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Juneau Glacier Dogsled Extended Tour via Helicopter

Please be advised this tour must begin at least 50 minutes after your arrival to Juneau if traveling by cruise ship.

Fly via helicopter to experience dogsledding in Juneau on one of Alaska's magnificent glaciers! Working in cooperation with Sebastian Schnuelle and his team of mushers at Blue Kennels, we orchestrate a thrilling dogsledding adventure over vast expanses of Alaskan snow on the Herbert Glacier.

After a breathtaking helicopter flight, you'll spend an hour at the dogsled camp, learning about the lives of mushers and the lifestyles of their dogs and mushing an authentic racing team. On the trail you'll have plenty of stops to ensure that each passenger has the opportunity to actually mush the dogs, you'll wish you could be up there year-round!

Then, on the return leg of your Juneau dogsled experience, we'll land the helicopter at a lower level of the Herbert Glacier to see some beautiful features of glacial movement that are really highlighted at the more advanced edge of the glacier. There you'll have the opportunity to add the memory, and photos, of moulins, crevasses, icefalls, and the iconic blue glacier ice to your experience.

Included: Warm water-resistant coat, hat and gloves, and protective footgear, available if needed.

Please note: Persons weighing 260lbs or more must pay an additional $150 surcharge for safety reasons. Please purchase an "Adult" passenger seat AND a "Comfort Seat" ticket if this is the case. Child prices are the same as adult prices.

Duration: 3.5 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal. Flight time: 30 minutes. Dogsled camp time: 60 minutes. Additional glacier time: 20 minutes.)


  • Roundtrip transportation from the cruise ship terminal
  • Traction overboots
  • Rain suit if needed
  • Water and hot beverages are available at the helicopter base
  • No restrooms available during this tour


  • Guests must be comfortable walking short distances on uneven and occasionally icy surfaces
  • Signed liability waiver

Duration: 3.5 hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • 20~30 minutes - roundtrip transportation
  • 30 minutes - preflight safety briefing and preparation
  • 30~40 minutes - glacier flightseeing via helicopter
  • 1 hour - at the dog camp (35~40 minute dogsledding)
  • 20 minutes - guided walk at second glacier landing

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets in front of the Mt. Robert's Tramway building. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is limited mobility accessible. The operator has an ADA-compliant vehicle and can transport guests with wheelchairs and walkers, with advance notice. Guests should be comfortable stepping into and out of the helicopter. Once on the glacier, if you're unable to walk on soft snow, you can be towed to the musher's camp from the helicopter via snowmobile. Please leave a comment during checkout or contact us if any accessibility accommodations will be required.

Can I pet and play with the sled dogs?

Yes, the dogs love human interaction and the musher's will let you get close and snuggly with their team.

Do I get to drive the dog sled?

You do have the option and opportunity to stand in the musher's position while on the dogsled tour. For safety reasons, the actual dogsled musher will be able to assume control of the dogsled at all times, but will give you instructions on how to safely control the sled for the duration of your trip.

How many passengers ride in the sled together? 

Each sled can accomodate 4-5 guests.

How many passengers ride in the helicopter together?

There is a maximum of 6 passengers per helicopter and we operate 1 helicopter per departure time. If there are more than 6 in your party, we will have to split your group into multiple consecutive tour times to accommodate all members of your party. 

What is the seating arrangement in the helicopter?

There are two front seats and four rear seats; FAA safety guidelines require seating positions to be assigned based on weight and balance of all passengers for each helicopter.

What is the temperature on the glacier? 

The average temperature is between 15-20°F cooler than on the ground.

Will I see any wildlife or bears on this tour?

Wildlife is abundant in Southeast Alaska and sightings are possible on any tour, however this is not a designated wildlife tour and nothing can be guaranteed.

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Can I bring a backpack?

All bags must be stored at the helicopter base and are not allowed on tour.  The helicopter base has locked benches at the base for you to securely and safely store belongings while on your tour. 

