Best Food & Tour Combos in Alaska

Published: Jan 01, 2021
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2023

One of the biggest perks of taking a cruise is the food, are we right?!? Who doesn’t love the midnight chocolate bars, extravagant buffets, fancy restaurants, and room service at your every whim? Some people never even leave the cruise ship, content with this aspect of vacation indulging.


But there are folks that crave more than just those delicacies. They crave the unknown, the indigenous, and the excitement of trying something a little different. So we’ve put together our list of the best ways to experience your port of call while tasting some great local fare. Our destination today? Alaska!


Let’s start in Juneau, the heartbeat of Southeast Alaska. Be prepared, you’re going to have to jump in a floatplane to join us on this trip! With our Taku Glacier Lodge Flight & Feast tour, your experienced pilot will wind you through the wilderness to land on the banks of the Taku River and experience a memorable piece of Alaskan history at the Taku River Lodge.


This is where you get to the good part – the food! Fresh Alaskan salmon caught right on the river, herb biscuits, baked beans, reindeer sausage, coleslaw, apple compote, gingerbread cookies – what more could you ask for?


The next largest city in Southeast Alaska is Ketchikan. Boy oh boy do we have a great option for you here! Who dreams of Alaska and doesn’t think about the chance to feast on a crab leg or two? Our Ketchikan Rainforest Sanctuary Walk and Crab Feast is another option that takes you to a lodge, but the main course is steaming hot Dungeness crab with clarified butter and baby red potatoes! If that doesn’t entice you, maybe the rich and smooth cheesecake with Alaskan blueberries will convince you – this is our best of Ketchikan!


Let’s end this mouth-watering journey in quaint little Skagway. You’re probably thinking at this point, how could it get any better? Trust us, Skagway is on par in the food/tour combination category. We’re going to have you jump aboard and join us on the Bennett Scenic Railroad Journey which will take you all the way to Canada! Your incredible trek along the historical Trail of 1898 will stop at a one of a kind Station House from 1910 in Bennett, BC. Along the way, you’ll be served a hearty meal including a delicious turkey sandwich accompanied by chips, desserts and more to keep you full on your day trip!


Now that we’ve taken you step by step to all our favorites, we hope you’ll visit us and indulge with us! You’ll have the experience of a lifetime in Alaska, and your stomach will be happy you did it!

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