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Juneau Glacier View Sea Kayaking

Attention Norwegian guests and guests docking at the AJ dock. Please be advised this tour must begin at least 45 minutes from after your arrival to Juneau as you will be docking outside of town and will need to take a shuttle to Downtown Juneau.

The Native Alaskans that built their lives on the shores of Juneau depended on the coastal waterways and wetlands of the Mendenhall Valley. This Juneau kayak tour allows you to learn the history of the area and surround yourself with spectacular views as old as time.

Your journey begins as you drive through downtown Juneau, over the bridge, and out to Douglas Island. From the North end of the island, you will see incredible views of the Mendenhall Glacier, mountain ranges, and maybe catch a glimpse of the massive 1,500 square mile ice field if it's a clear day. Make sure to have your camera ready, because everywhere you turn is a scene you will want to capture!

After you've had a chance to look around and take in your surroundings, an experienced guide will outfit you with gear for the day. No experience is required for this excursion as you will learn the essential techniques of kayaking before you hit the water. Your guide will make sure you are safe and having fun throughout the entire trip. Each kayak seats two people so you can go with a friend or be paired with someone else on the tour for your epic ocean adventure!

As you paddle along, you will hear about the history of local Native and Russian fur trading, where you will get a feel for the life they once lived on these shores. You will quietly glide along, stealthily able to approach any wildlife in the area. In the ocean, you may spot harbor seals, sea lions, porpoises, and perhaps even a whale! From this distance, 6 miles from the Mendenhall Glacier, you will be able to see the true size of this river of ice as it carves its way through the mountain peaks.

As your kayak excursion comes to an end, you will return back to shore. The best way to end a day like this is to enjoy a nice Alaskan snack, chat about the memories you've made, and reminisce about the sights you saw. This Juneau kayak tour gives you the chance to experience the Alaskan ocean with a bit of physical fitness. Relax a bit and take in the view once more before heading back to town via bus.

Included: Snacks consisting of reindeer sausage, cheese, crackers, salmon spread, and water are included. You'll also receive a complimentary souvenir button at the end of the tour.

Please note: Minimum weight to participate is 40lbs, maximum weight is 275lbs but is dependent on waist size. Guests over 6'3" will not be able to use the rudder pedals to steer the kayak, they'll have to use their oar instead.

Duration: 3.5 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal.)


  • Roundtrip transportation
  • Rain jackets, rain pants, boots, and life jackets
  • A snack consisting of reindeer sausage, cheese, crackers, salmon spread, and water
  • Complimentary souvenir button
  • T-shirts and hats are available for purchase at the conclusion of the tour


  • The minimum weight is 40lbs to fit into the required lifejacket. The maximum weight is approximately 275lbs, dependent on waist size to be comfortable in the kayak cockpit. The cockpit is 35” front-to-back x 17” hip-to-hip. 
  • Moderate physical activity is required. This tour is not recommended for guests with back problems or limited upper body strength. In addition to paddling, guests need to be able to walk to the departure point and climb in and out of the kayaks.
  • Guests over 6’3” will not be able to use the rudder pedals to steer the kayak, they will have to use their oar instead. 

Duration: 3.5 hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • 50 minutes - roundtrip narrated transfer to North Douglas Island
  • 20 minutes - outfitting, risk acknowledgment, split into groups of ability levels, instruction and equipment orientation
  • 1.75 hours - guided paddle excursion with an interpretation of flora, fauna and natural history
  • 15 minutes - turn in rain gear, life jackets & boots, snack and receive a souvenir

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets in front of the Mt. Robert's Tramway building. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is not wheelchair or limited mobility accessible.

Are the kayaks single or double?

The kayaks are all double kayaks, no single kayaks are available.

Do we need prior kayaking experience?

No experience is necessary to participate on this tour. 

How close will I get to the glacier?

This is a sea kayaking adventure with a glacier view. You will be approximately 6 miles away from the Mendenhall Glacier. 

Will I see any wildlife or bears on this tour?

Bald eagles and their nests, herons, shorebirds and waterfowl are all common sights. Porpoises and even humpback whales occasionally surface for air, however this is not a designated wildlife tour and nothing can be guaranteed.

Can I bring a backpack?

Yes, all bags and other belongings you don’t want in the kayak will be locked up in a vehicle onshore. 

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Food and drink are not allowed during this tour.

Are food and drink included?

Yes, a snack consisting of reindeer sausage, cheese, crackers, salmon spread and water is provided.

Are there any physical requirements for this tour?

Minimum weight is 40lbs and maximum weight is 275lbs;  Guests over 6’3” will not be able to use the rudder pedals to steer the kayak, they will have to use their oar instead.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Weather depending, you are encouraged to wear gloves, light layers and an extra pair of socks in case yours get wet in the boots.

Not seeing answers to your questions?

Check out other frequently asked questions here!

Customer Reviews
Aug 2023 - Lara P.

Great excursion! We had a great time kayaking toward the glacier...a lot of fun!

Aug 2023 - Amy F.

What a lovely kayak and we loved our guide Lexy. Laid back and beautiful view of the glacier. We were happy to spot some harbor seals popping up from time to time.

Jul 2023 - Alexis H.

I had a great time on this excursion. It was the first time kayaking for me and my cousins and the guides, Aubrey and Allegra were very patient and helpful. Aubrey told us lots of great facts, stories, and details which made the excursion even more engaging. Denny and April were also very helpful and a pleasure to spend time with. Highly recommend.

Jul 2023 - Laura W.

The equipment and guides were great. We were farther from the glacier than I expected but still had a nice experience. We even had seals hang out with us.