Can I bring my GoPro and record during the helicopter flight?

Yes, you can bring your GoPro on this tour and record during flight. No selfie sticks allowed during flight.

Can I bring my DSLR camera?

Yes, you can bring your DSLR camera on this tour.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Food and drink are not allowed during this tour.

Are food and drink included?

Water and hot beverages are available at the helicopter base, no food or drink is provided while on tour.

Are there child prices?

Adult and child prices are the same for this tour.

Are there any physical requirements for this tour?

Guests must be comfortable walking short distances on uneven and occasionally icy surfaces.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Layered clothing, hats, gloves and sunglasses are strongly recommended.

Are there restrooms available during this tour?

There are restroom facilities at the helicopter base before you depart on your tour, but there are no restrooms available on the glacier. 

Not seeing answers to your questions?

Check out other frequently asked questions here!

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Check out our blog for more details on all of the dogsledding tours we offer: Alaska dog sled tours!

Customer Reviews
May 2023 - Raghu V.

Little expensive but this is the best Excursion we had in our trip

May 2023 - Debbie B.

Once in a lifetime. Glacier was beautiful. Dog sledding was fun. Everyone we had the pleasure of dealing with wad wonderful!!! A must do when visitng Juneau.

May 2023 - Brandie D.

Most AMAZING experience. Totally worth the money! Helicopter views are stunning then flying up to the dogs and seeing them so excited warmed my heart!

May 2023 - Michael S.

We thoroughly enjoyed riding with the dogs and walking on the glacier. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Sep 2022 - Hazel S.

My family did the helicopter ride to the glacier in Juneau on August 31, 2022, it was the best experience ever! Landing on the Glacier and being able to walk around and get to drink water straight from the Glacier was amazing. This is a once in a life time experience.

Aug 2022 - Andrea D.

My husband and I had a great time on the Juneau Glacier Dogsled Tour via Helicopter tour! All of the staff were wonderful. They fitted us with special shoes and even lent my husband a jacket for extra warmth. We spent a decent amount of time dogsledding, although only 3 out of 4 of us had the opportunity to ride standing on the back of the sled. We had ample time to spend giving and getting love from the dogs. We even got to hold 18-day-old Huskie pups. It was beautiful up on the glacier, and definitely one to check off my bucket list!

Aug 2022 - Lavanya S.

Very well organized. It was easy to get off the cruise ship and find the representative. Then we got to the airport and boarded the helicopter. Our pilot was very careful and obviously had a lot of experience.The glacier was amazing and really no words can do it justice. The color of the ice was remarkable. I wish we could have stayed longer. I could have sat there for hours. It was cold but with a few layers not unbearable. A fantastic trip not to be missed.

Jul 2022 - Arianna T.

By far one of the BEST excursions of my LIFE!!! I had so much fun on this excursion. Megan is AMAZING!!! Had a blast doing dog sledding with her. Dedra was AMAZING too!!! She did our helicopter part and was very insightful. They both had so much knowledge and learned a lot from them. I will definitely be doing this again when I come back. Thank you again!!!!

Jul 2022 - Tim B.

I had been looking forward to this particular tour for three years now and I can easily say this was well worth the wait. The staff and crew made the tour flow so well and the experience on both the helicopter, dog sled camp, and the glacier was awesome. Couldn't keep the smile off our faces the whole time. Such a great experience that I would recommend to anyone.

Jul 2022 - Alexander L.

We are so happy we booked this amazing excursion! We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the dogsled camp. The staff was very friendly, and our guide (Meghan) was a delight. Meghan was great with the dogs and took us on a fun ride. We loved spending time with the all the sweet dogs and talking to Meghan about daily life at the camp. The extra stop on the glacier was incredible. Our guide was also wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. Exploring the glacier was a once in a lifetime experience and did not disappoint!

Jul 2022 - James B.

