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Misty Fjords Flightseeing Tour via Floatplane


Only by air can you fully appreciate the dramatic beauty of the land that has been slowly crafted by the hands of nature over tens of thousands of years. On the Ketchikan Misty Fjords Flightseeing via Floatplane, discover the magnificent Misty Fjords National Monument and view some of the most spectacular scenery in Alaska from the comfort of your window seat. Enjoy a personal pilot narration with individual headsets on this once in a lifetime experience. You can even follow your flight route on the provided detailed map and guide.

A highlight of your flightseeing tour will be an exhilarating landing on an alpine lake or remote fjord. Step out onto the pontoon of the seaplane with your pilot to enjoy the fresh mountain air, eagle calls, and breathtaking scenery. The monument is home to some of the most dramatic scenery in Alaska. Boasting 2.3 million acres, it is almost four times the area of Rhode Island.

Massive glacier action created this ice-rimmed wilderness. See majestic fjords, cascading waterfalls, jewel-like lakes, and abundant wildlife during your flightseeing exploration. Marvel at sheer walls of granite plunging over 3,000 feet into the fjords, lush forests of spruce, hemlock, and cedar clinging to snowcapped peaks, in this land of incredible natural beauty and rugged grandeur.

The dramatic Misty Fjords terrain is home to a multitude of wildlife. The astute observer may be rewarded with sightings of brown and black bear, Sitka black-tailed deer, wolves, moose, and bald eagles, as your expert bush pilot flies over this paradise. Visible only from the air, see the splendid 1,000-foot waterfall flowing from Big Goat Lake, which was named for the region's concentration of mountain goat. Colonies of these marvelous high mountain creatures can be spotted and photographed from the air.

Included: Once onboard the aircraft, each passenger will receive an individual noise canceling digital headset to enjoy the pilot.

Duration: 2 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal. Flight time: 90 minutes.)


  • Noise canceling digital headset to listen to the pilot's narration
  • Remote mountain lake landing with an option to step onto the plane's floats


  • Guests must be comfortable walking short distances
  • Minimum of 4 participants required for this tour

Duration: 2 hours. Tour times below are approximate:

  • 30 minutes - roundtrip transportation to the floatplane base
  • 15 minutes - preflight safety briefing and preparation
  • 1.25 hours - flightseeing via floatplane

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets at the Liquid Sunshine Rain Gauge. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is limited mobility accessible. A golf cart can be made available to transport guests down to the plane loading area with prior knowledge. Guests must be able to get on and off the aircraft with minimal assistance. Wheelchairs are not provided. Guests who have a wheelchair will not be able to take the wheelchair on the plane. Please leave a comment during checkout if ADA accommodations will be required on tour.

How many passengers ride in the floatplane together?

There is a maximum of either 6 or 9 passengers per floatplane. If there are more than 9 passengers, multiple planes will fly at the same time for the tour to accommodate the additional guests.

What is the temperature in the floatplane?

The temperature during flight is roughly similar to the ground temperature, and each plane is equipped with heaters if necessary.

Will I get a window seat on the plane?

Yes, all seats on the floatplane have a window view.

Will I see any wildlife or bears on this tour?

Wildlife is abundant in Southeast Alaska and sightings are possible on any tour, however this is not a designated wildlife tour and nothing can be guaranteed.

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Can I bring a backpack?

Small bags may be brought along but must be stored in the rear cargo area of the floatplane.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Non-alcoholic beverages in a closeable containters and snacks are allowed on tour.

Are food and drink included?

No food or drinks are included.

Are there any physical requirements for this tour?

Guests must be comfortable walking short distances. Wheelchair assistance is available upon request.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Layered clothing and water resistant jackets are recommended.

Not seeing answers to your questions?

Check out other frequently asked questions here!

Customer Reviews
Jul 2021 - Scott O.

First time in a float plane. Unforgettable and Awesome! Beautiful scenery, Our pilot Jimmy was great. Well informed and funny. Landing on the lake and getting out on the pontoon was so cool. The owner reached out several times through calls and texts to confirm our pickup time and location. A well run operation. Highly Recommend!

Jun 2021 - Mitch S.

Awesome trip with an excellent pilot and guide named Rolf. We were worried that the poor weather in Ketchikan would limit our viewing as we departed. We were happily surprised that when we reached Misty Fjords in a short 20 minutes the weather is much better there and the waterfalls and scenery were magnificent. This is one of the most beautiful places I have seen and really the plane is the only way to visit. We landed briefly on a deserted tranquil lake and took excellent photos. I would highly recommend this trip.

Oct 2019 - Carien B.

Great experience. Well organised.

