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Sitka Bears, Raptor Center, and Totem Park Tour

Sitka's Bald Eagle Center operates with bird care professionals assisted by volunteers to rescue birds, provide them with rehabilitative care and hopefully release them back into the wild. After your introduction to the center, a presentation with one of the Center's educational birds will take place. Time will be available to view the flight center, clinic window, outside deck habitat areas and gift shop.

Next, you'll visit the Sitka National Historical Park, where the 1804 'Battle of Alaska', was fought. The park hosts totem lined trails, cultural exhibits and carving rooms where native Alaskan artisans demonstrate their totemic art form. Walk the nature trail, view cultural exhibits and video presentation, or talk with local native artists about their cultural art form.

The final stop is visiting the Fortress of the Bears, which allows you get within 25 feet of Alaska's brown bears in a naturalized setting. You will enjoy observing 3 populations of bears from a covered viewing platform and interact with an experienced naturalist. After the bear tour, you may disembark on the main street to shop or be returned directly to the tender pier.

Included: Entrance and activity fees.

Duration: 3.5 hours (Roundtrip from cruise ship terminal.)


  • Entrance and activity fees

Duration: 3.5 hours

  • 1 hour guided roundtrip narration via bus
  • 30 minutes at Fortress of the Bears
  • 1 hour at the Raptor Center
  • 1 hour at the Sitka National Historical Park

Meeting Instructions:

  • This tour meets at Harrigan Centennial Hall. Fully detailed instructions are included on your finalized ticket vouchers.

ADA Accessibility of Tour:

  • This tour is wheelchair accessible. The Raptor Center has paved pathways throughout the center with some small inclines along the way. At the Fortress of the Bears, there is an elevated viewing platform for guests. There is a wheelchair ramp to get up to these viewing areas, but no elevator. For the scenic walk through the Sitka National Historical Lark, there are packed gravel trails with little incline. Guests with limited mobility may have troubles with the distance walked during this portion of the tour. Please leave a comment during checkout if accommodations for motorized equipment will be required on tour. If operator is unaware beforehand of necessary accommodations, they may not be able to accommodate guests day-of.

Are there any age restrictions for children?

There are no age restrictions for this tour.

Can I bring a backpack?

Backpacks, small bags, and purses are allowed on this tour.

Can I bring my own food or drink?

Non-alcoholic beverages in a closeable containters and snacks are allowed on tour.

Are food and drink included?

No food or drinks are included.

Not seeing answers to your questions?

Check out other frequently asked questions here!

Customer Reviews
Sep 2018 - Kaylene M.

We had a great tour. We enjoyed the tour of the Raptor center but were totally thrilled the the Bears. We were lucky enough to be there when they let the brown bears go over to the other side with the creek with salmon in it. It was amazing to watch the Bears catch salmon and eat them. Loved watching them as if they were in the wild. Our tour guide did a fabulous job telling us the history of the area. We totally fell in love with Sitka.

Sep 2018 - Jeanette L.

The tour was just what we expected. It departed and returned on time, and was very interesting. Thanks!

Sep 2018 - Ginny R.

Really enjoyed this tour. The raptor center was great and I loved the historic park and totems. I would have enjoyed more time there. The bear refuge was interesting too. The only criticism I would make would be that our driver was not as knowledgeable as might have been. No chat about what we were seeing or going to see en route. But he got us where we needed to go and was considerate and took us to our ship instead of returning us downtown to catch another shuttle. I appreciated that.

Sep 2018 - Anthony K.

Great experience. Awesome tour guide. Started with overview of Sitka with very informative guide who added interesting fun facts about the area. Thoroughly enjoyed the Raptor Center and seeing and supporting their great work. Bear rescue was also very interesting project, learned lots of info on the plight of orphaned bears in Alaska. Finished with opportunity to explore the beautiful Totem Park. Easy stroll to river to see salmon and had time to hike the beautiful trails through the park. Definitely recommend this tour.

Sep 2018 - Courtney S.

This was one of the highlights of our trip! The raptor center was very interesting and I'm not really a bird person. The totem village was Ok - we did not go through the indoor exhibit which looked interesting-but allowed my mom to see the salmon spawning. The best part? The Bears. Totally do this when in Sitka. There we're at least 7 rescued bears an up close and person natural habitat (old water treatment plant/woods). We got to see their personalities and learn about laws around abandoned and orphaned cubs (all of these bears). Looooove Alaska. Ps our driver also took us on a little jaunt to part of the city we never could have seen on foot!

Aug 2018 - Annelle G.

We enjoyed the tour overall, we were hoping to see bear in the wild. We were happy to see how well the centers were helping the eagles and the bears. We didn't need to stay as long at the bear center as we did. Our tour guide was pleasant and helpful.

Aug 2018 - Amanda M.

We had a great time on our Alaskan Cruise this was a wonderful experience at our Sitka stop! You can go to these places on your own if you don

Aug 2018 - Marilyn W.

Raptor Center was a highlight of our tour in Alaska.

Aug 2018 - Steven W.

Enjoyed watching the bears and amazed by the eagles.Emma was a great driver and told us all about interesting tidbits about Sitka.

Aug 2018 - Teresa T.

Our day in Sitka participating in this tour was a highlight of our trip, especially for the 2 twelve-year-old boys that traveled with us. We appreciate the good work that is being done at the raptor rehabilitation center and the Fortress of the Bears park. Our tour guide was great. Thank you!