We loved this experience. Everyone should do this excursion.. We had the time of our lives.

Jul 2022 - Angela M.

So thrilling. This was on my husbands bucket list and he was smiling ear to ear the whole time like he was a kid again. The dogs were amazing and I learned so much about them. I had never been on a helicopter so even that was exhilarating. We had some amazing views of the mountains and Mendenhall Glacier on our way to the dog camp. I will never forget this excursion, it was so much fun.

Jul 2022 - Halona T.

Excellent and worth the money for this chance of a lifetime experience. Definitely do the extended and land on the glacier! Take an empty water bottle and drink pure glacier water! I had never been on a helicopter and was thinking I wouldnʻt like it but it was epic. Highly recommend!

Jun 2022 - Edward N.

This excursion was the highlight of our Alaska cruise. It is unforgettable and well worth the expense.

Jun 2022 - Jerome B.

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Actually Made the Cruise!

Jun 2022 - Mark O.

Amazing experience, knowledgeable guide and pilot, and breathtaking location!

Jun 2022 - Kristina C.

We had the best day ever with this excursion!!! The helicopter crew was great, and dog sledding on the glacier was a memory to last a lifetime. Noah was our guide with the dogs, and he was great! The whole team was friendly and wonderful and made it the best experience. We can't say enough good things about this excursion from start to finish!

Jun 2022 - Ginger F.

This excursion did not disappoint! Our pilot Anna was amazing, dog sledding was an adventure with Sam our Musher, the Herbert Glacier was spectacular! Highly Recommend!!!!!

Jun 2022 - Leonard N.

This was probably the best travel experience of my life, so far! The helicopter pilot, Deirdre, was excellent and put us at our ease. The dogs stole the show - the mushers were excellent too. It was incredible to be able to stand and walk on a glacier - one for the grandchildren! Highly recommend - well worth the cost!

May 2022 - Charlene C.

Incredible experience. Very well organised with super friendly guides. The dogs are adorable! It was one of the best experiences of my life. I would 100% recommend to anyone considering doing the extended Glacier Dogsled via Helicopter Tour. Spectacular views in the helicopter and standing on the glacier was just incredible. You won't regret it if you book it!

May 2022 - M.H. S.

Small helikopter for max 3 passenger. So as a couple we were the only passengers, it basically became a private tour. Same with the the dogsled where there was room for 4 passengers, but we were the only passengers. Helicopter window view was incredible!

May 2022 - Brian M.

What a great experience. This is a bucket list experience to be sure. If you can add it to your trip, please do so and use Alaska Shore Excursions. They were top shelf to be sure.

May 2022 - David S.

This was amazing! The views are just beyond words. You will not ever forget this experience. It is not cheap, but it is worth the money.

Sep 2019 - Elizabeth G.

In Late August, 2019 Lisa, and I were blessed with the lifetime experience of dog sledding on Mendenhall Glacier. It was an absolutely beautiful day, we were on an Alaskan Inside Passage Cruise out of Seward, Alaska. So when we got to Juneau, we took a helicopter flight from the Juneau heliport to the Mendenhall Glacier. The flight itself was breathtaking, seeing Mother Nature in all her glory, looking at the frozen river that is Mendenhall Glacier. Mushing with the huskies was incredible, worth every penny. Felt very safe with the professional staff. Thanks to all at Alaska Shore Excursions.

Jul 2019 - Richard H.

Such a fun time. The experience with the Dogs was awesome and the views from the helicopter and walking around the glacier was like being on another planet. Highly recommend it.

Jul 2019 - Benjamin M.

This was our favorite excursion the whole trip. We enjoyed riding on the dogsled, interacting with the dogs, the views from the helicopter and getting to land on the ice and seeing blue ice and looking down in the crevices. Thank you for and awesome tome!

Jul 2019 - ROBERT F.