Oct 2019 - Magdel V.

Great. The driver was awesome, the reception friendly, the pilot talkative and knowledgeable and passionate. We could leave our bags and it was safe. The flight was breathtaking. I suggest putting on all relevant excursions that passports are not necessary as on the ship confusion is created.

Oct 2019 - Sharia B.

Amazing views! Loved seeing the untouched beauty of God's creation from the plane!

Oct 2019 - David B.

Roth was an excellent pilot....views and ride were worth every penny. A very well run operation and encourage anyone to take this trip.

Oct 2019 - LESLIE R.

First class loved every second of it. Well worth it pilot was first class.

Oct 2019 - Josephine C.

Brilliant experience, excellent staff and pilot

Sep 2019 - Barbara L.

Wonderful pilot and excursion. The scenery was beautiful.

Sep 2019 - JEAN S.

Wonderful excursion and well organized. All people involved were nice to work with.

Sep 2019 - Miranda V.

Our trusty guide, Ken, toured us through the scenic beauty of the Alaska, allowing us to see the lakes and waterfalls, mountains, bears and mountain goats from above. Landing on the lake and standing on the plane's landing gear floats was an unexpected thrill. Thanks so much

Sep 2019 - John D.

Another fantastic day! The pilot was excellent. The weather was perfect, allowing us to rise high to a magnificent view of the fjords, land on a pond, and search the ridges for bears and bighorn sheep!

Sep 2019 - Tim S.

This company treated us like family and was Ken gave us a trip of a life time. Will do it again if ever there. Booked threw company instead of cruise ship. Much better deal. Thanks for a awesome day

Sep 2019 - Alexa M.

Our absolute favorite part of our entire Alaskan honeymoon! And the landing on the lake is definitely something we will never forget!

Sep 2019 - Steve M.

Absolutely LOVED the Floatplane. I am not a "comfortable" flyer, however, I never got nervous with this pilot. We got pictures of sheep on top of a mountain that the pilot pointed out to us. Sometimes it felt like I could reach out and touch the mountain. I would defiantly recommend this and I would defiantly do it again!

Sep 2019 - Kayla W.

Amazing! Huff was the quintessential bush pilot! The history and knowledge he shares was wonderful. Landings were butter smooth and the scenery was nothing short of magical! This is a don't miss!

Sep 2019 - Paul P.

Beautiful, perfect flight. Great pilot.

Sep 2019 - Renee C.

This was awesome! Beauty in every direction! The pilot landed in the water in the fjords and we got out to walk on the float. It was exhilarating!

Sep 2019 - Harriet C.

Our pilot Kevin was great! We were blessed with great weather, so the Fjords wasn t Misty at all. Kevin pointed out a lot of interesting things as we flew over the different landscapes. He was even able to point out a mountain goat! The most interesting part was definitely walking on the float in the middle of the lake.

Sep 2019 - Paula B.

Amazing! Would absolutely do this over and over again! Great pilot! Great flight!

Sep 2019 - Matthew D.

Great experience, smooth ride, beautiful views, and great pilot. Definitely recommend!

Sep 2019 - Andrea B.

It was a wonderful experience. The only thing we have to comment is that we had some technical problems with the headphones and a very loud noise. The pilot was very sorry though and he apologized several times.

Aug 2019 - Nicole J.

This tour was excellent. Such a picturesque location. We had an amazing day with great weather. Definitely worth doing this tour.

Aug 2019 - Fernando L.

Great flight awsome views

Aug 2019 - Venkatesh P.

Pros A very enjoyable seaplane ride over the fjords near Ketchikan. Easy to follow instructions to meet our driver to the Taquan Airways office. Jake, our pilot was very friendly and handled the plane really well. Gorgeous views of the fjords. Cons I wish there was more commentary from the pilot on the culture, geography and history of the region as we were flying over. It was a lot of John Denver songs instead. What would also be nice is a couple of more landings in the fjords for a closer look. It got monotonous after a while.

Aug 2019 - Bob And Judi E.

Exactly as advertised with an experienced and great pilot!

Aug 2019 - Lynette H.

More awesome than I could have imagined.

Aug 2019 - John R.

The flight into the Misty Fjords National Monument was one of the most amazingly scenic experiences I've ever seen. The pilot was great and commented that we picked a truly superb day for flying -- it was crystal clear skies in Ketchikan and a rarity for the region. I was lucky to get some fantastic photos. I truly believe that seeing Alaska by air is truly an awe-inspiring experience that I would recommend to any cruiser or anyone visiting Alaska, especially on a clear day.

Aug 2019 - Nancy M.

The scenery was amazing.

