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Ketchikan Lighthouse, Totems & Eagles Excursion

Join your Alaskan captain and their crew at our private dock to board your tour vessel. Once underway, you'll learn about Southeast Alaska's coastal history, Native culture, and natural beauty as you journey into Ketchikan's wild seascape. American bald eagle sightings are guaranteed on this sightseeing and wildlife-viewing cruise

Sip on a freshly-brewed coffee or hot chocolate while relaxing in the heated main cabin, or explore the open-air observation deck as we cruise along the coastline of Ketchikan's home Revillagigedo Island. Soak in the beauty of the Tongass National Rainforest, the world's largest temperate rainforest, and learn about Alaska's interconnected ecosystems and the animals that call this region home. Enjoy beautiful water views of Totem Bight State Park, home to an Alaskan Native clan house and a collection of 14 towering Tlingit and Haida hand-carved cedar totem poles. Cruise out to one of the first lighthouses to be built in Alaska, Guard Island Lighthouse, where you can take in the panoramic, mountainous seascape surrounding your tour boat. This unique landmark was completed in 1904 and is still operating today.

Additional points of interest include remnants of the Ketchikan Pulp Mill, the oldest working fish cannery in Alaska, unique coastal island homes, Refuge Cove and its outlying islands, and the old-growth forest on our neighboring Gravina Island. Keep a lookout for bald eagles, harbor seals, sea lions, moon jellyfish, humpback whales, orcas, deer, pigeon guillemots, blue herons, and other seabirds.

A complimentary tasting of delicious treats from Alaskan companies, including a traditional alder-smoked salmon, is included in your tour.

Duration: 2.5-3 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal.)


  • Roundtrip transportation from downtown Ketchikan
  • Beverages (water, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, soft drinks)
  • Sampler snack plate with locally sourced goods from Alaskan small businesses (alder-smoked salmon, salmon dip, crackers, bull kelp, artisan chocolate)
  • Complimentary Bushnell binoculars for your use while aboard the tour boat

Duration: 2.5-3 hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • (for guests docking downtown) 15-20 minutes - transport to Ward Cove
  • 5-10 minutes - loading onto the tour boat
  • 2-2.25 hours - on the water aboard the vessel
  • 5-10 minutes - unloading the tour boat onto the transport
  • (for guests docking downtown) 15-20 minutes - transport to downtown Ketchikan

Meeting Instructions:

  • Meeting location varies based on your ship's designated dock. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is limited mobility accessible. Guests must be able to climb 3 steps into and out of the vessel. There is no space for wheelchairs or walkers on the vessel but staff will help to transfer you into one of the onboard wheelchairs for use. We provide dockside storage for any mobility assistance devices while guests are out on the tour. Please leave a comment during checkout if accommodations for collapsible equipment will be required on tour.

How many passengers does the boat hold?

The vessels have a maximum of 35 guests.

Do you have restrooms on board?

There are 2 restrooms on the vessel and 1 restroom in the marina parking lot.

Is both inside and outside seating available?

Yes, we have seating on the outside observation decks or guests may choose to sit in the (heated) inside cabin.

Will I be able to get off the boat during the tour?

No, the entirety of the tour takes place from our boats on the water. We view all our beautiful attractions in full panorama fom the tour vessel. 

Will I get seasick?

Guests rarely become seasick, as we operate almost the entirety of our tour route in calm, protected waters. However, if you are prone to seasickness, please take typical precautions (medication, patches, wristbands, etc.).

Are the seas often rough?

It depends on the weather conditions. Typically we are well-protected along the majority of our tour route. However, seas can be a little bumpy for the 10-20 minutes spent around the lighthouse on windy days.

What is the temperature on the water? 

The average temperature during our summer months is ~55-60 degrees F. However, temperatures on the water can feel ~10-20 degrees cooler. We always suggest guests dress in layers to accommodate variable weather. We are in a rainforest, so we also strongly recommend bringing a waterproof jacket or poncho. 

Will I see any wildlife on this tour?

Wildlife is abundant in Southeast Alaska and sightings are possible on any tour. 

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Can I bring a backpack?

Backpacks, small bags, and purses are allowed on this tour.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Non-alcoholic beverages in a closeable containters are allowed on tour.

Are food and drink included?

