to get back to the ship! I would definitely recommend this package.

Jul 2017 - David P.

We didn't realize there was a 45 minute round trip walk to view the glacier. That was OK and easy but not advertised as including a hike. The waterfall was more spectacular than the glacier. The whale watching part was fabulous!

Jul 2017 - Adrian J.

Trip to glacier was good whale watching was a bit farcical not what it was made out to be

Jul 2017 - Tracy R.

Great tour. The whale watching portion far surpassed the glacier experience but the day was very enjoyable.

Jul 2017 - Kanaiya N.

Great experience . The staff were amazing, specially we felt so special when we got our pick near to ship.

Jul 2017 - Kanaiya N.

It was fun and well organized . The staff at the island and inside the boat were amazing , specially they took care of my mother's special wheelchair need. Thank you

Jul 2017 - Victor S.

Water was very rough and while we saw whales they were few and far apart. Cold and overcast whether also made this Excursion less enjoyable

Jul 2017 - Hanah S.

very good guides. organized well and fulfilled all expectation of spotting whales.

Jul 2017 - Melanie B.

We had a nice driver for the ride out to the glacier and the boat trip. I thought you went on the glacier, but no you just hike out near it. We saw several whales during our trip out and the crew was very nice and provided great info. Was a rainy day but still a great trip!

Jul 2017 - Clive F.

Small boat ,with knowledgeable crew .Several sightings

Jul 2017 - Anthony L.

We saw orcas, humpbacks and sea lions. We even saw bubble feeding! Best excursion of our trip! Ideally would have liked about 30 more minutes at the Glacier because we only had time to walk to nugget falls and not the nature walk.

Jul 2017 - Harriet S.

I was really happy with this Tour Group. Everybody was so nice and friendly. The whale watching was amazing. The Captain made every effort to make sure we saw our share of whales. There were at least 3 or 4 pods that we got to see. I would definitely recommend this company.

Jul 2017 - Gordon D.

Excellent. Saw two different pods of orcas.

Jul 2017 - Tammy T.

Started off a little confusing with regards to where we were supposed to be picked up and dropped off. A quick phone call and we were back on track. Didn't get to spend a lot of time at the Glacier, however, the whale watching was amazing.

Jul 2017 - Don H.

Mendenhall glacier is worth visiting and the pathways are excellent. Whale watching was excellent.

Jul 2017 - Barrie W.

The glacier tour was first. You go by bus up to the glacier and the bus driver/tour guide gives a good review of Juneau sights and history along the way. After an hour or so, the bus took us to the harbor, where we boarded the boat for the whale watching. Very enjoyable to cruise out a few miles in the inlet and watch for whales. We saw a grouping of 4 humpbacks doing some feeding. Also some sea lions were sunning on top of the buoy along the way. Nice tour and experience of the Juneau waters.

Jul 2017 - Kodi B.

The glacier was breathtaking along with the hike to nugget falls and whale watching was so cool! We saw a humpback whale as well as a whole school of orca whales, which they said was very rare.

Jul 2017 - Beth N.

Let me just say that if you do this excursion in Juneau you guys have to go with this fleet line. It's 3 boats names after the owmers daughters. They are also the fastest boats. This mattered because we loaded on our boat, they spoke on radio to another boat and got wind there was a pod of Orca so they announced it and hauled some serious butt to get to them. We had to go out further than they normally tour but it was well worth it. ORCAS!! So amazing! I cried. One came under the boat and out right in front of me from the bow of the boat. We did see a couple/few humpbacks as well but that Orca show we got was out of this world. I think it was Sarah and Joe/John (I'm so sorry, in my excitment I couldnt' remember what they said) that lead the tour and Captained the boat. Truly breath taking views, positive crew, whales whales whales, and even the yummy salmon cream cheese bagels they fed us were so dang good!! Seriously, You guys have to make sure you book this excursion. Their boat was Raven's Journey. (they might remember me being the lady who kept hollering over whales or the boat going over ripples wearing the pink fuzzy hat) You guys rocked!! Love you for giving me the experience of a life time!!

Jul 2017 - Lucy R.

We had a terrific time on this excursion! The staff were friendly & knowledgeable, and we covered a lot of ground (and water!) in a short amount of time.

Jul 2017 - Estelle W.

The whale watching tour was amazing. I'm sorry that I can't remember the names of the person driving the boat or the attendant on the boat but they were both informative and made sure that we saw plenty of whales and even stopped when we saw seals. A memorable excursion!

Jul 2017 - Matt L.

We had a great excursion. Staff was kind and helpful. Enjoyed hearing about Juneau from our bus driver as we drove to the glacier and to the boat. Our boat captain and staff were very kind, super helpful. We were lucky to see several humpbacks feeding. My young children enjoyed both parts of the tour.

Jul 2017 - Richard M.

We enjoyed both. Guides on whale watching were exceptional.

Jul 2017 - Lisong C.

On the Mendenhall Glacier Tour, we were given 1-hour to complete the tour. To get closer to the glacier and the water fall, we needed to walk more than 45-min round trip and did not have enough time to take good pictures. If we had additional 15-min at Mendenhall Glacier, it would be much better.