Aug 2019 - Daniel M.

Fantastic trip. Pilot (Ken)was extremely competent and knowledgeable about the area. Great flight and spectacular scenery!!

Aug 2019 - Pranab M.

On a gorgeously sunny day our family of four (one teenager, one 7yo) got a tour of the sunny fjords rather than the misty fjords, and it was beautiful. The place is beautiful, and our pilot Ken was very knowledgeable. We were in a 5 or 6-seater Cessna, and landing on one of the lakes to step out and take in the pristine landscape was amazing. We saw a few seals basking on an island, and one swimming on the lake 30 yards from us (when we had landed). Definite recommend, and would do again.

Aug 2019 - Aaron R.

If you are nervous about flying on a float plane then all I can say is suck it up book this flight. The sights you see on this flight are unlike anything you could possible imagine. Once in Alaska you may do some driving or walking and have an idea of what things look like but until you get in there air you will never realize the hidden worlds that lie out of sight. You'll see hidden lakes with their own hidden waterfalls. Fields of marshy muskag, wildlife galore, and the explosion of colors only Alaska can offer. At the halfway mark we landed on glass calm cove and pulled up to a floating dock. To see the seals swimming not 20 yards away and to hear the utter quietness from being miles away from anything deep in the Alaskan wilderness; it was life changing. The pilot was extremely knowledgeable and most importantly experienced in flying. Takeoffs, flying, and landings were so smooth. You have nothing to lose from doing this. It's a complete worthwhile experience that only a few will ever experience. Be one of those few!

Aug 2019 - Robert K.

Interesting flight went seamlessly. Great views. The only drawback was static through the intercom made understanding the pilot very difficult when in flight. No mention was made of the individual volume controls on the headsets. One found out by trial and error.

Aug 2019 - Kiran S.

This is not to be missed excursion while you are at Ketchikan port. We had hundreds of flights across the world, but never experienced Floatplane. Fabulous scenery throughout our journey. Pilot was Super nice and experienced.

Jul 2019 - Karin V.

very good guide

Jul 2019 - Deborah N.

Great views.

Jul 2019 - Joel G.

Our flight was so smooth and landing in the fjord was beautiful. Our pilot was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. Our driver was very friendly and open to all questions. We got to and from our boat with no issues. We booked this on our own vs the boat excursions

Jul 2019 - Robert B.

This was an amazing experience. We felt safe the whole time and had outstanding views of the Misty Fjords from the air. Our pilot landed on the water during the tour and we got out of the plane and stood on the pontoons. We took this tour with our 9 year-old and 11 year-old and they were both engaged and in awe the entire time. I'd highly recommend this tour!

Jul 2019 - Nicholas S.

This was the best excursion we went on during our 9 day Alaskan Cruise. Our pilot was very experienced and knowledgeable. Words cannot describe the views during our excursion. It is a pricey one, but well worth it. Also the lumber jack show was fun too, would recommend that as well if you have kids!

Jul 2019 - Don F.

Our pilot was excellent! He was was very informative of what we were seeing along with letting us know he saw the other planes and they saw us. That helped us with any anxiety we may have had due to the recent accidents with the float planes. We loved the opportunity with landing on a lake and getting out on the float.

Jul 2019 - Gary R.

Our floatplane tour was one of the highlights of our Alaskan cruise trip. The pilot was a local native, seasoned pro and an excellent narrator. He pointed out the natural wonders of the area, helped us look for wildlife and answered tons of questions. Landed on the fjord and let us get out onto the floats and soak in the serenity and snap some photos. Would highly recommend this excursion. There's no other way to see the natural beauty and wilderness of Alaska than by air.

Jul 2019 - VERLENE B.

Awesome. Would have liked to get out on the pontoon but no rails or ropes to grab. Otherwise the trip was great.

Jul 2019 - DANIEL H.

Outstanding! Great views, well run and very polite and experienced operators

Jul 2019 - Anna R.

Absolutely fascinating flight over the Fjords. Our pilot was knowledgeable, pointed things out, and ensured that we had good pictures. We lucked out with the weather, it was warm and overcast, which only added to the experience. I'd recommend this excursion to my friends and family.

Jul 2019 - Sridevi G.

Amazing, liked the view. They waited even though we were late. The pilot was great. It felt like It was a movie experience.

Jul 2019 - Susan S.

Great experience!

Jul 2019 - Stephen M.

Wonderful experience! Amazing scenery and knowledgeable, friendly staff. Our pilot (Rolf) was wonderful. Would definitely recommend this tour!

Jul 2019 - Deanna C.

Viewing is awkward when you are seated over wing. Great pilot and great experience.