My family of 5 had a great time with the dogs and the mushing on the glacier was a great experience. Suz was our guide was fantastic with narrative and experience with the dogs. thanks again

Jul 2019 - Kerryn D.

We absolutely LOVED this experience!! It was a highlight of our 7 week holiday through areas of the US and Canada and one we will never forget. Flying over the glacier was amazing, even better landing on it! The dogs were absolutely adorable and it was such an incredible experience riding on the sleds! Thoroughly worth it - very well-organised and professional operators.

Jul 2019 - Ryan O.

When we arrived we found out the weather was bad for landing at the dog camp so we were given the option to just do the helicopter glacier excursion (and be refunded the difference in price). We LOVED everything about the experience! The helicopter ride was beautiful, landing and exploring the glacier was a bucket list item checked off. Absolutely stunning views! The helicopter company was friendly and our tour guide Casey was informational, showed us all the cool spots/crevasses/glacier water runoff, AND took excellent pictures of my group. I HIGHLY recommend!

Jul 2019 - Wayne Z.

A must see and do! It is not every day one gets to experience a dog team mushing throughout and on top of a glacier. One gets an understanding and insight reference the dogs and their desire to perform. Also, it is not everyday that one is able to drink pure glacier water from on top of a glacier. The pilot and other crew members associated with this group were outstanding!!! I highly recommend this tour/excursion!

Jul 2019 - Kirpa P.

Best decision!!

Jul 2019 - Dahlia W.

From the helicopter ride, dogsledding and the glacier trekking it was a magical experience. Everyone was great! Worth every penny.

Jul 2019 - Stephen M.

Our experience with the Extended Helicopter / Dogsled tour with Alaska Shore Excursions was awesome. The highlights of the excursion were the mushing experiences with Acacia, and the extra stop on the glacier with our pilot (never got his name, unfortunately). Both Acacia and our pilot were very friendly, knowledgeable, and allowed us plenty of time to enjoy the experiences we were having on the sled or exploring the glacier on foot.

Jul 2019 - Dina B.

We had an excellent time. A once-in-a-lifetime experience. Great company and very knowledgeable. Highlight of our cruise.

Jul 2019 - Richard E.

Loved every moment, the dogs, the mushing, but most of all we loved the second helicopter ride to an icy glacier. First time in a helicopter, never felt anxious thanks to the expertise of your pilot! The whole tour was MAGICAL!

Jul 2019 - ZHE L.

Best tour ever, wonderful experience with reasonable cost

Jul 2019 - Laura T.

Just amazing ...listen to these guys as they are professional and your safety is their priority as a result we enjoyed every minute of the excursion ...

Jun 2019 - Bonnie E.

Awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Tour company ran everything smoothly and everyone was super friendly. One piece of advise is to bring cash to the glacier with you so you can purchase photos they take of you while dog sledding...they don't take credit cards up there!

Jun 2019 - Massimiliano G.

The most amazing tour I've ever taken in my lifetime. Excellent staff, helicopter pilot and mushers at dog camp. A MUST DO IN JUNEAU

Jun 2019 - Andra D.

This is one in a lifetime awesome experience for all 4 of us. I hope that this is not our last to visit Alaska again. June 2019. Thank you again.

Jun 2019 - Shirley M.

Amazing excursion, I recommend

Jun 2019 - Gidon S.

This experience was unparalleled! Everything about it was exceptional... the location, quality, professionalism of the ground staff, helicopter pilots, mushers, dog minders - and the dogs themselves. The glacier they use as their base is not over populated and in our experience, we were the only guests there. 5 star experience, 5 star company!

Jun 2019 - Sheryl K.

This was the highlight of our trip. Was an amazing group of people who work had to make this an enjoyable experience: from Anna who got us ready, Daniel and Ben who gave us an incredible helicopter ride ( Ben landing perfectly on the glacier and very knowledgeable of the ice), Jesse who shared his love and involvement of his dogs, Brian who gave us one incredible ride mushing the dogs. We also must mention the dogs and puppies who gave unconditional love. This is an experience not to be missed. Thank you.