Yes, guests are welcome to enjoy a food and beverage service while underway. Beverages include hot chocolate, freshly-brewed coffee, hot tea, assorted sodas, and water. The snack sampler plate consists of alder-smoked salmon, salmon dip, crackers, bull kelp pickles, and artisan chocolate. Most common food restrictions (GF, DF, vegetarian, vegan) can be accommodated with a modified snack plate. Please advise in advance if your food restriction is severe so we can provide entirely pre-packaged food items.

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Check out other frequently asked questions here!

Customer Reviews
Sep 2019 - Dennis G.

Terrific tour! Captain Kyle's humorous and informative narration was interesting, and we saw dozens of eagles and lots of other wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Sep 2019 - Renee J.

Our cruise ship was delayed and ASE worked around the situation and we were able to still take our excursion. We loved our captain and had a great time.

Sep 2019 - Mike L.

We loved every minute of this excursion and appreciated the knowledge and insights of the area that our tour guides and ship s crew shared. We felt welcome and pampered by everyone from the touring company, and their hot chocolate was the best! We highly recommend this excursion!

Sep 2019 - Bart A.

Very interesting and saw several humpback whales along with other wildlife.

Sep 2019 - Alex N.

Excellent planning with excellent and professional explanations. Captain was very well understood and knowledgeable.

Aug 2019 - Andrew H.

Magnificent crew and wonderful tour. Also, best hot chocolate in alaska (according to critics on the boat). Possibility of sea shanties.

Aug 2019 - Terry H.

The captain and his crew were fun and knowledgeable. The hot chocolate was great and the salmon dip was incredibly.

Aug 2019 - Walter J.

Captain Brian was great, even the dad jokes.

Aug 2019 - Gerald E.

We had a fantastic time on this fun and educational tour. We learned more about Alaska, the Native people and our beautiful Eagles in a few hours than I had learned in my previous 79 years. If our children got the same lessons they would would prosper intellectually in a great way. Thank you for a great lesson.

Aug 2019 - Terri S.

We saw a lot of eagles and their babies! Also, the Totem Pole Park and Lighthouse were cool to see! We really enjoyed Captain Jeff and his crew- Hot chocolate was delicious! Great tour!

Aug 2019 - Michael P.

It was incredible. The hot chocolate lived up to it's name.

Jul 2019 - Tarla L.

We were very pleased with the crew and its members. They explained everything nicely and we could see that they were well trained .

Jul 2019 - CHEN W.

Great tour, many eagles.

Jul 2019 - Christine B.

We saw so many bald eagles - diving and hovering - more than meet expectations. Also saw plenty of seals, even sea lions. Even a whale! The hot chocolate is wonderful! Definitely worth the trip.

Jul 2019 - Susan G.

Captain and crew were great. Scenery lovely.

Jun 2019 - Eric D.

Very nice trip.

Jun 2019 - Cynthia O.

Tour was great , wish the weather was nicer,rained. Captain was awesome also her deck mates were very friendly.

Jun 2019 - Namisha D.

Was informative and nice

Jun 2019 - Carolyn J.

Well run and very informative.

Jun 2019 - Goldie T.

Boat ride was perfect and staff was GREAT

Jun 2019 - Jennifer M.

It was a small group, which is nice. The narration on the trip was great and very informative. We saw many bald eagles and several of their huge nests. Once you know what to look for you see them all over the place. I wish we could have seen the totem poles up close. Fortunately my camera was able to zoom in for some nice pictures, I think actually being on the ground next to them would be cool. The lighthouse was not much. I think if I were redoing this,knowing that the ship would go through the same stretch of water while leaving, I would opt for one of the tours that goes to one of the totem pole places. Then again, I did very much enjoy being out in the water on a smaller boat. It was a nice tour.

Jun 2019 - Robyn C.

Recommend this shore excursion. Was picked up from the dock and transferred to our boat for the excursion. Driver to and from the port was excellent and gave us an excellent over view of life in Ketchican. Great staff on the boat, hot chocolate, tea coffe, cool drinks, cheese and biscuits were provided for the cruise. Also was serenaded by one of the staff with a sailing ditty.

May 2019 - Elizabeth W.

Friendly, knowledgable crew and captain. Although we did see several eagles at a distance, it wasn't as exciting a trip as the glacier, whale watching or other trips.