Jul 2019 - Sue F.

We are so happy we chose Alaska Shore Excursions for the Misty Fjords Floatplane trip. Their pilot, Ryan, is experienced and has been flying 20 years and we felt totally safe with him. He had headsets we could each use so we could listen to his interesting commentary interspersed with the best music while on the trip. He landed in the middle of a lake and let us get out on the pontoons and take photos. We all felt this was the best excursion on our cruise. It gave us a real sense of the beauty of Alaska.

Jul 2019 - Alexia P.

Amazing!!!!!!! Incredible views, a perfect experience! A must do!!!!! Great explanations from the guide!

Jul 2019 - Edward H.

Excellent Tour of the Fjords. Our Pilot was knowledgable, personable and experienced. I would highly recommend this tour. Well worth the money.

Jul 2019 - Lora K.

What an amazing trip. 5 of us, all family, in a comfortable airplane. Smoothest take off and landings. And the scenery was breathtaking. I highly recommend this trip.

Jul 2019 - Ranakdevi L.

Amazing! Pilot Kevin was simply the best!

Jul 2019 - Angela M.

This was such a cool Alaskan experience. One of my highlights of our time in Ketchikan. Go do it!!! It was amazing. Stopping on the!!

Jun 2019 - Susan B.

Wonderful trip!!! Pilot was great and we saw whales!! Hope to come back some day and do it again!!

Jun 2019 - Launa D.

Great staff and pilot was exceptional.

Jun 2019 - Anne T.

It was a wonderful experience. We had a great pilot, great plane, and great weather. It could not have been much better.

Jun 2019 - Laura K.

A terrific experience. The staff was courteous and professional. Radio glitch with the first plane but accommodated us with a second plane and a partial refund for a bit of a shortened flight. Would recommend this flight service highly as safety was their first priority.

Jun 2019 - Fred C.

Great pilot Dan

Jun 2019 - Michelle P.

Love this experience on a seaplane. The pilot was great and the views were AMAZING. Would definitely recommend this to anyone going to Ketchikan

Jun 2019 - Sandhya P.

Good experience

Jun 2019 - Cheryl C.

Highly recommend taking this excursion

Jun 2019 - Kamla L.

Wow! Our guide was so invested in us having a great trip. Beautiful views. Friendly professional team.

Jun 2019 - Brian B.

This trip was outstanding. The views from the float plane was phenomenal. You can't beat the views of the fjords and waterfalls.

Jun 2019 - Cheryl R.

Absolutely beautiful!! We were able to see the gorgeous Misty Fjords that we wouldn't have been able to see any other way!

Jun 2019 - David S.

Absolutely breathtaking, so beautiful flying around the fjords. Our pilot was very knowledgable both in the history and geology of the area. Waterfalls galore, landed on a little lake to chill for a bit too. Very close to cruise ship berths, can walk there in 10 minutes or take their shuttle. Highly recommended.

Jun 2019 - Heather O.

We had a great time! Our pilot was very knowledgeable about the area, and staff did a great job of taking care of all 11 of us. Thanks for an awesome memory!

Jun 2019 - Kevin O.

The pilot Kevin was great.

Jun 2019 - Robert P.

It was an Outstanding Adventure! Our pilot, Kevin, did an Awesome job!

Jun 2019 - Robert Q.

We had an excellent experience with Rolf as our pilot. We had a family of 7 so it became our private excursion. Rolf has flown the area for 40 years and knows every lake and waterfall of which we saw many. He also warned of every change in flight such as turns or descents which made us feel very safe. Landed on a lake and saw a black bear on shore. It doesn't get better than this!

Jun 2019 - Maria S.

This was an AMAZING experience! Any concerns I might have had at the beginning were eliminated when the pilot spoke to us about his extensive flying experience in Alaska. The flight was smooth and the sites were unbelievable! I have travelled a bit, but I can honestly say that nowhere on earth (that I've been) can match Alaska! Halfway through the flight, the pilot landed on a lake surrounded by fjords. He helped us out and we stood on the dock looking at the gorgeous landscape. On our return, a rainbow capped off my experience. This is one of my very best memories of what was an exceptional trip! Thank you!!!

Jun 2019 - Jenny S.

Fantastic. It is not a cheap excursion, but it is one you will remember. Well organised and fantastic flight with Rolf over beautiful, remote gorges, fjords, lakes, glaciers and waterfalls. Best tour I did in Alaska.

Jun 2019 - Neil K.

Very professional would recommend to anybody

Jun 2019 - Jodi G.

Awesome! Beautiful ride and had a full 90 min in the air

Jun 2019 - Adam C.

