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Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip

Enjoy the Mendenhall Glacier from a different view on this exhilarating float tour down Juneau's Mendenhall River! This trip has a lot to offer as you weave your way through the forest, look out for wildlife, and enjoy the beautiful Alaska scenery.

First, you will board a bus right in downtown Juneau, for an informative trip through the Mendenhall Valley. Your driver will entertain you all the way up to the shores of Mendenhall Lake where your raft awaits you. Here you will be outfitted in all the necessary gear to keep you safe and dry while meeting your guides who will row you down the river!

The lake is speckled with icebergs that have calved from the mighty Mendenhall Glacier, which stands at 150 feet high and spans 1.5 miles across. You will glide through the lake before starting downstream on your 5-mile route. At times, you will wander and wind in a lazy fashion, enjoying all of the scenery around you. Other times, you will experience the thrill of Class I and II whitewater rapids. Don't worry, this tour is safe for beginners and those of all ages! Don't miss the photographer waiting on shore to snap your pictures.

Before reaching the end of your journey, the river will level out and give you another chance to relax. Your guides will tell you all about the history of the Mendenhall Glacier, river, and city of Juneau. Keep your eye open for wildlife that lies just beyond the trees as you might even catch a glimpse of bald eagles, otters, seals, or even a black bear!

At your haul-out point, our friendly staff will make sure to get you safely back on dry land. Then it's time to bask in the shade of the 7,000-foot mountains that tower above you and grab a snack! Available for purchase are your action shot photographs and a cup of "Martha's Mendenhall Madness" to celebrate accomplishing your adventure and conquering the river.

Included: Souvenir pin, snacks, beverages, rain gear, and life jackets.

Please note: Minimum weight to participate is 50lbs.

This tour operation is under permit with the Tongass National Forest and is an equal opportunity provider.

Duration: 3.5 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal.)


  • Roundtrip transportation
  • Life jackets, rain jackets, rain pants, boots
  • Snacks (Reindeer sausage, cheese, crackers, salmon spread, water, and hot apple cider)
  • Beer, Martha’s Mendenhall Madness Punch, and soda are available for purchase at the end of the trip  
  • Souvenir “I Shot the Mendenhall” pin
  • Photos, t-shirts, and hats available for purchase


  • The minimum weight is 50lbs to fit into the required lifejacket.
  • The maximum weight is 275lbs to fit into the required lifejacket.
  • Low to moderate physical activity is required. This tour is not recommended for guests with back problems.

Duration: 3.5 hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • 50 minutes - roundtrip narrated transfer to Mendenhall Lake
  • 20 minutes - outfitting, orientation, risk acknowledgment, divide into groups, board raft
  • 1.75 hours - narrated float tour across Mendenhall Lake and down Mendenhall River
  • 15 minutes - guest take out point, turn in gear, enjoy the snack

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets in front of the Mt. Robert's Tramway building. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is not wheelchair or limited mobility accessible.

How many people fit in a raft?

Each raft can hold a maximum of 10 passengers.

Do I have to paddle?

It is up to you! We offer 2 raft options, an oar raft, where the guide does the work and a paddle-raft (when available), where you paddle along with the guide.

How big are the rapids?

The trip lives up to its name. It is truly a float trip with just enough rapids to make it exciting. If you want a wilder ride, be sure to request a paddle raft. 

How close will I get to the glacier?

You will be on the Glacier Lake so you will have a view from approx. 1.5 miles away. 

Will I see any wildlife or bears on this tour?

Bald eagles and their nests, herons, shorebirds and waterfowl are all common sights. Porpoises and even humpback whales occasionally surface for air, however this is not a designated wildlife tour and nothing can be guaranteed.

Can I bring a backpack?

Yes, all bags and other belongings you don’t want in the raft will be locked up in a vehicle onshore. 

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Food and drink are not allowed during this tour.

Are food and drink included?

Yes, a snack and beverages consisting Reindeer sausage, cheese, crackers, salmon spread, water, and hot apple cider are provided.

Are there any physical requirements for this tour?

Minimum weight is 50lbs.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Weather depending, you are encouraged to wear gloves, light layers and an extra pair of socks in case yours get wet in the boots.

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Customer Reviews
Sep 2022 - Carol N.

Had a great time. Rained for most of the trip but it did not take away from the fun. Trent was an excellent guide; very knowledgeable and competent. Recommend this trip.

Aug 2022 - Joe P C.

Great excursion and the guide was outstanding. Alaska Shore Excursion were exceptional to work with. They made it easy and everything was better than expected.

Aug 2021 - Dean S.

There were too much people in one boat, would be more convinient with 6 people

Aug 2021 - Sigal D.

We had a great adventure

Aug 2021 - Barbara C.

The excursion was fantastic! Even more importantly, the staff who handled our reservation was excellent! It can be scary making a reservation for a large group, weeks in advance, in Alaska from New Jersey. But the staff made it all seamless. Thank you! Our family was not disappointed!

Aug 2021 - Lucila T.

Very fun and informative! Our guide, Skylar was amazing and very attentive!