Jan 2023 - Don W.

Avery was an excellent guide. We saw humpback whales, bald eagles and harbor seals. We saw many whale breaches, including tales. We were lucky enough to have one whale surface approximately 50 feet from our kayak.

Jul 2022 - DeAnna D.

Excellent! It was well organized and it ran smoothly. We saw lots of eagles, a seal, and a whale! When we stopped and floated for a few minutes, it was so relaxing and exhilerating at the same time. I would definitely recommend Alaska Shore Excursions, and this excursion especially.

Sep 2019 - Diane S.

We enjoyed this tour. We got lucky with a break in the weather and just doing something was needed! Our guide (sorry forget his name, tall guy from Florida) was very good in his telling about the area, finding the sea lions for us and talking to while we waiting for the bus, as the driver had had an accident so a different bus had to be found. The glacier viewing itself is almost a "missnamer" as it recedes, and was in the clouds for us, but not much you can do about that. Our guide also did a good job of instructing the needs for kayaking. Thank you

Sep 2019 - Matthew R.

The glacier was covered by clouds but still fun

Sep 2019 - Amanda S.

Fast, efficient and friendly. Gabe our tour guide was great at sharing talking points and stories about the area. Even the bus ride to Lake Mendenhall was fun.

Sep 2019 - Jillian H.

A well organised and guided experience to explore the natural beauty around Juneau

Sep 2019 - David P.

The tour was awesome and my three kids (13,11,7) thought it was the highlight of our trip. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable, even the young man who drove the bus from the pier to the kayaking spot was entertaining and shared some great insights about Juneau. The view was amazing and we got to see bald eagles and seals on our adventure. Granted, having a beautiful sunny day to enjoy this magnificent spot helped. Highly recommend!

Sep 2019 - Renee B.

We enjoyed this adventure! Our kayak guide, Ben, was great!

Aug 2019 - Kevin W.

I booked this trip through Alaska Shore Excursions and when I got on, I was with all the people who had booked it through the cruise ship but saved myself .00. We saw lots of Eagles on this trip and a few jumping salmon. We saw the glacier in a distance as it was foggy at the time. After we were done, the fog had lifted and you could see the glacier.

Aug 2019 - Ilya K.

Would like to give this one a 4.5 - we had a great time. Everything was provided and the guides were absolutely amazing. The main reason for taking 1 (since I can't take .5 off) is that the tour felt kind of rushed and the glacier was not really in focus since it was quite far from the kayaking lake. I feel as the "glacier viewing" in the title is somewhat of a click bait; it's there, but you can get MUCH closer with almost any other excursion. If you enjoy nature and kayaking though, this was a great tour and I'd do it again for sure.

Aug 2019 - Phillip W.

It was very well run.

Jun 2019 - Russell S.

Saw a few seals, lots of eagles

Jun 2019 - Julianna C.

Beautiful, got to see orcas and bald eagle

Jun 2019 - JOSE M.

Incredible staff... friendly and very helpful.. 1st class kayaking. A must do with this outfit.

Jun 2019 - Holly M.

I love kayaking and was super excited to do this. I am disappointed that we didn't kayak more of a distance. We stayed relatively close to shore. Also, the guide, who was great, stopped often to talk. I would have rather of just kayaked around more. It was not worth the money spent.

Jun 2019 - Billie B.

The weather was perfect, or bus driver fun and informative but our guide in the kayaks was perfect. His sense of humor and knowledge of his home and passion was what made this a 5 star adventure. All the while keeping safety in the forefront. Thanks Landon!

Jun 2019 - Patty B.

Great tour! Our guide, Ben, was the best!

Jun 2019 - PEARL D.

It's super short, extremely far away from the glacier, and you don't even leave sight of the launch point. Very disappointing. The guide was great, however. I would recommend the "lake view" kayak excursion instead since I hear that one gets you closer to the glacier - but beware of the possibility of cancellation. Apparently there can be weather issues with that tour.

Aug 2018 - Carmen J.

Very fun and one of a kind experience. Fun group, beautiful scenery and a memorable experience. We played "catch" with a seal who had fun popping up and leading us around with a salmon in his mouth. What an experience!

Jul 2018 - Warren W.

Fun time on the water, tour guide was very helpful

Jun 2018 - Ruby F.

Overall great experience!

Sep 2017 - Ann H.

This was wonderful! I loved the peace I felt. The Team/Crew was great, from the bus ride out/back, to the crew that outfitted us, to the Kayak guide - it was ALL wonderful!

Jul 2017 - Emily U.

Our excursion had beautiful weather, so the tour was lovely. Kevin was our guide and he was kind enough to take our picture and send it to us with other pictures from the trip. We had an awesome time with about 1.5 hours on the water in front of Mendenhall Glacier. We were very close to Bald Eagles and other native Alaska Birds.

Jul 2017 - Lisa H.

Enjoyed the day and the sunshine we were blessed with that afternoon.

Jun 2017 - Andrew L.

Definitely an arm workout! However, there's something so calming about being on the waters near the Mendenhall glacier and feeling a light breeze across your face. There's plenty of bald eagles to see and we even spotted a seal spying on us! Our guide, Megyn, was very patient and instructive with us - perfect for first-time kayakers like us. We managed to capture some beautiful pictures during our time on the water which we will treasure forever.

Aug 2016 - Michaline Y.

This was a great tour. Three of us had the guide to ourselves. He got us close to shore where we viewed some huge bald eagles on the ground. Guide was knowledgeable and congenial. Good experience.

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BEST PRICE Guarantee!

Duration: 3.5 hours

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Adult: $139.00

Child (12 and Under): $99.00

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