Terrific pilot and beautiful sightseeing. We were looked after very well with this safe flying company.

Jun 2019 - Jim C.

Awesome experience pilot was very very good

Jun 2019 - Marilyn T.

My husband did this tour and loved it! He really felt he got his money's worth because it was a long float plane ride. Very informative.

Jun 2019 - Carolyn W.

Awesome. Check in was fast & easy. Tony accommodated our needs exceptionally. Highly recommend.

May 2019 - Richard C.

This trip was well-organized. Pilot Ken did a great job of flying and guiding us on our trip. Nice close-up view of the natural surroundings.

May 2019 - Carmen M.

One of our trip highlights! Seeing Alaska from the air is an absolute MUST. Incredible pictures. Adventure was completely organized from start to finish, pilot was fantastic and owners humble and grateful. Highly recommend. Landings were smooth and graceful. We landed on the water, got out of the plane and saw two brown bears in the distance. Gorgeous sunny day. would absolutely do again. Thank you!!!

May 2019 - Ilyssa R.

Great pilot well organized.

May 2019 - Helen H.

What an incredible life experience!! I would do it ALL over again!!! Our pilot Rolf was amazing. Handled the plane with smooth confidence and flew like an experienced pilot you would expect! -Helen Harper

May 2019 - Victoria A.

This trip was amazing. I would highly recommend it. The pilot was outstanding. We will be using you guys again.

May 2019 - Christine H.

Ken was an awesome pilot and tour guide.

May 2019 - VALENTINA D.

Amazing trip, we felt very safe with our pilot Ken. Everything was timely and everybody in the office were very friendly. We glad we decided to take this trip as we would not be able so see all that beauty in any other way - that made our Alaskan adventure complete!

May 2019 - Elizabeth W.

We felt extremely safe with pur pilot. Rolf did a superb job.

May 2019 - Roger B.

Very breathtaking. It was beautiful. Pilot was very professional, experienced, and gave great narration. Mid tour landing was neat. Airplane was a very smooth ride.

May 2019 - Larry G.

Great tour. Highly recommend it.

Oct 2018 - Robert L.

LOVED this trip. Our pilot was professional, thoughtful, and instead of chatting the whole time, he turned on some inspirational and beautiful music through our noise-cancelling headphones. He knew where to land on a lovely lake so we could see a mamma grizzly bear and her cub (not too close!). HIGHLY recommended--worth every penny.

Oct 2018 - Carolyn C.

This excursion was the highlight oh my Alaskan Vacation. The weather was perfect (clear) and the temp was in the upper 50s low 60s. The pilot was awesome and knew the fjords like the back if his hands. We seen mountains goats and harbor seals. Loved when we had the opportunity to stand on the pontoon of the floatplane to take in the view and experience first hand the fjords. This excursion was absolutely amazing. The staff very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this shore excursion.

Sep 2018 - Connie L.

This was an outstanding and beautiful experience. Our pilot, Ken, was knowledgeable and personable. It was worth every cent.

Sep 2018 - Winney W.

This excursion was amazing. The Captain of the plane (Sam? Samuel?) was very friendly and knowledgable. The meeting point was easy to find and we went in small groups. We got a chance to land on the water and get out of the seaplane to take in the views. We went with Southeast Aviation, and I liked knowing that it was a local tour operator.

Sep 2018 - Roger W.

This flight exceeded all expectations

Sep 2018 - Glenis B.

Really enjoyable flight,would recommend,booked from Australia no hassles.

Sep 2018 - Tamara B.

What an experience of a lifetime! Our Pilot Was awesome....

Sep 2018 - Nan W.

This seaplane flight experience was amazing. Our pilot Mark flied us into the Misty Fjords national monument. Islands, forests, waterfalls are around you. You will be so close to nature. I had the feeling I was in the movie of Jurassic Park. You can image all those wildlife running in the forest below you. The seaplane stopped at a remote dock within a lake. We had time to take a break before we headed back. At the lake, you could have chances to see otters. Mark told us the day before he saw a humpback whale around. The place was so beautiful and quiet. Birds, waterfalls are the only sound you could hear. I highly recommend this tour to all visitors that have a chance to stop at Ketchikan. Book the early tour so you can enjoy the dock privately and still have time to tour the town afterward. After this tour, I feel I need to make a trip to Ketchikan itself next time and enjoy its beauty more deeply.

Sep 2018 - Joel L.

A beautiful experience capturing all the wonders that natural development can provide. The views were spectacular and landing on the lake was serene and breathtaking.

Sep 2018 - Christina K.

Awesome experience! The pilot was very informative.

Sep 2018 - Maryann B.