Jul 2017 - Susan C.

Loved the whales, but the glaciers were not all I expected. Thought we might be able to hike around a bit.

Jul 2017 - Amy B.

We rode the Sommer Star with Julia, Gary and Olivia and had a fabulous time! John was our bus driver and kept us laughing the whole way. We got to see the whales blowing and got a few shots of tails. They offered us delicious hot chocolate and salmon bagels as well. Then we went off to explore the Mendenhall Glacier which was an amazing sight. We had plenty of time to explore before being brought back to our ship. The driver gave us the option of being dropped off in town for shopping or being dropped off by the ship. I highly recommend this tour!

Jul 2017 - Kim W.

Extremely nice crew...whales were not in the mood to party with us

Jul 2017 - Debra S.

Very good

Jul 2017 - Robert R.

Simply awesome, a once in a million sighting of humpback whales, the crew and staff were superb, everything was well co-ordinated and on time. I highly recommend using Alaska Shore Rxcursions for your Whale watching and Mendenhall glacier tour.

Jun 2017 - Manda T.

We saw whales. The Tour people were very courteous and friendly. The time in Mendenall is too short. Would be nice to have enough time to do a short hike

Jun 2017 - Arthur T.

Andrew the Capt and Sammy the naturalist were great. Weather was poor but they found whales and sea lions.. Sammy was a wealth of info and the trip was over too quickly. Highly recommend

Jun 2017 - Linda F.

Great excursion. Staff terrific. Saw humpbacks and orcas. Glacier sensational. There was a little confusion at port pick up and pick up from Glacier-need to provide clearer information on meeting clients and times. Thank you!

Jun 2017 - Janice A.

Had an excellent trip saw some of the great whale watching ever!!!

Jun 2017 - Trista O.

Absolutely amazing! It's so hard to put into words how incredible this tour was for us. I wish we had a little more time at the Glacier but the whale watching portion made up for it times 10! We were lucky enough to encounter not only a humpback whale that gave us an incredible show but a pod or Orca whales that were equally as beautiful. The crew on the boat were the most humble and amazing people to be around. All so knowledgeable in what they do and you could tell how passionate they are about the whales. I will forever recommend this tour to anyone who goes on an Alaska cruise. You won't regret it!

Jun 2017 - Marie H.

Amazing tour, the glacier was a fascinating visit and our bus driver was extremely engaging and informative. The whale watching was even better with many sightings and a wonderfully knowledgeable crew. A beautiful day and a beautiful excursion.

Jun 2017 - Jutta S.

Really a great tour! Don't miss it. The combination is great!

Jun 2017 - William V.

This was the excursion of a lifetime... We saw pod's of Orca's and a Humpback Whale that breached at least 6 times! The crew was amazing and this was one of the best experiences of our lives!

Jun 2017 - Wilma H.

The most awesome time of my life...would definitely go again.

Jun 2017 - Chuni G.

Great Time on the boat well done fantastic whale watch

Jun 2017 - Brian M.

Very nice trip. We enjoyed both the glacier and the whalewatching.

Jun 2017 - Kathryn M.

We loved it; Sammy was so informative! My two year old stayed entertained the entire time. I would highly recommend their team.

Jun 2017 - Veronica B.

Enjoyed every moment of this. Wonderful to see God's creation.

Jun 2017 - Mihalis P.

This was an absolutely fantastic tour! Our naturalist was knowledgeable and so very friendly. Our captain was patient, funny, and really went out of his way to show us multiple whales! We were fortunate to see a whale feeding at the surface. The glacier was beautiful and you have plenty of time to see it, but not time to go to the waterfall near the glacier. That was a bit disappointing.

Jun 2017 - Tammy M.

Absolutely worth it. We got to see the whale completely breach and do a back flip. On way out to see the whales we were lucky to have a full rainbow over the water. Definitely recommend this tour. Guides were very knowledgeable.

Jun 2017 - June K.

I was really looking forward to this. The glacier was beautiful. Everyone could just walk around on their own. The whale watching was not like the pics you see of advertisements for these trips. The whales were far off and hardly came out of the water. You could see a tale or spray but not much more

Jun 2017 - Paul O.

It was a great excursion and loved it. We only had about 13 on the boat, beautiful weather and got to see about 10-12 whales. Also, dolphins close by. Experience was great and well worth the money. The two tour guides were excellent and very informative and friendly. Will recommend this tour to friends !

May 2017 - Christel P.

We got to see many different whales! Great adventure. Snacks were great and kids felt really lucky to sit with the captain! Thanks Laura, Brianna and Captain Julia!

May 2017 - Wendell F.

Awesome experience. The Captiatn and Naturalist were very attentive and knowledgable. Great value as well.

May 2017 - Kevin Q.

Would have rated it a 5 if the hump back whales and orcas that we saw had passed a little closer to our boat. Still, the weather was great for our tour and we did see quite a few whales and orca pods. The skipper was personable and knowledgeable, and the naturalist was very informative about the whales. In fact, she was as excited as all of us when the whales were spotted! A quality tour!

May 2017 - Pamela W D.

Fabulous trip! Highly recommended - dropped us off right at the ship with time to spare.

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