Sitka Marine Wildlife Exploration by Boat

The crystal clear Sitka waters are home to more than 280 bird species as well as seals, sea lions, sea otters, porpoises, gray whales, and humpback whales. This marine life and whale watching tour is sure to give guests ample opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Guests will board a safe 26-foot Glacier Bay catamaran for their whale-watching tour. Specifically designed for smooth sailing and safe travel, the twin-engine vessel will transport guests to the action swiftly. The warm cabin with full windows allows guests to take in the views comfortably from indoors, while a sizable deck is available for open-air viewing.

This 2-hour marine and whale-watching tour takes a maximum of 6 guests to some of the most stunning settings and habitats around. The conditions of the sea and weather will determine the day's itinerary. Whale watching will undoubtedly be the focus, but a smaller group allows the captain to adjust the tour to incorporate what guests want to see most. Those interested in viewing marine wildlife like roaring sea lions, otters reclining in kelp, whales feeding in pods, or even a bear roaming the nearby beaches won't be disappointed on this tour.

Please note: Maximum of 6 passengers.

Duration: 2 hours (Roundtrip from downtown Sitka.)


  • Life jackets


  • Due to seat availability and guest safety/comfort, passengers weighing 250 lbs or more should purchase an additional seat to reserve adequate space. 

Duration: 2 hours

  • 2 hours guided marine wildlife boat tour

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets downtown, and some guests will need to take a free shuttle. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers. 

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is limited mobility accessible. Guests must be able to climb 4 steps into and out of the boat. There is no space for collapsible wheelchairs or walkers. There is no storage available for motorized scooters. Please leave a comment during checkout if accommodations for collapsible equipment will be required on tour.

How many passengers does the boat hold?

There is a maximum capacity of 6 guests.

What is the seating arrangement in the boat?

Every boat has open seating as well as outside viewing areas when permitted.

Is there an inside seating area on the boat, is it heated?

The interior of the boat is heated when needed due to weather conditions to keep a comfortable environment.

How close can we get to the whales?

Humpback whales and other sea animals are protected species and a safe distance of at least 100 yards must be maintained at all times according to NOAA regulations.

What is the temperature on the water? 

Air temperature can drop as much as 20°F with the wind chill factor when viewing whales outside.

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Can I bring a backpack?

Backpacks, small bags, and purses are allowed on this tour.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Non-alcoholic beverages in a closeable containters and snacks are allowed on tour.

Are food and drink included?

Food and drink are not included.

Not seeing answers to your questions?

Check out other frequently asked questions here!

Customer Reviews
Sep 2022 - Craig W.

This was such a fun excursion! Sonny, the boat operator, was great. He knew all the places to go, and we got to see eagles, whales, sea otters and sea lions. I highly recommend doing this excursion with this company.

Sep 2022 - Karen M.

Myself and 5 other family members took this boat trip with Captain Sonny. To say the least, it was incredible!! Sonny was an absolute wealth of local knowledge and had the best personality. We were able to see whales multiple times, eagles, sea otters, seals and sea lions. I could have stayed out all day with Sonny at the helm telling stories. Thank you for one of the most memorable experiences of our lifetime!!

Sep 2022 - Michael S.

Our guide was very friendly, knowledgeable and skillful. Enjoyed it very much. Would highly recommend for Sitka tourists.

Sep 2022 - KATTY O.

I loved the experience of seeing the whales and eagles so close! What a unique and unforgettable experience, thank you!

Jul 2022 - Melinda N.

I loved how our boat captain would get as close to the whale as possible for amazing views! Cool tour!

Jul 2022 - Kelly K.

Our guide was amazing! We saw eagle's nests, whales, seals, and more! He was fun and knew a lot about the area. Highly recommended this experience!

Jul 2022 - MAUREEN M.

Captain Sonny was excellent !! We saw different wildlife including eagles, sea lions, otters, six whales, and a mother and baby pair swimming in unison which was beautiful to watch. Highly recommend this tour.

Jun 2022 - Greg B.

This was, by far, our favorite excursion of our trip. Sonny's knowledge of the Sitka waters was extraordinary and he educated our group so much. not only was it about education, he actively sought out wildlife for us - we saw eagles and seels and a few different whales (we have the whale tail pics to prove it!). In addition, in my excitement, I left my backpack on the boat and realized it about 10 minutes after we were dropped off. Sonny rushed back to the marina and hand-delivered my bag very quickly and we were able to make our cruise ship. Can't give this enough stars!!!

Jun 2022 - Carolyn R.

This trip was great because it was on a small boat with only 6 passengers. We saw a whale and stayed with it and watched it continually resurface. Our captain, Sonny, was wonderful!

Jun 2022 - Scott S.

Word can't describe this tour for us. We were blessed to see a show put on by a humpback whale that was a dream come true. Not only did we see the whale's spectacular show, we saw eagles, sea lions, sea otters, and an array of other birds. Add to the wildlife, absolutely stunning scenery. Thank you to our Captain, Sonny, for sharing his knowledge of the are and a wildlife tour that will be impossible to ever match!