Beautiful views, lots of good information during the flight, landing at the platform part way through the excursion was a bonus.

Sep 2018 - Mark B. M.

Best part of the cruise package excursion. I will tell everyone I know to make sure they sign up for this beautiful view of the mountains. We had a perfect day for flying. Saw goats and sheep. I'm ready to do this excursion today!!!!

Sep 2018 - Barbara S.

a great excursion, the pilot was very informative. The day was beautiful and the views - Incredible !

Aug 2018 - Tracy S.

Wonderful views and fun to take off and land on the water. Very little wildlife to see.

Aug 2018 - Stephen B.

Excellent service and arrangements. Beautiful views. Exhilarating experience.

Aug 2018 - Suzanne W.

Lovely views and knowledgeable pilot.

Aug 2018 - Roberta T.

Amazing experience. Our pilot was excellent, made mefeel safe and showed us spectacular sites.

Aug 2018 - Manjeri G.

We had an amazing experience on the float plane. The pilot was super experienced. He made sure we were having a good time

Aug 2018 - John P.

This was a great excursion. Kevin was a great pilot and tour guide. I recommend them without reservation.

Aug 2018 - Courtney S.

Amazing experience The pilot was so great and made the experience unforgetable

Jul 2018 - Anne S.

Wonderful tour! Great pilot! No bears

Jul 2018 - RADUCU EUGEN I.

It was amazing ! Excelent pilot ! Beautiful landscape. Wheather could be better :)

Jul 2018 - Berta C.

There is no better way to see the majestic grandeur and beauty of the fjords than on this excursion. Enjoyed every moment, great pilot who provided information but allowed just quiet time to take in what we were experiencing.

Jul 2018 - Daniel C.

Views were amazing Kenny was a great pilot.

Jul 2018 - Aadil L.

Great way to see the Misty Fjords and surrounding scenery/landscape! Absolutely stunning!

Jul 2018 - Adam P.

This was an incredible experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat

Jul 2018 - Joanne T.

We LOVED this excursion!!! We wanted to do something that was unique to Alaska and so we chose this flightseeing tour. It is absolutely worth the money! You won't see scenery like this anywhere else. Our pilot was great at pointing out the" highlights"of Misty Fjords and getting as close as possible so everyone could get a good look. We saw beautiful waterfalls, whales, a bear, and plenty of mountains, lakes and islands. This was one of the best parts of our whole trip!

Jul 2018 - Kathi P.

awesome. Unbelievable experience

Jul 2018 - DHANESH A.

Breathtakingly Fantastic

Jul 2018 - Todd F.

Our pilot was outstanding and made trip even more excellent

Jul 2018 - Mark B.

Better than we could have hoped for. Beautiful weather, fantastic scenery and in Ken, an excellent, knowledgable and friendly pilot. One of the highlights of our entire trip! Thank you!

Jun 2018 - Leanne R.

This was our most favorite excursion! We had a wonderful experience, the staff were great, our pilot Kevin was excellent. He landed on a beautiful lake and the scenery we saw was amazing. Highly recommend this excursion!

Jun 2018 - Ira K.

What a beautiful way to see the Misty Fjords!

Jun 2018 - Isaac D.

Great excursion! Pilot and plane owner were both a pleasure and made our experience really enjoyable. The best value for a seaplane experience. We would definitely reccomend this excursion to anyone interested in seeing Alaska by plane.

Jun 2018 - Carolyn M.

Terrific flight and shouldn't be missed! Our excellent pilot, Larry, showed us so many fjords and then landed on the water at the far end so we could get pictures taken standing on the pontoons.

Jun 2018 - Beth B.

Awesome excursion - highly recommend!!

Jun 2018 - Shannon D.

This was an incredible tour and experience! Our entire family gave it a 5!

Jun 2018 - JULIANNE E.

Very Nice Float plane ride. Loved being able to experience take off and landing 2 times up on the lake area Pilot was excellent!

Jun 2018 - Delanie J.

Professional and friendly pilot and staff. Took us through some amazing sights with a nice blend of narration and quiet time to take in the experience. I ended up airsick on this flight, but all things considered I still had an amazing time and am glad to have done it.

Jun 2018 - DARLENE D.

Everything on time, excellent views, good communication with pilot, who made the excursion memorable by identifying what we were were seeing and why it was important. Unforgettable, worth every penny.

Jun 2018 - Joseph Y.

Amazing views! Great pilot!

Jun 2018 - Joyce W.