Jul 2021 - Scott O.

So much fun! Our guide Skyler was awesome. Very knowledgeable and totally in control at all times. The waders, boots and jacket kept us warm and dry. Bring gloves or mittens if your hands get cold. The rapids were fun and not scary. We saw numerous bald eagles, both flying and perched in the trees along the river. Very nice snack at the end of the excursion. So glad we did this excursion!

Jul 2021 - Robert S.

It was a beautiful leisure trip. Not man rapids but it was still fun. Driver and guides were awesome! Had a fun time!

Oct 2019 - Harland G.

We had a great day on the river. We were the last ship of the year in port and our afternoon had blue skies, high water, great waves, an excellent guide. Perfect way for us and the crew to close out a season. Bonus, bald eagle watching us go thru the rapids at eye level. Pretty sure he was smirking at the crazies splashing around.

Sep 2019 - Helen C.

Despite the weather, our guide did a great job pointing out eagles and instructing the crew in safety operations.. He maintained an informative narration throughout. The hot drinks and snacks at the conclusion were a welcome treat. I would recommend this excursion to everyone whatever this age is!

Sep 2019 - Camille R.

Easy to find upon exiting boat. Awesome guide Dan. Pretty views. Laughed a lot.

Sep 2019 - Charlene F.

A lovely lazy trip which is what I wanted. Didn't really want to get wet since it was chilly out. Only the people in front got one good splash. Beautiful sights. Loved it. Raft guide awesome

Sep 2019 - Gerard C.

Good experience but could have been a bit more thrilling

Sep 2019 - Garnett A.

It was a fantastic adventure! I was very apprehensive at first as outdoor activities are not my norm as a senior citizen. Chaz was an excellent guide. He was so confident in what he could do that I was able to relax and enjoy the trip. He was knowledgeable and freely shared what he knew and relaxed enough to joke and laugh with everyone on board. The only disappointment was when the trip photos were taken, I was not pictured----well, you could see a very small part of my jacket. I so wanted a record of the event since anyone who knows me would have never believed I did it. We owe Chaz a big thank you for a trip down the river that we are still talking about.

Aug 2019 - Lewis S.

They did a great job. Perfect excursion for a relatively short time in port, which was our situation. Great combination of lake, glacier, and river. Good job!

Aug 2019 - DOUGLAS S.

Well organized, interesting, safe.

Aug 2019 - Christopher B.

Connor was a great guide! He was young and made the trip fun. The scenery is truly breath taking. The rapids are not extreme, they said at the most some sections were level 2-3 rapids. Most of the float was about a 0.2 rapid according to our guide. My only gripe is the snacks at the end of the trip were demolished by the boats who landed before us and we didn t get a chance to try the reindeer sausage nor the salmon dip. I would highly recommend this excursion though. Peaceful and enjoyable float down the mendenhall river. We did spot a few bald eagles as well. The excursion provides you rubber boots and waterproof overalls, there are sections which you get wet but the gear keeps you dry. Thank you again for a fun ride! Good luck in college Connor !

Aug 2019 - Micheal B.

Master Oarsman Conner was a great guide/host, very knowledgeable, funny and didn't get us killed!

Aug 2019 - Rita C.

We had a great time. The tour guide was knowledgeable and strong. I definitely do it again.

Jul 2019 - Anita M.

We had a wonderful time. Our guide was helpful, knowledgeable, security conscious and friendly/entertaining. He made this excursion a wonderful time spent in Juneau. Thanks!

Jul 2019 - Nicholas S.

We loved the float trip, the class 3 rapids were a bit tamer than we expected, even after reading the reviews. But with an 8 year old who was a bit scared of the whole thing, it was more than exciting enough for our family! The views of the glacier were spectacular and the remainder of the ride was great too. Would highly recommend for any family with kids 5+ years old.

Jul 2019 - Elise S.

Our guide was GREAT! Incredibly patient with one of our younger floaters who had a lot of anxiety. We chose to paddle & had a GREAT time!

Jul 2019 - Julie P.

We selected this trip because it's very difficult to get close to a glacier without taking a flight trip. The crew seemed to be a great group of young people who enjoy being there and the outdoors. We experienced a very windy day (I've heard mornings are better.) and didn't end up paddling much. It was fascinating to canoe up to the area and to be abel to get a first hand look. Due to all the warm weather and melting, this trip does require some walking in rough terrain if you desire to get closer. As previously stated by several, you're not getting on it but you can get darn close. Amazing views, great people, enjoyable.

Jul 2019 - Kevin N.

Good trip, we had excellent weather and the river was flowing well. Guide did a good job making it fun.

Jul 2019 - Jack L.

Good tour, wonderful scenery. Our guide was great. Good price for this tour.

Jun 2019 - Michael S.

Miles was fantastic.

Jun 2019 - Daniel C.

decent tour, was expecting a more exciting rapid rides, not splash at all. so we all wore the real heavy rain gear for nothing. it would have been more exciting if we get some splashes

Jun 2019 - Diane S.