Sep 2018 - Maureen B.

The commentary provided was excellent. I would have liked some more information on totems - their meaning, firms, etc. The morning tea provided was excellent.

Sep 2018 - Kimberly G.

We loved everything about this trip. The staff and captain were great, the weather was perfect and we saw a lot of eagles. Great experience!

Sep 2018 - David K.

Great boat tour. Great staff. Saw eagles and whales.

Sep 2018 - Ross C.

A beautiful day out couldn't have asked for a better day, mostly sunny and dead flat seas. A good create with bonus nibbles and great hot chocolate drinks. The skipper delivered eagles eagles a great day out.

Sep 2018 - Sharon H.

Excellent. Most informative and excellent staff

Aug 2018 - Ruthann K.

Great staff. Saw Several Eagles. The totem poles and light house were anti-climatic.

Aug 2018 - James W.

Excellent! Loved seeing Eagles. Would have loved to see some whales. Enjoyed the Totem poles and the Light House. Crew was awesome!

Jul 2018 - Gary B.

Great excursion. Boat was far from new but well kept. Passengers could either sit inside and view exterior through large windows or go outside for a better view. The free hot chocolate was delicious.

Jul 2018 - Monica O.

Great experience, Thank you!

Jul 2018 - Kimberly M.

Alot of fun. Lots of nature to see, even got to see whales which we didn't expect to on this excursion. The crew on board the boat were absolutely wonderful and the snacks and hot chocolate were delicious. Thanks for making this a great day for my husband and myself!!!!

Jul 2018 - Joeseph C.

Great crew on the boat. We saw many eagles & their nests, binoculars were provided. The totum poles were from a distance ( boat to shore view).

Jul 2018 - Virginia R.

Great excursion. The Captain Kelsey (?) was excellent as well as Marcus and I think Andrew. Andrew sang for us on the way back to the pier. The salmon dip was delicious as well as their famous hot cocoa. Saw lots of Eagles and Harbor Seals. Alas, no bears or whales. Nonetheless well worth the money.

Jul 2018 - Rick G.

Our first excursion on the cruise. Loved the crew. A great initiation to bald eagles and whales.

Jul 2018 - Katherine K.

Very nice tour. The guide was excellent and the hot chocolate was the best we have ever tasted.

Jul 2018 - Loraine R.

Fun time with Capt. Karlson and his crew. Saw many eagles and more gorgeous scenery among the totem poles and lighthouse. We were treated to a wayfaring song from one of the crew which was the perfect ending to our tour.

Jul 2018 - ANDREW L.

Good boat trip and commentary, but a bit disappointed we didn't go ashore to see the Totem poles.

Jun 2018 - Renee N.

The staff was beyond amazing! They gave us complementary hot chocolate and snacks. And though it wasn't apart of the tour we were able to see two humpback whales breaching. The crew stopped the boat and let us look at the whales for a period of time. I would definelty suggest this tour.

Jun 2018 - Robert D.

Loved it. Friendly folks, beautiful day, saw what was expected, and, Whales! I used to be a lighthouse keeper off the coast of Maine, so this was especially great for me -- East most and West most, near abouts. I know you weren't responsible for the weather, but THANKS anyway.

Jun 2018 - Mary D.

We had an awesome time. It was one of the highlights of our trip. Thank You.

Jun 2018 - Susan N.

5 stars all around!! Loved the crew and enjoyed every moment of it.

Jun 2018 - Chad P.

Great tour, started off with the shuttle driver, who gave us a tour of the town. Everyone on the boat were very knowledgeable about the tour. We did not book the tour through the cruise line, we did it through them. Doing it this way, we felt it was a better experience.

Jun 2018 - Catherine B.

The boat Captain were fantastic.

Jun 2018 - Michael M.

Again, we loved the small vessel and truly local crew. Our pictures did not do it justice. The eagle sitting on top of the tallest totem was beautiful. Pairs of eagles everywhere. Abundance of wildlife in the water and on the islands. The crew rocked, they loved what they were doing. The young boat captain had been paddling these waters since childhood. The young deckhand was raised under an eagles nest in an elevated house on an island. The other had been the center on the local football team. That is a local experience. We had the same experience on all of our excursions. Thanks for the treasured memories.

May 2018 - Jacquelyn H.