What a cool experience! Every seat has a window view. We did see two whales, but only their spray, was hoping for a breach! You are up close and personal with the mountains, and the ride was smooth. Our pilot, Ken, is very personable, really enjoyed meeting him, and learning more about the area. We landed at a floating dock halfway thru the trip, it was nice to enjoy the peacefulness, and to hear the waterfalls. We saw a ton of eagles at the origination dock area. Highly recommended!

May 2018 - Kathleen E.

A beautiful day for sightseeing from the air that our pilot took advantage of because of the clear visibility. He pointed out highlights and identified what we were looking at. The opportunity to land on the lake and stand out on the floats was amazing.

May 2018 - Rudney S.


Oct 2017 - Marilyn P.

What a time we had. Even in the inclement weather the tour was beautiful. Gliding through the mountain peaks was beautiful. Would definitely do this excursion again. Marilyn Peek Ocala Florida

Sep 2017 - LeeAnne S.

This was such an awesome part of my vacation! Kevin flew us over beautiful mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. Then he set us down on a gorgeous body of water and let us step out on the pontoon to get a better view of the curious seal that swam around the plane! On the way back we did get to see one black bear in a small clearing near a lake. It was a terrific adventure and they treated us great!

Sep 2017 - Frank S.

Best excursion of trip.

Sep 2017 - Alan W.

Highlight of our whole trip to Alaska. We were extremely lucky with beautiful sunshine on the day of our flight. Pick up was at quayside. Flight lasted almost 2 hours. Our pilot was extremely informative and got us up close to beautiful scenery and wildlife. Landed on inlet where we saw several seals. We were back in Ketchikan with enough time for a wander around the town. Unless you are terrified of flying I would say that this is a must do trip.

Sep 2017 - Kevin K.

Couldn't do the glacier route due to weather but the alternate was very nice also. Pilot was very informative and got to see a bear on the shore during a mid-trip landing.

Sep 2017 - Derek D.

amazing way to see the misty fjord park. we got the best possible day and had a high ceiling of clouds so we able to see more than usual. there is nothing like flying in the steep canyons with water below in a small plane. The company is very efficient and we got on the trip quickly after quick orientation.

Sep 2017 - Daniel K.

Stunning view of glaciers, forests, fjords and lakes. Knowledgeable pilot, smooth ride. Recommended!

Sep 2017 - Beth E.

The crew were fantastic! Rolf was our pilot and was extremely knowledgeable about the area and was a great tour guide!

Jul 2017 - Kacy P.

Our pilot, Kevin, did an amazing job. Excellent flight. We even landed in a lake in the fjord. Absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend this excursion!

Jul 2017 - Teresa M.

The view was incredible. Our pilot explained things very well and quite knowledgeable.

Jul 2017 - Victor A S.

First the pilot intercom was broken and so we didn't know anything about where we were fkying. They did tell us if we wanted to cancel, we could. But being excited to go we took a chance that we would still enjoy it. Well it was a rainy overcast day and the trip was a waste of money especially since we couldn't hear anything. I would have thought they would have at least offered a subsidy. Unless it is a clear sunny day, this trip is much too expensive.

Jul 2017 - Bryan J.

Cool experience and you really get to see the Alaskan wilderness from a new prospective!

Jul 2017 - Tracey H.

I would highly recommend Alaska Shore Excursions if you are headed to Alaska. We experienced Ketchikan via the Misty Fjords Floatplane and it was incredible. With a beautiful clear morning the pilot spoiled us with sites only viewed by air. The logistics were super easy and all the staff were fantastic. Thank you!!

Jul 2017 - Allison B.

This WAY exceeded expectations. We were so lucky with beautiful, clear skies (in a city that sees rain 300 days a year, we were thrilled with this), and it was just so breathtaking to see the mountains, to land in the middle of lake between peaks and get out and stand on the floats. Such a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Jul 2017 - Carol B.

A fabulous experience! Once in a lifetime tour. Kevin, our pilot, was amazing. He told us local information and went out of his way to make the trip memorable. The weather was wonderful and he took full advantage of it for us.

Jul 2017 - Carol C.

The flight gives excellent views on a clear day. If you want trip to be in a beaver make sure you request this through from the provider on arrival. We were disappointed to be placed in an otter for the flight.

Jul 2017 - Chris L.

5 stars

Jul 2017 - Roberta C.

Kevin, our pilot was first class. He loves his float plane.. a 1958 Badger with only 1200 made. They fly very slow.. slow means you can land in small areas in the middle of nowhere! We did and it was amazing.

Jul 2017 - Bridget R.

This was a once in a lifetime experience. The staff was kind and welcoming. The pilot Rolf was amazing, he made sure we saw waterfalls, wildlife up close and personal. We got amazing pictures of a brown bear. Just an awesome experience!!!!