Jun 2019 - Kevin O.

They canceled the dogsled experience due to weather conditions. Understandable but still disappointing. Pilot was great!

Jun 2019 - Prashant G.

The best excursion ever! It was the highlight of our entire vacation. From the chopper ride, to the dog sledding! What we appreciated the most was time we got to spend on the dog sleds, taking turns to drive it, hug and pet the huskies. My kids were over the moon and were able to capture some eternally memorable photos of this day!! And the extended glacier landing was mesmerizing! All in all an absolutely fantastic excursion!

Jun 2019 - Roz D.

This tour was so amazing from the Helicopter ride to the dog sled ride and the second glacier stop - I will take these memories with me the rest of my life. Everyone on this tour was fantastic.

Jun 2019 - Paul Richard John K.

Great experience and one of our favourites.

Jun 2019 - Jon C.

This was our most memorable experience from our Alaskan Cruise. Highly recommend!! The staff was wonderful. The weather was perfect. A memory to cherish!

Jun 2019 - Greg P.

Outstanding we had so much fun

Jun 2019 - Lori K.

Great experience! The dogs were adorable. Our guide was very knowledgeable.

May 2019 - Vicki M.

What an experience! To fly over those rugged snow covered mountains and see the glaciers was fantastic. The dog sled ride was such fun and to cuddle a puppy was so sweet. Great crew at the dog camp and staff on the ground were very thorough. To sit in the front seat next to ghe pilot was awesome. Our pilot and guide for the glacier walk was very good....watching where we walked and telling us about the glacier. Overall an experience of a lifetime.....well worth the money.

May 2019 - WILLIAM G.

Amazing! The helicopter company does a first rate job and both pilots we had were great (one for the flight there and a different one for the return flight). Dog sledding was SO cool and had to be the highlight of our trip. Our Musher Manny rocked and I hope he makes the Iditarod in a couple of years. If you're debating between the regular tour versus the extended one, don't think twice... take this one for the extra time with the sled team and the second landing on the ice fields which is pretty cool in itself. Well worth the money for the memories.

May 2019 - Julie T.

This excursion was even better than I had hoped. Dog sledding was easy & fun. Walking on the glacier (away from the dog sled area) gave us a chance to see the water pools. The helicopter company was prompt, professional and helpful. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

May 2019 - Michael P.

We had a gorgeous day out on the glacier. The staff is highly professional and very welcoming. I had never been on a helicopter And was a little concerned because I get motion sickness. The ride was great and very smooth. We really enjoyed spending time with the dogs after the dog sledding. The extended tour was awesome and well worth the money.

Aug 2018 - Robin C.

Fabulous! The tour was on time and led by professionals. Definitely the highlight of my trip. Highly recommend.

Aug 2018 - Sean F.

So glad we chose this tour, it was one of the best days of our lives. Had a great time on Mendenhall with the dogs and Megan our musher. Learned a lot about Iditarod and the dogs. Ben was a great pilot and had fun walking on Herbert glacier. So glad we did that extra stop. We drank fresh blue glacier water. Would definitely recommend this tour!

Aug 2018 - Bruce S.

What an experience to visit a glacier, sled dog camp and dog sledding. The visit on the glacier by helicopter was breathtaking and experience that will not be forgotten.

Aug 2018 - Lea S.

Wow! What a fantastic excursion. Everyone was super friendly throughout the whole process. The experience was once in a lifetime. Our excursion started with a short drive to the helicopter location where brief instructions were given, and booties were added over our sneakers/shoes to use when on the glacier later. A gorgeous aerial tour of the mountains began as we made our way to the dogsled camp. Our musher, Megan, was very nice and knowledgeable and the dogs seemed very taken care of and loved. We were at the camp for about 30-45 minutes enjoying a few laps in the dogsled, we were able to stop during the mushing and take photos, as well as pet the dogs. After this fun activity ended, we were back in the helicopter with Dan, who landed our group of six on an actual glacier! I can't emphasize how amazing this was. We were there for about 20 minutes or so just taking it all in. On the glacier, we even drank glacier water, which was super refreshing and such a cool moment. Our memories and photos from this whole excursion will last a lifetime. Although this excursion was quite pricey, I am really glad we did it.