I admit to having reservations prior to starting down the river but it soon became apparent the guide knew what he was doing and knowledgeable about the river. It was a very enjoyable day! Boots and rainwear not very comfortable!

Sep 2018 - Hawkee N.

this is a very scenic ride. We saw glacier on one side of the lake and the ride led us through a small river where we experienced a good, exciting ripple current on some of the places. We also got to see some houses and vacation homes along the river.

Sep 2018 - Pravina P.

was expecting to hit the waves a bit more, non of the people on our boat got wet-over all still good

Aug 2018 - Ramgopal N.

Well arranged and great experience! The after tour snacks/drinks could have been a bit better!

Aug 2018 - Esther C.

Very exciting, we had a great time

Aug 2018 - Frances R.

We enjoyed this trip. The runs down the rapids were fun. Luckily we had waterproof clothing and boots on or we would have been soaked. Luckily, all the waterproof clothing/boots were provided. We had a sunny day which made it even more enjoyable.

Aug 2018 - Grace M.

Loved the float trip, and particularly our guide, Josh! Highly recommend this trip--lots of fun and fabulous views.

Jul 2018 - Penelope R.

really enjoyed this with good guy on board.

Jul 2018 - Karen H.

Great trip & guide! Very fun, just a bit chilly!

Jul 2018 - Jodi T.

Such a great time!!

Jul 2018 - Melisas M.

All of our tour guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. They helped make the experience amazing!

Jul 2018 - ANDREW L.

Good day on the lake and river. Our guild David was excellent.

Jun 2018 - Sara F.

We had a great experience. Our guide was Alex, and he was having as much fun as we were! The excursion was easy, fun, and well-planned. I highly recommend it!

Jun 2018 - Brenda H.

Elliot was a great guide! His friendliness, knowledge and skill made the experience a wonderful one!

Jun 2018 - David B.

Lovely, relaxing way to see the glacier and enjoy the views. Rapids not big, child friendly experience. Our guides Skylar and Ben very knowledgeable.

Jun 2018 - William S.

Not to be missed excursion on your cruise to Alaska. Guides are professional and polite. Beautiful day on the river.

Oct 2017 - Barry T.

Great rafting but was under impression we would get closer to glacier. Guide was very knowledgeable

Aug 2017 - Donnie R.

The float was exciting and beautiful. The glacier seemed to be smaller in appearance than in 2009 when I was here before. Our guide was pleasant and made our trip enjoyable. Overall the float was a+

Jul 2017 - Soe-Moe K.

Great time and wonderful experience - Tour guides are very helpful.

Jul 2017 - Evelyn A.

4 stars lots if fun

Jul 2017 - Garrett S.

Our guide was great. Beautiful views of Mendenhall Glacier. Rapids are pretty tame which was nice because water is cold! Good for families with younger kids.

Jul 2017 - Stephen B.

Beautiful and exhilarating, this excursion was a great way explore our first day in Alaska. Tour guide was knowledgeable, and everyone involved helped to make this a great excursion. Eventhough the description of the excursion was head on, we would have loved a few more rapids. :)

Jun 2017 - Lisa T.

It was a fantastic experience, our guide was extremely knowledgeable about the river and the history of the glacier. He knew how to maneuver the rapids with ease.

Jun 2017 - Victor Steven J.

Skylar was our guide, he was full of information, knowledgable, friendly and made it a nice relaxing excursion. I recommend this excursion. Skylar gets two thumbs up! Well Done !

Jun 2017 - Richie F.

We really had a blast! We wished there were more rapids but we had such great weather and the scenery was unbelievable! We didn't buy the picture because it was taken at an angle where not all of our group was visable in the photo. Our guide Jonah was awesome and fun as well as very knowledgeable! Definitely will be recommending this excursion to others! Thanks for the fun!

Jun 2017 - Steve F.

This was a great option for our family! Great Guides!

Jun 2017 - Lisa K.

Loved the rafting. Enjoyed the rapids. Our tour guide was very good and i never worried about being dumped in the river.

Jun 2017 - Pamela G.

Our guide Parker was the best. It was a lot of fun

Jun 2017 - Alfred S.

Worth every penny . Great experience. Awesome views and our guide Al was great!

Jun 2017 - Deborah S.

Fantastic! Exciting! Very impressed with the knowledge and friendliness of the guides. Very helpful. Protective outer garments provided. Highly recommended.

Sep 2016 - Candice S.

Parker was amazing !!! He was so informative and made our trip awesome ! Loved seeing all the bald eagles !

Sep 2016 - Paul S.

It was great to be in the hands of Destiny.

Aug 2016 - Geoff M.

Well organised and a decent but if white water fun. V scenic!

Aug 2016 - Mohammed N.

very exciting and safe in the same time

May 2016 - Dean H.

Was enjoyable, but our group would have liked to get closer to the glacier first.

BEST PRICE Guarantee!


BEST PRICE Guarantee!

Duration: 3.5 hours

Number of Passengers *

Adult: $179.00

Child (Under 13): $135.00

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