Aug 2018 - Jan E.

The tour start was a bit of a mix up but once we got going it was very good

Jul 2018 - Melisas M.

All of our tour guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. They helped make the experience amazing!

Jul 2018 - AJJM M.

We had a great time on the Sitka excursion (Bears, Raptor Center, and Totem Park Tour), not in the least due to the driver/guide Annie from Alaska Coach Tours, who provided background information throughout and was good fun to chat with. An absolute gem! As an extra service, she dropped us off at the ship's dock (instead of Sitka center), which gave us extra time and saved us a shuttle trip. This tour is highly recommended!

Jul 2018 - Mark B.

Highlight was the raptor refuge visit. Fantastic to see the bald eagles up close as it were. Bears looked a bit trapped in their sanctuary but good to see some rescued.

Jun 2018 - Betsy M.

We enjoyed the raptor center. It is clean, no animal smells, the presentation was informative. Beautiful grounds, well kept. The bear center was very rustic. You walked up on a platform and viewed bears below. They are doing a good service to the bear community and you do get to see bears up close, just not a lot to see. The totem pole park was our favorite. When we visited there was a native Tlingit woman doing beading work who spent a long time talking to us. There is also a short but informative film. On this tour, we were the only two people. Our guide still gave us 100 per cent. She spent a lot of time telling us about the area and went out of her way to make our tour special. A lot to see and absorb. Recommended.

Jun 2018 - Jack P.

The excursion was as expected. Everything was great. The instructions to be picked up could be better. Didn't know if the pick up place was at the ship or in town. Other than that it was great.

Jun 2018 - Rosemary S.

I really enjoyed seeing the Raptor Center, the bears and the totem park tour. Very educational.

Jun 2018 - Christine P.

Tour was excellent, loved the fortress of the bears. As our tour started at 11.15am and didn't finish until 3pm would have been nice to know that there was no where to buy any lunch at the 2 places we stopped at, otherwise a great tour.

May 2018 - Linda Q.

We enjoyed our tour very much. After visiting the Raptor Center and seeing how they help rehabilitate injured birds, we got to see the capture of an injured eagle at Sitka Bears! Bonus experience! The totem park was interesting and informative with many totems to see within an easy distance.

Sep 2017 - Diana B.

Nice small group excursion! Great to be able to see the bears, raptors and the Totems all in one short trip. JC was very knowledgeable and a great guide.

Sep 2017 - Sherryl G.

Steve, was a fantastic source of information, made our time at each spot special. We had a blast it was great to be in a small group not crammed together in a bus. Awesome time thank you for the experience would recommend this to everyone.

Sep 2017 - Sandra B.

Had a smaller vehicle take us to theses sites, not the cruise ship big buses, driver was very friendly, gave lots of area history, directed us at the totem park to an area where we could see salmon spawning and stopped at the bay where we could watch whales, also drove around the town and pointed out points of interest.

Sep 2017 - MICHAEL I.

Good mix of experiences,

Jul 2017 - Hanah S.

wonderful guide. did more than required by tour description.

Jul 2017 - Curtis S.

Loved seeing the bears so close

Jul 2017 - Pamela W.

Enjoyed the whole tour especially the raptor center. Tour guide was pleasant and informative. Tour one of our trip highlights

Jul 2017 - Phil C.

Excellent. Had a very good driver. Saw lots of bear and eagles. Also learned a lot about the area

Jun 2017 - Doug M.

Our guide "Steve" was GREAT he was very informative and gave us much information and extra experiences! All personal at all the locations were friendly and very knowledgeable. Would recommend for sure!

Jun 2017 - Marla K.

Our tour guide was enthusiastic about Sitka and encouraged questions throughout the tour. We maintained our schedule and saw so much! The raptor center is fantastic. The staff are extremely personable and knowledgeable about their birds. There was a little confusion in locating our tour guide initially and the time with the bears went quickly, but I would definitely recommend this tour!

Jun 2017 - Rodney K.

Even though you don't get to actually see bears "in the wild", it does gives you an up close view of them, their activities and even antics. The same is true for the Raptor Center. In Sitka, however, you saw hundreds of eagles in trees, so you got the best of both. The totem pole park was interesting.

May 2017 - Stephen P.

Our guide was Amy, who was great fun to be with. She obviously loved her job and her enthusiasm spilled out. She not only gave us a wonderful tour, but also gave background information that enabled us to understand more fully what we were seeing and experiencing. She is obliviously an asset to your organisation.

May 2017 - Timothy K.

Good tour with a knowledgeable guide, however the guide was late to begin the tour.

May 2017 - Carol N.

This was an excellent tour. I gave it three stars because the company got the time wrong and left us waiting there for half an hour past our meeting time. It would have been longer if we had not called. The delay resulted in having to abandon plans we had for after the tour.

May 2017 - Michael D.

We loved the different places we stopped but felt a bit rushed for time at each one. The most frustrating thing though was our tour guide, Matthew. He was super, super nice, but green and unknowledgeable. He mentioned having only been there two weeks and boy, did it show. His delivery was rough and some of the facts and information he shared conflicted with what we read or heard from others. We were relieved when it was over so we could finally peel away and do our own thing in Sitka.

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BEST PRICE Guarantee!

Duration: 3.5 hours

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Adult: $64.00

Child (Under 12): $54.00

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