Aug 2018 - Tracy F.

DON'T GO TO ALAKSA WITHOUT BOOKING THIS TOUR!!! It will NEVER disappoint. I learned so much not only about the dogs and trainers but glacier preservation and cannot even begin to describe the beauty of one of God's true masterpieces! We couldn't have asked for a better excursion. DO IT!!!!

Jul 2018 - Simeon P.

Awesome experience!! Highly recommended

Jul 2018 - Johanna M.

What an amazing experience! The tour operator and the crew on Herbert Glacier at the dog camp were all professional and ensured we had a great experience.

Jul 2018 - Susan B.

We had a beautiful day and a great time. We will definitely recommend you to our friends.

Jul 2018 - Rodrigo C.

amazin experience!!!!

Jun 2018 - Jaci S.

If you do one thing when you are in Alaska on a cruise it should be this. Unbelievable! The helicopter ride and dog sledding were magnificent but doing the extended tour and stopping on a glacier, getting out and walking around on frozen water that is over 400 years old was the highlight. Love, love, loved it and cannot recommend enough. AAA+ tour and money well spent.

Jun 2018 - Ewa L.

Absolutely an amazing experience. We go on a lot of cruises and take many excursions, this one was the most expensive, but by far the most memorable one and worth every penny!

Jun 2018 - Jennifer R.

Outstanding experience, far exceeded my expectations - both the staff and the dogs were very friendly and helpful

Jun 2018 - Susan W.

I had an amazing time! The dogs were fun, the sledding was fabulous, and the helicopter ride provided spectacular views! It was my favorite part of vacation!

Jun 2018 - Randall T.

The helicopter ride was scenic, and the dogsled ride was a great experience. Everyone in our group thought it was fantastic. The guides and pilot were knowledgeable and congenial. The dogs were friendly, enthusiastic and anxious to get moving, and the 3 week old puppies were really cute.

Jun 2018 - Alan B.

Great day out. Worth the second glacier landing as very different to the dog camp.

Jun 2018 - Paul C.

We had an exciting experience! From the helicopter ride to the glacier and sledding. Friendly knowledgeable guides. Would definitely recommend this excursion.

Jun 2018 - Bipin B.

Excellent excursion. Well worth the cost.

Jun 2018 - Paul R.

Everything right on schedule, staff helpful and friendly and the dogs!!! Amazing

May 2018 - GRAHAM B.

Expensive but glad we did it - first ride in helicopter, first time on a glacier and first time on a dog sled in snow, and got to drive also - unforgettable.

May 2018 - Jessica A.

This tour was amazing! The staff were polite and professional and committed to making this experience super cool. Meeting the dogs was fun, and trekking on the glacier for a bit was neat!

Aug 2017 - Susan D.

We did the helicopter dog sled excursion on a beautiful clear sunny day and it was an experience of a lifetime. Everything was well organized and the dog sledding was fantastic

Jul 2017 - Melissa J.

This excursion was so amazing!! It was the most expensive one we did and worth it! The helicopter ride to the site was beautiful, the dog camp and mushing (in the snow not on a golf cart with wheels) was incredible. (And my kids LOVED the dogs (they talk about that more than the glaciers!!)) Landing on a glacier and doing push-ups to drink from a glacial was a dream to remember!!

Jul 2017 - Donna M.

We enjoyed the excursion. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. We learned a bit about sled dogs from our sled guide, Christian, and his duties taking care of his dog team. He was wonderful. Many thanks for making our excursion memorable and pleasant.