The captain was amazing and they were right. Best hot chocolate ever. The snack was a bit if a joke.

May 2018 - Ronald L.

Excellent Tour! Staff were all knowlegable, friendly, and very helpful! We saw tons of Eagles, some whale spouts, and got a great understanding of the past and present life in Ketchikan!

May 2018 - John M.


Sep 2017 - Dana J.

The boat captain in this tour was absolutely awesome! He was entertaining and shared his knowledge of the area. I was able to get some great eagle photos due to his knowledge of the nests and positioning the boat so we could get in close. The salmon dip was great and so nice that he shared the recipe. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Ketchikan.

Sep 2017 - David M.

We had a great tour with this company. The staff were very knowledgeable and accommodating. A good mix of fun facts and humor. We were not disappointed.

Sep 2017 - Kimberly M.

Our day was super rainy, but we still learned a lot and enjoyed this excursion... we actually saw some whales too-which they said wasn't that common in that area... it was great!! Cold and wet, but great!!!!

Sep 2017 - Richard V.

It was good but didn't match the write up. Write up included visiting falls and totems, 30 min tour of town. turned out it was a boat ride of area. It was nice and seen a lot of bald eagles, totems, whales, sea lions. Boat ride crew was great. in the end I really enjoyed it.

Sep 2017 - David T.

Good weather and visibility and presentation by the operators. Good trip

Sep 2017 - Suzanne L.

Great tour guide captain was very entertaining. Saw an eagle feeding. Would have loved to walk amongst the totem pole, however pics were great. Also saw humpback whales feeding what an added treat.

Sep 2017 - Steven H.

We enjoyed this trip. Somehow we had not understood it was to be by boat, however that did not detract from the experience. We saw lots of bald eagles, seals and the totems. Suggest that is possible to boat stops at the totems to enhance the experience. Crew were good and helpful.

Jul 2017 - Graeme F.

Excellent tour. Captain Rob with entertaining sense of humour and prepared to go the extra distance to make sure we saw everything

Jul 2017 - Gordon D.

The captain did & excellent job. The excursion was good.

Jul 2017 - Barrie W.

Very nice outing out on the water. We got started a little late since the bus from the cruise ship got there late and we (not with the cruise ship) had to wait a while. But you see what it says: eagles, totem pole park, and various other Ketchikan sights. The Captain does a good job pointing out local bldgs. and info.

Jun 2017 - Ralph O.

That also was beautiful. Bald eagles every where the tour guides were awsom they explained every thing in detail. Light house & Totem poles very cool.

Jun 2017 - Chi Pui C.

A little far to watch the Eagles but still can spot some

Jun 2017 - Lisa K.

Loved the captain who made it made it entertaining. Lots of eagles and chances to see them. Very good tour.

Jun 2017 - Kim L.

Loved this excursion! Captain Jeff and his crew took care of us and made sure we had a great experience. Would highly recommend during your stop in Ketchikan.

Jun 2017 - Richard K.

Had a great time! Saw lots of eagles.

Sep 2016 - Jamey A.

The tour guides were informative and entertaining. They know where all the bald eagles are!

Aug 2016 - Tom T.

Ketchikan is a delightful town. This tour showed off the uniqueness of the area. We hit one of the few days in Ketchikan during which it didn't rain and the sun came out.

May 2016 - Randy B.

The four of us thoroughly enjoyed our excursion! We brought two friends with us who had never been to Alaska; we've been there 4 times, and we so wanted to show them as much of Alaska as possible, and you didn't let us down. We loved seeing the eagle nests, the totem poles and the beautiful vistas in every direction. Your staff was courteous, helpful and nice in every aspect. We enjoyed the lovely steaming cups of hot chocolate throughout the trip due to the cold, and the treats you provided us with were delicious. Thanks so much for an amazing, beautiful and enjoyable trip! If we get a chance to come back again, we will sign up with you for sure, and we will tell our friends to choose you as well.

May 2016 - Karen K.

This tour was well run with live and taped narration. The crew was really informative and excited for us to see everything. A small snack was provided and the bus driver was part of the crew on the ship. Fun and we learned so much!

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BEST PRICE Guarantee!

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Number of Passengers *

Adult: $115.00

Child (2-12): $65.00

Infant - Free (Under 2): $0.00

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