Jul 2017 - Loren S.

This tour gives you a spectacular view of the area surrounding Ketchikan. We were lucky to have partly cloudy conditions as it sounds like these flights can have weather related delays or cancellations. This tour is a little longer than some of the other companies we looked at and includes landing in a nearby lake and docking. The docking part was useful in getting some nice pics with the plane and also to allow passengers to switch seats.

Jun 2017 - Doug M.

AMAZING,AMAZING - Pilot was Great! Views were Incredible! Weather was Perfect! and Bonus landing and seeing a Brown words. Would recommend this to any and all.

Jun 2017 - Susan H.

There were 6 of us in our party so we were able to have a plane to ourselves. Our pilot was totally awesome! Based on the weather conditions (it was marginal) he took us all over the place but made sure we were comfortable. He is a wealth of knowledge about Alaska. We also saw a bear when we landed in the water. Totally awesome experience. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Jun 2017 - Erika S.

AMAZING! Our pilot was so great with our kids, our tour and the overall experience.

Jun 2017 - Jeffrey T.

So cool taking off and landing from the water. Great view of the massive tundra and mountains. The only way to truly experience the immense vastness of Alaska. Only small issue was the volume could have been louder, but I was in the copilot seat so I may have had more engine noise than the rest.

Jun 2017 - Richard S.

A truly memorable experience.

Jun 2017 - Rishita P.

This tour was amazing, wish we had more time when the plane landed to enjoy the scenery.

Jun 2017 - Breige S.

This tour was definitely one of the most beautiful sceanic tours I have ever been on and landing on those lakes among the mountains, nothing could describe the breathtaking scenery. Worth every penny just take a good camera, Beautiful.

May 2017 - Doris J.

Chuck was our pilot and what a great pilot he was. this was s big highlight of the Cruise... Thank you Chuck for the ride and listening to Lenard Skinner was awesome...

Sep 2016 - Cody L H.

In a week full of once in a life time kind of experiences, this float plane trip was the highlight... almost overwhelming was the comment from some of the eight of our family that went. Our Pilot Rolf was spot on fantastic as a pilot and his commentary. Jim the operator of the business was EXTREMELY helpful, understanding, EASY to work with and very professional. If you have only ONE trip to afford make it a float plane trip. It was incredible with sightings of bears, mountain sheep and views that can't be explained in photography. Thank you for the experience.

Sep 2016 - Gustavo F.

Really nice!

Sep 2016 - Debra H.

Great excursion

Sep 2016 - Jaclyn T.

Very cool experience. Amazing views from the plane and we had a knowledgable and experienced pilot. The only disappointment was that we did not step out onto the float plane after landing into the water to take on the scenery, which was included in the excursion description. It wasn't mentioned during our flight at all. It's not that we didn't have the right weather ect., our weather was perfect. Company should remove from experience description if it is not part of the excursion.

Aug 2016 - Robyn M.

This was amazing and the pilot was very knowledgeable and treated us to perfect landings!

Aug 2016 - Laura R.

This was our favorite excursion of our trip. We had awesome weather which was a bonus. Our pilot, Glen kept us out of the rainy fjord and landed us in a beautiful peaceful lake. Fun maneuvering through the mountains. Got to see some seals on an island. He was also able to take us over the Ketchikan "Alps" and found several groups of mountain goats. Spectacular scenery and smooth landings!!!

Aug 2016 - Joel A.

This was an absolutely wonderful trip. The scenery was beautiful, and the fjords beautiful. It was bright and sunny that day, and there was no mist on the misty fjords. We landed on the most beautiful water. Unfortunately, when we landed on the fjord, 4 of our 8 passengers told the pilot that they had to get back because their ship was leaving in 30 minutes. We all didn't even get to get out on the pontoons! The pilot had us get back in and we flew back immediately. Our tour was just short of an hour! Certainly not the 90 minutes we expected. Our pilot was also very quiet and did not share information with us as the recording we listened to said he would. But, what time we had was wonderful.

Aug 2016 - Jon S.

Since we had beautiful weather our floatplane trip was a go, unlike our previous attempt in Juneau. The pilot provided a great narrative of what we were doing and seeing. The flight lasted longer than I expected and rhe scenery was outstanding. I recommend doing rhis excursion.

Aug 2016 - Esther D.


Aug 2016 - Ken Y.


Jun 2016 - Carolyn J. S.

This was a very good excursion. It was a very professional company.

May 2016 - Gregory F.

Fabulous flight...great pilot...loved the little lake that we landed on.

May 2016 - Florence K.

Great and landing on a lake is superb!

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BEST PRICE Guarantee!

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