Jun 2022 - Daniel W.

Sonny was a fantastic captain. He was very knowledgeable and personable. It was a beautiful day and we saw seals, otters, bald eagles and a humpback whale. The whale put on quite a show for us and Sonny made sure we had the best views.

May 2022 - Jason G.

Fantastic Experience with just our party of four, another couple from a different cruise ship, and our captain, on this very comfortable small boat. Captain Sonny, a native Tlingit ("Klink-it") was warm, engaging, professional, and SO knowledgeable. It was a joy to spend time with him in his natural environment. The scenery of land and sea was magnificent, and the boat was very comfortable. Grateful the weather was a bit warm and very sunny for May, but the boat would have been comfortable even in a cold rain, even with the door open and cabin heat on. But glad we also got to spend some time on deck when we were travelling more slowly... made for better photos! Disappointed not to see a single whale, not even a spout (saw some later during land tour), but saw numerous bald eagles and their next, sea otters (some for a long period of time, even seeming to interact with us), sea lions, and briefly a very shy seal! (The shuttle into town from the cruise terminal went very smoothly for us, but less so for others who left even a little behind us... get off the ship and to the shuttle right away!)

Oct 2021 - Jacob D.

Very cool excursion that enables you to see a lot of whales. Only downside that obviously can't be controlled is how choppy it gets out on the water.

Aug 2021 - Annika F.

A great close up view of Alaska wildlife with a very knowledgeable guide/boat captain. We saw eagles and their nests, many whales, sea otters and stellar sea lions.

Aug 2021 - Clara D.


Sep 2019 - Frank R.

This was everything we were looking for in an excursion in Alaska. We saw whales really close to our boat, sea lions, eagles and sea otters. It was exceptional. The small size of the tour with 6 people made it highly personal and Sonny was a super guide. Great sense of humour, truly knowledgeable about the environment and personable. Only one thing he was slightly misinformed about. As people from a cruise ship, he thought we needed to be fed every 22 minutes. We actually could go 26 minutes between feedings! Thank you Sonny!

Sep 2019 - Sue E.

Fantastic experience. Our boat captain showed us bald eagles, sea lions, sea otters and whales galore. We lost count after the first 10. I highly recommend this personable, knowledgeable captain and this excursion.

Aug 2019 - Nick S.

Our Captain, Sonny, was excellent. He had a tour earlier in the day that tracked a pod of humpback whales. He said he wouldn't make any promises but led us directly to the location. Within minutes we were seeing a beautiful mommah and calf breaching. Excellent service!

Jul 2019 - Philip J.

While we never could find the whale in the bay, Sonny was very helpful in giving us an understanding of the wildlife in Sitka. We appreciated seeing the eagles and their nests, and the sea lions. The sea otter are a very lovely creature and were plentiful.

Jul 2019 - Rebecca J.

Our guide was great and made it an amazing experience!

Jun 2019 - Kathy J.

Our experience could not have been better! The excursion was exactly as represented - except better. Out boat captain went out of his way to ensure that we saw eagles and their nests, whales, sea lions and sea otters. Wonderful time, wonderful pictures.

Jun 2019 - David P.

Again Brilliant. Well organised and interesting.

Jun 2019 - Doris R.

One of our best excursion. Small boat with only 6 passengers. Sonny was a wonderful captain/guide. He is very knowledgeable, personable and fun. We saw more bald eagles in one place than I thought possible. Then we saw sea otters and of course whales. Wonderful experience.

Jun 2018 - Margaret J.

My girlfriend and I were very pleased with this 6 passenger boat tour. We appreciated it being a small group. The boat operator, Sonny, did a great job: he did an efficient safety review when we boarded the boat, found us wild life, answered our questions, was friendly and professional. It was a worthwhile trip and I would solidly recommend the trip. Margaret

Sep 2017 - Debbie A.

Amazing trip, the highlight of our vacation. We had a very friendly knowledgeable local skipper (Sonny) who knew all about the wildlife and how and where to spot them. We had an amazing time zipping across the bay in search of Whales, sea otters and we even got to see an eagles nest. Would highly recommend this tour and Sonny in particular. Only wish we could have spent longer in his company

Jul 2017 - CHERYL P.

Boat captain worked really hard to get us where we needed to be! Saw eagles with their best and 2 babies, sea lions, sea otters and of course a momma whale and her calf!

Jul 2017 - Lynn M.

Was a great experience. Saw several whales. Guide was great. Enjoyed visiting with him. Would definitely go out again!

Aug 2016 - Tom T.

A small craft so was very personal. Our guide was outstanding: personable, professional and knowledgeable. Gave us an outstanding tour. Whales here seem to travel solo or in small pods so are more difficult to spot. However, we had several opportunities to get up close.

May 2016 - Karen K.

Loved the story of the garden. The upside down trees that are beautifully planted in the roots of the trees that were knocked down. The entire trip was educational and beautiful! The glacier was also beautiful and the walk to the base was lovely on a wonderful day!

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BEST PRICE Guarantee!

Duration: 2 hours

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Max of 6

Adult: $150.00

Child (Under 12): $150.00

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