Jul 2017 - Pamela D.

We've been on 6 cruises (Asia, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Scandinavia, Mexico, Alaska) and this was the best excursion ever for our family of three. It was the most expensive but so worth it! My daughter and I rode in the front of the helicopter with the pilot and my husband in the back left. There were only 5 passengers instead of 6 probably because the other two were heavier men. Our dog sled had 12 dogs for just the three of us with the handler. We were lucky to have warm and sunny weather while we were there. The dogs were super friendly and I got to pet all of them. Right before we leave, one of the handlers brought out two 1-week old puppies! So glad we splurged on this excursion. We will treasure this experience for the rest of our lives.

Jul 2017 - Sandra G.

Amazing views, staff, and experience! We almost didn't book a Dogsled excursion, but we are so glad we did. We enjoyed every minute of this excursion. I have never been in a helicopter due to my fear of heights, but I was not seated at the window and I was fine the whole time - the view was so amazing and distracting that my nervousness just fizzled. The dogs were wonderful - we got to meet each one and ask our guide a ton of questions. We left 100 degree weather back home and enjoyed the snow! The second stop and walk on the glacier was amazing. Take a water bottle and enjoy fresh, cold glacier water! We would highly recommend!

Jul 2017 - Laura S.

What a wonderful experience we had from beginning to end. Everything was done in a a professional matter and landing on the 2nd glacier after the dog sledding was awesome giving us a never to be forgotten trip. It was an expensive trip but worth every penny to make it the trip of a lifetime while in Alaska. Well done to all involved making it a great day. Would recommend it to everyone Who can go.

Jun 2017 - Chi Pui C.

Very good ride and happy we have booked this tour

Jun 2017 - Malcolm B.

Excellent shore excursion and is our daughters aged 8 & 10 highlight of the trip. The second glacier landing was truly amazing and the pilot was fantastic taking some memorable family photos for us.

Jun 2017 - D. Kerry G.

Great time. Very informative. Very good chopper ride. Well worth it.

Jun 2017 - Dana R.

It was amazing. The only suggestion I would have is that we heard from other "crusiers" that they did the same excursion (different company) and got to see and hold the puppies from the Iditarod dogs. I felt that maybe some of "your" dogs were just brought in for the excursion and not the "real deal"?? Our "musher" did do the Iditarod so that was great because we got to hear all about his experience and he did have (I think 3) of his dogs hooked up. So maybe just a little more authentic Iditarod dogs and more actual participants. Although, I didn't ask of find out if the other 2 mushers participated in the race?? It would just make the excursion a little more realistic. Seriously, though I don't want to make this seem a complaint as it's not!! The Juneau Glacier Dogsled Extended Tour was so amazing!!!!!! Just a little feedback to make it even greater! ;) Thank you for a once in a lifetime experience!!

Jun 2017 - Hugh F.

Simply Amazing. A MUST do if you are in Alaska.

Jun 2017 - Rishita P.

The most amazing journey in Alaska... the dog sledding was amazing, loved getting to know the dogs! The extended tour on the lower part of the glacier led to some of the most amazing views and had a great time exploring a different part of the glacier!!

Jun 2017 - Glenda M E.

Absolutely phenomenal experience! Helicopter ride and dogsled were on my bucket list, thank you for an incredible adventure.

Jun 2017 - Chris B.

The most amazing experience highly recommended. The day we went was raining quite heavily but luckily the excursion still went ahead mainly because it was the Herbert glacier. The company is very professional, they picked us up from the cruise ship and took us to the airport. We where fitted with special boots that fitted over our shoes, we also had the use of waterproof trousers and jackets, as it was raining we did use the trousers. The helicopter ride up to the glacier was a bit wild due to the wind but the Pilot was very skilled and felt perfectly safe. The husky dogs Seemed to really enjoy running, they looked very well cared for and each one had its own kennel. The dog handlers really knew their dogs and also very professional, enjoyed every minute one of the highlights. We did the extended tour which meant we also walked on the ice and drunk glacier water. Would definitely recommend using Alaska - shore excursions. We later discovered that no other companies run the excursion the day we went.

Jun 2017 - Matthew M.

Wonderful tour. Loved the dogs and mushed. While expensive, a once in a lifetime experience and opportunity. If you can afford it, do it!

Jun 2017 - Julie H.

Memories forever! There is no denying this excursion is expensive, but it is worth every penny. My husband and I loved every minute and found all staff involved from initial pickup to the end friendly, helpful and full off information.

Jun 2017 - Susan M.

Beautiful views from way above on the clearest day ! Our helicopter pilot Sean was wonderful ! Enjoyed seeing and learning about the dog camp, riding on the dog sled and learning from our dog team leader Sean

Jun 2017 - Veronica S.

Is like a dream come true. Everything was perfect! Over my expectations. The sights were beautiful, the weather on the last week of May was delightful, the dogs were super friendly, the staff was attentive, the extended portion was an expected plus, and the helicopter ride was breath-taking! Worth every penny and would do it again.

May 2017 - April S.

This was one of the most enjoyable shore excursions we've ever taken. The helicopter rides were amazing, our lead musher (from Avon Lake, Ohio) was tremendous, and the dogs were the cutest ever! It was very rainy and cold out there but we never even noticed.

May 2017 - Brandi W.

This excursion was by far one of the best I've ever taken. Me and my boyfriend flew in a helicopter to the dogsledding which was about 30 to 40 minutes and then the helicopter picked us up again and took us to a glacier where we got to walk around and hike for another 30 to 40 minutes and then my boyfriend proposed to me out on a glacier so it was a pretty amazing experience than a helicopter flew us back to the airport. The whole excursion is about three hours and everyone was very friendly and nice. I was beyond nervous to get into the helicopter and fly but it was the best ride ever!!!

Aug 2016 - Jessica R.

An incredible experience!! Highly recommend

Aug 2016 - Lois K.

This was fantastic. Our guide was super and couldn't have done more for us. He was very attentive and took great pictures for us. He made this trip perfect from start to finish.

Aug 2016 - Beekys T.

This is the best excursion. Pricey, but worth it! The views are spectacular and breath-taking. Dogsledding is a must do. Definitely a bucket list excursion.

Jul 2016 - Jose R F.

Nos encant

Jul 2016 - Paula R.

Best experience ever!

Jul 2016 - Trisha L.

Awesome experience!

Jun 2016 - Carlos M P.

Great time - staff super - thanks

Jun 2016 - Loyda M.

Loved it! Great awesome once in a lifetime experience! All staff was very knowledgeable, pleasant & eager to answer all our questions. We were all very excited & glad we'd chosen this excursion!

May 2016 - Gerald J.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience a must-do.

May 2016 - Charles R.

This was the highlight of the entire cruise. Standing on the runners of the sled while the dogs ran through the snow was an amazing experience. Then, taking the helicopter over to another glacier to see the blue ice and crevasses made for a perfect morning. The staff were all wonderful and made everything run smoothly. And the dogs, so sweet and friendly, my wife wanted to take one home with her. This excursion was worth every penny we paid. It's the one experience we still talk about the most.

May 2016 - Shelley P.

Definitely a 5 star experience. Loved the dogs and the dogsled ride. Musher was very informative.

May 2016 - SERGIO B.

Incredible experience, unique glacier, really good helicopter company.

BEST PRICE Guarantee!


BEST PRICE Guarantee!

Duration: 3.5 hours

Number of Passengers *

Guests 260lbs + must also book a comfort seat

Adult: $749.00

Purchase Adult Seat AND Comfort Seat

Comfort Seat (Required for guests 260lbs +): $150.00

Child (0-15): $749.00

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